First look at the T-Mobile Lumia 810

Nokia Lumia 810.

We don't yet have a street date for the Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile, but that's of no concern to us here at the CTIA MobileCON event in San Diego. We caught up with said "exclusive to T-Mobile" device tonight at the the Mobilefocus event for a little face time. That's the good news. The bad news is that Microsoft still very much has Windows Phone 8 under wraps, and this kid wasn't even powered up. 

But we still managed some heavy petting with the 810. This isn't quite in the league of the thinnest of the thin Windows Phone 8 devices. But it's Nokia, so that's not really that surprising, no? What we did get to play with is a pretty solid build, with buttons in the expected places, the 8MP Carl Zeiss lens out back -- it's, well, it's the Lumia 810.

We'll have to hold out final judgment until Microsoft unwraps Windows Phone 8 and actually lets us see it on all these phones that have been announced over the past couple of weeks.

If you're a glutton for punishment, we've got some more pics and hands-on video after the break.

Nokia Lumia 810.

Nokia Lumia 810.

Nokia Lumia 810.

Nokia Lumia 810.



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Wait, no 8 MP?? Doesn't the 820 have 8 MP?

It's 8MP. Story has been adjusted.

dakken says:

I'm surprised you Nokia fans are OK with this. Its like being shown a new shiny porsche and then having to settle for a VW Beetle. And then telling yourself its OK because there both made by the same company when its obvious which one is better.

Munkeyphyst says:

No Billy goats here, move on troll

dakken says:

Let me start out by saying F#&CK YOU! For trying to judge me and label me TROLL because me views differ from yours!!! Is this WPCentral or some FANATICAL iphone site where people are bashed for having anything negative to say about the iphone even if its true.
SECOND-I could care less about Nokia because my phone of choice the 8X is comming to Tmobile. But if I were shown the 8X and then told I had to settle for the 8S I would be pretty pissed off,,,so I can understand why people aren't happy about having to settle for the 820 or 810 after being shown the 920.

uopjo6 says:

You just proved his point there. Chill?

dakken says:

I'm cool,,,I just don't like being labled for having my own opinion especially when its a valid one. In the words of agent J "don't start nothin,,won't be nothin" lol

Munkeyphyst says:

It's not your opinion that makes you a troll, it's your tone. You weren't expressing an opinion, you were making a snarky remark intended to provoke an emotional response from your perceived notion of rabid Nokia fans. Ironically, you are the only one here freaking out. Don't be a troll and you won't be called out for it.

dakken says:

It was an opinion,,,and my tone is YOUR perception. I questioned why people would settle for this phone after having the 920 dangled in front of them. I was in no way shape or form being a troll.

Wyn6 says:

5MP camera? I'm pretty sure the press announcement said it was an 8MP camera.

dainla says:

Looks to big for me.

schlubadub says:

That's what she said :(

steve_w_7 says:

Pass.  Way too thick...

karelj says:

Geez...that thing is a brick. Does Nokia have some sort of anti slim thing going on?

machina says:

the 820 is supposed to be 9.9mm!

aubreyq says:

Definitely a brick. Not very elegant.
EDIT: Back on the "brick" thing, I realize the case I use with my Focus makes it somewhat of a brick as well. So if I get a 920 or something big like that, I'll have to avoid a case at all costs because it will then make the phone a bigger brick.

sholokov says:

You guys are so excited, you have not paid any attention to spellings or the language itself.

lippidp says:

There is no such word as "spellings." LOL!

It's 8MP, boys and girls. My fault. 

Oh Phil!! I missed you a lot!! Sorry, but who are you? I couldn't hear the video well.

erzhik says:

a simple, yet effective design. I like it.

Wyn6 says:

10.9mm isn't really that thick. It's thinner than the HTC HD7 which is 11.2mm.

JohnCz says:

Also, he has a unit with a shell.  I believe these colored / NFC enabled shells add considerable thickness to the device.

Yeah. The removable back probably adds some thickness, to be sure. 

Put it this way -- it's nowhere near as slim as the 8X (which is freaking incredibly slim -- and I'm totally getting one), or the Samsung Galaxy S3, which I've got in my pocket daily.

