WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!

Windows Phone 8 Launch Day Contest: Leave a comment to this post letting us know which Windows Phone 8 device you want and you could win it courtesy of Windows Phone Central!

It's been a huge day for Windows Phone fans. Windows Phone 8 was officially lauched by Microsoft, and over the days and weeks ahead we'll see a number of next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market. Further adding to today's excitement, here on WPCentral we unveiled a newly updated site design! We have lots of contests planned as the Windows Phone 8 frenzy continues, but we're going to kick things off right now with a device giveaway to celebrate both the official launch and our newly updated site. 

How To Enter: Leave a single comment to this post letting us know how you're liking our new site design and what Windows Phone 8 device you want to win. Lumia 920? 820? 822? An HTC 8X or 8S? Or maybe a Samsung ATIV? Let us know and you can win it! Full contest details below. If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, today is the day to join! Good luck!


Contest Details:

  • Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced next week.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Depending on what phone you choose to win, we'll buy it and ship it to you as soon as it becomes publicly available.


Having difficulty posting a comment?

Following our site relaunch there was an issue where some members were having difficulty posting comments to articles on the blogs. This issue has now been fixed, both via the website and via our app. If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to post a comment, please logout and log back into the site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let us know on this forum thread. Be sure to let us know what browser you are using and how you are visiting the site.



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SilverTriple says:

I really like the new design. And would like an HTC 8X in blue.

Macknu says:

I would like Lumia 920.
I like the designs likeness to WP and the easy overview.

Tsaan says:

Awesome layout. Def switching to Windows! Nokia Lumia 920!

c_topherrr says:

Site and app are looking awesome and super professional. A lumia 920 in yellow would be sick!

VOOLO says:

HTC 8X, with more suitable screen size.

balderdashie says:

I like the new site design. I find it interesting, clean and fun just like Nokia's Lumia 920. When I first saw the new design, the first thing that came to my mind is Windows' Live Tiles. Browsing around the site more often, I see that the new design not only gives us, readers, something to looks at, but the colors and the way the articles are placed, makes it more appealing and thus encouraging us to read more articles. Once you read the article itself, then you'll see that it's unbiased and normally I see myself agreeing to what the author tries to point out. So I would say great work to you guys.

StarfishHead says:

I like Lumia 920 in white

mkozakov says:

HTC 8X please!! The black looks so great!

rduus says:

Great site, easy on the eyes, not to complicated. Could really use a lumia 920 

Mega_Matt says:

I like the way the new site and phone app are both being brought in line with the design ethos of the product you're reviewing. It makes for a great, consistent user experience whether I'm checking for updates on my phone or desktop (something that many other developers could do with thinking about).
If my comment is picked, I'd love a Lumia 920 in black.

Jellyfrog says:

The site is amazingly clean and fast and the new design is amazing :D the mobile site is superb, and i look forward to a potential update to the app!!! I would like the Nokia 920

Jan Stube says:

I really like the design
I hope I win a red lumia 920

Tjitte says:

I would love to win an yellow Lumia 920!

naleed says:

the new site design looks simple yet interactive plus it's colourful... reminds me of the new modern ui... if i'll win, i would like to have a grey matte lumia 920 international or unlocked... thanks!!!

Sobr0801 says:

Love the design of the new site, looks much more modern! I would love an 8x from HTC for Verizon. Thanks.

werdule says:

White Lumia 920. The site looks great. 

Jheronimo says:

Great new design! I love the yellow 920

ahmad_azunai says:

The new WPcentral site TOTALLY give me the experience using Windows 8 and WP 8. This brand new site design adopt the Live Tiles design and Modern UI style (Metro UI) in Win8 and WP8. What an amazing site! This site is five-rank website for Windows Phone! Not another site, right!
Personally I wish I can win maybe a red or blue Lumia (920 or 820 doesn't matter). Because I love Nokia. Nokia is my first handset and I love it until now! May WP Cental can grant my wish. Amen. (Please WPCentral...)

danbbrantley says:

New to the site and absolutely loving it. I'd love it even more if I could get myself an HTC 8x in black or red for Verizon.
Thank you.

Love the redesign of the site. Besides the similarities with the Windows Phone OS, it also resembles the design aesthetic of Wired magazine.

