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Popular and portable NFC-enabled Bluetooth Speakers

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Transport for London looking to introduce smartphone based fare payments


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Official Windows Phone app for the NFC Ring accessory now available for commands


Get the most out of NFC on Windows Phone 8 with NFC Toolkit

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Nokia 'Guru' Bluetooth headphones could be headed for December release


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Microsoft looks to cut Tag loose and close up shop in 2015; licensing technology out to Scanbuy

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CloudZync launches on Windows Phone, introduces wireless payment options


Samsung releases ATIV Beam app so you can send files to Android hardware


Nokia updates NFC Writer for Windows Phone, fixes option to purchase official tags

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Nokia continues to push forward with NFC at WIMA, shows off apps and hardware


Tagging your voice with NearSpeak for Windows Phone 8


Access your Nokia Music mixes easily with Mix NFC Tag Writer


Go forth and tag as Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia users

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POPWings working on a digital rolodex for your Windows Phone (iOS need not apply)

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Create and scan tags with Nfc Interactor for Windows Phone

NFC Interactor

Nfc Interactor is a new app available for Windows Phone that enables users to create and scan NFC tags. The Near Field Communication tag reader / writer app provides the tools for a variety of content to be added to a tag, which can then be scanned by a compatible device that sports NFC capabilities.

NFC tags can be written using a dynamic message editor - including Smart Posters, geographic tags, social networks and LaunchApp tags. Additionally, you can also send your messages to other NFC devices simply by tapping. Neat, eh?

Supported formats include:

  • Smart Poster
  • URI
  • Text
  • Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.)
  • SMS
  • Telephone call
  • Geo Tags (Longitude & Latitude, for opening Maps)
  • LaunchApp (for Windows 8 & WP 8)
  • Android Application Record
  • Nokia Accessories
  • Custom records

The core NDEF library of Nfc Interactor has been made available at (open source), while additional tag types (eg.: business cards) are planned for future updates.

NFC Interactor

You can download Nfc Interactor from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (£1.49). The trial version is limited to reading 10 tags and writing 20 tags.

QR: NFC Interactor



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111san says:

where do you buy nfc tags to place around the house...or maybe car dashboard etc? I remember samsung had something like these advertised for their galaxy but ive never seen anyone using these...

Lasp24 says:

i know that ebay/amazon have them, not sure about other places

Vvillegas134 says:

Really cheap stickers

You can buy NFC tags on, they cost about $1 each and theres a variety to choose from. 
The NTAG chips work, just don't get the Mifare 1K tags, Windows phones can't read those tags.

Agent-P says:

Cool. I could place these on my desk and in my car to launch certain app depending on where I am.

111san says:

I think nokia is going to be sesling a nfc charging stand you need this sort of an app to program  that also or is nokia going to have another app in hte nokia collection htat will help with that....also any talk of wireless chargers with nfc capabilities for a car?

Troyseph says:

I was waiting for this.  I loved creating a dock out of a book and having a tag directly under the cover to launch apps.  It was one of the only things I enjoyed from Android and now WP8 will have these "neat" features.  Cudos to the app developer.

Landsharkk says:

I'm still really confused by what NFC tags are.  In order to write a tag, what do you need?  A printer? A physical tag? What?

111san says:

I think you need something like these :

and the app to program them

flyboy009 says:

Think of it as a QR code on steroids. The tag is an electronic chip that can store different types of information. The chip itself is passive, it doesn't send a signal on it's own, a reader is required, which when close enough, sends enough power to the tag for it to allow the reader to then read the details stored.

Landsharkk says:

Thank you.
Question, can an NFC tag be re-used? Or is it a one-time use item?  I guess I mean, is it re-writable?

flyboy009 says:

Yes they can be reused.

Only if you don't lock them up

Can you set a single nfc tag to say, turn on Bluetooth and start playing music? Or is it only limited to one task?

sholokov says:

I think it will be managed by a script app or something of the likes.

devize says:

This is what I'd want too. Jump in my car, tap my phone on the tag and start playing music. 

erzhik says:

Can't wait for this. Gonna put one on windshield holder to launch Nokia Drive whenever I attach my phone.

sholokov says:

That will be cool...

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Any stickers in the Lumia packaging? Samsung does it

Jonah P says:

Yes, Nokia is providing one for you but it just sends you to a website. Of course, you can re-program it. I am cutting around the tage itself because it is attatched to a card. It is not a sticker. 

Cristoby says:

The should have a tag on every theater, classroom, auditorium, meeting room entrance... So people turn the ringers of upon entrance...

sholokov says:

...and get a link to the presentation file.

Jojogill says:

This is such a great idea. One day this will happen. One day.