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GPS Voice Navigation updated, major style redesign

GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone navigation app GPS Voice Navigation was recently updated to version 4.0. The update brings a handful of new features and improvements that range from a new Windows 8 style redesign to additional language support.

The style design gives GPS Voice Navigation a cleaner, more user friendly feel to it with menu pages that include a Quickstart Page, your favorite locations, recent destinations, a contacts page, and a point of interest page.

The QuickStart Page has options to view the map, find a destination, access the settings and shortcut commands to create a route home (set in the map view), show your trip information and clear your trip.

GPS Voice Navigation

Additional features included with version 4 include:

  • Improved map and search interface
  • Options to display points of interest on the map
  • Destinations can be pinned to your Start Screen
  • Trip pause/resume button added
  • Russian language support added

GPS Voice Navigation now has contact integration and if any of your contacts have addresses, they will appear on the Contacts Page for quick access.

Melon Mobile isn't done with adding features to GPS Voice Navigation. Future updates will provide a less restrictive trial mode (limited features instead of the limited route distance); local media integration, and offline maps. A free version is also on the drawing table.

GPS Voice Navigation has always been a nice navigation option for your Windows Phone but with the update, it's better. Which is the goal of any update.

GPS Voice Navigation has spoken turn-by-turn directions and you get to choose from four mapping sources: Google, Bing, Nokia and Mapquest. If you're looking for a navigation app for your Windows Phone, GPS Voice Navigation is worth a try.

The free trial version of GPS Voice Navigation is available but any trips are limited to 20km. The full version is running $6.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: GPS Voice Navigation



There are 8 comments. Sign in to comment

nicooke says:

When it says it integrates with Nokia maps now, does that mean if I have a downlaoded map on an 8X it won't need data if it uses that map?

MelonMobile says:

Dear Nicooke,
Windows 8 uses vector maps, which are part of the OS and can be downloaded. With the current version of the  GPS Voice Navigation your route is loading while you travel, meaning that you cannot pre-download the whole map. 
However we are currently working on an update for Windows 8, which includes the native Nokia maps.
Hope this helps!
Melon Mobile Team

expectafight says:

Looks great.  I think I'll jump on it when it adds offline maps.  I completely underestimated how useful it is to download a one or 2 states. 

MelonMobile says:

Dear Expectafight,
We will implement this for Windows8, while for Windows Phone 7.1 you will be able to preload a certain route.
Let us know if you have any other questions/comments!
Melon Mobile Team
P.S. Cool nickname you have! :)

malciv says:

I'm so confused!  I thought all WP8 devices had voice guided turn-by-turn navigation baked into the OS.  Wasn't it announced this summer that Nokia would be licensing their Drive app to MS to include in all WP8 phones?  Or was that just another untrue rumor?

WilliamC1972 says:

I believe it's just Nokia maps, not Nokia drive. Sucks!!!!

Mystictrust says:

No, Drive is coming. It's up to the phone manufacturers though as to when they want to launch it for their device. But yeah, Drive is coming to all Windows Phones - eventually.

nicooke says:

I'll buy this when it utilises the offline maps I've already got. If it releases before HTC decide to give us Drive.