Nokia Lumia 920 pricing spotted at Best Buy

Nokia Lumia 920 Best Buy pricing

Not sure if this is a sign of things to come (we can only hope) but the local Best Buy in Naples, Florida is displaying pricing points for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920.  It matches up with the rumors we reported a few days ago with the two year contractual/upgrade price running $149.99.  The out of contract price is listed as $599.99 which seems about right for retail.

Our tipster reported that there weren't any demo units of the Lumia 920 out and the sales clerks had not idea on availability.  Hopefully, the November 9th part of the rumors will hold true and we'll start seeing the new Nokia Windows Phones on shelves this weekend.

Sadly, the QR Code on the pricing placard comes back to an unavailable website.

If you've spotted the Lumia 920, the HTC 8X or any of the other new Windows Phones in stores feel free to sound off in the comments or over in the WPCentral Forums.

Thanks, Michael, for the tip and the pic!



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cdbstl76 says:

I tried texting the sku as it says to do on the tag, and it came back as unavailable too...just fyi

Bushybro says:

Don't care, just want the damn phone

Same. They really need to announce release date and preorders.

karl11 says:

Others are reporting on another thread that att is going to be $99 and will be available on the 9th. This is being confirmed by att reps.

Bootsie5446 says:

I guess we have to wait and see......nov.9 th and 99 dollars is great

dtboos says:

Should have gone on sale Sept 9th 2009.  Then I could buy it on 9/9/2009 at 9am for $99.99 while listening to 99 problems (but a phone aint one)

wharfratg says:

I last bought a Nokia in 1999.  Might have been September 9 or so.

fwaits says:

Tonight we're gonna party like it's...

You my friend are a G!

VagrantWade says:

One single individual claims he was told that by AT&T.

Landsharkk says:

And one single individual is showing us the picture/image at bestbuy.  

NIST says:

Gonna send one up in one of my 99 luft balloons.

DaydreamHero says:

A picture is worth a thousand... uh... pictureless individuals.

Landsharkk says:

You'll notice the picture is from best buy, not AT&T.  Best Buy was already selling the Nokia Lumia 920 for $149 last week ( I forget exact date).
The only info we have about AT&T are the numerous posts on the forums about how people's local stores are saying it'll be $99.

rwcrossman says:

I was just in an AT&T store and the rep said he didn't know release date but checked in the computer and said that I should come to the store on friday and there was a promotion in the computer for the 9th.

emdee814 says:

Nice 150 isn't a bad price, also I think the 9th rumors are true because last week I asked the Nokia Facebook page when it was coming out and they mentioned they just started shipping a few hours after that  post. A few days after I called 2 AT&T stores And one mentioned late next week (this week now) and the other store said the 9th

karl11 says:

I'm getting mine at the att store. They will be giving the wireless charge pad for free with purchase.

keizka says:

That's Lumia 900 above the price tag though.

eak1570 says:

I had pre-order from Best Buy on Oct 21 and I just called best buy rep and she told me I can expect the phone to ship on Nov9 but I feel like the phone shouldn't come out on 9 because today(Nov4) still no update from AT&T...

It'll come out on November 9th. I'm working at At&t Retail store. Now we're having shipment on Nov 8th. Don't worry ;)

Wander7 says:

Do you know around how many units of the 920 will your store get?  How about the charge pad?

ymcpa says:

But why hasn't there been an announcement 4 days from the date of sale? Also, why didn't they do a pre-order?

karl11 says:

Many people are reporting the ninth after contacting there local store.

Bushybro says:

great phone marred by worst launch ever.......thanx AT&t

Kormiko says:

The greater population doesn't know this phone exists yet.  Once the ads start to surface, they'll get to see it for the first time.  For us folks on the forums, we've been waiting for months.

AT&T probably wants to sell as many 900s as they can before the 920 is finally released.

OMG55 says:

Correction: ATT wants to sell as many iPhone 5's as possible. Sad but true, this is why they've dragged-ass on this :-/

mtmjr90 says:

I know we're a rare breed...but I buy my phones off-contract so subsidized prices to me are meaningless.  I'm not shocked at the $600 price tag, though hopeful that full retail prices will start to trend down, especially with the $299 Nexus 4.  I'll be buying the 8X, so here's to hoping it's at least $50 cheaper than the 920?

myrandex says:

Yea I feel the pain there. The Nexus 4 is tempting just for the fact that it is $300 no contract. If I could flash WP8 I would bite :)

Odog4ever says:

Don't think prices near $299 are sustainable in the long run since most companies need to make a profit to stay in business.

bmarsden says:

The last price estimates from BBY / eBay had the 8x at $649 and the 920 at $599 off contract

dvorak123 says:

600 is a bargain. Its being sold for over $800us in Australia

Stadifer says:

On the plus side if stores are starting to put actual price tags out the launch can't be too far behind.