Bugbog says:

The 8X isn't really that thin It's just an illusionary effect of the tapered design. It is stil 10.2mm thick. In the exact same ballpark as the 920!

The official specs for the 8X say otherwise. Dieter also got T-Mo to cough up proper dimensions on the 810, putting it at 11.2mm. But regardless, I've held them both today. It's no contest. Not by a long shot.

The 8X *feels* (because it is) so much thinner. The 810, to me, feels like an HTC Thunderbolt, almost. Maybe not quite that thick, but it's portly.

Rey T. Fox says:

What does the texture of the plastic feel like on both?

Mahesha999 says:

Only Ativ S is slimmer. Neither Lumia 920 nor 8x nor 8S is slimmer. So if being slim and big is what you want, I believe Ativ S is right choice, but sammy should go for colorful designs instead of sticking to metallic feel on plastic back.

webby7 says:

In what alternate universe is 10.2mm (8X) "so much thinner" than 10.7mm (920) or 10.9mm (810)? The 820 is thinner than all of these at 9.9mm.
Get a grip.

MageSTYK says:

FACT BOMB Awaaaaaay! LoL

vlad0 says:

Well, it better be free on contract.. if its the same price as the Lumia 8X from HTC.. no contest. 

Wyn6 says:

$49-$99 on contract would be fine.

aubreyq says:

@vlad0: 8X by HTC. Not "Lumia 8X." Lumia phones are made by Nokia.

theefman says:

So many whiners, the little extra thickness is due to the wireless charging cover. And if you're moaning over the size if this how much more would you pout and rant over the 920's size. Bunch of crybabies.

alukard says:

Considering all the tech that goes into these things its amazing they can get it to that size. unfortunately folks like to complain.

ladydias says:

Truer words were never spoken. The endless whining is ridiculous.

lubbalots says:

Plain and simple bud, TOO THICK! This is 2012 getting close to 2013.

WinFan1 says:

Lub sorry bud you want alot of features it comes in bulk

Samsung says hello

ladydias says:

Samsung says "I have a different set of features and no switchable back plates for wireless charging".

Actually, the Galaxy S3 does have a backplate for wireless charging.  I'm guessing the Ativ will as well.   NFC, check!

ladydias says:

I'll believe they'll include wireless charging for the ativ when I see it. If they were going to include it why not list it as a feature?

It's not listed as a feature on the s3 either. Probably because it's an OPTIONAL feature.

Soxpranos says:

By all means get to a lab and make a ultra thin Phone buddy! Seems u know what it takes, yeah right.

Why?  I can just buy an Ativ S.  

paulheu says:

Amen to that.. If you want thin, get the iPhone5.. It's thin, but that' about the only 'innovation' about it as nothing else fits due to it's design..

lubbalots says:

If it quarty keyboard, I'll believe in the thickness al la N900.

Mahesha999 says:

Ativ S is real thin Windows Phone. It also have big screen. The only thing I dont like in it is that its metallic feal over plasticky back. And yeah no pureview, no puremotion hd+ and no wireless charging. But will surely be good device.

Dare2Blink says:

Dude you can't compare a mid range device to a top range one. The 810 is not meant to compete with the ativ s or the 8x. Don't worry because the top range wp8 phones look much better than this.

This is true.  I honestly don't know how their is a market for anything but flagship phones.  If one can afford data they should be able to afford a decent phone.  If they can't they are being fiscally irresponsible with their money.   I guess I did see a lady with an iphone buying crap with food stamps the other day.  Guess I'm probably wrong.

ladydias says:

Having an iPhone is nowhere near the status symbol it used to be and the cost of having a smartphone is cheaper now if you have the right plan, especially if you port it to a prepaid phone company.

