AT&T Launches the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 today – Did you get yours?

Today is the day for many of you in the U.S. as AT&T has finally put on sale the Nokia Lumia 920 ($99 on contract) and the HTC 8X (starts at $99, up to $199). These mark the first Windows Phone 8 devices on the market and are the start of what we hope is a big wave of advertising and adoption. Look for our Lumia 920 review later on today.

The question for you is simple: Did you get one? Take the poll after the break and let us know.

Contest: Share your AT&T stories in comments, tell us what you think of your phone or share inventory status for your location and you we’ll randomly choose three of you for a $50 gift certificate to our store to stock up on accessories for your new phone! Also, head to our forums (920, 8X) for more in depth discussion!



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dshort2007 says:

I've ordered my Nokia Lumia 920 through AT&T on Wednesday...it was a huge hassle because I get a work discount and had to go through their "premier" page and man it sucked...but it just says that it is in processing...bummed I will likely not get it today.

enahs555 says:

I went with the Yellow 920 on ATT, so I do not have it yet! But I preordered early, so I am still scheduled to ship on the 13th!

sinime says:

Black 920 for me, white 920 for the wife... Best Buy showed they had the black ones in stock, but they wouldn't sell it outright without a contract... AT had no problem selling them off contract... was interesting, while we were at the AT store, the rep had a Lumia 900 (her work phone) and another customer next to us was purchasing a 920.

I couldn't :((((( Im not due for an upgrade until June :(((( I guess ill just watch other people enjoy their 920's

mjfadaway says:

I've noticed that the Verizon reps seem to know more about WP8 than the at&t reps. Very odd!

Dhishum says:

Not yet... I'm getting one through my workplace - and they are in the process of approving it!

Adretheon says:

Damn guys, this article was only posted about 45 mins ago and there is already 119 comments? That was fast hah.
I pre-ordered my Yellow 920 on wends. We still had the family talk plan, and apparently the 920 isn't compatible with that(since its 4G LTE) as a secondary phone. Plus, it was saying it cost 199 and not 99 if I wasn't selecting the right plans(along with not getting the free Pad). So we spent half the day trying to set up the Mobile Share plan. God I forgot how terrible att customer service/their site is. First the Ipad was somehow not connected to our account, so I had to figure out how to get that moved. Then I had to set up the mobile plan, which took like 2 hrs cause the site was sooo slow. I talked to some guy on the phone and he was no help at all.  The order got stuck on "processing" like 4 times, then I had to wait for it to actually kick in before I could get my upgrade.
So we finally got all that set up and ordered my Yellow 920, which was then when I realized it wasn't gunna get here till next Wednesday...sigh...Least I got it done  haha
edit: now 156 by the tmie I finished writing this lol

czhoume says:

They used yellow 920 for the press then why the yellow is treated like a color that they don't want to produce?!

blamattack says:

I preordered my white 920 at 9:30 PM on tuseday, no problems at all. (got the charging pad with it)
It should be delivered later today... but the wireless charging pad was shipped just yesterday and should come in on tuseday. today should be a good day :)

lottidah says:

I just returned from purchasing a white Lumia 920 at AT&T.  I ditched T-Mobile and went from Androit (Sensation 4G) to the WP.  I must admit, I feel a little lost right now, but I will enjoy exploring this new platform!
At about 8:30 am today, I went online to check stock at my local stores.  None of them showed having the handset in white, except ONE store about a half hour away.  I drove there and saw four guys in the process of purchasing a 920.  They had a 920 and an 820 on display, fully functional, no demo!  Both models on display were in black.  How boring!  They should be showing off the colors that these phones come in!  There was an empty place to display an HTC 8X, but no handset there.  An online check also showed no stores near me with an 8X yet, so I guess it's only online for now?
The staff at the store were all wearing "Windows 8" t-shirts.  While waiting my turn to speak to a sales associate, one of them was showing a guy the 920.  The guy never had a smart phone and never heard of WP.  I felt like I could have sold this phone better than the AT&T guy.  He never mentioned the special senstitivity of the screen, the image stabilization of the camera, the Nokia-specific features, the wireless charging, or basically anything that differentiates this phone from the others.
My sales guy was using a 900 so he knew his way around the phone, at least.  The first SIM card he tried to use would not work with the phone and we spent a good deal of time waiting on that to be resolved.
He also spent time in the back looking for the free charging plate and finally realized that it will be mailed out to me directly.
I qualified for a 24% discount (Premier) on the plan I enrolled in and some mysterious $50 credit once the phone was activated - on top of the free charging plate credit.  Yay, me!
The guy never offered to transfer my contacts and photos over from my old handset, so I need to investigate how to do that (going from Androit to WP).
The best news, for me, is that I previously didn't have a cell signal at all at my house on T-Mobile and was always using WiFi calling (which isn't natively available on WP/AT&T).  But I have a very strong LTE signal here on AT&T.  Yay, again!
Congratulations to everyone else who got one of these phones today!

beefydragon says:

Hey buddy.  Welcome to the new Windows Phone world.  I think you  will really love it once you get use to the interface and spend some time tweaking it to your likings.  That being said, if your contacts are available in Gmail, here's an article for you:
But if you sign into Gmail on your Windows Phone, your contacts should automatically sync to your phone.  In addition, it would matcup up with your Facebook contacts (granted if you properly put in peoples full names and email address).  It's one of the best hybrid contact system I've seen.
In the future, if you decide to go with Windows 8 (my recommendation is to get a touch screen to truly appreciate what it offers), your Xbox Music library (importing and matching all of your musics) will get matched to the xbox database in the air and all your playlists would sync with your phone automatically.
If you have any questions, I think many of us here can help you out.  :)

vemulasri says:

None available in my location near 33716.

Fightin Loon says:


Here is my experience this morning. 


I walked into the att store.  They had 5 blacks, 5 reds and 5 whites.  


I looked at all of them while a customer was buying a red.  I decide on black because I liked the matte finish.  


When they were about to ring it up, they told me I wasn't eligible for an upgrade.  Then she realized she forgot to fix my account (she said she wondered what that note that was left for her was about).  I had asked them to fix it two days ago.   


The computer said I'm on a month to month contract since I haven't renewed, but their system said I just renewed.  Crazy.  It will take them 48-72 hours to fix it. But, I can upgrade for a $36 upgrade fee and $250 for phone.   


Needless to say, I will be waiting until Monday or Tuesday to get the phone.   Frustrating.  But, at least I can wait until they get the wireless chargers before buying it.  


Ugh.  Thanks AT&T.  This is why we hate you.   


I'm in Richmond, VA in case anyone wants to get their phones.   

ATT's store operations are a joke.  They make simple processes do difficult.

Adretheon says:

Their site isn't much better either :/

jjs_ny says:

Sorry to hear but you won't be alone. I pre-ordered on the 7th with no issues. Online status never updated so I called and after getting passed around I ended back at the store who told me there was a 3-5 business day delay. She made a few guesses as to why but had no real information. I would have appreciated some communication. 

lottidah says:

Did I really mispell ANDROID twice in my post?  Oops.

uopjo6 says:

In Hong Kong it's coming "sometime in November". DAMMIT

laserfloyd says:

Seriously wish they had spread the color options out better.  Just seems random.  I have to go two towns over to get a red one.  I'd pre-order but I gotta see it in person.  Tested out a black one though and it feels/looks so very nice.  So put me down for "will buy when I find my color". :)

mrdeezus says:

8:13am PST waiting at the ATT store in Citrus Heights,Ca. on my Surface tablet connected to mt 900. I hope they have Cyan in store!!!!

venom5150 says:

Cyan will not be in Store.  Online only or they will special order if for you.  You will have the option of red, black, white at the store.  I was torn between Cyan and Red and went with Cyan.  Having Cyan L900 like you do made me want to change to distinguish L900 vs L920 but in the end, I liked the Cyan color too much to change now.