MajickmanW says:

Fingers way crossed.

stoickiwi says:

Let's hope this means that the order cancelling e-mails from Best Buy were just signs that they have received the phones and they got less than expected. Therefore, those who didn't received the e-mail should get their 920's in a timely manner.
Here's hoping!

karl11 says:

Can you conform the $99 price.

jmazzei says:

Isn't that the old windows phone logo on the tag?

doomtuba says:

Best Buy always inflates their off contract pricing. I'm hoping this means I can pick one up from AT&T for $500.

dshort2007 says:

I emailed Best Buy about my pre-order on the Lumia 920 and questioned them about delivery date and they said its expected to arrive between today, the 5th, and the 13th.

Jojogill says:

$149.99? That seems like a good starting point. However, I do hope that some of the new WP8 phones offer competitive pricing somewhere in the $99.99 range. 

fwaits says:

Oh be quiet and collect your free phone already! =)

cdbstl76 says:

Haha, nice catch mrdeezus!

LOL, excellent point

Landsharkk says:

I hope you realize you won a free phone already. :)

diaspar says:

right, Jojogill, quit whining, you've already won a wp8 phone. leave the whining to us :)

sholokov says:

L920 @$99 with free charging pad from att, there is no need for anybody whining (if on att).

mrdeezus says:

I think they will announce availability on the the 7th, after election to buy instore on the 9th. Or the 9th to buy in store on the 11th.

sholokov says:

That is some gr8 prediction. It happened as you said. Only difference being that they announced it ON the election day.

karl11 says:

I could not confirm $99 price yet in my town, but others are getting a $99 confirmation. I will check more stores and post if I find out anything.

Travb1999 says:

Hey guys I called Bestbuy Mobile today and gave them my pre-order # and they informed me the phones would be availble for pickup on the 11th. Then I called ATT when I got home tonight and inquired about the nokia 920 and he said that the release date for that is scheduled for November the 11th and that they would not be doing any pre-orders as in his words " this phone operating system is not as popular as android or iphone maybe in a year or year and a half but right now their apps market is just not big enough" I asked if there were any perks to buying my phone direct from At&t "not really we will have the same thing our third party's do"  I then asked if the rumors about a free wireless charger were true and was told " one of the nokia phones does come with a free wireless charger in the box " he would not specify a model I then asked so is this going to be a att in store exclusive and he replied " no this free wireless charger will come with the phone and will be across the board" so bestbuy? " all retailers selling our phones should have them with the phones"
well thats all the information I needed to know this is my first comment but dont count me out.
Verify what I said just call att (611 on an att phone)  press 0 after the account prompt speak to someone ( not sales) @ ATT
@ bestbuy just call bestbuy mobile and they will tell you what they told me.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping for the 9th but 11th isn't that far away anyway. Free wireless charger at the price point the phone is selling for is a steal. I'm not sure if I should do it through Best Buy or ATT, I guess I'll decide on the launch day what to do.

By the way I called ATT myself to maybe try to confirm for myself and no dice. The guy I got on the line said that he could not find any information about the launch date or anything like that and when he looked it up in the system only the 900 came up, which is dissapointing. He also mentioned that they ususally get info a week before a devices launch.

I hope you are right and I will be able to get the phone this week, because the wait is killing me.

Odog4ever says:

If the charger is in the box with my Best Buy pre-order I will be a very happy man. Even if it is not I'm not willing to cancel and hunt all over town for a cyan 920 at an ATT store.

alphahalo23 says:

i hope there is a wireless charger in there to seal the deal

jhoff80 says:

Am I missing something here on the math?  $600 off contract, but only $150 + $325 early termination fee to activate a new line and then cancel it?

Landsharkk says:

Very interesting...

pookiewood says:

Good catch. hmmm!

phirefly says:

$36 activation fee and taxes and probably some hidden fees.  The price would come very close to just buying it off contract.

sholokov says:

Oh wait...$99 price means even more interesting! $325+$99+$36=$460.

texantony says:

Just got off the phone with ATT in Dallas, TX and I was told I will be able to pick the phone up Nov. 9th. No price.