So yeah, I'd love a Nokia Lumia 920, because why *not* get one of the platform's premiere devices?

andy30000 says:

Hey, new member here. Really like the new site design, had only been on the old site a few times but its a real improvement. The metro interface shines through and makes the site cleaner and sleeker.
I would really appreciate a Nokia lumia 920, in black, especially as my current phone just died on me and I am now using a phone that's idea of an app is a pixelated sudoku game.

smplatts says:

Really love the new site design - been following this site for a while, and I think this look fits perfectly, especially the homepage!  As for a new Windows Phone, I need to replace my aging Omnia 7, and I think it's got to be the Lumia 920, just for the Nokia apps. I do prefer the look of the ATIV S, but Samsung just don't have the same ooomph given they're not dependant on the platform.

easy126 says:

I'd like a grey Lumia 920.

bashbaliga says:

The design in flawless! I'll be frank the old one was a bit drag to browse since i saw this site a month ago, I would also suggest making the icons appear as windows tile or something cool like that in the new one.
moving to the next part, i would really like a NOKIA LUMIA 920 !!
I know its too much to ask but i figured out if anyone handing it out for free, who the hell am i to let it go!
I'll be buying the 920 even if i dont get one here , of course it would mean 3 months of my earnings as i'm from a third world and an unlocked one is the only option, but there are some things in life which are meant to be owned no matter what, so i'll be eagerly waiting for your reply,
Wish you all the best WPCENTRAL!

kuvonn says:

Samsung ATIV S, please. :)

The1nChicago says:

I would love the 920.  The new design is cool too.

koolkos54 says:

First off would like to say I think the New web site design is awsome.  Very clean, Very user friendly, and Very Very Modern Design.. This site has become much more user friendly and easier to navigate around.... 5 stars on the redesign... Keep up the great work and as always I know that of all the other sites dedicated to each operationg systems Windows is leaps and bounds ahead of the others... I had a Nokia Lumina 900, but had quite a few issues with the phone... I am a very loyal ATT customer and have been with them for over 15 yrs plus... Back to Nokia, had call quality issues and had replacement phone sent, but had sim card problems after receiving replacement phone and tried, tried, tried, and tried to get issue solved.. But as you know everytime you call customer service you never get the same person nor do you get the same friendly or unfriendly service... I am aware that ATT is a large company and there customer service people are not always on top of the newest phones.. Like a script everytime I would call the first thing I would say is are you aware of the Nokia lumina phone and most would say no... So after telling them my problem just like a script first problem solver they would suggest was taking out the battery and then putting it back in... To which I would say do you know anything about the Nokia?? Then they would have to say No... They would then with their computer screen pull up the phone and say Oh yea I see you can't , no shit Sherlock.... Then they said I don't know I guess you will have to do a system reinstall and wipe out your phone and start over... I know I'm rambling and am could go on and on and on with the customer service or lack of their knowledge... I do realize that att has hundreds and humdreds of phones and really don't blame them.... Anyway back to my Lumina the replacement phone I received still did not work properly and numerious times I asked for a new sim care because when I was first connected to the warrantly dept. they had me remove it to see if I had water damaged the phone.. Which I didn't have and told the warranty person, anyway ever since that removal of the sim card the phone would on its on work or not work, and would never know if I was connected to the network or not except for trying to make a call and find I had no signal.. Then restarting the phone would reconnect me but never knew how long it would stay connected and when It would decide to shut off.... Anyway finally got a customer service woman who felt my frustration and actually understood my probloems and frustrations I had, had and suggested that I may want to change to another phone thru warrantly and gave me options to which I choose to take and switch to the HTC one x to which I think is a great phone and fingers crossed everything works all the time... But my point is that I would still love to go back to windows phone and looks like the new Nokia 920 is what I would love to own. And now with the windows 8 OS I think that windows and Nokia are light years ahead of the other OS and will in time overtake the other OS and be right up their with Apple as the Phone and OS to have.... I would love to get my hands on the Nokia 920 but  no time soon will my 2 yr contract be up so I guess unless I could win one thru WP Central I will have to wait.... Thanks for letting me vent.... Sincerely koolkos54

tom5 says:

I'd like the Nokia Lumia 920 :)
And I like your site design.

Padwah says:

Liking the new site design, nice and clean and well layer out.

Would love a Nokia Lumina 920

tilemaster says:

i like the site too

lumia 920 black

mharish9 says:

The site looks fabulous, I liked the Color Scheme and the way it is organized.  
I would like to have Lumia 920.

jkerlas23 says:

The site is great and I love the good news about Windows Phone!! I would like the Nokia Lumia 920 in black, because it is a very unique phone and I love the Wireless Charging! Thanks!!!!!

wpvirgin says:

I like the redesign, fresh, light, and colorful just like Windows Phone 8. Certainly sets you apart from the other Mobile Nations sites
I'm really wanting to have the Nokia Lumia 920. I think it's better than the rest primarily because of it's design and awesome camera. I don't care if it's big and heavy... I love it anyway!

