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Parcel Tracker returns to Windows Phone, also available for Windows 8

Parcel Tracker

Good news for those who enjoyed the functionality of Parcel Tracker on Windows Phone. The developer has decided to support the app on the Store once again. This is after announcing their departure from the platform earlier last month. We've previously reviewed Parcel Tracker, as well as providing the developer with coverage for each major update applied, so it's good to see the well received app back on the Store. But that's not all that has arrived.

The developer has also decided to launch a similar app (albeit with a different title) for Windows 8, the newly released version of Microsoft's desktop operating system. While we're excited to see both apps now being officially supported with the future looking bright, we can't help but think we have Microsoft to thank for that.

Parcel Tracker

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 have just launched, reviews are generally positive, Windows 8 sales have been highlighted by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, and Windows Phone 8 hardware have begun to roll out so it makes sense for any developer to reassess Microsoft's mobile platform. The developer of Parcel Tracker revealed poor sales and conversions to be the main factor in their previous departure.

If you've never heard of Parcel Tracker, you might want to check out our previous coverage, as well as the review we published back in 2010 (it's weird going back that far in Windows Phone's life). The app is a must-have for those who are required to keep track of packages and shipments that are in transit. A much loved feature is push notifications support that's utilised by many veteran users.

Package Tracker

As mentioned above, the developer has also released a Windows 8 app, called Package Tracker. Now, before you get overly excited and start drooling, synchronisation between the two apps isn't yet possible. But the developer has revealed in a news bulletin posted within the Parcel Tracker Windows Phone app that this functionality will be included soon.

You can download Parcel Tracker from the Windows Phone Store (QR Code below) for $2.49 (£1.99), and Package Tracker can be downloaded from the Windows Store for $2.99 (£2.19). Thanks, Mike, for the tip!

QR: Parcel Tracker



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wetworker says:

Thank goodness becasue I use that app all the time. I also bought the tablet version.
I do prefer the darker theme instead of this brown theme, Hopefully I can choose the darker theme.

ousooner314 says:

I actually prefer the brown/lighter theme, and general aesthetics, found on the Windows 8 version! Either way, giving an option for a darker theme allows both of us to equally enjoy the app! :)

Excellent!,  Will purchase once I get my WinP8 device.

BK-one says:

Welcome back to the future of mobile OS.

How did I not no about this app. #gamechanger

wetworker says:

The phone or the tablet version?

WPCentral app on the windows store anytime soon?

sepatown says:

I'm waiting for it too.

ricardios says:

Yeah it's called pinning the website to your start screen.

NIST says:

Pinning is so Xbox. C'mon Rafael.

I know, but it is so much nicer to have an app.

wetworker says:

I second that question as well. it's a must buy.

emark858 says:

This app helps me keep track of my amazon orders. I'm glad it's staying.

Called it. He came crawling back.

laserfloyd says:

Knew they'd come back.  I'd bet that Windows 8 played a part in that decision. <3 Windows 8. :)

tissotti says:

I think this was a marketing stunt. nothign wrong with that though and most important point is that we got to keep high quality app.

Odog4ever says:

Yeah I was just thinking this was an unnecessary marketing stunt. But hey it got tons of pub on this site at least...

Adiliyo says:

i guess i'm kind of spoiled with the way the android market works, but i'm somewhat irked by having to buy the app on my phone and win8 tablet seprately. 
i understand that they're two seperate stores, but i can't escape the feeling of being shafted in some way :P

nizzon says:

I was thinking the same but then again, if I have this on my phone, why would I need a similar app on my tablet?

Adiliyo says:

it's nice to have if you're already using the tablet, you can then just open the app up instead of switching devices.

BKsInBarre says:

Bought this week and a half ago thinking it was going away..great news its staying on WP ^_^. Amazing apps..

mythos13 says:

Awesome, thanks for coming back Parcel Tracker--you're the best.

NIST says:

Maybe I can track my Touch cover I bought at amazon for $19.99.

Adiliyo says:

i got one too, i don't have high hopes for them honoring it, but it's worth a shot for sure!

mister2d says:

The description doesn't match the product title or picture. Hmmm..

Adiliyo says:

but the seller is amazon, so i have faith that i at least will either get shipped the right product, or they will cancel it based on an error. the picture and manuf of the product is listed as microsoft, so if amazon sends me some 3rd party piece of crap i will get angry and also return it.

NIST says:

I got two blue ones. Hopefully they will honor it. Worst that could happen is they cancel my order. Major score. Now for my Surface RT and Pro. Come to daddy.

ladydias says:

Same here. Even though the description was off, the fact that everything else, including the pictures, was on point sold me. If it doesn't work out Amazon should be good on refunds/canceling.

L0gic Bom8 says:

I chose Shipping Buddy instead of Parcel Tracker. This was one of the times I didn't need any images for my app and I only paid $1 for the app to remove the ads. Shipping Buddy has always been reliable for me. Others will prefer Parcel Tracker, but different strokes. Hopefully the vendor will get revenue and sales will be better. I hoped he wasn't betting the farm on WP7.

jerrynomenon says:

I personally am fond of the app and very happy that the app is supported again. Welcome back!

nizzon says:

What an awesome app. Great design!

dtboos says:

Excellent addition.  Thank you.

colin24_7 says:

Hopefully this a sign of all Apps coming to Win 8, I'm due an upgrade in April will make my decision then if I'm staying with Windows Phone.

dalydose says:

Glad they're back. I use PackageTracker and it seems to be about the same thing.

willied says:

Glad to hear it's back, but they increased the price, sadly.

milkybuet says:

Bought both of them. I order a lot of stuff online, this app is a complete lifesaver. I tried a lot of parcel tracking app but this is the one that provides the best experience.

smontoya2 says:

#1 tracking app period. Use it all the time which is why I bought the app for multiple tracking purposes. I especially use it heavily before & after Xmas. Thanks for sticking with us & supporting the app guys.

Agent-P says:

Is it too late to hold onto the hope the developer of Carbon will come back?

aubreyq says:

LOL I was thinking the same thing!

Benny1434 says:

Got the Windows 8 version, Package Tracker, pretty great app!

Mohit tyagi says:

thanx guys 
thanx wp central guys for making site so osssm
nokia lumia 920

trazer says:

So, I guess the real quest is are they going to actually stay in the market now? Seemed like someone I don't want to support after they were not only pulling out, but going to pull the app so people that bought were going to not even be able to redownload it. Left a bad taste of the dev for me anyway.

trazer says:

Real question, not real quest. Need an edit function in the wpcentral app lol.

jimski says:

The power of the press prevails, again. Thanks WP Central for both articles. Now I can get back to tracking my packages, soon on all my devices.

mccasive says:

Im very happy to have given this tip because this app is the second most useful app to me, WPCentral app being my number one. Thanks Rich for the acknowledgement.

LukeCalder says:

This is a great app! Thanks for the article.