KrazyKatz64 says:

Hey a lot cheaper than my country , so sad.

monigal2 says:

When does the 920 and 8x come out in the US?

karl11 says:

920 on Friday.

karl11 says:

The att rep said we should have info on Wednesday. He could not say to much.

xrs22 says:

To bad Costco may not get them right off. They have better deals and bundles that go with the phone. Though it might cause I got the Samsung focus there in Feb of 2011 for $9.99.

juanynfante says:

Im getting really mad with att shit..release the fu&%ing phone.

karl11 says:

Calm down we will have info on Wednesday after the election.

lippidp says:

I'm sick of these phones already. Hopefully HTC will release the 8x II in a month or so... ;)

zec6 says:

just visited the ATT store in Dallas and confirmed there is a free wireless charger with the Lumia 920.. It was listed in their system.. 
According to the rep, they get all their phone announcements on Tuesdays to prepare for the week.. 
should know tomorrow afternoon on exact dates for lumia 920.. Est date is Nov. 9th.. Even best buy stock in dates show Nov. 9th.. 

haganistic says:

there must be a lot of us in Dallas on this forum - I've seen a lot of Texas/ Dallas posts! We should have a nokia 920 release party!

awesomeplant says:

Agreed! Lewisville here :)

karl11 says:

Friday here we come!

spaulagain says:

Why the old Windows Phone logo on the specs?

Dear AT&T: Tell us already, dammit.

NIST says:

Does this price include the free wireless charger?

karl11 says:

The charger will be included.

karl11 says:

Only 4 more days

domain37 says:

I hope it's the 9th I have asked several AT&T reps different answer from everyone.  I don't think anyone know when it's coming out.  Worst release in the history of cell phones.. They are killing the small WP population.  I am a huge WP fan biut this s#!t is rediculous iPhone 5 is looking better everday there is no news>

domain37 says:

And I say cell phones not smart phones because i mean when they use to make cell phones twice the size of my cordless house phone

erzhik says:

This is one really screwed up launch. And I thought Lumia 900 launch was horrible. It feels like the phone will exist only on paper.

karl11 says:

Att stores are starting to show the 9th as the release date with a price of $99.

smoledman says:

I'm a Lumia 900 owner on AT&T since April. Does this mean I can upgrade to the 920 for $149 or only at 18 months?

scdkad says:

It has always been 18 months for me-a 10 year ATT customer.

smoledman says:

So if I want the L920 now, I'd have to pay full price?

jaysean07 says:

My friend works for at&t ,he said at&t launching lumia 920 on Nov 9. Can't wait for it.:)

karl11 says:

Did you your friend at at&t mention if the price was going to be $99 with charger?

I went to the at&t store tonight and they told me that they don't think it's being released on the 9th because Nokia reps haven't went to their store and that the Note 2 and the new LG are the only ones being released that day.

This is frustrating me so much, I really hope it's this Friday, but my store said it wasn't going to come on the 9th. :(

karl11 says:

Lots of stores have the release date in there computers as November 9th. I don't think the nokia reps were able to get to all the att stores. I'm going with the 9th. I was told information will be released on wednesday.

Aldoron says:

2 years... If only in Canada

jaysean07 says:

My at&t friend said , his inventory saying lumia 920 coming at 9th. He is the manager of the store, so I'm hoping he is right about it.

nileshdd says:

Does off-contract (600$) mean unlocked? Or it can still work only on ATT?
600$ might be cheaper than in my country (India) and I would love to pick the cyan version from US.

Ethere says:

As far as I'm aware it's still locked to AT&T. Now, I could be wrong, but that's the last I heard.

TechAbstract says:

I heard a while back that ATT version has a weaker battery life.

Landsharkk says:

The only way that would be true is if it came pre-installed with some ATT Live tiles that drained the battery quicker.  Otherwise, the Lumia 920 and the OS installed are exact same no matter what carrier you buy them from.

I don't get it, is this cheap? I just got mine for £20 on a £41 a month contract for 24 months...

RudiVisser says:

For some reason in America they think that $99 or $149 for a phone up front on a contract is cheap, I always thought it was daft too since I've always got my phones free.

elyl says:

So, what's the deal with this?  If I buy it off-contract, can I use it in the UK?  LTE or HSDPA+ or both?  Anyone know?

zhhrly says:

australia is so much more expensive!!!!! AUD829 here.. so unfair!