The metal back is a durable application.  Should be fine.

dainla says:

The Pre's wireless charging cover added zero thickness.
Seems that would be the way to go.

tigermcm says:

whoa that looks to be the same thickness as my Arrive.....I'm not sure about an all touch screen being the same thickness as a phone with a physical keyboard

Wyn6 says:

This is 10.9mm thick and the Arrive is 15mm thick. Trust me, the Arrive is much thicker and much heavier at 194g vs. 145g.

ugh, this just made my decision harder. looks like i will have to try both the 8x and 810 to see which i like the best.

tristan88 says:

If you are comparing the 8x and the 810 its pretty obvious the winner there. The 8x has a 720p screen and is thinner and lighter. The only thing I would see this phone having over the 8x is price.

And expandable storage, Nokia exclusive apps, Nokia call quality and reception, Nokia post-purchase support... Don't get me wrong, the 8x looks to be a decent device and I hope they sell a truckload. But Nokia is just better historically at doing the things that really matter with a phone.

Uh, this is going to sound pretty crappy but.....I hope they don't even sell one of those, maybe that will teach Nokia to put a better device on T-Mobile. That thing looks like Junk.

Nokia can't force tmo to carry the 920...

Ecurb87 says:

I agree, 'looks like junk'.

aubreyq says:

I gotta say the 810 looks pretty boring to me.

rrsrv says:

I'm on ATT and I have to admit as much as I am really looking forward to the 920 the 8x and ativ look amazing as well especially the ativs expandable memory and huge removable battery im not much of a Samsung guy however that device looks enticing and im not sure if tmobile is getting it but if it is that's sure to be a huge hit...strange to say this but it may be the underdog in these windows phone 8 devices that may cone out on top

willied says:

Looks nice even if it is a bit chunky.

Yeah, there's no doubt, that looks like a brick of a phone. 
On the upside, you could always use it for self-defense, by clonking somebody over the head with it.

lubbalots says:

That is way too thick! The thickness must be related to the unnecessary switchable back cover. Anyway it doesn't matter what the cause is. Overall spells poor engineering and use of today's tech. No wonder Samsung and Apple are popular.

Wyn6 says:

It looks thick from the pics. But, it only measures 10.9mm. By comparison the HD7 is 11.2mm and the iPhone 4S is 9.3mm. So, this phone is 1.6mm thicker than the iPhone 4S. Now, the real question is, does this measurement include the cover or not?

lubbalots says:

I had HD7. Its thinner.

harchestr says:

But  you never held the 810 so how would you know.

It don't look like a switchable back

Munkeyphyst says:

it is a switchable back

rocky 710 says:

This one looks prettier than the 820 it has some unique look
If 810 is gonna release in stores I'll get it

Lastnv says:

looks like a toy phone, why would anyone buy this crap

WinFan1 says:

That phone looks solid bro quit pouting.

Ecurb87 says:

I'll pout with you. Tmobil can keep it.

jabtano says:

I think the black strip with the cyan back looks awful the solid black cover looks much better the you don't see that ugly black strip as for the phone it is not going to have that special touch screen I don't want to have a middle range device just becaus of the carrier i'm on if this is the direction WP8 is going it's sad...but i can't see where this device is as nice looking as say the 8x even the ATIVs is better looking than this

willied says:

Do you know what punctuation is?

AhmedWP7 says:

Lumia 920 FTW

JoeDizzle33 says:

Wow, people are really hating. There are some really childish people on here. C'mon man! Look I get that some of you guys are mad about the 920 being an AT&T exclusive. Its done, you can't change that at this point. Get over it and move on. This phone looks really nice and has some nice specs.

WinFan1 says:

Amen people are making something huge out of something not huge its unfortunate that people are never satisfied.

Ecurb87 says:

I think ppl just don't want to have to settle, though the device has good specs, for something like this device;-)

aubreyq says:

I have to disagree that this phone looks "really nice", but of course that's a matter of personal taste.

silverdoe says:

no magenta shell. shame, that's T-Mobile trademark color ...

tomatoes11 says:

Woah! I thought it was quite a nice phone until I saw how huge that thing is. Woah!
10.9 and 11.2 are huge for today's standards. I would easily give up some tech for these Nokia models to be slimmer.

tallgeese says:

There is no smartphone thickness standard.