Blackwood504 says:

The WPCentral site redesign is great and the new features on the front page really help those familar with the site as well as those who are new.  Anyone who is new to th site can see traditional information like they would normally with pictures and such but they can also skim the headlines with "list view" or check out what's going on in the forums all on the main page.  I would like a Lumia 920 (cyan)

elixir752 says:

I have been following this web site for a while as a windows phone user. This is amazing..news is always current and updated. Covers all the aspects of windows phone devices, launch, technology, accessories. There is no other place like this.

lottidah says:

I really want a Lumia 920.
But AT&T is terrible in the Detroit area, so I guess that's out.  I'm switching from T-Mobile (Sensation 4G) to Verizon and hope to get an HTC 8X in blue. 

elixir752 says:

I have been following this web site for a while as a windows phone user. This is amazing..news is always current and updated. Covers all the aspects of windows phone devices, launch, technology, accessories. There is no other place like this. My favorite phone is Lumia 920 White.

Ahmed_x says:

I recently bought lumia 900 (Dark Knight Edition :D) I didn't know what your site looked like before since I never visited it lol
but it looks great right now, keep it up :)
would love to get my hands on a lumia 920 in black

gcranford says:

The new site design is very metro.  I like it.
I'm leaning towards the HTC Windows Phone 8X if I win.  =)

rockand says:

have been using a Lumia 800 since a while and your site was always the first place to get news.
The new design really complements the WP style. I like it.
Would like a Lumia 920 (yellow)

twint7787 says:

I am liking the new site but missing the feature to see the next ten articles at the bottom. I am also on Verizon so I suppose I would like the HTC 8X thank you very much.

Christorian says:

I like the new site on my phone and desktop. Fits the windows phone life style. I would love a Lumia 920. I'm on AT&T and I own a Lumia 900.

leinso says:

I like the layout and the fresh color, it would match very well with the Lumia 920 that I would love to have!

albertpassos says:

I loved the new layout! It is modern and fresh just like windows phone! I Want a Nokia Lumia 920! No matter what the colour!!

fenixnguyen says:

It takes time to explore the whole new design before I do the review...
First of all I love those square blocks, it really remind me of the live tiles presenting on Windows and Windows Phone these days. Well that's why the love of Windows Phone is still flying high on the air recently right? What I did not really like is the mix of color, it's bright, yet clear enough to separate categories without using lines or borders. Pink and blue go along great than I thought, but not with leaf green. Moreover colorful on-screen live tiles appear usually in hot news board make leaf green comment-count box look like a pain in the eyes. Other than that, good-looking background images, light shining color all over, improved usability score the rest of other mobile related sites.
Btw it's just my point by looking at the new design, I could do more but it would take pages to review the whole website not just the design LOL ! 
And it would be nice if I can win a Lumia 920. Yay I can't wait to have it ! xD

leepads says:

i would love to have a lumia 920! i always wanted to have a pureview nokia and a windows phone, now there in one!

franklinb says:

The release of windows 8 last week blew me away and made me interested to see if windows phone was evolved into something similar. Some of the posts here made me very curious about the lumia 920. So if I am lucky enough to win, a black nokia lumia 920 would be my choice. Keep up the good work guys!

megamn606 says:

I've been coming to the site since i first got into windows phone with my Samsung Focus, and i love the way the site has evolved over time, keep up the amazing work!
Also, a Nokia Lumia 920 in red, please! :D

I would like to win a HTC windows phone 8x. :)

julesbgoes says:

The new Look is cool, like a Windows 8 Ui, (The only blog i use , for Windows news :D)
Ohh, would Love to have a Nokia Lumia 920...... :D

Like the change - bold and refreshing!
Lumia 920 please

The Samsung ATIV because huge screen. That's why!

 the new design
920 Black

Dii137 says:

red Nokia Lumia 920 ;)

sager says:

I was shocked with the new design,  it was weird at first not I don't remember the old one its perfect and it seems alive. 
HTC 8x tmobile.   Yay I will celebrate from today :p. 

João says:

I'm loving the site, it is excellent, myself being Brazilian seek news and information on WPCentral that differs from others doing a much better job, so much so that several news blogs are their stories and put you as the source. I'd like to win a Nokia Lumia 920 because like you he is different from all other smartphones and offers an amazing experience. Thanks for the chance.

Darkgift says:

Just got my power and internet back, here in New Jersey. Thankfully in time to enter. Seeing as I'm on Verizon, I'm gonna go with the HTC 8X, please!! Oh, and I love the new site design.

rplyons says:

Bob's Your Teapot...NOKIA Lumia 920 (NOT Locked to EE Group!)

HunterB2010 says:

I would love an HTC 8X as my first smartphone ever! Looks like an amazing device. Great site by the way! It's definitely helped me to decide on a Windows Phone over an iOS device or Android. Thank you!

pronetorun says:

I like the redesign because it's WPCentral 8. Shiny new WPCentral to go with shiny new W8 and WP8.
And that cool blue background works a treat.
Hm. Lumia 920. Black.
Or white. Or Cyan.
Red, Yellow, Magenta. HTC 8X. I'll take them all.

melvinmajor says:

The HTC 8S Black&White seems also to be great :P
I live in Belgium and if I could have the HTC 8X in Black or the HTC 8S in Black/White, it would be reallu great !! :)
p.S.: I really love what you do and the v3 of the official app is amazing ! :D

thetuxmask says:

Love the new website really goes well with new metro or whatever they are calling it. New mobile site looks good to and app 3.0 awesome.

