Xbox Live - Shuffle Party update pulled after texture bug discovered

Shuffle Party

Title updates are usually intended to solve problems and squash bugs, but sometimes they introduce new issues of their own. Case in point, the recent Shuffle Party update somehow ended up slightly bugged when published to the Marketplace.

Before we delve into what happened, here are the Shuffle Party version 1.1 release notes:

  • Game stability issues fixed. We had noticed more crash reports when connected to a Network than we could stand for.
  • Avatars no longer appear standing backwards.

Unfortunately, after installing the update, dark and garbled textures appear on the tables, frame, puck, and bowling pins. As a temporary workaround, just head to the Pro Shop and select new skins to make everything look right again.

Developer Babaroga was surprised to encounter the texture bug, because both they tested the build beforehand. Likewise, Microsoft tested and certified it as well with no problems. Thus the texture bug most likely popped up during the process of publishing the build on the Marketplace. Both parties are investigating right now and hope to release a new, bug-free update soon. In the meantime, the versions 1.1 update has been pulled, so just sit tight if you hadn’t already downloaded it.

That little update hitch aside, Shuffle Party is one of the better free Xbox Live games, second only to Wordament. With multiple modes: traditional table shuffleboard gameplay, bowling, and puzzle-like challenges, it’ll keep players busy for a good while. See our review for more details, or grab the game here from the Marketplace.

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220SeaChaser says:

Had this happen. I just re-skinned as described and all is good.

PhilR8 says:

Not only that, but I lost all of my purchased items and credits.  Live cheevos still intact, though, so it's not really a big deal since all of the skins are ugly and I had already bought everything anyway.  Still an awesome game that I play daily.

So that's what the problem was! I uninstalled then reinstalled - fixed it!

MastrMeatWad says:

This is a great free game. Would love to see more tables, achievements, and games like this

tylerh1701 says:

Fun game! My 2nd favorite free one, after Breeze.

Racxie says:

I didn't update but it's still showing as being available. I'm still curious as to whether the new update also fixes the money glitch on the game.

jaded skies says:

Happened to me yesterday. Also removed my 3 star rating from two challenges at the end of level three.