HTC 8X becomes available November 9th at AT&T


AT&T has announced that the HTC 8X Windows Phone will be available in stores and online beginning November 9, 2012.

The 16GB version of the 8X will be available in California Blue for $199.99 (after contractual discounts). The 8GB version of the 8X will be available in either California Blue or Limelight for $99.99 (after the discounts).

November 9th looks to be a busy day for AT&T with the Nokia Lumia 920 launching as well.  You can find all the details on AT&T's HTC 8X Windows Phone here at AT&T's webpage.

Source: AT&T



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Jf.Vigor says:

I'm still on contract due to my Titan purchase a year ago on black friday for a penny. But I'm going to wait until black friday to see if I can get the 920 for any cheaper. Since I'll be paying (thereby adding +$250 to the contract price) for an early upgrade, I need to get this thing as cheap as possible. If a penny, I'll fork over $250 like it's nothing.

sixium says:

Tomorrow is a good day =D


cp2_4eva says:

TOO BAD THEY WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO RELEASE AN OFFICIAL DATE. These capital letters express my fury with the subject lol. Now I can make a clean cut decision on the design comparison. 

fhumphrey04 says:

Is anyone planning on buying this over the 920? If so, why?

kullkid92x says:

I would assume for perhaps the screen size? the thinner design? beats amp speakers? maybe they dont care so much about the camera (the 8X has a very good camera anyway) though i cant seem to wrap around why those values will outwight the price difference and the fact that people here know that nokia will offer more exclusive apps...

luimende says:

I do because it's going to be on T-Mobile, I'm leaving sprint for four of these. I'm debating Verizon.

AriesDog says:

Verizon's expensive and has level caps. I left them for Sprint to get the HTC Arrive but I can't wait to switch to TMo.

Rhamsey says:

Hey luimende, I'm probably going to be dropping my tmobile account and I have an upgrade availble. Thinking I'm going to grab the 920. Anyway, its a pretty good setup with a 12% discount on it, and you'd be saving me the $200 cancelation fee. If interested let me know. orionpax22@yahoo.com

Go for Tmobile Verizon don't have unlimited data and at&t and T-mobile are GSM

AriesDog says:

Paul Thurrot over at WinSupersite objected to the weight of the 920. His opinion is that the 8X is light, solid, and feels like a modern smartphone.

ThePKReddy says:

What is Paul's opinion about HTCs continuous support (lack of it) for their windows hardware? Im talking firmware for things like call quality, camera, etc. Im sure the 920 will have its issues but having an HD7, im more comfortable with nokias image right now. From what I've been reading here, they've been really good to their customers with the 900. My last 4 or 5 smartphones were all HTC except for the galaxy s in between.

SteggyDad says:

Paul needs to puton some muscle. The 920 is not that heavy. Wimp

bsd107 says:

And his viewpoint is correct regarding the slimmer 8X with lower weight.
But has he actually handled and reviewed a 920 yet?
For me, I'd be all over the 8X if it had 32GB and SDcard support.  But the 16GB is crazy - I've had my 32GB iPhone4 full to the gills since it launched....

rareohs says:

8X looks like a *killer* phone. That said, I'm going with 920 primarily because I think once they fix the camera issues the camera will be truly up there with the best available, 32GB vs 16GB, and all for $100 cheaper + free wireless charger.

edwmcc says:

I've been using a Dell Venue Pro which I like alot, but it's not that pocket friendly due to it's weight and bulk. I can deal with the 16GB as that's what I have now. Plus I have 25GB of SkyDrive storage and I'm an original Zune Pass subscriber, so having to stream isn't an issue.

WPSteve says:

I just want Beats Audio. That's it.

111san says:

most reviews dont even mention it and those that do say the speaker is like any other smartphone speakers...beats is a gimmick and the amp is BS

Says someone who's never used the phone. Better to have an amp than not.

bsd107 says:

Actually, on the WPcentral podcast I thought they said the 8X speaker sounds great....

garyjk says:

like the size and looks better than the 920. not interested in nokia's maps or camera.

AriesDog says:

Still under contract but I definitely want to walk in and try one out.

revamp says:

Why can't T-mobile actually say something about their phones.  This is getting rediculous.