NIST says:

Heading to the Elk Grove store after work. Cyan and Red 920s. We shall see wassup.

brianlg says:

Preordered mine a while ago from Best Buy, and still hasnt shown that it shipped :( 

Well got my cyan and yellow ordered but still waiting for them to get to me :):(

whtchdr says:

I got my new cyan Nokia Lumia 920 delivered a few minutes ago from FedEx. For those who were wondering, it did come with the free wireless charger in black. It was never mentioned during the order process or on the invoice that it was coming, but if you pre-ordered you should get one. I didn't get my order in early either. 

ispyc6 says:

Order mine in store on the 7th at 10:00am PST, just called At&t and they said mine was on backorder with no estimated time when it will be back in.

c3PreO says:

I have an iPhone 4s 32GB on contract with AT&T for another year.
I took advantage of the early upgrade option (Launch price $99.99 + $250 = $349.99)
Sold my iPhone 4s for $350
Net result - Free Nokia 920 (with a new 2 year agreement)
No regrets. The Nokia 920 blows away the iPhone 5.
I'm a happy camper ;-)

venom5150 says:

Cyan 920 at local warehouse facility in Orange County, CA. sent from Memphis, TN.  I will have it very soon.

trtegreeny says:

My cyan pre-order is set to arrive Monday.  I dont mind waiting, but you would think the whole point of pre-ordering is to get it first 

CarolynWPFan says:

yup.  I pre-ordered... still shows as processing.

Ordered a red and a cyan 920 in Seattle at 5AM on preorder day.
Cyan on the truck to be delivered today
Red and both charging plates scheduled to arrive Monday
All packages came from Memphis

Arkanaloth says:

*sigh* I'm *IN* memphis and mine is not getting here today.... >_>

Higgs Boson says:

No Orlando area at&t stores or best buys even have them at all. Best buy told me another week. Decided to cancel preorder and called 4 at&t stores. They said another week. I've never seen a more poorly executed release in my life. I wish I was allowed to paint cars as badly as these people do their jobs. (I own a body shop)

rwcrossman says:

The location at the corner of Kirkman Rd and Conroy Rd had 3 black 920s left when I was there at 10am I got the only white one. Maybe they still have one of the black ones.

Higgs Boson says:

Thank you man!

rwcrossman says:

No problem they don't have any of the wireless chargers instock but told me that they would make sure I got one as soon as the shipment arrived.

Crazy, I live like 20 seconds from there haha. Orlando represent!

mrdeezus says:

Just talked to one of the store employees they said red white and black is the only instore color, damn!! well I guess its gonna be White.....or black, maybe red...lmao. First world problems.

Dakow#WP says:

It's good to know that WP8 is launching today in the US and I've not seen a single Microsoft, Nokia, or AT&T commercial about it. (sarcasm)
Do they really think this is their winning strategy?

TonyDedrick says:

It boggles my mind too. And I don't say that to be hating (before the crazed fanboys attack). I plan on getting a WP8 device. But this lack of effective advertising is just puzzling.

Dakow#WP says:

I'm 100% in the same boat.  I pre-ordered my 8X on Verizon this morning.  But it just blows my mind.  AT&T says they are going to 'support the launch,' Nokia's existence is leaning very heavily on a 920 grandslam, and Microsoft's relevence in the mobile space needs HTC, Samsung, and Nokia to move significant quantities...and not a single WP8 ad. 

Bushybro says:

Currently talking to an att rep about an early upgrade from my 900. Am being told no and that I can be offered an early upgrade on a iPhone . Hung up immediately. *facepalm* you would figure it would be smart to let people buy back in and extend their contract. Att is just retarded.

Viipottaja says:

See my story above. Keep trying, and insist to talk to a supervisor when all else fails. And I used the online chat help - I would have insulted them too many times had I tried to talk to them on the phone. It's easier to control one self when typing.. :D

KingCrimson says:

Where is the online chat?

Viipottaja says:

I logged on to my AT&T account and there is then a chat icon somewhere on the right side of the screen. Or, I think you can click the small "contact us" at the very bottom of the screen and navigate through there to chat. Sometimes they are all busy so try again if you can't get a rep immediately.

jhoff80 says:

Mine is out for delivery from the post office, so I won't get it until this evening.

zoombucky says:

My red 920 is on a truck for delivery today. Yay. My focus has been a trooper since dec 2010

Rhamsey says:

I called my local ATT stores and none of them knew that the 920 was going to launch today. Some even tried to pursued me to get the iphone 5 instead. I hate ATT.

zeke009 says:

I hit the AT&T store in the Eden Prairie (MN) mall at open today. They had a 30 minute wait already, so i checked in and reserved a 920 black. I will update this after i head in. They seemed pretty busy and the nice lady in the blue Windows 8 shirt couldn't have been nicer.

I asked about chargers and she said stock was low, so they would order it for me. I am curious if I can choose between the stand or peeble charger.

EMajor75 says:

I can't get in contact with my local ATT store to see which ones they have available. SMH

feizai77 says:

Preordered and yet no delivery!!! Not happy

beefydragon says:

I pre ordered but no shipment confirmation email. Still shows "processing" on their website. :-(

GSOgymrat says:

I called my local AT&T store around 10:15 am today to ask if they had any Lumia 920s in stock and the salesperson laughed and said "I have had like 30 calls this morning about that phone. Everyone in town is sold out." Best Buy is also out. I decided to order the Black 920 online from AT&T. I went back and forth between black and cyan but thought black more practical and I kind of like how when the screen is off it looks uniform, like a solid slab.

clay113 says:

Where is the "I'm stuck im a contract with the 900 choice"?  I'd grab a 920 today if ATT offered some sorta of discount for early adopters of the 900. 

sayzar says:

All you have to do is call their customer service number and ask.  I did, and mine is getting shipped today!

clay113 says:

You were a Lumia 900 early adopter, and was able to get ATT to offer you a deal on the 920?

Frek says:

Where's the option in the poll to say I've pre-ordered the phone but AT&T still hasn't processed my order yet and I have no clue when I'm getting my phones.

Farnic says:

I am very mad at AT&T, I tried to preorder my Lumia 920 on the 7th and the site wasn't working right, I tried 4 different browsers even and the site wouldn't let me advance through the preordering process. So, I went into my local store to preorder and was told it would arrive at my house today, the 9th. However I just figured out how to track the box and it is estimated to arrive next Wednesday. Basically if I waited outside the store this morning instead of preordering I would already have my phone.

trazer says:

Only 8 of the 920 in stock at the location I checked, but it was still early and they said more should be coming in as early as this afternoon.
I want one, but I'm waiting at this point.  I have a Titan 2 that I may just sell now and use my S3 until I decide on getting another WP device.

5stryng says:

Man, I love this phone!  It's not as thick as I thought it would be and the display is amazing!  It buzzes like hell when a call comes in, but that's a small price to pay for the awesome camera!

mrdeezus says:

Turn Vibrate off?

pvcleave says:

I ordered mine, but since I am going with Yellow I have to wait.  It only took me about 3 hours to get my order correct. Go AT&T

Opera Ghost says:

Has anyone bought their 920 or 8X from a brick & mortar Microsoft Store?  Are they selling them yet?

Adiliyo says:

the microsoft store in los angeles said they would gave red, white, and black 920s today. i might stop by to play with them...

lancguy says:

I did the one thing that I swore I'd never do and went back to at&t. But they had the black in stock at the local store. They knew what I wanted and didn't try to sell me something else. They were really friendly and helpful

asuffred says:

Got confirmation it shipped just haven't received it yet. And USPS tracking is useless so I have no idea where it is.:(

rsalinger says:

I visited a BestBuy, BestBuy Mobile, two AT&T stores, and a Staples within 6 miles of me, none of which even knew the 920 was launching today.... let alone having the hardware in stock. I'm very dissapointed. 

bancza says:

AT&T store in Chicago, Dearborn and Madison sold out in a few minutes after opening this morning. MS store in Oakbrook, IL still waiting for their shipment. Will have all five colors in stock..

No option for saying my color wasn't available?