Nokia lumia 920 cyan!

So what do I think of this webiste:
well, well, well.... first I have to tell you that I love everything colorful, my favorite color being lime green, and the fact that I like website where I can easily find my way to the "topic" I want to get to but with a touch of originality, the conclusion is that I love the new design of wpcentral.com
I especially like the right sidebar with all the latest articles, reviews or discussions... It's an easiest way to get to some article without spending a lot of time trying to find the right one. I REALLY like the fact that we can directly download your app frow a button on this sidebar. And I find it funny to see sharing button (facebook, twitter, google+....) looking like windows phone 8 button.
The typical phone or technology website design, is quite dark, or the are too much things or link on the same page. It's not good looking, it's like when you want you go to a book store and you want to buy a book, personnaly I first look at the cover of the book, and I usually pick the "best looking" ones. For a website it's exactly the same, even if the content is good, I will stay les time on a website that doesn't have a clear design. And your new website design  really is good on that point.
Two more things, I know it's not about the design of your website, but I want to tell you that your tip and app sections are really good, and it's the first time I see a tip section on a website like this one. So that's make your website even better. The other good thing is the integrated market store.
So in conclusion, I really like this website, I'm a new member but I'm sure that I'll come more often, and I've seen that you have different OS website, so that really intersting.
My current phone is not working, and I don't have the money to buy a new one, so I would say any of these great phones is good for me but I still have a preference for the beautiful Yellow Nokia lumia 920 
Raph from Mars
P.S: Thank you for the competition, it's a super duper cool idea I think. 

knowah says:

Digging the new site design a lot.
Lumia 920 will be mine.

Chalex4 says:

Loving the new site! Nice mix of metro and modern site design. Much less default and a lot more interesting to browse than your previous version. Good job!
If I'm lucky enough to win this competition, I would LOVE a Lumia 920 in red :D. Fingers crossed!!

ColdSake says:

htc 8x cali blue, verizon!!! new to the site so have no comparison to the old site, but it looks good!

disrobedtjo says:

At first I didn't like the new design but as I have used it, it has grown on me. It's really looking great and I prefer it over the previous one. As for the phone, I would love a Lumia 920, it has really gotten me in love!

WilhelmR says:

Hey there, first of all = AWESOME CONTEST!
Love the site, definitely my first stop to get up to date with all the windows phone info, I don't have a WP YET, they are really hard to find here in spain.
So, yes, in case i win (lots of comments so far, so the odds are a bit slim) I'd LOVE to get the lumia 920! Can we choose the color? Because yellow would be a killer prize.
About the site: a bit overwhelming actually, bright green, cyan and magente is a bit much. Specially when you consider the content density of the site (not mentioning the sidebar). Guess you'll be testing to see which modules work and which don't during the next few weeks and change accordingly.
That's it, comment is already too long, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

ohliu says:

Love the new design!
Very clean and Windows Phone like! For sure more refreshing to look at than some other big tech blogs out there. You got me checking out the site everyday now.
An HTC 8X would totally be awesome to have. Thanks guys!

theblindeye says:

I would take any Windows phone 8, seriously.
I really like the uper half of the home page. Thouogh the serpartion between posts need to be more prominent. 

zolgi says:

It´s like Lumia 920, beautiful!

IndieAdmirer says:

Would like to be a proud owner of  that Samsung Ativ S! Loving the new site re-design as well. Its a big improvement of the old design!

fisk91 says:

I love how the design follows the "modern ui" style ( metro ). Personally i think that the latest articles should be above shop accesories in the sidebar, but maybe that's just me, all in all a decent design :). 
I'd love a Lumia 920.

I love the site's new design. Especially the little pieces of metro here and there. 
I would really like the Lumia 920 please.

Troyp1989 says:

Loving the new site it seems alot easier to use and looks fantastic.  I would like the Lumia 920.

john37 says:

The new site is great and I want the Lumia 920 in black, because it is a very amazing phone!

json316 says:

I like the site for its content...
Nokia Lumia 920 (cyan)

simplescheme says:

Like the new site design. Maybe the pictures on the top of the homepage are a little big but what do i know? ;-) Yellow Lumia 920 would do it for me. Cheers!

berkeley510 says:

I like this new updated site, it looks clean and fresh. I would like to win the Nokia Lumia 920 because of the killer camera.

danijesh says:

I like the site.  Lumina 920 grey or black.

ic3gir1 says:

The new site looks great! I'd love the Lumia 920 on AT&T in Red!

bruceleer0y says:

it's beautiful. Nokia lumia 920

corteggo says:

I like the new site because it's simple and is easy to find the information I'm looking for. I specially like the header, I think that pink, blue and green combines perfectly! :)
I would like to win a blue HTC 8X.