WinFan1 says:

Besides Nokia has made thicker phones

abe3211 says:

Can't wait to compare this one with the x8. I want one so bad !! Canary ? Or California Blue ? What to choose?

Renigade16 says:

It's suppose to be the same as the 820 right?
So it will have the super sensitive touch screen, expandable memory, and the same camera as the 820 right?

jabtano says:

I heard it does not have SSTS. lest it's not on Nokia own page.

aimuatrang says:

Blue shows phone thickness... 810 looks better in black

R0bR says:

I have the thicker HD7 which doesn't even feel thick to me. What a bunch of whiners.

Ecurb87 says:

I enjoy all these comments. No matter how ridiculous they can be. :-D That said this device, look wise, is just sad.

aubreyq says:

It's definitely not winning me on the looks department.

issieman says:

As they say the proof is in the pudding

chucky78 says:

How much memory does it have, 8GB?

cedarlog says:

i think its same as 820 8G internal and MicroSD card support

L0gic Bom8 says:

Honestly, I wish the Lumia 920 had this shape. I like slim phones, but not as slim as the Focus S. But that's my opinion.

Ecurb87 says:

I have the focus s with a cover which makes it about the size of the 920 w/o one. I think it will be ok, for me anyway.

cedarlog says:

i really like this design sadly its exclusive to T-mobile

lubbalots says:

I'll have to stop by tmo to compare them. Then the decision will finally be made, Nokia vs HTC vs Samsung. Which one will be?

ricardios says:

Did you take the cover off?

yosagojimbo says:

Some people prefer to have a thicker phone in hand, it's good that there's options for those people. At least there's options coming

dinchy87 says:

That looks from the side a little bit like an nokia n81. First a little bit edgy then on the back a slight rounding. But only if you look at the n81 from the side :)

danzinho16 says:

I really like this design. If you don't have the 920, you have the 810.
Y'all should stop complaining a little.

Conasca says:

Seems to me Nokia is on a design hiatus at the moment.

garbro says:

The 810 is no more of a brick than the 900 (which only launched in April), and I don't recall anyone complaining back then ;). So why not compare to the prior device to TMO from Nokia, which is what the staff there will tend to do anyway. And going back to the 900 comparison, how is the 810 in any way inferior? Better battery, better screen (yes it does have SST), Windows 8, and on and on........geez

marcusjl808 says:

Coming from my trusty DVP, EVERYTHING is slimmer! Looking forward to checking this out on T-Mo

Tense says:

To be honest, I like the size of the 810. It looks like it will be more solid and sturdy (although that's just based on what I see in the picture). Hopefully it will come at an affordable price, too. I would love Nokia forever. ;)

JamesDax3 says:

This is thinner then my HD7 which I don't consider to be thick at all.  I think most people will find it to be alright.  I'm still going to need to do a side by side with the 8X before I decide.  Why hasn't Samsung commited to any carriers yet?

Bushybro says:

Woke up this morning with 20 notifications on the WPCentral app, could've swore the lumia 920 dropped today. Phone or app just being buggy :'(

Auric Jarrel says:

Looks nice, but that's all it has going for it. Honestly I feel like Nokia is twisting my arm and asking me how much do I value it's exclusive apps. "Would you be willing to buy a mid-range phone with an underwhelming display, camera, and storage space?". Meanwhile AT&T customers are having their cake and eating it too.

abond32 says:

I have att, I do have my cake but im not eating it. The service reliability of Att data sucks.

Ecurb87 says:

Depends on the location. My sister-in-law has tmobile and complains how slow it is, but likes the cost of the plans I guess. I have an old plan so I only pay 146$ a month for 2 smartphones with data on each, unlimited text, 1k minutes w/ rollover, 5k nights/weekends and device insurance. We live no more than an hour outside Philadelphia so my att coverage is awesome. Only thing I like from tmobile are their commercials, but that's about it;-)

jfa1 says:

Its called salesmanship!  Thats their job to make a product and make you want it.  Sounds like they're doing their job and you're  trying to resist!

abond32 says:

I want tmo to get a better phone. I have both ATT and tmobile. ATT coverage is better but tmo's service can't be beat. Blazing fast.. 920 with tmo would be WONDERFUL :|

Drazyw says:

It's an 820...really. wtf? You're buying this phone only because it's got wireless charging because thats the only piece of tech in this phone that hasn't been in every other phone for a year now. low res, low ppi, small screen, small int storage, 8mp camera yes. but without pureview so don't expect anything better than whats on the market now, and a small battery. 920 or nothing.  Finally some good hardware for the windows phone market and half the country can't get it.  Everyone else is stuck with the same old low end crap box hardware windows phones have been known for.  Way to screw WP8 launch Nokia.

jfa1 says:

ATT paid extra  and Nokia took it for the exclusive.  There's nothing that prohibits  Nokia from making the 920  with or without other features and calling it whatever it wants and selling it to TMo or SDprint or VZN.  The other carriers just have to pony up the $$ that Nokia wants and  that would happen.  If they dont or wont  then thats  the other carriers faults  not Nokia or ATT!

Jcpbebe says:

Look truth be told im sure the phone is nice. Waiting a long time for a new phone t o get ATT will get the 920 mobile will get this phone say that shit from the get go so I can make up my mind now I have no options just 810 all the stress all the hype at the end t-mobile gets the scraps bullshit phone step up to the plate were not getting a new phone we can't compare 810 to HTC or Samsung compared To 920 920 is better the it phone too be second best is not good enough.

abond32 says:

Again lol +1

danzinho16 says:

Am I the only one who sees the 920 on the 3rd (?) Pic? I mean, it looks like it.

Pretty sure that's the HTC 8X in California blue.

abond32 says:

Microsoft and Nokia are fudging up big time. The darn 920 should be on every carrier just for competition. Then you drop the 820 810 atlas(?) as a low end choice. I like Steve Ballmer but Microsoft needs a bulky go getter.. Drop the darn technology to all carriers in all countries. :( :| :/ :[

abond32 says:

Bully (typo..)

ilgulamc says:

UGLY!!! My Lumia 800 is 1000 times prettier!

sunnybyday says:

I just can't understand all the silly comments based on a couple of close-up snaps? To put it in perspective, Nokia L810 is 10.9 mm, my Nokia L710 is 12.7 mm thick - that makes L810 almost 2 mm thinner. How can that be so bad? The L710, at 12.7 mm, is not a brick by any streach of imagination - to me at least.

shotokq says:

Sorry guys, but the reviewer has small and fatty hands...heheheh, so makes the phone loos like a brick, but it is not.... Just picture a skiny pretty blond or brunette holding the phone and it will look awesome!!!!

lubbalots says:

I'll take the skinny blonde or brunette.

Okay, after seeing that video, in spite of the thickness of it, I have to say the 810 looks A LOT better than it does in the other photos I've seen thus far. Also looks much nicer with the cyan back. If I grab myself one of them, I'm definitely going to request the cyan one and will definitely get at least two more swappable covers from Nokia.
I can't believe they didn't turn the phone on in the video! What's up with that??

chillblue68 says:

Its really sad to me that so many people don't like the look of this phone... I love the look and I live in san Francisco and use public transit constantly, so that extra battery is a necessity for those crazy nights where I end up at soneone else's pad and need to get home.

lubbalots says:

Do you carry charger with or extra battery around? Phone uses universal USB charger. You think someone else's pad don't have USB charger laying around?

sinistar25 says:

After watching this video, I must say that I'm thankful I'm on AT&T.

dlelacheur says:

By the way.....I'm sporting L710 which I've been content with.....im at a crossroads with the 810 and the 8X.....better screen res and beats audio or removable storage and wireless charging /w interchangeable backs????? And yes i really dig the design of the 810 and 8X.......since I'm still on contract i may just buy the 810 based on price.

drummersquid says:

Looks Cool to me. My last 3 phones have been Nokia. I now have the 710. great phone! never have problems with Nokia phones . look forward to owning an 810!

Harry Wild says:

With the Cyan cover;  810 does not look good.  Without the cover; it looks awesome!