Nightshde says:

Dont' have it yet, still trying to find a ATT store around me that has the red 920.

rtotheich says:

Not many things will get me up at 8, but on a busy friday I'm happy to get up far before my 10AM class. I rushed down to the AT&T store, not sure if people would be beating down the doors (I figured they wouldn't but wanted to be safe). When I got there, there was a single person parked in the lot as the reps were stocking the store. I eyed this guy and he eyed me. I thought to myself, maybe there are only a few Lumias and only one color besides black, with one in stock; this guy could ruin my day. When we saw the lady coming to unlock the door we both rushed to get there first but he beat me. I get behind him and hear him say "I'd like to purchase the note please". Suffice to say, I'm the proud owner a of a brand new red Lumia 920 (with the wireless charging pad to boot)

winniebaygo says:

Pre-order was a complete bust for me.  AT&T online and by phone was like a bunch of monkeys trying to #$@% a football.  Finally cancelled this morning since there was no shipping info, just "processing" status.
Purchased in Midwest City, OK AT&T store.  They have some stock.  I got 1 of the 2 reds they had on hand.  I got a free puck charger but only because they discounted the phone by the same amount as the charger.  They also have SKUs for the stand chargers so I ordered one of them.  Both will be shipped when available.
Haven't played with device much since I had to go back to work and I can't bring device into the room I work in.  What I saw was a complete wow moment.  Very excited.
They handed out a card to help folks transfer from other phones to a Nokia.  Here's the URL:  www.markspace.com/welcomehome/nokia.  Maybe that will help others migrate.
If you are having preorder issues and it hasn't shipped, cancel and go to a store with stock if you can.  Stores will help.

winniebaygo says:

4365A - Plate charger SKU  ($49)
4372A - Stand charger SKU  ($69)

NIST says:

Lol I've never seen monkeys do that. Oh what a sheltered life I lead.

rtotheich says:

Not many things will get me up at 8, but on a busy friday I'm happy to get up far before my 10AM class when the Lumia launch is happening. I rushed down to the AT&T store, not sure if people would be beating down the doors (I figured they wouldn't but wanted to be safe). When I got there, there was a single person parked in the lot as the reps were stocking the store. I eyed this guy and he eyed me. I thought to myself, maybe there are only a few Lumias and only one color besides black, with one in stock; this guy could ruin my day. When we saw the lady coming to unlock the door we both rushed to get there first but he beat me. I get behind him and hear him say "I'd like to purchase the note please". Suffice to say, I'm the proud owner a of a brand new red Lumia 920 (with the wireless charging pad to boot)

stmav says:

Just waiting for mine to arrive usps. Preordered and porting my number over from sprint. So far things have gone very smooth. My only complaint would be that my phone shipped from Memphis. I'm in Dallas, why not from Ft Worth?

gan1981 says:

Exactly the same. I am in Dallas. Pre-ordered on 7th, and they processed it today, for delivery from Memphis 4:41AM. Don't know whether I will get it by today :-(
I ordered a black Lumia 920. Would have been wise to just go to the store and pick one.

Adiliyo says:

my preorder for a white 920 that i placed at 1am on the 7th has finally shipped. excited to get the phone, but extremely dissapointed with at&t's handling of this launch.
plus, according tp their website there are ZERO white 920s in stock anywhere in the greater los angeles area.

RaRa85 says:

T-Mobile customer, just went in to play with the phones(the 8X was not on display). The Nokia Lumia 920 is so gorgeous but couldn't play around with the camera since the wires hooked up covered the back. Also the form factor of the Lumia 820 is really perfect. Nice devices.

Got Lumia 920 at local at&t, no one else there. Didn't get wireless charger they knew nothing about it in stores. Called customer service about it they said online only

Update: got a call from the att I bought the 920 from, he said he just got the email about the wireless charger he is going to order it and ship to my house

cheesemoo says:

Local ATT only had 4 black 920's in stock. At least they have more than they did for 900 launch...  :/  

mpelti says:

Can't decide. I find that there is a lot to like about the 920 and windows phone 8, but it still has a lot of catching up to do (apps, notification center), or missing features (video-out, vpn) and few accessories (Car Dock).
I hope to be able to play with one at some point this weekend. Have people seen demo units set up? I'd really hope to be able to see xbox music in action. I also want to test the espn live tile, see how well it handles my multiple favorite teams, as overlapping schedules can make for a crowded scoreboard in spring and fall.
Coming from android, I'm really worried about the apps. I know that the app count is irrelevent, as most apps are garbage, but it's been frustrating seeing popular iphone apps take months to get to android (instagram, words with friends), have less functional android versions (yelp, watchespn), or be completely missing. For the forseeable future, that problem will be magnified greatly by switching to WP8. I'm not even a big app user, but it's still a problem.

NIST says:

Everything you're concerned about is minor at best. You get a MUCH more complete phone with WP8 right out of the box. If you're solely counting apps then you'll never be part of the fun.

mpelti says:

So I'm only concerned because I'm "doing it wrong"? If your reply was intended to give me confidence in the platform, you abjectly failed.
I think the basic features of WP8 do look substantially better. But that's not the world WP8 is competing in. Without vastly improved app support, it's severly handicapped in an objective choice

NIST says:

Your not a big app fan but your concerned about the amount of apps? The great thing about windows phone is that unlike android and iPhone most of the app functionality that they need to download later is intelligently integrated into the phone. You other concern is about a hardware feature which a) you know isn't part of the device or is legacy.
People who have switched to Windows Phone rarely if ever regret the switch. It those who sit on the fence are those who never get in on the fun. Some people are just wallflowers and some have fun at the party. I think your "concerns" are easily mitigated by the incredible and optimized hardware and the uniquely beautiful and secure software available in the largest ecosystem anywhere. No regrets whatsoever!

mpelti says:

Wow, did microsoft have to pay you for that happy ending?

NIST says:

You ma'am are simply not ready for a Windows Phone.

clay113 says:

This is not that hard, you simply decide what apps that are must haves for you.  If it doesn't currently have it or has one coming down the pipe, or have an equivalent that you can live with then you don't want WP8.  I was an Android user before I switched and yeah they had a ton of apps, but I only really used about 10-20 of them and sparingly at that.  Pretty much everything I need has been on WP or there has been a variant.  Some of the more popular ones that are cross platform are coming minus a Wells Fargo app (which I'd like).  Still it's a very solid product and OS.  You just need to make a decision on what apps are must haves if that's what's holding you back.  Os alone has been worth the switch.  

Waiting on my Yellow 920, I got mine for a total of 26.58! I placed my order through premier. I'm eligible for a 25.00 discount on all online purchases plus I received a discount for 50.00 off through my workplace. So when all was said and done 99.99 became 26.58, plus I get the free charging plate! I can't wait to retire my 900!

vemulasri says:

How did you get the $25 off.  for me it shows but somehow i cannot figure out how to get this discount.

pr0xy says:

My local store has 2 Lumia 920 display units, but no actual phones in stock.  Luckily, I pre-ordered a Cyan L920 which should be arriving on Monday!

spaulagain says:

None of my local stores got the Cyan or any other color in stock. They only got white and black. What a farce!

Okcbikeguy says:

My store in Edmond OK had black and red units.  I opted for black.  The phone is beautiful and the complaints by some reviewers about the weight are grossly exaggerated.  To me it simply feels like a quality piece of electronics.  It fits the hand wonderfully.  I am coming from an iPhone 5 and I vastly prefer the size and heft of the Nokia.  The screen is stunning, the interface fluid and fast,  and visibility outdoors is great.  I look forward to,posting more  detailed thoughts but my initial impression is WOW!  Great job Nokia.

lgorbena says:

So, I went to my local AT&T corporate store... To my surprise there were about 10 people outside waiting to buy this phone!  I got my matte black 920, and so far so good.  I was worried about the size/heft of the phone, but considering how well it feels in the hand and its build quality, I don't mind the size/weight.  I am impressed by the screen, and can't wait till I am done with work to go home and play with it!(my phone :)  
One note, the store didn't have ANY wireless charging pads.  So they ordered me one, discounted the phone to 54.99, paid 45.00 for the pad and with tax paid $106.  The wireless charging pad will be shipped to my house.  Fast, easy, awesome.

pentaxis says:

I picked mine up this morning, 45 minutes after they opened, and the store had already sold 5 of them.  Wireless charging pad to be shipped as well.  Cool to see some activity from the buzz surrounding this phone!  
They had Red, Black, and White in stock.  

Dayisas says:

I got mine SOOOO happy nokia lumina 920 best phone you can get for your money !!
Iphone is dead and gone. Nokia it's time to take back the world !!

ravi.tandon says:

After I did not win the free phone contest that Jojogill won, I ordered a Lumia 920 myself. Was split between red and yellow, yellow was worth the extra wait. Thinking of what to do with my Titan II.

bmarsden says:

Yup -- I got it -- and it's friggin AWESOME!


yellow dirty fellow! remember 3rd grade?

itsarchie says:

ordered my yellow today through an AT&T store. They didn't have it in stock, which i knew from the start, so no big deal.  $99 + tax and also free charging plate. can't wait to get this phone in my hand!