Elchicos says:

Man, look at this beauty!
So smooth, so fresh, so modern and sleek!

Must be the new WPCentral style everybody was talking about,
just like the new Nokia Lumia 920 (Red)!

JoeCereal says:

I love the Windows-friendly design! Black Nokia Luimia 920!

boovish says:

I want a Nokia 822. Pweez?

sugarsmax321 says:

love the site:) lumia 920 in red for me!

joelrussell1 says:

lumia 920 absoultely kicks ass. ive been waiting for this phone for too long. i sheep may unfortuantely be the vast majoirty of the population, but sophisticated people will choose wp8. long live intelligence, im all lumia. 

lindzlocks says:

Lumia 920, yellow. For AT&T please :D 
I really like your new website, very colorful, very easy to navigate. Your website actually greatly helped me with my decision to choose windows. I was very unhappy with my android, so I read your website and researched and got an lg quantum to replace my laggy android. I'm expecting to love my windows phone, but I may never get it because its stuck in a post office in New York because of hurricaine sandy. But I can tell you, I already love my windows phone because of the windows to Mac syncing application. I love it already. :) new windows phone fan, right here. (Apple fan, no more) 

akrbeba says:

Nokia lumia 820
had the lumia 800 put down cause it show me the C101002E error code, dying to see whats new, or and the site is great to.

Tierra88 says:

As a newcomer to wpcentral, here's my impressions of the website.
I really like the "live-tile" inspired design, showing the latest additions news at the top of the site. It feels modern and brings the wp feel. However, I would prefer to give the right column with latest news, latest discussions, reviews etc a place in the middle. This because i tend to only read and watch the right column as i'm scrolling down in order to get a quicker and faster overview of whats new. I also miss a dedicated video section to find and watch reviews, previews, comparisons etc quickly. It can for example be done by  just placing a nice wide "video" tile at the top of the page. Also, i just found the wpcentral app and its great, so why not put the "download app" tile up to the top to promote it even more?

You're making a terrific good work bringing all the news, reviews, tips of great apps to current (and future) wp owners.
Now, you can bring me a Nokia Lumia 920. The grey or the yellow one will do. I'll let you decide.

I like the new layout visually.  Some things could be better though, for instance the home page should have the page # in the URL so that windows 8's IE can use the "next page" feature which is awesome. 

I also don't like how it constantly logs me out.  

Lumia 920

archmage32 says:

I like the new site design, much more lively.
Nokia Lumia 920

bayotte says:

The new WP Central site is clean, modern and intuitive just like Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 920. Great reviews, forums and overall info.
All other OEM phones looks great, but the Lumia 920 (grey or red) is exactly what I needed to convert me to WP8.
Cheers WPCentral.

jakthebomb says:

I love how many sites are going towards the Metro UI style.  It is much cleaner and easier to see.  I would love the Lumia 920 but sadly Nokia desided it was a fantastic idea to only have it for AT&T.  I am a Verizon guy and used to deal with AT&T's crap.  My choices are (HTC 8X, Lumia 822 or Samsung Ativ Odaccy), not exactly the best choices considering that Samsung's phone we know nothing about, is it going to be the Ativ S or something entirely different.  The Lumia 822 is ugly and is very dissapointing.  Why Verizon needed a different design is beyond me.  Finally the HTC 8X, Not a fan of HTC.  They have horrible battery life, (I know from using the HTC Trophy).
I really wish the Lumia 920 was a Verizon phone.  I am forced with only one option, Lumia 822.  I love how Nokia is giving me and many others a reason to drop Spotify, with their free music for the life of the phone.  I love Windows Phone and hope it shakes the compitition up.
Good Luck to everyone!

nschs10 says:

Pentaband Lumia 920 :D

Love the new site, long time reader.  Easy to navigate and good looking design.  Lumia 920 for me.... Please!!!

bluemax189 says:

I am interested in the Nokia 920 for ATT.  Any color would do.  I miss my old lumia 900 and could use some wp8 love.

lemixtape says:

Lumia 920.
I love the wireless charging and the 4G!

mcpayton says:

New site looks good but I liked the older version better when viewing on my phone. I take a Lumia 810. Sweet.

kbilly70 says:

Nokia Lumia 920. Black.
Love the new look!

yeebles says:

A Nokia Lumia 920. I still maintain my first phone a Nokia 8310 was the best phone I ever owned so would love to use them for my first foray into the world of smartphones.


