Adobe Reader 10.1 finally comes back to those in the US


Good news for all of you heroes out there who have endured the “1” staring at you from your Marketplace Tile: you can now finally hit that update button for Adobe Reader.

In the ongoing Windows Phone Store oddities of late, Adobe Reader came under scrutiny as many users were upgraded to version 10.1, followed by a second update that seemed to be a bug fix and then a third update.

Good news!

That third update though brought the app down to version 9.0 and it was extremely frustrating for many users. Adobe Reader had not had an update in nearly 2 years and 10.1 was a breath of fresh air in the app, fixing or adding many new features. To have it yanked from people’s devices in such a way was not fun at all.

We have reached out to Microsoft about these Store hiccups but so far have not heard back.

You can pick up Adobe 10.1 here in the Store. Thanks, Saburi, Matthew and Joe for the tip!

QR: Adobe



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wpguy says:

Awesome! Thanks for the news!
Edit: I notice a change in version number from the previous version 10.
Old 10.x: Version 10.1.0, Build 20120818
New 10.x: Version 10.1.1, Build 20120919
(Info from about page in app)

jfa1 says:

XMS Buddy also updated

Fiann says:

I was just coming on here to tip them to that too. Fhotoroom and 4th and Mayor have updates this morning as well.

tgr42 says:

Yay!  Thanks to whoever was responsible for getting this fixed.

DaHui623 says:

Yay!!  I can finally get rid of that numer 1 on the tile!

Only women say "yay"

wpguy says:

You said it too.

Bushybro says:

So much better :-)

aubreyq says:

Finally! I'm glad I can get the actual update, now.

Pluckcharm says:

Im getting invald file path when i try to open up a pdf. Ive tried uninstalling the app and doesnt work. Anyone know whats uppp?

MadSci2 says:

The link and the US Marketplace are taking me to Version 9! :-S

tgr42 says:

Power your phone off and on and then it should work.

jfa1 says:

use the QR code  it worked fine for me

MadSci2 says:

I appreciate the suggestions, but soemthing is very wrong. The Marketplace, the QR code, MSoft's webpage, ALL just show vertion 9.
I think V10 was posted by mistake, and then replaced with v9 again.

MadSci2 says:

I was right.  Adobe Reader has been pulled from the Marketplace.  Search for it and there are no Apps found!

issieman says:

Sadly the windows phone version still doesn't have the annotation feature which the Andriod/IOS has. You still can't fill pdf forms.

cperezjr says:

Lmao I have been enduring the "1" since you guys reported not to update, its really an eye sore. Lol

ahuczek says:

Lol " finally "

What has it been a week? Lol

lippidp says:

After the first update I could not open a PDF from Outlook. I imagine that is why it was yanked.

ChanceW says:

Thank god! My OCD senses were killing me with that 1 on the live tile.

R0bR says:

Old news, my Adobe updated back to 10 from 9 on Monday.

fanel says:

Not fixed here in Canada. I'm still getting version 9.

noelds7 says:

10.1 has bookmark-navigation but we can't add bookmarks in-situ, can we? That's a desperately needed feature