PhilR8 says:

My 920 is coming later today via USPS.  But my word, the 8X is just an absolute STUNNER.  I wonder if I'll end up exchanging my 920 for the 8X.  

runelaw says:

The ATT stores around me only had black, so I had them order a cyan lumia 920 and it should be here in a few days, I also had a chance to play with it in the store and it is awesome.  I can not wait until it comes in, not sure what ATT was thinking only sending one colour to their stores?  (on a side note the guy at the store told me they got 4 galaxy note II's in this morning as well....so its not like its just windows phones they seem to struggle on supplying for their customers)

rjdesh1 says:

Went to ATT store first thing this morning to purchase Nokia Lumia 920.  They had some in stock however, they refused to sell me one as I wanted to buy it outright vs. extend my contract.  Mind you, I have 8 lines with ATT and this apparently does not count.  I asked them about the $449 non contract price that was advertised and they actually told me to go to a Microsoft Store after talking to the manager. This all happened at Dana Point ATT Store this morning. 

frylock says:

Went to a local AT&T store and they had no 8Xs, and were out of 920's, Ofcourse, they were not telling people that! Lots of pissed off customers, myself included. Heading online now to make my purchase there.

lhunter1130 says:

nope... waiting for mine to arrive... why the FU#^ did I preorder when i could have walked into the store and got it easier and faster... this whole pre order is worthless.. infact i wont get mine til next week... what a way really earn my buisness at&t... SMH

jholso says:

Manchester NH store hade quite a few in stock, not sure of exact number. But They had Red, White, Black. No line, I was the first one to buy from the store other than the Nokia Rep who bought two lol. No charging pads either, but they put it in the order, and its being shipped to me.

jcapellman says:

Got the last 2 Black Nokia 920s at a local AT&T store.  They didn't have the wireless chargers, so instead they waived the $36x2 upgrade fees.  So far it is leeps and bounds better than the other Windows Phones I've had (Focus, Titan, Lumia 800).

lkbig says:

I am waiting until My Verizon contract expires in a month and then I am going to get the Lumia 920. I'm hoping they are still doing the free wireless charger deal by that time.

aashishl says:

I want one. 

xapache says:

Not a good start at my local AT&T store.  Went there this morning to get the Black 920.  I walk in and not a single WP8 on display.  The only WP on display were in the far corner.  When I asked the sales associate his answer, oh we don't have any.  I was suprised and commented that on WP8 launch day you don't have any, his response, oh no we have a display model but we haven't put it out yet.  Again I asked why as it is the launch day?  I grew up near farms and the look I received was the same I saw on the cows in the pasture.
The manager came over just then and she got him to bring out an employee phone (not yet unboxed) and the only black phone they had (display only not for sale).  They don't have any in stock until later today.
So my first try was not a happy one, hope others have better luck.
On a side note:  I will definitely get the black 920 I can't say how nice it felt in hand - I'm not sure what the fuss is about the weight.

Vaas says:

I purchased 2, one blue for wife and red for myself.  Will not be delievered until Monday. :( 
We are moving from Iphone's, looking forward to the new Win8.

mugenpunch says:

My ATT store in Houston is getting them only on Sunday!

dnmartin98 says:

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my partners Cyan 920 which is on a truck somewhere driving around the neighbourhood here in KY.  My yellow one will be on it's way early next week according to the website.  Can't wait!

NickA says:

Mine is on the FedEx truck and out for delivert and can't get here soon enough!  Hopefully in the next hour or two.

I actually voted tiwce. The first vote was sent from the demo 920 at the AT&T store, haha. That's what I decided to do while trying it out.
Oh, but Springfield, IL sucks. The main store only has the black 920 and 820. They said they were getting the white in this afternoon. The red's not coming until MAYBE Monday. The 8X was nowhere to be found, and they said Monday or Tuesday for it. The second store is the same story. The third had no WP8 devices. Best Buy had no Lumias, and only a demo model of the 8X locked up that the guy took out to show me (snapped a picture to show my sister, who is on Verizon).
So after maybe 45 minutes of checking stores, I went back to the first and got it in black. I will probably go back when the red is in to check it out, but it's not worth a $35 restocking fee.

erzhik says:

Another disastrous launch of WP. Microsoft Store reps in Boston have no idea what Lumia 920 is. AT&T stores have zero stock. Absolutely pathetic.

czhoume says:

Here in Atlanta, all the stores only have black, red, and white. Guess that's for all store. Yellow and Cyan online only. If you want the yellow one like me, you have to wait until next Wed.

rareohs says:

Went into AT&T with high hopes, held the black 920 and the weight thing, imho, has been way overblown.
BUT - the AT&T optional protection plan stinks in comparison to that of Microsoft Store or Best Buy.
BestBuy: $170 covers 2 years of warranty including accidental damage with NO deductible for phone replacement
Microsoft: not sure on price but also 2 years including accidental damage with NO deductible for phone replacement (i think)
ATT: $10/mo is only option so = $240 for 2 years including accidental damage, lost or stolen, with $200 deductible for phone replacement!!
I'm MUCH more likely to bust my phone than to lose it, so I'm gonna wait and get the phone somewhere else. Super bummed to walk out of there without a 920.

c_sturgis says:

im waiting for more reviews i guess, mostly my own. gonna go check them out in store. If the 8x is better ill prob wait it out and switch to big red. If the lumia wins then i might use my upgrade.

prjkthack says:

Its on a FedEx truck on its way to me right now! Hurry up FedEx!

itoman says:

Proud owner of a Lumia 920! At Plaza Las America's AT&T in Puerto Rico, they only had black, white and red versions and no ATT store in the area has the charging plates.  They're supposed to call me when they get in stock to get the free plate :/

dotswan says:

I picked up a white Lumia 920 this morning.  Only black and white were available in the store.  The charging pad was included, but did not arrive yet.  They are expecting it early next week, and the manager even suggested that he would drop off the charging plate for me at my office, if I couldn't find time to make it in.

zopapito says:

I went and got my new Lumia 920 at the store. They were out f the red one (they only had one and someone beat me to it). It seems that a lot of store got only a handful of the red one. Still happy with the matte black.

iceman25c says:

Got to our local AT&T store about an hour before opening.  First in line so I stayed in the car.  A couple of other cars came up, but everybody stayed in their car so no line formed outside the store.
I got a shiny red 920 and am very happy so far.  The store only had two and they were gone after the first two people came in.  Of the five people in line, two were waiting for the Lumia and three for the Galaxy Tab II.

psyberjay says:

I've been waiting at the at&t (los angeles) store from 9am to get my 920... Been waiting for over an hour now.. And had to go to McDonald's to get breakfast mean while.. 4 more customers in front of me now... Can't wait!!!

Cartman says:

Ordered two. Neither has arrived yet :(

sayzar says:

My experience was a SUPER POSITIVE ONE. Originally I was not qualified for an upgrade until June 2013, and I was stuck with my old iPhone 3GS because my last Windows Phone DROWNED at the beach.  I called customer service and asked for an early upgrade.  First they offered the phone at $199.99, but when I mentioned the web price at $99.99, they MATCHED IT. Yay!!  Only downside is that I have to wait 7 to 10 business days for delivery.  I can live with that.

robshobs says:

I went to a store in Thornton, CO (a suburb of Denver) and was surprised to see seven people already in the store 10 minutes after it opened.  While I was waiting, I was speaking to a lady who was getting a 920 to replace her iPhone 4S.  She said she was quite dissappointed in the iPhone 5 and was ready for something new and refreshing.  She said she has been a loyal Apple customer (Mac, iPod, iPhone) for years.  Quite a good sign.
I did get my black Lumia 920 and the charging plate was ordered and will ship to me.  I really like the feel of the phone.  And it looks great in bright sunlight!

wpnewbie says:

waiting to see if i can get a better deal fro At&T .. else i will switch to t-Mobile and buy one 810 and one 8X

tewill says:

Unlike most, it appears, I'm going to wait a few weeks or months to see how things flush out. I'm happy with my Lumia 900, and am curious to see what kind of issues people run into with the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, as well as if Nokia release an upgrade offer to those who bought the 900. And, who knows, given their current track record, maybe Nokia are looking to release a Lumia 940 in the spring ;). At the very least, in a few months when the on-contract cost of the 920 is $0.99, it will be cheaper to break my current contract.

cammsaul says:

went to an AT&T store 10 minutes after they opened in downtown SF and sold out of everything except for black (there were maybe 10 people ahead of me in line). No HTC 8X's yet. Tried another downtown SF store and they had already sold out of their stock of 5 phones. No HTC 8X's either. I guess it's good they're selling out of phones, but I wish they had a little more in stock for the launch...