I love the new design, 'tis very Metro-esque (although I'm guessing, that's the wrong word to say now...). Even so, I love the colours, bold, bright and far cry from other 'technology' blogs which tend to be all greys and black. Clean, simple, bold and bright. ♥
Also, I have to go with the Nokia Lumia 920, because that is one sexy phone. ;)

powerup93 says:

I like the windows-esque tile look going on here. It feels bright and positive....like forward moving.
I guess I would like the Lumia 920....

Abhishek M says:

Nokia Lumia 920
wpcentral simply rocks!

jamietims says:

This site will cheer you up on a gloomy day with all the bight colors.

sephiros64 says:

oh lord yellow lumia 920!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jamietims says:

I would like the new nokia lumia 920.

ssapre says:

First of all, the site simply look amazing. Not that it was not earlier, with the content I am getting all about my Windows Phone, it was really awsome. And now with this new layout, this looks like icing on a cake when you see it using a windows phone. So far I am experiencing and watching it day to day on my Lumia 710, I would love to check it on Nokia 820.... simply amazing phone and I would love to be updated on all news about Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia 820 on wpcentral.com

goUCHuskies says:

I have been waiting for wp8!!! Lumia 920 or Ativ S!?!?

goUCHuskies says:

The site looks great! I would love to get the Lumia 920!

ro18 says:

Like the New Site, Thank You for the HTC 8X

ZenBot says:

The site feels subtly different and fresh.
I like the looks of the Nokia 820

The OIS of the Lumia 920 tips the scales!

svssudhakar says:

No matter how this site looks, I always love the content it comes with. Love you Wpcentral from India...
What else i can choose other than the beast Nokia 920 (just in case if my luck comes in handy :-))
All the best everyone else !

melan26 says:

I've never had an HTC before, so I think the 8X would be great to have! I love how unfussy the site is; makes it more easy to the eye.

geokaii says:

The new site is easy to navigate and appropriate considering the Windows Phone 8 UI, well done!
I'm in love with the Lumia line and would be over the moon to win the Lumia 820! Thanks for the opportunity!!

yurasis says:

Site's looking good!
I WANT A LUMINA 920!  Feel free to send immediately, thanks a bunch!

ernesperol says:

I love lumia 920,because its variety color of cases. I'm using a phon and the site look great,it's like I was using one of the new windows phone.

mnnD says:

Today is the first day I've visited the site. I found the app in the store a while ago and have been hooked since. Check it multiple times a day. But this is supposed to be about the site. The site is nice, clean. Not sure how it looked before, so I cannot compare. Like I said though, the app rocks. It's everything a blog app should be. If I win I would like an unlocked Nokia Lumia 920. If that is not possible, a Nokia Lumia 810 from T-mobile USA, please

daebak says:

The new layout looks really nice! Reminds me of the Windows 8 home screen!
If I were to win, I would like an HTC 8X for Verizon Wireless please. 
Hopefully that really cool yellow color will be available for Verizon; if not, blue works too ^.^

initialwp says:

I really like the Nokia Lumia 920

domdoes says:

I like the new site design! The colors are complementary and are nice to the eye. I also like the cool little mobile nations bar at the botom and the angled lines that provide texture to the bar. It remind me of the microsoft surface and the tiny razor thing pink line is also a cute little attention to detial that pays off. The site is cleanly designed like the Lumia 920 and it'd metro interface that I could hopefully get. :D

dimila says:

I fell in love with the new design. It is very comfortable especially browsing with touch-sensitive device.
I would like to get Samsung ATIV so much.

Ploogle says:

I'd go nuts for a Lumia 920. The new site design is great! It matches the aesthetic formerly known as "Metro" perfectly.

superdave97 says:

whatever verizon samsung windows phone will be called :)

Der_Phoenix says:

I love the modern design!
My favourite smartphone cleearly is the Nokia Lumia 920. Best design, perfect hardware, fully featured and - Windows Phone :)
And I like to switch from Android to Windows Phone! I miss the Nokia maps...

ericcjr says:

I really like the new design! I love how highlights are placed on top so I don't have to scroll too much.  The design is very Metro. Navigation is smooth and easy. Perhaps you can tone down the font size of the titles. But all in all, very nice! Two thumbs up! :D
If I were to win this contest, I'd love to have the Lumia 920! Preferably in Cyan. ;D Thank you WPCentral! 

Saad Rabia says:

Nokia Lumia 920.

McPhan says:

Loving the clean look, which would also look great on my Lumia 920

cn31672 says:

I want an HTC 8X to go with my new Surface RT.. I'm way too many months from being able to upgrade with AT&T.

quek9 says:

Lumia 920 all day, every day :)

rahul28may says:

i will like to have lumia 920 .....
because i had lumia 800 ....and  i love it .... 
first of all it is different from those boring android
and it has faith of nokia :)
...i like the way nokia 920 looks,,sexyyyyyy,and it had windows 8 ...
just want to  get it......

