Dell shocks the world (again), Tango update pushed out to the Venue Pro

Dell Venue Pro doing the Tango

While the Dell Venue Pro has been discontinued, we were surprised to see the Windows Phone receive the 8107 update pushed out to the phone.  It was equally surprising today to see the Tango update hit the unlocked Venue Pro. While forcing the Tango update on the Samsung Focus S, we connected the Dell Venue Pro up to the computer and sure enough, the update notices appeared on the screen.

There was no need to force the Venue Pro to recognize the update and the previous updates to Tango (7740, 8107, etc) were installed first. Needless to say, it has been a while since my Venue Pro had seen the light of day...

When all was said and done the OS version on the Dell Windows Phone is 7.10.8773.98 and the firmware version is 2250.1800.7720.219. Because the process dealt with several updates, for me, the entire process ran about ninety minutes. If you have been using your Dell Venue Pro more regularly than I, the process may be shorter.

The Dell Venue Pro is a decent Windows Phone (still can't get used to the buttons) and it's nice to see the Venue Pro getting a little update attention.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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venetasoft says:

What about camera focus bug ? Is it fixed...?

inteller says:

No.  The compass isn't fixed, the buggy wifi driver isn't fixed, and anything else that takes a firmware fix isn't fixed.  If Dell would have continued firmware development and worked out all the bugs this would have been a VERY solid device.  I was holding out hope that they would do the right thing and let the DVP go out with a bug free bang with 7.8, but that's clearly not happening.

Jeff Corgan says:

I was under the impression the Venue Pro didn't have a compass.

inteller says:

It had one at NoDo, but the firmware at Mango kept referencing the old driver files in Nodo so it is broken.

Jeff Corgan says:

I guess I got in late enough (Feb. 2012) and assumed it was one of the handsets that didn't have one. Bummer.

kuhio3 says:

Omg... Dell!! I was sure we weren't getting the update... I wasn't going to even mention it... Just figured I would make due until I got a new wp8 phone and try not to be too bothered.... But I gotta say ...even though dell is out of the phone business (for now) they have done right by us.... Thanks for the info

mjrtoo says:

That's impressive, gotta say!

rodneyej says:

And I can't even get an official update for my Focus.. Um um um...

aubreyq says:

I know. So frustrating.

WP7_Genius says:

So OG Focus mot getting this update!?

Kadcidxa says:

Damn you AT&T!!!

gorebashd says:

That's pretty awesome for dell owners =)

RyanDaLyon says:

Dell > Samsung

jcagga says:

Nuff said. My venue pro got every updates without delays!

lycosman says:

I get the impression that Dell has been doing a great job supporting/updating the Venue Pro. They should make more WP phones.

Jeff Kibuule says:

What's sad is that they have the best designed portrait keyboard slider ever made. It's a shame they didn't support it better.

cliff08er says:

Perfect for one handed texting and email.

cliff08er says:

Also tons of storage after sticking in a 32 gig SD card.

Jeff Corgan says:

It's a shame the market didn't support it better.

NIST says:

Is this the DVP on ATT or T-Mo?

neogodless says:

My T-Mobile DVP is still on 7720... is there any way to carrier unlock it and start getting these updates?

having the same problem here,
have you anything figured out yet?

dkp23 says:

 ATT such a piece of sh1t

Baka says:

Oh, come now, if AT&T is a piece of shit, that leaves very little room to accurately describe my dear old Sprint.

Lmao, thanks for the laugh! Hilarious.

EAA575 says:

Wow. Just wow.

I have the unlocked and i just tried via zune, and I still have 710.

Dell ain't giving up

OMG55 says:

Dell owns alienware and honestly I this MS should make some sort of deal for an alieware WP7 with a glowing OLED indicator activating when vibrate is on. People want visually speaking devices and that my friend would be over the top. I'd be all in for that one!

NIST says:

Thank you. I've been saying that forever. I'd buy an Alienware WP8 in a heartbeat. And you know it being Alienware it would be some quad core screamer.

Mon-El says:

An Alienware windows phone. Sickest sick thing is sick :D

That would be incredible.

Jeff Corgan says:

After a terrible experience with the X51, I'm not so sure I'd celebrate this idea, anymore.

I suppose this is unlocked only? I'd it is a TMobile model we are out of luck?

All. ATT and tmobile contract and unlocked.

Hmmm. I was able to force updates in the past, but not this one.

neogodless says:

Hmm - second person in this thread to say that, but I am still stuck on 7720 with my T-Mobile DVP.

fourblades says:

I have the T-Mobile version that was unlocked by Dell after a few months. Still can't update mine... Though I do have the same Firmware version number but still at OS version 7.10.7720.68
Any way I can force it?

Jeff Corgan says:

Also on 7.10.7720.68 and not seeing it, yet.

chris0024 says:

Is my hTc HD7 will get this tango update? If not can I force it to update. TIA.

dv220s says:

LG Quantum got it. Without even forcing it. Now enjoying 7.10.8773.98. Now if only I could get Hidden Wifi support. That would be helpful

lippidp says:

Which carrier?

lippidp says:

Me, too, but I didn't get anything.  Were you previously on 7720 or some other build?

cliff08er says:

Forced the update few days ago on my DVP works perfectly:)

please share how you forced it.

digitalbrew says:

Nice. >:D now I'm gonna try to get one on eBay!

