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Kantar: Windows Phone slowly but surely creeping up on RIM in Europe

HTC Windows Phone 8

Kantar Worldpanel has published its report based on latest smartphone sales data, which reveals Windows Phone seriously challenging RIM for third place in Europe with low-end devices such as the Lumia 610 driving sales in key markets.

Low-end Windows Phone growth rates representing multiple markets within Europe have been provided by Kantar. Italy tops the charts with an increase in market share of 6.6%, while France comes in second at 3.5% and Great Britan is third with 2.3%. What's more is Microsoft now sports 10.4% marketshare in Italy with Windows Phone.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, notes the following:

"Windows [Phone] is making steady progress in the big European economies and is now challenging BlackBerry for third spot in the European OS league. With the momentum Windows 8 will bring towards the end of 2012, it seems highly likely that it will achieve this before the end of the year."

Earlier last month we took a look at Kantar data that revealed Android storming ahead with its mobile market domination, while Windows Phone continued to climb steadily. This is still the case globally, with both Android and iOS taking a combined 93% of smartphone sales in the last 12 weeks, which illustrates the mountainous climb Windows Phone (as well well as RIM) has to become truly competitive in terms of numbers.

Great Britain is continuing to increase smartphone adoption with penetration reaching 57.6% and smartphones taking 80.4% of sales in the last 12 weeks.

This is before we have Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and tablets launching left, right and centre. Microsoft have an open door, which we hope will walk through this month onwards, through to 2013 and beyond. 

HTC and carriers are beginning to throw their weight behind Microsoft and Windows Phone. Coupled with the sheer determination and drive of Nokia, it'll be an interesting 2012 wrap-up.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel



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jposthauer says:

Ugh no care about europe

addicusbrown says:

Someone not realize this is a global economy now?

yarkiebrown says:

No care bout' ya mamma

dlusted says:

Just waiting for this cock to go "America, fuck yeah"

There are other economies other than US that MS are trying to get a marketshare in, right?!

yarkiebrown says:

Must be a golf fan

Rich Edmonds says:

God bless the US of-representing-the-entire-world-because-they're-unbelievably-awesome A ;-)

USA! USA! USA! /chant   ...   I *hate* the whole "globalization" of the world's economies (one only has to look at the state of said economies to see why) but bashing another nation when our own nation is built from those cultures is ignorant and foolish. Not to start some hippy love-fest, but there's no reason to hate on whole cultures of people.

Rich Edmonds says:

Even us Brits aren't as self-centered / self-righteous, okay actually ... I guess we probably are :-P

jcagga says:

Haha!! You made my day sir Edmonds!

Simon Tupper says:

You should care about Europe... Its a huge market..

Faise says:

No care about YOUR FACE!
But seriously, 200 million more people live in Europe than North America (let alone just the USA), it's an important market, so quit trolling.

WinFan1 says:

I'm American and I agree with the eupoeans here we need market share market share market share I just wish stuff was launched globally instead of one by one :(

Curtieson says:

Yea, but would a European spend themselves into crippling debt just to keep up with their neighbors on the latest gadgets?  I don't think so...Win for the USA!

pwgc says:

And no understand mobile industry.  Idiot.

AwesomeAndy says:

America, fk yeah! Showing these third world fcks how its done since 1492!

rjpmateus says:

It's a shame that 1492 is just "yesterday" for us europeans...
1492... Really? Is that even considered History? LOL

PenguinWP says:

And Columbus thought he had landed in India. He must've been using Apple Maps ...

Glim12808 says:

Ugh to you too!

Why did so many people "feed the troll"

addicusbrown says:

Nice to see real world achievement and growth coupled with the positive media response. I have always felt that if the media stops over-criticizing Microsoft or giving Apple a free pass on everything they do and create that the mobile landscape would have 3 very strong players. I never imagined a convergence of the two.

Miistercoool says:

1012 wrap up? Did we go back in time :P ?

addicusbrown says:

Whatever it takes for Windows Phones to succeed! Send back Arnold Swartzenegger to eliminate the Steve Jobs threat.

