Official Facebook and Kindle apps for Windows Phone get small updates

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As many of you may have noticed, two somewhat major apps for Windows Phone received updates in the last 24 hours, so we’ll pass on the news in case you missed it.

First up is Facebook, which has been receiving quite a few updates lately, generally a good sign…unless you consider everything so broke that it needs even more fixing. The last update was just a week ago for version 2.6 and now version 2.7  has landed in the Marketplace bringing with it some new fixes though no new features:

  • Notifications now show updated time instead of created time
  • Corrected thumbnail display on likes
  • Now respecting except clause on posts with custom privacy settings

That’s nothing terribly exciting though if you were experiencing any of those issues, hopefully you’ll be a bit pleased with the update.

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Next up is Amazon’s Kindle ebook app. That app is now on version 1.2 which shows you how often that one gets updated (seriously, it has had one update in the last year). The good news here is this update is more significant:

  • Mango compliant including fast app switching, multi-tasking
  • Available in more regions, including Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and presumably other areas too [Forum]
  • Books are pinnable to start screen with 2 sided Live Tile

That’s some pretty cool stuff by Amazon and we’re hear they’re being quite proactive with customer support, see this post about a personal phone call from the company.

Should you wish to grab either app, you can pick up the official Facebook app here and the Amazon Kindle app here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, everyone, for the tips and sab742 for the images

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jedijaxpavan says:

Got my Facebook update last night. Its nice to know when I get a notification almost right away.

cliff08er says:

Notifications stop working all together with Facebook on my phone.This app gets worse with every update.

WP_elcapo says:

I got plenty of notifications today. Stop trolling

cliff08er says:

Facebook app sucks that's my opinion and I can voice that opinion on here.The baked in version is way better and Facebook needs to step it up.

Have you checked within Facebook settings that notifications have been enabled? If you have already checked this try going to phone settings, swipe to the right to Applications and select background tasks. Try removing facebook, then reboot the phone, reload Facebook and set the push notifications to on again.

ZX9 says:

You don't necessarily need to reboot, but if it helps, go for it.

felipe.bueno says:

Amazon Kindle is now available in Brazil.

Coler7 says:

Hey Daniel, what is that WiFi shortcut app you are using? Please answer, I like how it looks.

weepatc says:

It's an app called Network Dashboard.

Coler7 says:

Thanks man!

sab742 says:

It's my start screen actually ;p The shortcut tiles you see there were all made using "Supreme Shortcuts", which is a homebrew app. AFAIK no app in the marketplace can create links to battery saver or internet sharing

nizzon says:

Aaaw dammit! Was just about to ask 'cause I cant get those and I have Dashboard.

nizzon says:

Is the Battery Saver-icon also from Network Dashboard? I have ND but I cant find the Battery Saver. :(

timwp12 says:

there also an app called Connection Tiles to get wifi shortcut app.

Tomasz S. says:

And Poland too.

chucky78 says:

Beautiful now I can pin my Books

waynejk says:

Facebook 2.6 (maybe since 2.5) sometimes shows the wrong comments and likes under posted photos. It's like they're a photo off or something. Is this widespread? And/or does this update fix that?

mjrtoo says:

+1, I wonder if it's comments on the album being posted on individual photos.

Bruno H says:

Kindle available in Sweden.
I have mailed them so many times about getting this app to Sweden. Finally I can access my kindle books on the phone again.

hbjoroy says:

Norway too, have been very disappointed, and halted all book purchases. Good to be able to read with kindle again.

MiloudT says:

I am waiting for a Facebook application to manage fan pages ... But no news about it. I guess it's was released few weeks ago on other platforms but I didn't read any announcement for WP.

I wish they would let me click on links either on my wall or on a comment or in a private message. In the latter the link doesn't even show up. *lame*
Also.... I wish they'd let me add photos into an album or even let me post a photograph on to friends wall

annaba1 says:


schlubadub says:

What is wrong with your caps-lock key and general knowledge of posting etiquette?

annaba1 says:

Well..I've posted this twice and everyone seems to ignore it, smartass.

It's not a widely reported problem and we have had very few complaints about it.

I had this with the mobile webstie last week, it seems to have correct itself now though.

Montpbm says:

No my phone..

Gatlyn says:

I too am having this problem. Its very annoying as I know it's not a problem with my connection since every other site works fine.

kenzibit says:

Still waiting for the Facebook app to give me the Timeline and ability to share posts.

timwp12 says:

My notifications been working excellent. Love windows phone. Also live tiles been working excellent has well.

Z3Vo says:

Even with the update the kindle app is crap. It force closes after trying to register. How is that still an issue? Do they even care about their product?

Freuder says:

Still no rotation lock in Kindle despite the fact that this has been requested by many users. Thanks Amazon.

Kindle was very good, great it's still improving. Amazon's IT people seems to be very competent.

rocketboy says:

Yeeeaaah...I'm going to have to go ahead...and...disagree with that.
I contacted Amazon technical support about the WP7 app crashing on book load recently. I quickly got back a canned response with instructions about how to deal with the problem: in WebOS.
I read it anyway and the take away was to uninstall and re-install. Made no difference.
Look at the reviews in the last 3-4 weeks. Most of them are 1 stars complaining about force close/dump to app list. Books that were working fine a month ago now mysteriously stopped displaying. So basically half my books are readable at the moment.

That sucks, though my opinion on both Kindle and store apps are the best, they're very well designed and never gave me problems.

Dethzilla says:

I wonder if the update had anything to do with the Email Problems others are experiencing on other platforms.

I just received the latest Kindle update. It wouldn't open the recently read books until I reset my Nokia Lumia 800.

danielm298 says:

The app still sucks

Yamishi says:

The Kindle app is working magnificently for me, but I'm having one issue -- clicking on "Shop the Kindle store" links to a page in my browser that gives me an Amazon error message. Is this just because I'm in Canada? I can still read my books fine, but now I can't buy any new ones (at least, not through the app). What gives!?

I'm in Canada and just tried the "shop the kindle store" feature - worked fine for me. For reference, the URL used to the store was https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/kindle/storefront/ref=kin_wp_str. Maybe it's another reset of the phone issue? Try that and see if it fixes this quirk.