Coded in just 30 hours, SpaceShooterz blasts onto the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]

A few weeks ago we mentioned the results of a recent Windows Phone hackathon, where devs get together, dream up and code apps and games within a fixed time period.

One of the noteworthy games that came out of that workshop was SpaceShooterz by Cubeslam. A retro arcade space shooter, the game needed some music and some finishing touches before it headed to the Marketplace. Luckily for you, it's now live and it's a fun little number.


The game is free with no ads (for now), has excellent controls, smooth gameply with a high framerate and the music is just badass sounding. It's certainly falls into the quick-gaming category as you only have one life and no continues, but it's a lot of fun and done very well. For that, we have to recommend it.

Pick up SpaceShooterz here in the Marketplace for free. In addition, the French-only home automation app that was also coded during the same hackathon is now available too. You can grab that app, called ZibaseWP, right here.

QR: SpaceShooterz



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LawnPaul says:

More fun then I thought!

RaRa85 says:

Looks great and I wish I had a Nokia Lumia 900 to play it on too.:)

XboxOmac says:

I see "gameply"

dannejanne says:

For being made in 30 hours, this is excellent. Fun little high-score chaser.