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Bing UK is rolling out search engine improvements, but not what we hoped for

Bing Social

We previously looked at Bing UK rolling out the social update we've witnessed being released elsewhere, but it seems as though we're not going to get the full package - at least not the SERP social sidebar anyway. What the Bing UK search engine has received is a slight upgrade with Facebook and Live connectivity, plus a slight design revamp.

With our previous coverage, we received numerous comments from readers who reside in multiple countries, all confirming no social sidebar. Unfortunately, it seems as though this is a limited feature with only the US sporting the whole shabang thus far. But what we all do have after the upgrade is a cleaner interface, larger homepage images, and clearer result pages. Let's hope more is on the way.

If that wasn't enough to heal the social wounds, the Bing team have worked hard on optimisation and under-the-hood improvements. Question is: do you like the sidebar? Would you like to see it included, or is what we have so far enough?

Source: Bing UK



There are 6 comments. Sign in to comment

topleya says:

MicrUSoft annoy me with this stupid region rubbish.

If Google can offered the same features in UK as they do in the US then so can Bing

MattEvansC3 says:

Sounds like you have no idea how international laws work and the simple fact that Microsoft can't legally do over here what they do in the US.

MS just need to spend more money to make it happen.
Apple and Google offer a better feature parity across the world. Meanwhile, Local Scout and Bing Local Search is only available on 4 or 5 countries.

sdreamer says:

I've never have used it before. I haven't seen a clear example of how it works from their advertisements.

It definitely needs something. Having a third of the results page blank for no reason is not good design.

freypal says:

Maybe it's just me being blind but since the upgrade, news results no longer seem to appear on the results page. Is this happening for everyone? They used to appear at the top of the page under a sub heading.