Zeroplanetz says:

Hello there! I'm new but just wanted to say that I was there at my att store 6 mins after they opened there was at least 30 people ahead of me! Thats awesome but reds and white lumias sold out. It was ok with me though because i wanted the black one anyways.
... Ive been reading and following you guys i just thought it might be time to get involved some :)

sayzar says:

My experience was a SUPER POSITIVE ONE. Originally I was not qualified for an upgrade until June 2013, and I was stuck with my old iPhone 3GS because my last Windows Phone DROWNED at the beach. I called customer service and asked for an early upgrade. First they offered the phone at $199.99, but when I mentioned the web price at $99.99, they MATCHED IT. Yay!! Only downside is that I have to wait 7 to 10 business days for delivery. I can live with that.

jfautch says:

Preordered Cyan on the 7th, got notice it should arrive on the 9th  -- then got shipping info yesterday that I won't see it until the 12th.  They moved Christmas back 3 days - not fair :(

mikroland says:

Same here, what BS

Caslav says:

I must say that this is one slick phone.  I went with the Matte Black and with the way overpriced Belikin edge protecting case it looks damn slick.  This phone feels perfect for me...anything lighter and it would feel "cheap" but this of course is purely personal preference.  I have spent quite some time out of my work day downloading and pinning apps to the start screen...being able to resize the metro tiles has created a great deal of customization possibilities.  I think down the line it would be nice to make indivudual tiles different colors....

Craig Harris says:

I got my Lumia 920 this morning and have one problem.  Some of my favorite apps will not work!  I went to the windows phone website and clicked purchase history.  Some of my favorites including Tentacles, Navigon and Fabel Coin Golf all get the following message:
"Your version of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application"

RyoTGZ says:

Just got the lumia 920. Had an issue with it taking 45 minutes to checkout , but other than that i love the phone. The screen is nice!

mikecel79 says:

Not on ATT but I did pre-order my 8X from Verizon today.  I checked a few of the ATT stores around me in CT and almost all of them are out of stock and a few have limited stock left.

sandman says:

I preordered mine.  Waiting on FedEx to deliver now!  Wireless charger should be here Monday!

Kanens says:

Preordered...just checked and it was left at my door at the house. Can't wait to get home!

jacob2884r says:

This might be the wrong place to ask but its FRIDAY..., I'd moving frm IPhone to 920 THIS EVENiNG(yay!!). Whats the easiest to move my pictures and contacts to the new phone? Thanks already!!

erock150 says:

Had to wait till today to order my black 920 because I needed an exception to be able to upgrade and had to wait till the phones actually went on sale. The AT&T rep  called me and asked if I still wanted to upgrade?  Absolutely!
Then I was told the phone will not ship for a couple of weeks because of the popularity of the phone.
Can this be true? Day one and they are short phones already?  Still waiting for my confirmation email so I can get my tracking number and see what the real shipping time is. 
UPDATE: Received my order comformation. When checking shipping status it states back ordered. 

toscrawford says:

Called AT&T to upgrade my almost 1-year old HTC Titan.  Mentioned I was having the microphone problem where no one could understand anything I said.  No dice.  Got switched to Warranty.  Went through the process again.  No dice.  Saw the post here suggesting that I talk to a supervisor.  He checked all my accounts to see if any were available for an early upgrade.  No dice, I bought all the phones at the same time.  Then he says he can create a case number and bump it up to his bosses to see if they are willing to get me one, presumably at $99 with all the goodies.  I'll have to wait a few days, but it's worth a shot for a Yellow 920.  So, who sells clear cases for these things?

arzoo says:

I have the same problem with my HTC Titan - everyone says I sound like I'm under water! Luckily I had another phone on my plan eligible for upgrade.

dshort2007 says:

Just cancelled my pre-order and got it in the store, they're shipping my wireless charging plate to me for free as well. YAY! I love it! Best choice ever, glad to get rid of my iPhone.

yodazeke says:

Went to AT&T store here in Indianapolis.  Every employee has a WP8 shirt on, and the display is set up with no phones on it.  I asked to see a 920, and the girl tells me they don't have them out yet.  I wanted to compare it to my 900 but she wouldn't get it out and show me unless I was buying it.
Nice rollout AT&T.  No wonder Windows Phone continues to get it's ass kicked.  And I love my Nokia 900.
If you don't show them, they won't sell.

H3llain3 says:

I arrived at the AT&T store at 7:55AM right before the 8:00AM opening.  I was third in line.  A few people were there for the Lumia 920 and a couple were coming to pick up the Note 2.  I waited for my turn in line for about twenty minutes (even though I was only 3rd).  I knew exactly what I wanted (black, off-contract).  Well, it took over an hour to process my order because the AT&T store rep rang up the wrong phone and no one knew how to cancel the credit card transaction.  The location I went to also didn't have any charging plates available so I won't be receiving one until next week :( Negative store experience aside, I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!  Everything is so smooth, I love that even with a screen protector, I can still operate the screen with gloves, WP8 is excellent so far...I can't wait to get home and play with everything.  I have been an iPhone user for over four years and I am so excited to try something new!  I also noticed that the phone was not as heavy as I thought.  I own an iPhone four and with a case it feels about the same.  I was a little worried about the wieght but I was pleasantly surprised!

H3llain3 says:

Thanks! I've had a chance to play around with the phone a bit more and I'm very impressed so far. There are some things I still need to get figured out but I'm sure the WPCentral guides will come in handy.

Hasan Abbasi says:

I picked my red lumia 920 in the morning. Sadly the store in the city I live in didn't have any reds, so i drove to the next city over before work. Managed to get lost (damn you nokia drive for not recognizing at&t as a valid search!). Although I got there at 9:20 (haha I just realized the coincidence!) all but one of the red were sold, and there was one guy ahead of me who also wanted a red one.
I did manage to convince him to switch to the black, using the awesome looking high contrast theme. The girl at the counter gave me an early upgrade discount from my 900 also so I was able to save a 100 bucks. The contract extension isn't really significant to me since I am never giving up my godfathered unlimited data plan. 
One unfortunate thing is that I already picked up the Samsung Ativ Smart PC from staples on the 26th and that doesn't have a working NFC antenna. NFC would be an awesome application for the lumia 920 and would have been great to pair it with the tablet also. 
The wireless charger (I ordered in red) will ship out at a later date and that would be pretty cool to have. I am also thinking of getting the powermat for home, and keeping the nokia charger at work.

udupa1982 says:

I ordered and ATT charged me for charging plate... i had to call back and ask them to credit my money back.. ATT is one greedy company

maoshouse says:

Due to some mishaps when ordering the charger, they decided to credit me more than the price of the charger as compensation. :D

Went to the Orland Park, IL location and they had the 920 in white and black and the 820 on display.  Signage was up for the 920 and 8x, but no 8x in store.  No chargers or accessories either.  The Ativ tablet was being set up, one for sale in inventory.  As usual, underwhelmed with AT&T sales staff.  Did see one rep greet a customer and see said she wanted to see the iPhone 4S, he asked if she was sure she wanted an iPhone and when she said no, he asked what would she be using the phone for.  After a few questions, the Windows phone were there first stop and his knowledge seemed basic, it took control not to interupt and soon they were on there way to other phones.  Biggest offense of the day...they put the security tags over the lens on the 920.  Couldn't believe they blocked out one of the biggest selling points of the phone, but then again AT&T stores do have a reputation (not a good one) to uphold.  On a funny note, when I asked one of the reps if they had the cyan is stock, he looked around like it was another phone model, not a color.

simpkijd says:

I just checked online over at the Microsoft store Website and they have no mention of the new phones... None...at all...

Dagolara says:

Line outside my store was about 15 people deep but no local stores in my area got any 920s shipped to them. About 90% of the people left and I presume the remaining got the 8x. Online ordering here I come.

monigal2 says:

At&t please get the red 8x I like..