Selling mine if you want to make a deal

Juan08C says:

Does anybody know if the update has been pushed to AT&T HTC Surround phones?
I'd appriciate it :) Thanks

aubreyq says:

AT&T hasn't done shit.

ejlee072006 says:

Dvp was a hopeless case

FUS3360 says:

What the hell ATT? When we we need updates you stall ss long as possible but when I go over my data, you don't even hesitate to send me notification telling me that I've been charged $10 for an additional GB.. Seriously!!

ade333 says:

There are a large number of dell employees that have been issued the venue pro. It's actually one of few other WPs I've seen outside of a store. I work with dell quite a bit so I hear about it often, esp when the reps see that I have a WP. The reviews on them seem to be love hate, with most of the hate being that it has no street cred... Which is hard to argue against if that is important to someone. Aside from that, the actual hardware gets high reviews. Anyway, I think the significant number of internal users may have something to due with the continued support.

cliff08er says:

Most under rated WP out there just my opinion :)

Most overrated POS in my opinion

cliff08er says:

DVP is a good phone,it does have some downfalls just like any other smart phone.

JoePR31 says:

Do you own one? It's a safe bet that you don't. The DVP is the best of tge Gen 1 hardware. If it wasn't for a few firmware issues, it would've been right up there with the Titan as best WP hardware, period....before Nokia got involved. My HD7 is kinda ugly, very underwhelming, and has done nothing but collect dust since I bought my DVP. Troll harder.

cliff08er says:

My HD7 after five months the volume button fail off.That's when I ordered a VP from Dell,and I'm very pleased with my decision best phone ive ever owned.

DaSchnee says:

Seems like the firmware still hasn't changed :(

agm353 says:

Who would have thought...

cedarlog says:

Seems like Nokia and Dell really care about their customers maybe HTC too if they did release the update to their cutomers i don't know if they did all im going to say well done Dell

Robertottink says:

I have the update on my htc titan I just yesterday normally NO FORCED UPDATE

jcagga says:

Another reason to get first Gen wp7 especially venue pro over tango devices with 256mb of ram...

pr0phecy says:

Does anybody perhaps know if the Samsung Omnia 7 also gets this update?

Tomasz S. says:

Well if the DVP didn't get new firmware but only the generic updates from MS, then frankly all Dell did was approving them. Maybe after testing them.
Nothing to be excited really.

Doffen says:

Venue Pro was actually one of the most slick Windows Phone 7 lauch devices. It's sad that Dell ended it.

Is there a way to know that my Venue Pro is officially unlocked or not, I live in Jordan (Middle East) and I'm running it on a local carrier sim card but the problem is that my software is still on 7.10.7720.68 and I really want to know how to update

Dell checked my service tag and replied with :
" this unit was sold as a locked unit. It is locked to the T-Mobile network. As a rule, we don't provide unlocked codes for devices which were sold locked, but if you'd like to try sending any other questions regarding this, please email unlockcoderequest@dell.com."

so I opened the Engineering Mode in my phone and looked at the security, it was
(Unlock / GLEOS2A_US_TMO_SIMLoc1_001) 
what does that mean? was it unlocked by hacking or an official unlock code? and the most important thing is HOW CAN I GET THE UPDATE!!!!

HD7guy says:

According to Tmo forums, HTC has both OS and firmware updates available. After installing both the tethering-related WiFi bug will be fixed.

Supposedly forcing an update works, though I couldn't manage to trigger it after an hour of trying last night. Wondering if the latest Zune software update did something. It used to be easy for me to trigger a forced update. But it could be that the updates are not yet available on TMo's systems.

Really glad to see Dell still supporting the DVP. I'm a little more inclined to consider them for a laptop or desktop again.

Nitaino says:

No update for HTC HD7 I'm so done with HTC. Can't wait to own a Nokia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, hopefully November

theraj1910 says:

When is Samsung Omnia pro going to get a update?

etrosce says:

I've just got the update on my LG Optimus 7 :)

Stimolo says:

Which carrier?

etrosce says:

CLARO Argentina

psritter says:

Not that I don't appreciate the Tango update for the Dell Venue Pro, as I'll be keeping mine until the Win8 Phones arrive, but Dell does not deserve any accolades here. They have not updated the firmware, unlike other manufacturers, with any of the updates since last July, even though there are several significant problems, at least one of which has been shown can be easily resolved. They are not willing to spend any time, whatsoever, for customers of this product. This update is all thanks to Microsoft. I suspect this is in preparation for the required update to version 7.8, as the Zune update mechanism will be officially phased out, since the Zune client is also. This is the main reason for 7.8, although the media have been slow to understand that fact.

yeungl says:

Who is in Canada and receive Tango?

Ticomfreak says:

At&t HTC Titan? (the first one)