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Kesha Lumia 920

Yellow Lumia 920 featured in Ke$ha music video [Update]

Update: And oddly enough the video has be retro-edited to remove the Lumia 920. We're not sure why but you can see the original version here and the edited one below. Thanks, nikhilr51.

The Lumia 920 in yellow has been featured in a Ke$ha music video. The song Die Young shows off the Lumia 920 for a few seconds with a male making use of call functionality, while the artist herself reads an SMS. 

Thankfully the Windows Phone is correctly displayed with the keyboard being present with the SMS thread view sporting yellow speech bubbles - though the text is over-sized for viewers to be able to make out what's written.

The Lumia 920 is displayed throughout the video so be sure to survive the entire song, but should you be unable to 1:20 is where you need to skip forward to. Check out the video below:

Source: YouTube; via: WMPU



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cgk says:

Hopefully this has a bigger impact on sales than when FUN. were paid to feature the em.. 900? (it was the 900 right?).

Nope it was the HTC Titan, shows how much you know.

cgk says:

Shows how memorable the video was. 

Video won't work on phone. :'(

Jf.Vigor says:

"but should you be unable to.."
LOL... Hey hey I dig Ke$ha, she reminds me of this drunk party-girl I used to be friends with at Penn State. Sounds like her too. Also equally as annoying as she can be. We're no longer friends :)

NIST says:

Drunk party girls RULE!!!

blackprince says:

Those girls are only good for one thing, just make sure to double wrap.

procen says:

Can't take them to Mommy! :-P

aubreyq says:

But would you want to?

fhumphrey04 says:

Shot! I love shots! I can do more than you!
... thank you, god.

pbroy says:

I don't think they want anything to do with God in this video.

deansmilk says:

Looks massive. Damn, now I might have to switch colors. I dont want a Kesha phone,hehe.

idk how effective product placement itself is, but this one was well done since it showed the live tiles and got enough screen time. I don't think this will make much of a difference overall, but I definitely like that Nokia/WIndows is spending money on advertising.

NIST says:

And on current mainstream artists.

cannon#WP says:

I know they say all publicity is good publicity, but a Kesha video? That's pushing it...

TonyDedrick says:

I'm an absolute nut for pop music. But I find her whole deal to be wretched......

willied says:


The fact that music like this is popular lets me know that we are doomed.

lippidp says:

I'm pretty sure you knew that before watching this video.

jagerads says:

Awesome. Stoked for the lumia 920 and love me some Ke$ha. This song especially. Can't get it out of my head. Probably not a good idea to promote it this way in general, but I'm all for it in this case :)

Tronberry says:

Text is HUGE!  Can that be done in WP7?

ryangadz says:

It can be done in WP8, which it is.

exyaster says:

Weird video... Anyway, the phone seemed a little out of place. cause it was really dark. The Lumia was yellow.. What?

Cristoby says:

I almost die young listening to this crap.

Lol, now that was funny

willied says:

Well, now I don't want it. Haha

badMojo69 says:

Gah!  I have a yellow one on order.  Might have to cancell now.

dalydose says:

Ke$ha = yellow Lumia
Jessica Alba = red Lumia
Fire Engine Crimson seems like the CLEAR choice now. :)


erichon99 says:

I actually really got into Flo Rida b/c of the phone product placement.  However, I already knew Kei$ha before so this won't sway me.

TofuDelight says:

I only saw it at the 1:21 mark. Not throughout the video. Was this a trick? Felt embarrassed to watch this on the bus, even with headphones.

pbroy says:

Awesome... Now Devil worshipers will get Windows Phones.

aubreyq says:

They were always able to :P

ymcpa says:

The pentagram wasn't upside down. It wasn't devil worship, just magic. Of course, if you're religious, it's the same thing.

aubreyq says:

Just watched the whole video. Yep, Ke$ha still sucks.

bjax says:

That just reminds me, if Jessica Alba can carry around a 930, what's with all the tech reviewers saying it's heavy?

I bet Ke$ha is hitting the gym daily, there is just no other explaination as to how she is able to lift the phone.

aubreyq says:

What is this 930 you speak of?

vieya says:

Yellow. I hope they get more colors like the purple Zune HD or the platinum Zune HD color. 



aubreyq says:

You know, that's not a bad idea.

rex.reyesiii says:

They should have gotten Slayer instead, that huge pentagram was distracting in this Video. Its out of place. ^_^

Ke$ha's not dead yet and she has a windows phone

aubreyq says:

Shows how there is no justice in this world.

sManowar says:

I appreciate the fact that Windows Phone is getting some media spots, bug Kesha is just trash.

Tense says:

Well Nokia could have chosen an artist that does not promote Satanism and sex in there music videos. js

But I guess devil-worshipers need phones too, right?

lovebill says:

 Quality artist....  If Justin bieber uses L920 too i will trash it. 

Guys... Just watch it with the sound off.

So, she can't sing... And now she can't act.  It was painfully obvious that she wasn't typing... Her thumbs were hitting around the send button -_-

Squachy says:

I hope they had hazard pay for this video.
She "tossed" the lumia at someone (had to be a CGI toss, with a trebuchet in the background doing the actual tossing.  Its the only explanation.
I mean if that dude didnt catch the phone it could literally kill him or injure him.

MrVol84 says:

This video has illuminati written all over it.. maybe i'll get the Cyan colored one now.. lol

Cristoby says:

Too violent, particularly the part were the dude gets attacked with the excessively heavy 920.

Please never use the word "artist" to describe Ke$ha, unless for irony's sake.

nikhilr51 says:

aaaaand the 920s been removed from the video and replaced with a deck of cards.
Didnt know they were able to edit a video once its uploaded?

danzinho16 says:

I think they were jealous that the phone was getting all the attention, and not her.