Viipottaja says:

Just to add to what I have already said, when I was battling with the AT&T reps online on the price, the supervisor who eventually gave me the$99+$36 upgrade deal called one store that sold out. The store I went to had only 8 black variants so its not a huge number but nice to hear nonetheless. And the store where I will get mine on Sunday apparantly has none until then, but the supervisor claimed they would have all color variants there. I won't believe it until I see it.

geodan7 says:

I am a Sprint subscriber who was bummed that they weren't going to carry the new Windows Phone 8 devices, opting to support the old iPhone tech. Well i'm finally taking a stand, deciding to bail on my Sprint contract 1yr through to sign up with ATT, who i've never been with before. Waiting for my pre-ordered Lumia 920!

duoFurious says:

Got mine. And stores only had black and white. Not a lot of people waiting in line but quick in and out. Offered free shipping for chargers that were free :)

scottsenior says:

I was in the AT&T store this morning checking out the weight and feel of the Lumia 920 (as I am still waiting for my pre-order to arrive) and I decided to check out the OIS. I launched the camera and found that the security device attached to the phone had a wire that ran over the camera lense. I slightly pulled the wire down to clear the lense path and shot a shaky video, during which I held down too vigorously on the wire and popped the whole security device off. ALARMS sounded and everyone in the store stared me down, and to go along with the whole charade, I jokingly pretended to pocket the device and bolt. Afterwards, when they had shut down the alarms, I decided to check the results of the shaky video test. The results were impressive, the video was shaky but did not lose focus of anything, the picture was still crisp. And when the alarm sounded in the video recording, an employee came sprinting at me thinking that I had only laughed off a failed first attempt and had serious plans to steal the device. All-in-all, it was an enjoyable experience.

arking_mark says:

AT&T Customer service SUCKS!
1.  Pre-ordered my Lumia 920 phone within minutes of the site going live (1:30am). 
2.  Took Friday off of work to accept package.
3.  Found out Friday morning delivery changed from 9th to the 12th.
4.  Called AT&T, arranged to buy full price Lumia 920 at store and return the one that arrived 12th
5.  Went to store and the store manager blew me off and would not even look up the AT&T discussion with customer service
6.  Called AT&T back.  They appologized and blamed Sandy.  Washington DC was NOT effected by Sandy or the noreaster.  The shipping location, Memphis TN, was NOT effected by Sandy or the noreaster.
7.  Looking at the tracking record it was NOT shipped until the 8th and 2 day weekday delivery was chosen.  So there was no way in hell it was going to be delivered on time.  They should have overnighted it or at least provide weekend delivery.
8.  AT&T customer service sucks.  This left a very bad taste...I will definately be looking to move off of AT&T as soon as my contract is up...

kingkoopa09 says:

Same exact thing happened to me then when I got mad and asked them to fix it they hung up on me twice and the third lady just told me I was stupid and I live in Louisiana where sandy had no issues I got surface on time through fedex

ptf237 says:

Got the Lumia 920 in black (that yellow looks awesome though). Amazingly fast, beautiful design. I think all the negative comments about the weight must have come from reviewers who use the iPhone 5 because coming from the 900 the difference isn't bad at all. ATT didn't have charging plates in, but they're sending me a free black one as soon as their shipment comes in.

eharris55 says:

Just checked the MS store in Virginia. They were receiving phones while I called. They said to check back later today or tomorrow when their stock is finalized. There may be hope for different colors.

33wadiculous says:

I called my local AT&T store and they are already sold out! they only got 3 in (2 black and 1 cyan) and they are all sold already! I was pretty sad, but on the other hand i was pumped about the attention win8 is getting!

JungleFiene says:

Walked into the AT&T store right after they opened, waited 45 minutes to be helped and then was told that they were out and MAY get some in later aroung 11:30. I called them up at 11:45 and they had no idea if they would even get some in. So I called a store in the next city over and they had a few.
Adding photos to a white 920 right now.
By the way, this site and the people on it are awesome. You guys and gals really helped me make an informed decision as to which phone to get next.

wrigs says:

ATT Premiere should be called ATT Second Class Citizen.  Ordered 9am on Thursday and my order is still "Preorder Processing"... I guess that's better than "Attention" which is what it said for the first day and a half...

Iczer1 says:

Just got my Cyan Nokia 920 today via FedEx (free 2-day shipping!). I was able to get the black wireless charging plate added to my order for free, but it was shipped separately and will probably arrive Monday or Tuesday. 

got my 920 from the att store. Seems like theres a heavy push with everyone wearing windows 8 tshirts and asking if I have a windows computer, what phone I have...etc
Like it so far!

no charging plate though, they will ship it to my house

brudolph1211 says:

Just went into my local store to give the 920 a whirl before mine gets here Monday. Man that phone is a stunner. Yes it is hefty but feels like it's built for abuse. The store I went to in Greeley Colorado had some black phones, red, and white.

Long Syntax says:

I got mine delivered today - it's waiting for me when I get home from work. The charging plate is shipped and should show up Monday.
I'm so excited!

dprus says:

I ordered at 9:10PM PST on Tuesday November 6th. My phone finally shipped out yesterday (November 8th) and I'm only getting it on Monday next week (November 12). I'm a little upset that I was probably amongst the first to order and I'm not getting my phone today. I ordered a white Lumia 920.

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea same here and att refused to let me pick up in the store or cancel or receive credit, as soon as it was shipped they changed the date on me I could have got one in the store sooner

robnhl says:

I'm still rocking the VZW Trophy. Looking forward to the 8X.

phoney says:

I went in to the first AT&T store when then opened..no line, but no black 920 either.  They only had the white one, so I decided to try another AT&T store.
This one did have to queue. 
The saleslady said they had a line outside today when they had opened, and nearly everyone comming in has been requesting the Lumia 920. 
They did not have the charge plates, but told me to call her next week.
Yay!  Windows 8 Lumia 920!

I'm upgrading from a Samsung Focus. I knew I wanted to get in bed with Nokia (the Focus always felt very weak and plastic-y) so I preordered on Wednesday right away (red!). As of this morning it was still "Processing," so I canceled it and walked the 5 blocks or so to the AT&T location near my apartment in Manhattan.
The place was swamped, but it didn't seem like more than 1 or 2 people were interested in the Lumia 920 besides myself. While I waited I was able to play with the display unit. This put my concerns to rest about all the issues with bulkiness and weight. Yes it's a big phone, no it doesn't feel disproporitonately heavy.
The reps were somewhat knowlegable about the phone. I had to specifically mention the free wireless-charger to them, but they were able to add it and have it shipped to my apartment (it's out of stock). One major snafu I encountered was my preorder had renewed my contract. Thankfully the in-store rep was able to resolve that issue so I could get the reduced price on the phone. The whole process took about 45 mins to an hour.
Very happy with the phone so far. I'm looking forward to putting the LTE through it's paces.

danjrussell says:

Went to downtown Denver store, got the last 920 (black). They didn't know about the free charging plate, but now they do.  It will ship to me. The phone is awesome, doesn't feel that heavy to me. And a bonus, Denver is now 4g as of a couple of days ago!

vizagdude says:

I went to a store in the mall which was 15 miles from my work, there were 6 people ahead of me and the wait was over an hour. I couldn't wait for long, as I was skipping work to get this phone. I went to work at 9:00 and slipped out to get this baby just after 10:00.
While waiting, I checked for any other stores near by and found one less than 3 miles. I called them to check if they had any in stock.. The guys said they have 2 in Black. I wanted to get a Black for myself and Red for my wife. I thought, my wife can wait... and I went the other store. It really took a while for me to idenitify the store as store was really battered by Hurricane Sandy... they had their windows broken and wooded up and stuff, the AT&T sign was broken as well. If you actually look at the store, you wouldn't even think it was operating.
So obviously there was no one there ahead of me. I was in and out in about 15 mins with my new Black Nokia Lumia 920 :)
NOKIA Lumia 920 is by far the BEST phone I've used. Gret job Nokia and Microsoft. Not so much AT&T, you really messed up the launch. 

chuey101 says:

Can I post if I'm using a 920 on tmo? :) anyway I love it. Love it love it love it.

sixium says:

Pre-ordered, now on the way to me. Black 920! Monday, yeah! WOOHOO!

dlrohm says:

I was able to get the Lumia 920 for $99 and my upgrade wasn't available. The assistant said they were running a promotion for their Wireless Home Phone. Simply try it for two weeks and return it if you want. No strings attached. Awesome!

preriz says:

Yes of course I did! Just picked up a black one for meself!... Wireless charging plate will come in mail..

I bought my Lumia 920 outright today, and I absoluteluy love it. The screen is bright, I love the new Live Tile sizes, and I can't wait to see what great things Microsoft and its partners will be able to do with the hardware and software!

bforster says:

Yeah Got mine today but they gave me the wrong color!!! Damn it! Problem is it's a corporate account so I have to wait for them to let me know what I can do!