Rich Edmonds says:

My name is Thor, I quantum-leaped into the future, but was disappointed when I realised there were no cities with legs walking around the Earth :-(

mrolympia74 says:

That's not too bad. Windows phone should pick up in Q1 2013. Since W8 phones are coming out so late this year. But I see them getting to about 7-10% by the end of 2013in the US. I think US may be a little slow compared to Europe for wp8 adoption. There was a rumor this morning by China times that Microsoft has been developing a Surface phone for the past 4 months and are planing a release in H1 2013. That could be interesting.

jcagga says:

Source would be great.

issieman says:

Till I see I start to see Windows phone amongst school kids and not blackberry. My belief would be windows is not tapped around Rims numbers ..

issieman says:

I meant window phone is till far off

Ticomfreak says:

I've seen quite a few people in my HS who have a Lumia 900...

WinFan1 says:

People at my job fidelity investments also have the 900 as personal phones mostly iPhone but there are many

danzinho16 says:

Same here. I see more WP phones than Blackberries.

Hoekie says:

So the smartest people live in Italy and Brasil and the not so smart in the US ;) Just kidding. Must be because the low share of Symbian/WM in the US. People in the US will come to their senses with WP8. I'm quit sure. :)

jposthauer says:

No care about europe

You should care about your ridicule English.

Simon Tupper says:

I love how people from the states are so self-centered... Once you go outside of the US you get to understand how great every country is and that it's not the center of the world (believe it or not...)

ZuNuKoo says:

Don't believe everything you read, or see. Not everyone is like that. There's a millions of people and different thoughts of each. Nobody is the same. US here and I'm glad to see WP doing well in other countries. Anyone positive for WP is great anywhere.

lumianut says:

I want to visit Europe myself, especially Ireland, England and Germany. :)

Rich Edmonds says:

Visited Belfast, Ireland last week. Lovely place to be, as is England. But then again, anywhere is great when you don't actually live there.

azimutha says:

Or is should that read "coupled with the sheer desperation and drive of Nokia"? Just kidding. I love my 900, looking forward to the 920 and WP8! This is great news, especially considering European economies.

Rich Edmonds says:

Oh don't take that back, you're right lol. The company is in desperate times indeed, though they're certainly working their socks off at Samsung's (and HTC to a degree) expense.

pwgc says:

The key point for me on this whole frenzy about US vs Europe, is that a lot of US comment on Nokia is based on local conditions. The US is in love with local companies (understandable, but gives a reality distortion field).  So Apple has 30% market share in the US, in the rest of the world it is much lower.  Also, Motorola is a big name in the US and a nobody in the rest of the world.
Most US commentators don't "get" Nokia.  Luckily, they don't really need to.  Nokia is a niche name in the US. It was nowhere in the US when it was number 1 globally in mobile. It is nowhere still, but if it is going to get to number 1 in smartphones, it needs to leverage its customer base outside the US.  However well or badly Nokia does in the US, the US won't make a real difference to Nokia's global position.  The US is already saturated with smartphones and is only 300m people (5% of the global population).

1jaxstate1 says:

52% of the US market use feature phones. Yeah, that's saturated. 

Tomasz S. says:

It actually is. Most of those users will hoard their feature phones till their deaths (either the phone's or the user's death). Those who wanted and iPhone (or a samsung clone) already got it and are hard to convert. Meanwhile in the good old rest of the world smartphone usage is still much smaller, meaning more new customers for grabs. And also, since people in emerging markets buy cheap-ass android junk, they are not so likely to stick with it and tend to switch to a nicely priced Lumia 610.

aeronaught says:

*sigh* How do you know that the people bashing the European market are from the US? They could be from Africa, you know.

AwesomeAndy says:

So if low-end is the key-market for Nokia, they lack a  device or two in their WP8 line-up right now.

djgc says:

WP 7.8 will probably be their low end in months to come. Perhaps the numbering of the two low-end models (610/710 rather than  600/700) could be a clue of their strategy...

aimuatrang says:

Can someone explain why we'd have to wait till mid November to get a WP8? 1 1/2 month is a long time... A few million WP8 could be sold by then... I hope Microsoft and Nokia take note and move a little faster ...

12Danny123 says:

what are you talking about? Wp8 is releasing this month not mid November. it's been rumoured that AT&T will get the 920 at 21st of October

cedarlog says:

soon they will creep out the rest of OS's

goofbox says:

It is only a matter of time! :)

I WANT MY NOKIA 920 NOW!!! Im sick of WAITING!