Color Weather, a simple but colorful forecast app for Windows Phone 8

Color Weather

Color Weather is a no-nonsense weather app for Windows Phone 8. The minimalistic design changes the background color dynamically depending on the current temperature.

Along with the current conditions, Color Weather offers a five-day forecast so you can better plan your week. The weather app does have Live Tile support and while Color Weather’s simple design has a certain level of appeal, it may be too minimalistic for some.

App Layout

There’s really not much to Color Weather. The app is divided into two pages. You have the Now page that shows your current temperature, humidity levels and wind speed/direction. The Forecast page has a five-day forecast that details the forecasted high/low temperatures and rainfall predictions.

Both the Now page and Forecast page will have weather icons illustrating the expected and current weather activity. Both pages will also have background colors that are dependent on the temperature. The color range has blue being for the colder temperatures and appears to transition to shades of green then orange and ultimately red as the temperature rises. If you prefer, you can customize these colors in the settings.

Color Weather

Speaking of which, to set a forecast city there are three control buttons accessible from up under the three-dot menu. One to set your forecast city, one to access the app’s settings and a third to view the About screen. Color Weather does support international cities but you can only display one forecast city at a time. If you need to swap cities, you will have to re-establish that location.

Overall Impression

We do have an abundance of weather apps in the Windows Phone Store and while many will cringe at the thought of yet another weather app being released, having plenty of choices is not necessarily a bad thing.

Color Weather is a simple weather app for Windows Phone 8 and isn’t a bad option to consider if you are only interested in the basic weather information. If you need weather radar or more detail in your forecasts, you might want to look elsewhere.

While a basic weather app, Color Weather does have some appeal. I do like the minimalistic design in the app and its Live Tiles. I would like to see support added for multiple locations. In the least have a saved location list to make it easier to change your location. Maybe even have a setting to base your forecast on your Windows Phone location.

There is a free trial version available for Color Weather that has some settings limitations (e.g. cannot customize colors). The full version of Color Weather is currently running $.99 and the weather app is available for Windows Phone 8.

You can find Color Weather here in the Windows Phone Store.

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HungTravis says:

Il stick with Bing Weather

deluksic says:

I'm wondering what is the thought process behind those weather apps.. Probably something along the lines: "I'm gonna make an app.. Lets see... Oh there is so many weather apps out there! Let's make another!"

Nik Rolls says:

So many reviews of weather apps, but my well designed and unique app was ignored. Every time I see yet another weather app reviewed it hurts me inside.

Draude84 says:

let see ... give the URL to the store

Nik Rolls says:


It's a dashboard app for your local music in the native player. However the best features come with the voice control: the name of the app makes the commands feel like a native feature ('what's playing now', 'what's playing next', etc).

Draude84 says:

I can tell you...

I'm gonna make an app.. Lets see... Oh there is so many weather apps out there but they does not fit to the metro UI or are just horoble designed! Let's make a better one!

rockstarzzz says:

Without store, you are just teasing us with these articles!

I still have a store!!!

rockstarzzz says:

That's just your dark desire!

reda igbaria says:

The store has been fixed

punkJD says:

My store still doesn't work too

rockstarzzz says:

What country is this? Not in the UK

FlorisRe says:

it certainly is a conspiracy.

Blue skies for me! And how about dat Swype keyboard!!!

Lee Juhan says:

Another weather app

psychotron says:

Lock screen support?

I still prefer My Weather --> http://windowsphone.com/s?appId=9d0b1b0f-1487-42b3-8ab4-ab69889a75f6.

Its the only app Ive seen where you can choose thetiles background color And transparency. Cause of that is looks great on wp8.1

Starbane says:

So what if someone changes your color settings to mess with you? Today's forecast is purple.

ListenUpGuys says:

Weatherduck is still the only one I've tested that uses a weather service that's accurate in my area. I'd like to know which service that is, and which other apps use the same service so I can shortlist them.

inflames14 says:

Is there any weather app that supports new background skin thing?

Draude84 says:

This feature will definitely come befor official release of WP 8.1

At last! Windows Phone desperately needed a weather app..the only kind of app missing from the store.