Microsoft unveils Samsung ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 device

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The ATIV-S from Samsung featuring Windows Phone 8

Looks like Microsoft wanted to break the news of the new Samsung ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 device as Ben Rudolph just posted his thoughts on the new phone, being unveild today at IFA.

The specs for the device are exactly as reported earlier with the addition of GorillaGlass 2 and either 16GB or 32GB models, both with expandable storage via microSD…

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From the post:

“Inside the crazy-thin 8.7mm brushed aluminum chassis is a huge 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2 (read: tough to break, but still light)and a rundown of killer specs: 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of onboard RAM, and an 8MP autofocus rear camera and 1.9MP front-facing camera. You’ll have the choice of two storage capacities – 16GB or 32GB – and both models have a MicroSD slot for expanded storage. Backing all of this up is a massive 2300mAh battery to keep you rocking all day.”

The brushed aluminium chassis is cerainly a weclome change from the traditional plastic that Samsung uses in their devices and the 4.8” display should make many users quite happy.

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No carriers were announced for the ATIV-S, which may be a good thing as it indicates a wide-availablity amongist many service providers in the coming months.

We’ll hopefully have more hands on later today as IFA continues…

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KumarNix says:

That looks impressive , hmm whatever happened to Marco and Odyssey.

99% sure this is the Odyssey. That was just it's codename, not product name.

cchester93 says:

Damnit I thought I knew what I wanted already

Relax... Got no Pureview:)

Paper_Link says:

Any ideas of what it could cost?

danzinho16 says:

Probably $200.

eserrano250 says:

Love the brushed alluminum. Now that's a sexy looking phone. I'm sure my wife will want it to replace her focus 2

AriesDog says:

Final feature: It won't get sued by Apple.

greg2k says:

Who knows, at this rate supporting Android may be more costly to Samsung than supporting WP8

Cellus13 says:

Lol! Maybe not;

Gmotagi says:

but it has round corners and a screen, how could they NOT sue.

Averry says:

I would have no problem getting that on AT&T. 
But I am apparently as of 5 minutes ago dead set on the new yellow Nokia bomb dig shit.

erichon99 says:

wow, a 2300mAH battery?  can't wait to see battery performance benchmarking against the G3

Wyn6 says:

If the Galaxy SIII is any indication, i'd put price somewhere between $550-$600. I just wish it was a bit smaller. I could even bump up to 4.5". Personal preference is around the 4.3" range.

tds101 says:

With that nice storage capacity & beefy battery I may have to kick my Lumia 900 to the curb,...

I'd never trade my Stormtrooper for anything but a wp8 with Pureview:)

Jeff Kibuule says:

This actually looks (and probably feels) better than the Galaxy S III. Bravo!

diplomat696 says:

OK this phone looks sexyyyyyyyyyyyy, does the front of it remind you of an iPhone though just ofc way bigger?
If this is what Samsung has to offer us, I am licking my chops at what Nokia and others are going to bring to the table.....
Its an exciting day for WP!! woot woot
Edit: Is this phone really going to T-Mobile????

Neusyn says:

I was also thinking the front reminds me of an iPhone 3GS but not.sure of that.

Way to go Samsung. Now I am really confused how will others top this.

pbroy says:

Wow, I want that iPhone!

Neusyn says:

ROFl, u see it too?

joshcsmith13 says:

^Unbelievable in the wake of the big law suit with apple.
It looks "nice", but hopefully Nokia will have something more to catch the eye.

TheDoros says:

I was sold on the new Lumia line but after seeing that brushed aluminum backing along with the 4.8" screen. I don't know... It looks so damn nice.
Difficult decisions ahead.

melicaster says:

Yeah... Unless Nokia really bring up something impressive...

incendy says:

HD resolution means 1280x720 right?

captainqtp says:

Pretty nice... much more current than what we've been seeing lately but it seems a little vanilla. I want to see a new Arrive like device with quad core, or maybe a galaxy note for wp8. 

dbgman says:

I am hoping Samsung comes out with a note 2 variant for windows phone. 5.5" screen=awesome!

gwydionjhr says:

Can someone find out if this supports any of the Samsung Connected TV functionality please!

Nakazul says:

Yes plz, that I want to know also.

Pelldom says:

WP7 already supports Samsung SmartTV, so this should as well. I've got an LG Quantum Optimus that connects to my SmartTV via ScanShare without any issue.

Pelldom says:

Sorry, SmartShare app, not ScanShare

ytazbddj says:

Same old design. Getting tired.

Bouncin Back says:

And I'm getting tired of comments like this

Well then, you should complain to Samsung I guess.