Grasshoppaaa says:

love the lumia 920 yellow, i think the design is very simple and attractive as thats what windows phone is simple and elegant. its colourful as windows and i am digging it.

rahul28may says:

also love the wireless charging........

xxbigtonyxx says:

I actually like the new look, and the update to the tile on windows phone as well, as far as the phones, I'm really on the fence between the Lumia 920 and the Samsung Ativ S , the Lumia because of the superior camera hardware and Nokia App exclusive apps, and the Samsung for the slimness, professional look , expandable memory, and screen size (I have what you might call "sausage fingers"...lol), so the 4.8 is very attractive. Good Luck to all 7k commenters.

nishranth says:

Love the new site and would love a Lumia 920 too.

tmyoung says:

I love the new site design!
I actually am really interested in the Lunia 820.  While the camera in the 920 is really nteresting, the 820 seems to be much closer tothe form factor I am looking for.

Sparkups says:

Love the site...and the Nokia Lumia 920 too...!

chebanks says:

second time now, am going forr the nokia lumia 920 red or yellow in clor

greatjoy59 says:

Samsung ATIV sounds different and is different than the usual Lumia brigade. Also I do have Samsung android products so I would really like to win this as I am anyway enjoying Windows 8 Pro right now on my pc. Would just love to compare the ATIV with my other samsung products.

arbco says:

I love the new site, nice and clean just like the WP8 screen shots I've been seeing!
I'd like a grey Lumia 920 please.

miky_santa says:

Lumia 920 - White. Can't wait to test the camera and develop some games on this phone!
The site is great, love the style.
Kind regards, 

zilab says:

Loving the new site design, can't wait to get my hands on Lumia 920 ! :)

luxotto says:

Only one name : Lumia 920 !!!

mixio says:

clean look! Very Metro!   8X

pjs37 says:

The new site design is ok.  To be honest I think some of the colors clash and it feels a bit busy to me.  But navigation wise it is certainly an improvement and it all feels a bit faster overall which is nice.  But I think darker colors would work better especially with the new Windows 8 theme you guys I think are going for.
As for the device of my preference I think I will still lean towards the Lumia 920 the whole LTE thing and Battery thing with the 8X leaves me a bit worried.  I know the 920 is a fat and heavy device but if it makes it through a whole day with use I will be pretty pleased.

Since I haven't had a chance to hold either the 8X or the 920 it's a hard call, but I'd have to say the Lumia 920.  
I like the new site. The new sign in screen and comments are especially nice.

pdru says:

lumia 920, but i want something like iphone 5 by nokia, like 820 in a different body

gchandrujs says:

I love windows phone. Every day once I wake up I used to see the Microsoft channels in YouTube on any new videos and the WPCentral for any news on Windows 8, Surface, Windows Phone 8, Office 2013 and share it in my Facebook page :). I never got bored seeing it everyday ad it is inspiring me with its design. I love it ever :)

pdru says:

is much more pleasurable navigate the page with this new design, i want an 820 or an 810, both are nice! 920 is the best but is too big!

gchandrujs says:

BTW, I need the Samsung ATIV ;-)

lionmane says:

The design has the 'metro' feel to it. The top bar's color(the one linking to BB, Android etc) doesn't blend well with the page. Same with the frame beneath the 'Add new comment' box. Overall, awesome design.
I would love to have a Lumia 920. 

Mr Plastik says:

The new website looks great! However, I follow you guys through my smartphone 90% of the time. Do you no longer provide a mobilized style of your website? Anyhow, I'd like the Lumia 920 out of all other Win 8 devices.

Chuan Yeong says:

Holy smoke! Awesome contest! Let's get more people on to the wp8 platform!

fattyhomer says:

The site is a lot cleaner. I like it.

I would like the Nokia Lumia 920!

I like the new site design. Its much cleaner and faster than before. 
And  i would love a cyan or yellow Nokia Lumia 920 because that just blows the competition to smithereens. 

Nokia Lumia 920 of course. Would really like that. Its just everything I want in a phone.

Agret says:

 Lumia 920 because it rocks =)

sh4dy08 says:

Nokia Lumia 920 without any doubts. Hasslefree charging options. Nice camera options. Great display. Totally digging it.

w853rdc says:

Fantastic looking site update...colourful.
I'm a Nokia fan and would love to have a Lumia 920 to replace my existing Lumia 800...

scole919 says:

The new site design is fine and the content of the pages is great. As far as the phone I would want to win? The Lumia 920 would be my first choice but any model with W8 would be good! Thanks!

dherholz says:

I like the site design, especially the color scheme.  My fav WP8 would be the Lumia 920.

anshrvohra says:

I'm from India, so I hope it will not be a problem for you guys shipping a phone to me if I win lol. I'm willing to pay for the shipping, but I so desperately want a Lumia 920 (Cyan). It'd be better than christmas, or even diwali. And I have my birthday coming up in January so it would be the best birthday present ever too! 

itspaddy says:

Wow very nice clean design and simple to use!
Nokia 920 please :)

robi_singh says:

I like the layout of the site and would really like a Lumia 920

Wayward323 says:

I like the look of the new site and it's easy to navigate. I was hoping to get a Nokia 920 but since I am a Verizon customer I guess it's going to have to be the HTC One X

DosB00t says:

I've owned an iPhone 3g and a 4.  I'm moving to the Lumia 920 on Friday. Looks very promising.

