App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent lands in the Windows Phone Store

App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent

App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent is a Windows Phone app designed to help you discover apps for your children. The application is the official Windows Phone app for WindowsPhoneParent.com and sorts apps by age group and categories.

Categories include foreign language, math, memory, skill development, literacy and more. Age categories start at the toddler years (18-36 months) to the teenage years.

App Discovery is laid out nicely with a Discover Page where you can search for apps for kids, apps for parents, as well as those apps that are listed amongst the top reviews. From there you have Featured Apps page, Videos page and the customary About page.

App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent

While apps for kids have the age and category listings, the apps for parents is separated by type and category. As new apps are discovered these categories will grow.  In either the kids or parents app listings, the titles are not only family friendly but also entertaining and educational.  Currently, App Discovery touches on about one hundred apps and games but  App Discovery is open to suggestions.

If you run across a family-friendly app you'd like to recommend, just shoot them an email at info@windowsphoneparent.com with the app/game title.  The discovery listing updates regularly adding new titles to the mix.

App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent is an interesting app that can come in handy for those who have kids and are looking for an educational approach to our Windows Phone. App Discover by Windows Phone Parent is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can snatch up here at the Windows Phone Store.

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ladydias says:

This is fantastic!

This is great! I've had a really hard time finding a relevant source for Kids app in Windows Phone until this came along.