Oldmajor says:

My God, it's full of stars!

trickym81 says:

I really like it, but I'm waiting to see what Nokia has to offer. Nokia exclusive apps are enough to make me want to stay with them.

chfhyh says:

agree.  samsung has tried hard this time to use metal.. but it is just boring looking.  they've got no innovation here

Damn!! I was planning on not considering Samnsung for my next device but... This might change my mind lol

J4rrod says:


fwaits says:

720p (720x1280)

theefman says:

Yep, looks nice nothing for me here. Waiting for the big N.

Bouncin Back says:

Why do you always have to be so F****in negative?

NarcoSleepy says:

This looks like just about every other Samsung phone.  Wish I had that battery capacity though.  My HTC HD7s can barely last a full day of use.

Odd-i-See says:

Im liking the brushed aluminum though. I tell you what, I also have an hd7 and I have the same problem as yours. I'm always having to have it on some kind of charger.

Neusyn says:

Sooooo... Like an iPhone? Lol

Gken says:

haha like everyone at Sbux has their phones always plugged in.  Apple is like single handled increasing green house emissions since everyone needs to charge all the time.

futurix says:

PenTile screen -> no purchase
But at least (when compared with GS3) this is a new design and better materials!

ustudio says:

dang thats really nice, cant wait to see nokia, and htc's

everylt2012 says:

Little Omnia 7, its time to say good bye to you:-) you have done a really great job for me this past 2 years:-)

DeWize1 says:

I was really hoping for it to look more like the current S3. This to me is really boring and bland (although anything will after using a lumia 900) Still, I feel as though they could have really done something here and decided not too.Specs are great, but it's nothing more then what we will see form Nokia in the coming days. I suggest everyone hold off, Nokia has design plans up their sleeve that aren't mere copies of existing (or in this case old) designs.

pooleyjnr1 says:

I like the look of this phone but can't agree with more with Nokia and there design plans. Nokia are going all out and its up to the rest to keep up or better them. Still the Samsung, all be it an oldy with the WP8 OS thrown in, is a good looking, good spec phone!

Eg0nz63 says:

Front view looks like the new iPhone, only with the superior os of (Windows 8).

What phone don't look like this lol Nokia don't

Neusyn says:

Yeah it does.

Galaxy s 2 lookin boy!!!

veii says:

Ha! I love the fact that they've done that to the home/start button because it makes it look like the Galaxy SII. They probably did it just to **** apple off.

Seriously though, why didn't they just make it capacitive like the other buttons.

link1873 says:

Man i was thinking about the new lumias but this might have me sold, just have to wait and see what nokia announces.

pooleyjnr1 says:

At last choices. I love my Nokia and was waiting for their new line up but that is a sexy looking phone. Come on HTC and the rest, make my choices even more difficult!

Shane says:

Why go 32GB if you can plug in a MicroSD?

ChrisLynch says:

Some people want more storage capacity.  32GB is MORE than enough for the average consumer.  I know some people that would love to have 64GB of storage.  I certainly will be getting a 32GB version, just not sure if it will be a Samsung or Nokia.

Neusyn says:

Yeah, but I wanted at least 32gb which is y I held onto my focus for so long until it wouldn't connected to the PC and got data connection issues. So with that said I would love the 32gb model and hopefully it supports 64gb or higher microsd cards :D

Shane says:

Oh I completely understand that some people would want more space.  I'm just suggesting that a base of 16GB would be good and adding a 64GB MicroSD or greater might be a wise move.  if you ever need to change phones etc, the bulk of your data would be on your SD card instead of the phone.  I have 8GB avaliable on my 900.  Haven't really missed having all of my music on my phone. Regardless its good to have the option of 16 or 32 to appease the masses.  I'm kinda digging this device, I'll wate until next week when I see in person what Nokia has to offer. 

futurix says:

Because Flash storage is faster than MicroSD.
Because some people prefer to have stuff built-in.
Because options are good.

ChrisLynch says:

Daniel, any news on NFC support?  Also, what about WiFi and Bluetooth specs?

Rhamsey says:

Looks a lot like an Ipod touch to me, which is the wrong direction for Samsung to be going right now. Especially since the Focus looked nice.

ncxcstud says:

When is the ETA on when this phone could be out?  Octoberish or possibly in September?  Can't wait to see what Nokia has up their sleeves on the 5th ;)

TheMofaDe says:

October need to hurry up!! And pay us a visit

Nakazul says:

Anybody looking at it and get the feeling it at least don't look as much the same as SIII? I mean its the same device, but I only seen the white version and it looks tacky and ....ugly. This is like a refined SIII...or am I wrong?

