Free Lumia 920 BUILD

BUILD 2012 attendees also receive free Lumia 920 from Nokia

Nokia popped its head on stage with Richard Kerris from the manufacturer who announced that each and every developer who attends today's BUILD event will walk away with a free Lumia 920 to incentivise further development on Windows Phone. 

Stay tuned for more news, or just plain giveaways.



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woodbane says:

You utter, utter gits! Soooooo jealous!

Nice glad that at least you guys get one. Can't wait for the write ups and camera reviews!

aderud says:

Wish I was there! Great that you guys will get some treats, you're worth it! :)

rockstarzzz says:

Better do a thorough review of the OS soon now!!

riffraffy says:

Sould be reviews aplenty from this. Good move. A better move would be send Ballmer in to kick AT&T in the ass, and get them shipping 920's to actual customers...

QueenBecky says:

:( i want a free one too. They got a free surface, 100 gb skydrive and a 920

chriscookz says:

They also spent like $2,000 to go to that conference... you could have gotten that stuff too ;) Or you can just buy it all and save yourself several hundred $$

...and since the media pay $0 for registration, they get zero for giveaways too.

erzhik says:

So, when can we expect a review of 920?

jkercado says:

Very jelly. Damn! :-)

jcagga says:

This is why Nokia lumia 920 is backordered in some country.

theefman says:

They got the unicorn phone!

mjfadaway says:

We can't even buy the damn things and they given em away

kenzibit says:


BK-one says:

Dang it, my mommy and daddy told me to go to school and get a degree... I should have listened....

ladydias says:

Less to do with getting a degree and more to do with picking up the right book on coding and using the ludicrous amount of how to's on programming available on the internet. Most anyone who has the time, patience and reading ability can learn to program without paying for prerequisites. :-)

wpguy says:

True, but eventually you will need some kind of paid prerequisites to satisfy most employers.

bmarsden says:

Companies have very little incentive to bring someone in with no education / training when there are LOADS of educated professionals eager to get in for an interview.  Considering the tough economies -- the job hunting scene is extremely competitive.

ahabenezer says:

I guess my invite must have been lost in the mail...

Painbearer says:

Very jealous of the attendees. :|

JoeDizzle33 says:

Spoiled! Absolutely spoiled! Next they are gonna give you their first born child.

rwalrond says:

Oh yeah Baby! Exactly what I had hoped for!

carlosrdd says:

Why not give everyone with a wp7 a wp8 of their choice not like they can't afford it

atkulp says:

So glad I'm here! Can't pick up anything until 7pm though. :'(

pbroy says:

will we be seeing some of these on eBay for $1000+?

gsmhelper says:

I should have sign up for the conference... oh, well.

wpguy says:

You wouldn't have had long to decide. I heard it sold out in a matter of a few hours.

ItsIllak says:

It sold out in an hour - it usually does since every year they give away free stuff and there are plenty of devs out there who's company will pick up the tab.

blackprince says:

Developers getting hooked up

dalydose says:

I hope the developers use these goodies to code us some goodies. I'd REALLY like to see a simple video/slideshow editing app, by the way.

Cellus13 says:

Good for them :)

Caronte90 says:

no comment.....

I can't wait to see what all these developers will come out with, with all these incentives the marketplace will hopefully fill up quickly

I'm waiting on line for mine now. The second I make my first call, I'm canceling my Best Buy pre-order. Word is the phones are all black and they are unlocked multi-band tuned for all frequencies.

Mohit tyagi says:

thats so cool man 
I would love to have nokia lumia920
gret website look guys , I would say Modern look

mojo706 says:

Jealousy doesn't even begin to describe what I feel

Had this factory unlocked phone from Nokia been for sale on their websites, they would have sold tons of them already. They choose to go exclusive with Rogers and AT&T instead, what the hell are they thinking?
Nokia, take some lessons from Samsung and Apple and sell all your phones carrier free factory unlocked, the only way from there is up!