I went in, thinking of buying a Lumia for full price, off contract, to use as a media player / Zune (I already have an SGS3 for a phone, and happy with it), and the the sales rep stated that they can only sell them with a phone number attached, on a new contract or upgrade.
Kinda bites.  I guess I'm forced into ebay or the second hand market.

simpkijd says:

Does anyone know if I purchase off contract, the phone can be used with another carrier?  Would the off contract phone be unlocked?  Could I put my T-Mobile Sim in the phone?  

jayruguitar says:

Went to a corporate store right when they opened @ 9 am EST.  I had previously been in contact w/ a sales rep who told me they would have black, red, and white available today.  Waited half an hour in line and finally got to my rep.  He says, "Let em go in the back and grab your white Lumia 920".  My mind is racing in anticipation.  Seconds turn into minutes, where is this guy; I'm thinking to myself.  He finally returns to his perch about ten minutes later empty handed, immediatley my heart sinks.  "Looks like we only have three black units in stock", he says apologetically.  My heart sinks and my gut clenches as if I were just punched by Tyson.  He says, "I can order if for you right now and have it in three to five days".  It took all of my ninja calmness training to not grab him by the stupid iPad sling he and his cohorts were wearing and throw him through the front window (Which was barren of any type of Windows Phone 8 branding).  I walked out empty handed and broken hearted.
@ this point I'm an hour late for work (I notified my boss previously of my late arrival), and I no longer have a phone in working order as my first gen Surround had just given up the ghost this past Tuesday.  I then remembered there's another store that I haven't frequented because of it being located inside of the local mall.  It was worth a shot.
I arrive and am first in line as they open the gate (This store opens an hour later than the first store i went to).  The unfamiliar sales rep is as nice as pie and queries how she can help me today.  I blurt out, "Lumia 920 white!"  She grins and says, "Let me check my stock, I think we got a few last night".  My prospects are now looking upwards, but I remain cautious; holding my spot in line like a lion guarding a fresh kill.  She returns from the abyss of the stock room holding a white and orange box w/ the holy grail of all devices located inside it.  My Nokia Lumia 920 has arrived and is being booted and activated as I watch anxiously.  "Hmmmmm...." she sighs.  "It seems to be taking longer than usual to activate", she states.  Another who had arrived behind me has since left the store w/ his new red NL 920.  I start to sweat.  Finally, it boots and activates properly.  I leave the store on clous nine.  Get into the car and start removing the AT&T crapware form the app list when it freezes up on me.  AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I go back in and she has no hesitation in replacing the unit for me.  I now have a fully functional Nokia Lumia 920 and my world is whole once more.  I finally made it to work @ 11:30, LOL.

garak0410 says:

I pre-ordered mine that was promised delivery for today...didn't happen, so went to local store and and picked up my black 920. Going to refuse delivery on the other one on Monday. Haven't had much time to play with it but I like it so far.

Banner18 says:

I picked up 2...one for each my wife and I.  
I was at the store 30 minutes before opening and glad I was.  They got 5 phones in...2 were put on display, the other 3 were gone immediately with people left wanting!  
I haven't got to play much...had t get back to work after my "Appointment" but I will be up late playing tonight!!!
North Canton, OH at the Strip

tsolms says:

I'm trying to see the Nokia and HTC devices side by side to make the final deision.  I like the features and engineering of the Nokia but I like the size and weight of the HTC.  I've hit two AT&T stores today (before noon) and they were all sold out of everything besdies the Nokia 820.

paradiggum says:

got a 920 with my upgrade! but, sadly, according to the employee who helped me at the state street at&t store in chicago, there are no cyan models in the entire chicago area (including suburbs!). i had to get mine shipped to me... there are black, white, and red models available. can't wait to get my hands on it!

wb84 says:

Tucson, AZ - My local store opened at 10am.  I took my lunch break from work to stop and get my Red Lumia 920.  When I got there, there were about 5 people lined up outside so I was hoping they were there for something else.  When we got in, a couple people were there for the Note 2 and the others just needed random help.  I was the first one to pick up a Lumia 920.  Damn this thing is beautiful.  They didn't have their wireless charges in, but they ordered one for me to be shipped to my home for free.  Can't complain about that.  Goodbye Android.

Finally updated my status on AT&T, backordered :( Oh well, thankfully Im a patient man, one more week with a blackberry wont hurt that bad...

Bought my Lumia 920 this morning! They did only have the red, white and black in store. No cyan or yellow.  Heath, Ohio store was packed and selling wps like hotcakes!    :)  Oh, and I LOVE MY 920!!!!!!! EEK! Ps, having google mail syncing problems if anyone comes across a solution please send a message :) thank you!

EugB says:

Of the 3 Nokia 920's my local AT&T store had, 2 had dead batteries and the third was almost dead....someone had turned on internet sharing on it...sabotage by Apple fans or do I need a tinfoil hat? The 8X had a spot, but actual phone was missing.

lumianut says:

Got the only red 920 in my mall ATT store!  Also, a iphone user was upgrading to a 920 as well!  :)

c5thunder says:

Best upgrade story ever:
Went to the ATT store and was told i'm eligible for an upgrade by 06/2013 and that the store manager can't do anything to pull ahead my upgrade. The cust. rep. advised me to call ATT and see if customer service can do anything for me.
I called and and explained that my last upgrade was from a Focus to the Titan, and that the Titan had such horrible reception and speaker/mic issues that I bought a Titan II out-of-pocket at full price just to make up for it. I asked if they could accomodate me on pricing.
The customer service rep went above and beyond my expectations. She gave me the Lumia 920 FOR FREE, plus wireless charger, FREE overnight shipping AND waived the upgrade fee. All I had to do was extend my contract.
I'm expecting my Red Lumia 920 on Monday. Thank you ATT for your excellent service! I know those are rare words to hear.

edsiri1978 says:

For those that pre-ordered, cancelled because you forgot to add the charger, pre-ordered again, and now if your status says "processing" call to make sure your order was not cancelled. I pre-ordered two phones when they became available, but because I did not manually add the chargers, I cancelled online and ordered again with the chargers. Little did I know this would turn out to be a massive headache. I later received a cancellation notice for one of the phones, but not the other. When I check online, they both still say processing, but in fact they both were cancelled.
Arrived 5 mins after the store was opened. 6 people ahead of me (not sure what they were ordering), but when it came my turn, the white 920 was sold out, 1 red left, some blacks left. Half of the customers at the store were looking/talking about the Lumia 920. No special displays though, but they were all wearing blue Windows 8 shirts. The Sumsung Ativ Windows 8 tablet was blue screened so I fixed that for them. The Lumias on display were not turned on, and the icons were in disarray - so I fixed that, and put the white one in high-contrast mode which seemed to catch the eye of a few people. The 820 was pending an update, so I updated for them. Downloaded some lenses for the cameras as they only had the bing lens loaded.
So ordered a cyan for myself, and white for my wife. Will be the longest 3 to 5 business days. Shipping via fedex - who never rings the doorbell.

wpbazaar says:

Legendary. Did you tell yourself to have a great day as you left?

swimdng says:

Went to an ATT store during lunch today in Olathe, Kansas City. They have limited qty of red, white and black in stock.  They also have a working black and white demo on display.  The black is nice, but the glossy white feels and looks great! That would be my pick. Just not sure how scratch resistent this glossy polycarb will be, especially for 20-month use.  The very knowledgeable rep recommended the Zagg front & back screen protector.  
My Sprint contract expires mid December. He said I can get the Lumia today, but will have to put a temporary phone# on it to activate in order to get the $99 price today. Once I activate, they start charging monthly rate.  So I just have to be patient and wait a month, and hope they still have the free wireless charging plate promo then.
Overall, a great experience trying the phone and speaking to the rep.  I'm sold!

Got the red 920

diaspar says:

ordered a cyan 920. ATT's premier online system is a mess. I am eligible for upgrade but the price for 920 is $199 on the checkout page no matter how many different ways I tried.  Finally I have to call in multiple times to get a $100 account credit and place the order.
I started the pre-order as soon as it was open, but end up placing the order 10 hours later. Now it will be delivered Monday instead of today. I am mad....

Kormiko says:

Went to AT&T online store for cyan Lumia 920...  "You are eligible for a device upgrade at a discounted price.  Upgrade now."  Sweet.

*presses Upgrade now link* 

"Were (sic) sorry, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later."

*selects checkbox for my phone, presses Upgrade button*

"Only "No-Commitment" phones available to order at full retail price."

*Emails AT&T*... 
"Well, you are eligible for an upgrade discount.  We don't know why you can't online... You should call customer service."
*Calls customer service.*  "Please hold..."

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

GlennEdwards says:

Not quite AT&T, as I live in the UK, but I got myself a nice shiny new Nokia 920 (Black), as an upgrade from Orange 3G to EE4G.
I got the phone at Phones4U, where strangely they were selling the White 920 as 4G, and the Black as 3G only. I insisted I wanted a black 920 on the 4G network, and that's what I managed to walk away with :-)
All set up now. Very happy!