OMG55 says:

looks like the people who wanted the charging connector on bottom got their wish, however, in the car, you will have to have you phonoe upside down in the cup hold instead of right side up for viewing purposes. I does look good and not so plastic, but I wish somehow the could have somehow brought some of the beautiful asthetics to the front face other than the gorgeous home button.

cannon#WP says:

Wow. That is a beautiful phone. I love the brushed metal and the 4.8" screen. Since I'm using the Titan II, I can never go back to anything smaller so this is right in my wheelhouse. If HTC's WP8 Titan isn't impressive, then this will be my next. Wierd though, I seem to be the only one on this site would could care less about Nokia. It's either HTC or Sammy for me.

Bouncin Back says:

You aren't the only one

CobaltDragon says:

Quite nice - can't wait to see what the competition brings so I can decide on one!

BK-one says:

Digging the physical home button.

jrmadail says:

So ugly it hurts...

pooleyjnr1 says:

Please tell me you have Lumia 900, if not, god knows what you're comparing it too, cause it ain't ugly!

captian nemo says:

Its very plain looking and lacks a distinctive design/style statement. Don't think Samsung is fully onboard just yet.

RayWP7 says:

What I think is so neat...  That the WPx community can talk about what they like in a phone (hardware/vendor) while still having a robust OS/UI in common.  A banal observation, I know, but it just clicked for me as I read this article's comments.  If it is necessary or appropriate to bash (which I feel is my right as a former user of each), iPhone distinguishing factors = black/white, memory and apps installed.  Android, diverse vendors/ hardware and OS sprawl.  We really do have a nice middle ground community.

MaulerX says:

Like it but am I the only one not digging that home button? Everything else is superb.

cdbstl76 says:

Looks like a large iPhone.  Maybe they saw copied the iPhone 5!?

iSeeiSheep says:

No worries, Microsoft cross licensed the shape for Samsung.. =)=)=)=)=)=)

hwangeruk says:

This device looks sophisticated and elegant. Well done Samsung.
Terrific battery spec!

db4williams says:

H3ll to the yes! I'd rock this phone in a millisecond. It's head and shoulders above my wife's HTC Trophy.  We're stuck on Verizon, so I hope this will come to Big Ged.

Cristoby says:

I was hoping for 1280x768 screen res. That could compensate for a non-hiding address bar in IExplorer.

blackprince says:

That is one impressive device, like the specs and the physical hardware button but its Samsung which makes me think twice. I will wait to play with it first before passing judgement.

iSeeiSheep says:


Same shape as an iPhone and it looks somewhat like one too. Unleash the Apple lawyers... Run!!!!!!

Opps, my bad, MS has a shape cross license agreement... ROTFLOL

willdoors says:

GO NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I own a samsung focus and I 'remember' how samsung didn't care about us and was joyfully copying the iphone to it's beloved crapdroid phones!
and this phone looks like an android LOL ....IT'S AN ANDROIDDDDDDD!!!!!!

Bouncin Back says:

Go somewhere troll!!

cedarlog says:

why do you need to fight everyone for their opinion if you like samsung then its fine im with the rest who is waiting for Nokia and HTC 

gfunk84 says:

Does it have LTE?
Where is the microSD slot? Do I need to open the battery compartment every time?

DeZerT says:

What? Samsung+decent materials...am I high or what?

Dorknight says:

What will Nokia offer T-Mobile?

neogodless says:

I, for one, weclome our new dyslexic overlords!

wpos8 says:

Great News Sprint will be major carrier. So all you doubt sprint well seems you all are fools who left sprint to go other providers get nokia. I knew sprint will get it has they know wp8 will be good for them

MrMendez93 says:

Its basically a galaxy s2 running wp8

CSJr1 says:

Wait, wait.  Brushed Aluminum??    No cheap plastic anymore Samsung?   Wow.  Your stock just went up.  Nokia will have to come on strong to get me now, as I don't  really like unibody plastic.

Very nice touch and since im a Nokia AND Samsung fan I'll buy it and the big bad Nokia phone ;)

Syolaar says:

Hoping to see it appear in Bell Mobility's fall/winter line up. My 1st gen Samsung Focus is due for an upgrade.

goldenpipes says:

so ?#1 is AT&T?
?#2 is when can they take my money?

Looks Fantastic
Just a shame that Outlook Synchronising is still not working properly as notes are still not included.
Have to Stick with Apple until Windows 8 will be  fully functional.
As WP8 is not up to scratch when synchronising  so wont be the tablet software i believe.
I have not found a response yet that would tell when these shortcommings will be implemented.