Andrew Pang says:

I would like Lumia 920. It has Windows 8 OS and it design is spectacular. I love it, I like it and I really want it.

Mostbetter says:

I'm liking the new site design because it's really appropriate for the arguments of the site.
I would like to receive a Lumia 920 because it's simply FANTASTIC  Thanks a lot 

Bill G539 says:

Love the smooth Metro look of the site!!!  Would look even better if I won a HTC 8X for the Verizon network.

i like your site very much usseful and interesting
i would like to win nokia lumia 920 or 820

Love the new site design. Easier on the eyes. And I would love a HTC 8X.

tarun_4 says:

I am new to the site and I like it very much. I would like to win a Nokia Lumia 920.

Jeremypoli says:

This site looks clean and fresh, however I'm gonna be real and say this commenting system is a little different and can do with some improving. I really like the Nokia 920 because of its shape and size, it looks like it will really fit in my hand perfectly. I also really want this phone because I currently have a Samsung E1086, I have also never owned a smartphone and I think this is the best place to start I have been watching many videos of it just dreaming of having this phone.

gectra says:

When will you announce the winners?

grastogi78 says:

Samsung Ativan for me please

navierstokez says:

awesome prizes!!

navierstokez says:

Not sure about that magenta logo.
Cant wait for tmo to release their 8X phones!
Can seem to edit my previous post... uu

bonaojnfr525 says:

Omg, this would be my dreamlife. fingers crossed

dgreening says:

Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X.  I like the site - trying to get back into the windows mobile area again.  I have been with Apple and can't find a phone the meets what the iPhone can offer maybe a Windows 8 phone.

AnkelBiter01 says:

These contests lately have been top notch! WPCentral is one of my daily website stops! Enjoying all the great coverage and practical reviews of devices and software.

Nonocrack says:

A red HTC 8s pleaaase would be great for the holiday !!! :)

mukulvdhiman says:

i know this contest is over but just wanted to suggest to add some small transitions(if possible) n customisable themes.. that'll be really cool..

juanmr2 says:

New site is nice and clean looking.
Nokia 920, please?  I've never won anything!

bfooter227 says:

Great Contest!

javelinBCD says:

Would like a Lumia 920 (yellow preferred).  The site update is pretty swag!

Anish Sethi says:

The new Website design is so awesome...no words...but it can still get better as the only thing i didn't liked is the comments section which prevents me to scroll down the page till the end.Please look forward to it.
Oh,and yes,i want a nokia lumia 920!

tommmckee says:

HTC 8X please.

Jervisd says:

There will be no need for Christmas this year if I am chosen...thanks wpcentral

i like the art design on this website and i would like the lumia 920

i like the pink logo and the little fancy words on the top of the page i would like the 920 in black

i also like the pink logo

Seph DeMtl says:

As a designer, I can tell you I like the new look very much. Its clean and functional.
Thanks for the chance to win a Samsung ATIV    !!

marulo says:

I like all of the new w8 phones. But if i have to choose i would také lumia 920 in yellow. 

davidjardine says:

I LOVE the new site design. It's in line with the Windows 8 look, and is quite refreshing. I would love to win a Nokia Lumia 920 in white or cyan. Windows Phone all the way!!!

Thanks for the little clue.... it really works..

the site very well put together comparing to other sites.i would be very much greatfull if could win a   nokia    lumia  920

truthguy123 says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My Lumia 920 must remain special

stephensgirl says:

Loving the site it's easy to search. Really wanting an HTC 8S. Actually I want it for my boyfriend he cureently has an HTC 6800 and I want to get him an newer phone. He loves his windows phone. Thanks!!!

raghavmac says:

The new look of wpcentral is a total rebuild of the website. The new things like tag search, advanced search, ad banner(to the right side) etc. are giving the awesome look.
And the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 sticks to the signature look and design of the series and it looks absolutely great and royal in Yellow!

I had a notification that I won an instant prize.  How do I go about claiming this prize?
Thank you,
Gayle Stafford

davidjardine says:

Nokia Lumia 925 silver!!!

I like the site cause it looks just like a windows pc and I would like to have a HTC 8s