They have, its coming the 14th

ajftl says:

next wednsday is release day

ricardios says:

Will be heading to an AT&T store tomorrow to check it out. And see how knowledge these reps are.

dlrohm says:

Don't get your hopes up, they're all idiots in regards to WP.

procen says:

It's not only Windows Phone! :-P

ThePKReddy says:

The reps will be dumb as the demo bricks they have in store. I'll be surprised if they'll even carry working demos in stores. If they do, they might not have them on display like I experienced at a sprint store when I went to check out the arrive.

Jaymil says:

The galaxy note 2 comes out tomorrow. As does the Ativ smart pc windows 8 tablet and the galaxy tab 10.1 2. Big day indeed.

Agent-P says:

Me too. Luckily there's an AT&T store near campus, so I can hop on over after class and compare the 8X and 920 myself to see what I think of each.

Beeford9 says:

Nokia/HTC has put me in a sticky situation.  Do I sacafice a slimmer, lighter phone for a heavy but effective phone at a lower price, or do I go for the phone that will fit comfortablly in my pocket, not have all the bells, and pay a higher price.  I am leaning toward the 920, but I hate the fact of it's size.  I don't know if I can't get past this

ThePKReddy says:

Well said--pros and cons. The weight isn't significant for me but I like the 8x is thin in depth. Pockets wouldn't be bulging. Lol. Having said that, the camera alone will be the deciding factor for me

procen says:

You have to weight in supports also, HTC has poor supports, and Nokia is the best.

WPSteve says:

I need that Black one... :(

BBMINI says:

This is great news since now, even though I'm a VZW customer, I can go to an AT&T store to handle the 8X before VZW has them available and decide if I want to pre-order the 8X or the 822.  Thanks for the update.  I'm glad the WP8 phones are finally hitting the stores.

laserfloyd says:

199 vs 99 is the major deciding factor for me.  I told my wife that the 920 was $100 cheaper and she nearly fell out of her chair with excitement.  Sheesh, accountants. :P

GAM70 says:

Does anyone know if the titan is coming back?

Chummsy says:

Does anybody know when T-Mobile might be launching it?

cp2_4eva says:

It's sad that they put people in this predicament isn't it. But at least we have choices. But guarantee you that within the a month or two (or three) the 8x price wil be down. Maybe just in time for Christmas sales. What is HTC thinkin' though really? How hard is it to get outside of that bubble of theirs and realize Nokia just stole about 3/4 of their potential buyers lol. 

lubbalots says:

I just can't see anyone buying this over the L920 with the great price and free wireless charger. HTC is just absurd! No wonder they're losing every quarter.

ThePKReddy says:

There are reasons to get the 8x. Mainly size.

bjax says:

Any word on how much it is off contract?

cp2_4eva says:

Honestly, if the price doesn't go down, then this is the first time in my eyes that HTC has truly lost the battle for windows phone supremacy. Sorry HTC, Nokia's desparate measures seem to be working. Lets just hope Nokia fixes the daytime picture issue though. 

Residing says:

Lol...Nokia's desperate measures? The Lumias 900 whipped Titan and Titan II in sales, and I'd wager yhat even if the Lumia 920 was priced at $199 and no free charge, that it would still outsell the 8x.

Nokia with both hands behind their backs, outshine HTC.

ThePKReddy says:

Re-read his post. You might have misunderstood what he said.

cdbstl76 says:

I'm going to go play with them both tomorrow... Ill almost definitely go 920, but I have to feel them both to make sure I am confident in my decision....

mab664 says:

14 day return policy right? So I can buy the 920 and exchange it for the 8x and pay the difference if I want? Answer please.

monigal2 says:

I want red from at&t :'(

jabtano says:

I want an ATIVs on T-MO muhaaaa

Idk if I should get the 8x or the 920. Argh :/

wharfratg says:

I just went by three ATT stores and none of them had any 8X phones for tomorrow or had heard of the release. I guess it will be hands on with 920 only. One store did say that if you buy and activate a WP8 and a Windows tablet at the same time they will mark the tablet down $200.