'The Colbert Report’s The Word' & 'VH1 To Go' also hit the Marketplace

Phew. Sure has been a busy day for "official" apps from our corporate media overlords. First was NBC News, then came MTV and now we have 'The Colbert Report's Word' and 'VH1 To Go' both from MTV Networks aka Viacom (who own Comedy Central).

Of the two, we're more keen on Colbert's app, which is not for the whole show, but does catalog and make available all of his "The Word" segments available for streaming by date or alphabetically. Though we enjoy his show tremendously, this segment is always one of the more poignant and well written aspects, so kind of neat having it all the at your fingertips. You can grab that app for free in the Marketplace here. [Bonus: It has a Live Tile]

The second, is for VH1, a channel much like MTV that used to actually show videos but now plays celebrity entertainment and other...stuff. To quote from the description:

"Get your VH1 fix wherever you are, with VH1 To Go! Watch video and browse photos from all the current VH1 shows, music events and hits from the past. And, get exclusive first looks at upcoming episodes and new series by checking out the Sneak Peeks category. The app is updated daily with fresh content."

Not our bag of tea but it's still nice to see some official love from Viacom's all powerful bag of networks. You can grab the 'VH1 To Go' app here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Avi Franchise, for the heads up!



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Winterfang says:

I'm watching the show right now and when I saw that. I just attacked my phone.

HeyCori says:

The Word is boss. Can't pass that up.

Solidstate89 says:

Yup, just downloaded The Word as well.I just wish MTV/VH1 would just die already.

SonOfDad says:

Colbert is looking like another US only "feature"!

kim thran says:

Why NBC News is only in the US ???Why MTV is only in the US ???Why Colbert Report is only in the US ???????I am really fed up with this. Microsoft, stop this over US-centric attitude. America is not the World !!!!!

Winterfang says:

They are fans of Colbert outside United States?

futurix says:

Yes, a lot of them!

elsbree says:

Take it up with the app vendors (NBC or Viacom), not Microsoft.

coldside says:

If you go to Colbert's website on Comedy Central, you can only watch the videos if you are in the US. (Though you can watch it if you use some hacks, but that's not the point).The point is that the show is restricted to US viewers, even on their official website. So I think you should take it up with Viacom instead of Microsoft.