BaconSync Beta for Baconit (try saying it five times fast) in the works

BaconSync is a really neat feature coming to the Windows Phone app Baconit . The feature is still in beta form and should be released to the masses shortly.  For those not familiar with Baconit, it is a Reddit.com app for your phone which we have been impressed with and BaconSync looks to make it even more impressive. 

BaconSync is a in-browser extension for Baconit that synchronizes read links across multiple phones and browser. It is currently only compatible with Chrome browsers. The extension not only lets you review what you've read from your Windows Phone on your PC but you can send web pages from your PC to your Windows Phone. In these situations you'll receive a toast notification on your Windows Phone that will send you straight to the web page.

BaconSync is an handy extension that will extend the capabilities of Baconit rather nicely. The BaconSync extension should be ready shortly and in the meantime, if you haven't tried Baconit, you can find the free version here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  There is also a donation version that you can find here for $1.99 to help support the developers efforts.

QR: Baconit                    QR: Baconit Donation Version


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BaconSync Beta for Baconit (try saying it five times fast) in the works

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cool. hope it comes to IE9/10 though.
ALSO (and more importantly) how about a Baconit W8 Metro App?! that would be sweet.

I use "Send to WP7" to let my PC Browser talk to my phone.  It is incredibly handy and has been around since the start of the platform!  Pretty sure it has a ton of different browsers supported also.