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Alcatel Windows Phone 7.8 device spotted in the wild

Alcatel Windows Phone

An Alcatel-Lucent Windows Phone running what appears to be version 7.5 of Microsoft's operating system has been spotted in the wild. According to a report over at, the device will be loaded with Windows Phone 7.8 and be available by the end of 2012. Alcatel will have likely chosen to support Windows Phone 7.8 to keep costs down on hardware and to sell less advanced hardware in bulk.

The device, likely to be branded under the One Touch umbrella, is expected to be priced at around 7990 rubles (approx. £160 / $256), and specifications are reported to be in with a single-core Qualcomm MSM7227A chip - 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. A 4" display, 1500mAh battery, and a 5MP camera (with VGA FFC) are also included. Dimensions come in at 124.2 x 64.2 x 10.75 mm.

Nokia will also be looking to continue to tackle the low-end market, which the company has done so in the past with positive results, particularly on Windows Phone with the Lumia 610. It'll be interesting to see where the Finnish manufacturer goes next to carry on the low-end trend. But it's always good to see more manufacturers supporting Windows Phone.

Check out a few more shots below. 

Alcatel Windows Phone

Alcatel Windows Phone

Source:; thanks, Andrew, for the tip!



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ebradley says:

WP can use the help for exposure sake.

machina says:

I actually like the design and the color of the back!
it's like nothing I've seen before.
They should make a high-end variant

Thamuz says:

Isn't it strange that a new device still bears the old Windows logo?

alukard says:

I'm sure it a prototype thing, designed prior to WP8.  I hope build quality isnt too low end and they use a better screen.

marbig says:

I presume it's to differentiate between WP7 and WP8, but yeah it does make it feel a bit dated already haha.

Pricop says:

Maybe it's because it uses Wp 7.8 and not WP8 ? Windows Phone 7.8's logo is the old one.

Miistercoool says:

The back is orange!!! Too bad its a "low end phone" :-\

eolorvida says:

It's A WELCOME guys... welcome to WP, Alcatel :)

Ian Too says:

Another option for the low end. Looks quite reasonable.

pnhd says:

look at the light coming from the edge of the screen.yuck

Looks like 2 different phones

willied says:

I love the burnt orange on the back.

erchiappa says:

We need more entrylevel... I'd like to buy a Lumia 510 for my mom or for jogging... A 100€ phones would be great for second phone

cedarlog says:

so its going to be exclusive to russia only ?

jdep1 says:

Looks bulky

jfreiman says:

This top secret Windows Phone 7.8 device isn't even running WP7.8, it has the old Microsoft Logo, etc.

So our first sentence says it's running WP7.5...but it's getting 7.8 for its release...I mean...

Disinto says:

Beware, Alcatel-Lucent and Alcatel are two separate companies. Alcatel-Lucent granted the right to TCL of China to use the Alcatel brand after divesting its phone business.