Surface phone or Windows Phone 8 mockup? Mysterious device shows up in Microsoft photos.


Some images of what looks to be a never-before-seen Windows Phone have been spotted in some marketing images for Microsoft. The device looks Zune HD-esque with a chrome border, sharp corners and a rectangle like shape. The device even has the Windows Phone 8 flag logo near the button.

So the question is, what is it?

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Some speculation by people have suggested it’s the alleged Surface Phone designed in-house by Microsoft though as much as we would like to believe that, we find it implausible. The notion that a super top-secret project would find its way on to a commercial photo shoot just seems highly unlikely—like impossible.

Instead, we’re leaning on the notion that this is a “generic” mockup phone used to convey Windows Phone without endorsing a specific OEM i.e. playing favorites. We see this all the time in Windows Phone ads and web placement where there is a render of a phone that does not exist—it’s not a leak but rather done for marketing purposes. The idea of taking that idea and going one step further with a physical device (or even a PhotoShopped one) is not too far fetched.

Still, if Microsoft were to make a phone, such a design, as seen above wouldn’t be too bad. But our hunch tells us whatever the Surface phone is, it’s radically different than what is found in these images.

Source: Microsoft 1, 2; via WMPU

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Mahesha999 says:

If you look at these models it looks very similar to what is shown in this WP8 Australia poster http://wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/WP8invite.png

Munkeyphyst says:

true, the shape and button placement is exactly the same as the emulator images used in all the invites

StrayMutant says:

definitely a mock up - See no microUSB in the bottom.

gsquared says:

Good catch...

Ah... that image seems to have been taken down:|

Vheissu says:

Hey we can dream

mythos13 says:

Dream about a phone that looks like crap compared to a Lumia 920?

Digital#WP says:

What? Are you kidding me!?
Nokia Lumia 920 is a beautiful phone no question ask but if this phone is real (with ZUNE HD design) then I will buy it over any other phone without even thinking.
This phone looks beautiful like Zune HD!
Now I can feel better waiting till my upgrade because I might be able to get this Microsoft Surface Phone.

I agree... I can't recall how many times I told my coworkers I wish the Zune HD had a 4" screen and was a phone... and that was 2009 before Windows Phone was even officially demoed, so I'd be very excited if it came true. Although, admittedly I want the Nokia 920 PureView or better camera in it, lol.

i said the same thing when i first recived my ZuneHD a few years ago, for christmas. my zune has been through a lot and it still looks new lol. its held up very well!

This looks nothing like a Zune HD. The sides are curved. It is designed more like a lumia.

cedarlog says:

i agree i would do the same

mythos13 says:

It's boring.

Marco300 says:

If I had to choose I would go for the one on the left, even tho I don't really like either of them two!

Munkeyphyst says:

:/ they are the same phone.

Iconoclysm says:

Definitely not.

josep2 says:

*hits himself.

jcagga says:

That looks like what dell would've released wp8 as venue pro without a keyboard!

rodneyej says:

If it is then it doesn't look to exciting.

davec53 says:

the better question might be why that guy is trying to type on that tiny assed keyboard.

bbennett40 says:

I was thinking the same thing!!

Gken says:

If the surface phone looks like anything like that other mock up from Jona Daehnert, consider me another 600 dollars or so poorer.

cedarlog says:

lol but with a joy on your face :)

Looks like the most generic device of all time. Mockup

hkhawaja says:

Beautiful phone, let's hope Nokia makes one like this :)

Royalmage says:

Can you translate the gist of the article for me? cus I want that one ;)

Coffee says:

yup, MIcrosoft 3D printers do this kind of thing pretty well.

VagrantWade says:

This looks like a "we wanted to make a point by having a phone on the desk but didn't want to promote an existing phone" phone.

MSicc says:

Looks awesome...

Its a mockup for sure

luimende says:

SHUT UP and take my Money! #zunelike 

jonesyvoor says:

Whatever it is, Verizon's not getting it.

OMG55 says:

Dont you mean, whatever it is, Verizon doesn't want it unless it's Apple or Android? They've had WP8 Ry TM'd for a while now, don't you find it strange they announced issues with access? The first test they should have performed upon receiving hardware was communication on the proper band for their network along with whatever access the needed to the OS especially since it supposabley had similar issue with WP7. I believe they really don't want to carry,  WP at all, but are trying not to piss off their customers by shifting the blame to MS.

DavidinCT says:

I'm a Verizon customer but, all I am going to say is, Get over it. Verizon has not annouced ANYTHING YET. AT&T has.  Verizon publicly stated that they will be supporting WIndows Phone 8. They will wait till it gets closer to release before you hear anything.
Before you start screamming they are not getting anything because they are not "RUMORED" to get the 920, just wait a week or 2, everything should be known by then.
But, yea, if it's a New phone, it's a very good chance that it will be GSM only and Verizon users will be left out..

bono5112 says:

Looks nice though

Ha. Kind of looks like a dell venue pro w/o the keyboard.

absolutshame says:

Looks like a Dell Venue Pro.

mikroland says:

I wish they would make a surface phone that's all glass on the front (no wasted space for speakers, and buttons). Just a slab of glass.

OMG55 says:

Picture on the right looks to be the 7" surface :-D

chucky78 says:

What if Microsoft wasn't making a phone but instead a Zune replacement? Something to challenge the Ipod. A device that could help grow the ecosystem.

gregoron says:

It's the next iPhone and they're researching on how not to copy it.

MadDogFL62 says:

To be released November 1?

hallam555 says:

Really Daniel???? I think whether it is a mock up or the real thing, they are sending a message with these photos saying that one is defo on the way....elop interview???

Arsenic17 says:

Wow. 2 weeks before the Lumia 920 lands in the USA and no pricing or even a concrete date released by ATT? What is going on?

DavidinCT says:

No no, it's the Lumia 922 that is heading to verizon.... ( :) )

JoeDizzle33 says:

What about a surface phone with an option to buy an attachable keyboard/cover like the tablet. That would be amazing!

Why not just make the Zune HD2 Smartphone with the ergonomic beveled edges on the back?  It's such a sleek piece of engineering and design.
I would buy this in a second!!!  And please be available on Sprint!

Ok I just found the Nokia phone that is a rebranded Zune HD phone.
FYI, Microsoft shelved Zune music in favor of Xbox music.  This is not smart as Xbox is known for gaming and not music.