Arsenic17 says:

Technically I should have gotten my cyan 920 today the I preordered, literally minutes after preorderes started, but ATT screwed me and didnt ship mine to yesterday. It wont be arriving until Monday. Needless to say I am pissed, as I know others that ordered theirs up to 12 hours after me will be getting theirs today. For some reason my was stuck processing for 36 damn hours before it shipped. If stores actually had cyan, I would have never preordered. Failure of a launch in my opinion.

irspecere says:

I went to an ATT store around the corner, asked for the "new Nokia" and after a blank stare, she finally said "oh, the 920?" Then she told me that they don't have it yet and don't know when to expect it - maybe in a few days. They ordered 5 for their 10 stores and she's not sure if they'll get one of those 5!! Unreal.
Then she suggested I go to a corporate store, and they did have the black and white. While the rep was just getting his hands on it the first time, he really liked  the phone and was very helpful. He's an Android user (Iphone hater) but likes the Win8 OS. I haven't gotten one yet because I want to see the different colors before I buy it. I guess I'll have to go to the MS Store.

simtafa says:

I got mine in the mail few minutes ago. It came with a busted simcard. I'll have to take it to an ATT store. I tried to use Windows Phone PC interface for uploading some music. The application is sad, really. I don't understand what was wrong with Zune. All they had to do change the name of the application. Are there any alternatives to Windows Phone PC app? 

torresa says:

I went to the ATT store to buy a 920 right as they opened.  There was one other person waiting to get in as well.  When asked about the phones, they didn't even have them out on display yet.  They mentioned the shipment didn't come in until late last night.  After looking at the phone I spent a long time trying to figure out which color to get (RED WHITE BLACK)  I decided on the black.  All the employees had bluw Windows phone 8 shirts on, I asked one of the salesmen, have they trained them on these new devices and he said no.  He mentioned they got trained months ago (Mango I assume).  When asked about the free charging plate the salemen didn't know what we were talking about.  The manager was able to find the sales code for the free charging plate, but they have not recieved any yet.  They said they were going to ship the charging plate to my house.   

Agent-P says:

I first visited an AT&T store to copmare the 920 and 8X so I could decide which to get. Unfortunately they only had the 920 and they said they wouldn't get the 8X until next week. Wtf????? Well I started talking to the rep that was showing me the 920 (I played dumb about WP) and it seemed like she knew what she was talking about. Not as much as I would've liked, btu it's better than before. She also told me the Lumia 920 was selling really well and they only had one left when I went in at about 11:30am. So then I went to the Best Buy that was across the street to see if they had both. They only had the 8X and not the 920 (what are the chances?). The two guys there really knew a lot about WP. Both were WP users since pretty much the beginning. One had a Focus while the other had the Surround. They were really stoked about the new WP8 devices. I was a bit bummed I couldn't compare both phones side by side, but at least I got to see both in person and use both of them.

IceDree says:

I was hoping to get an 8X around January\February , but with other things going in my life at the moment, I might pass

jmatgood says:

Sure did and its awesome, the ATT store did not have the charging plate in stock, so ordered one and shipped it to me.  Now wish Nokia had the gel case like my 900 had for this device, for just a little added protection.

707wpfan says:

Bought 2 black 920's at ATT in far Nor-Cal and the JBL Power Up in Black. Black was only color available for both.
No charging plate,the employees were putting on blue windows 8 shirts as one installed the display 920 on the rack. No signage for wp8 in store or on windows.They said they didn't get any HTC8x in either.
Sales rep I talked to was the same one I saw about the 900, when it was released he was store rep with one to try out before they got it. Since I didn't buy 900 I felt obliged to get 920 from him. We both thought it was odd that they didn't get one a day or two before to try out like with the 900.
I knew more about the phone than anyone else in the store and I don't know much but what I've read on here.
Very solid phone so far and sound quality from the JBL Power up is great look forward to getting  smaller wireless one asap.
Lastly,to my fellow HTC ARRIVE owners,it cost me $40.00 to ETF my Sprint account after 9 yrs and it felt awesome telling them the reason I was leaving was due to sprint CHOOSING not to support WP.
I told them they wouldn't support 7.5 updates and had EOL'd the Arrive before 2yrs, the rep had the nerve to say that nowhere in the contract I signed did it say they would support phone or updates and no updates because their techs are supposedly "still testing Tango to see if it's safe for their network" = BS 
I said thanks for the clarity now I'm cancelling both lines (my Arrive,her EVO shift,$40+70 ETF) and let me tell you fellow sprint owners the rates at ATT are no different than sprint,if anything the $10 smartphone charge sprint charges isnt worth it where I live won't see sprint 4g/lte for 2yrs but ATT's network and speeds so far on my Lumia are superb.time will tell but very happy for now even if I have to wait for my 2(free) charging pads

I just picked up my glossy red lumia 920. Awesome phone! Has anyone else experienced Kid's Corner asking for your password when you try to unlock it? I thought it was supposed to unlock automatically, no password required.

Jeebus137 says:

Went to the AT&T store in Fenton, MO and they had black and white 920s and black 820s.  They didn't have any HTC 8x's in stock.  They also knew about the free charging pad.  I wish they had a Cyan 920 for me to look at too.  The 820 is a great looking phone too and I think will be a good replacement for my wife's Quantum.  I then went down the street and Best Buy had a demo 8X locked in their cabinet for me to look at.  I gotta say the HTC 8x has a great 'feel' to it, too bad it's overpriced and HTC did very little to wow me with their support of the Titan that I've had the last year... I'm going to see if there are cyber Saturday deals again this year (I got my Titan for a penny!).  I can't imagine them discounting the 920 more than it already is, but you never know...

venom5150 says:

I just got mine at 12:15pm PT.  Wow, I am so impressed so far.  The Cyan matt finish feels different than the matt Lumia 900 I have.  Almost like having a soft finishing touch.  I dont recall my lumia 900 feeling like this at all.  What a screen, love the beveled glass!

Dethzilla says:

Ordered mine on the 7th from the store... My order is still pending.  Called to check on it... they have no clue.  So I'm going back to the store today to cancel my order and hopefully pick the phone up.
Very not happy right now.  Very not happy.

raiinman says:

Went to 4 At&t stores and only one had the black 920 on display which was low on battery. No sales reps cared or were enthusiastic about any windows phone products. Asked for different colors and every store they told me I can only see the black one because the red & white are in the box and we can't open it. I asked when all colors would be on display, "WE WILL ONLY HAVE BLACK ON DISPLAY".  I was not allowed to look at the other colors unless I was committing to purchase. With this type of attitude and launch WP has no hope of large market share. i am amazed and disgusted that  on the day of the launch stores are ill prepared. All the employees are walking around with windows phone shirts but none of them cared about this OS at all.  Someone needs to wake up Microsoft and its partners to do some serious work at the ground level. NOKIA you are doomed if you allow this. If At&t is not serious about your flagship phone then go to a different carrier to see if they will get you better results and enthusiasm at launch. Your last shot at survival is at stake. 

VagrantWade says:

Got to my local at&t 30 min early with two people already there. One was getting a 8X the other a red 920. I went with black and i am loving everything about it. The curved glass feels great and the phone itself feels good to hold. I am coming from an iPhone to my first windows phone.

graboskyc says:

AT&T in NJ only had black 920s. I bought the second to last one. No chargers but they ordered it and are having it shipped to my house. Very good experience overall, and much better than when I tried to buy my wife's WP7.5 phone a year ago when they kept trying to talk me out of it. This time, the guy behind the counter was enthusiastic and actually owned a 900. 

Drazyw says:

Has anyone seen an HTC 8x?  Every store I called today said that it didn't launch today. Just the 920/820, which barely launched.  I don't call the majority of online order getting backordered or canceled and stores getting 2-4 phones, with most not getting any, an actual launch.

1414H77 says:

Can't find the 8X anywhere.  Every AT&T store in Charlotte, NC says they did not get any shipments of them.  That's a pretty poor launch day outcome.

Jacob Logas says:

Went to two AT&T stores today, one didn't have the lumia and the other only had it in black and white.

pentaxis says:

I got mine this morning right after the doors opened.  The hardware optical image stabilization is very good for video.  I was impressed with the very first video I took.    Phone feels fantastic in hand too.  Can't wait to get this puppy loaded up and fuly functional!

david126 says:

Went to AT&T store and had worst experience waiting for someone to acknowledge me for about 30min, why? They were busy setting up the windows phone 8 posters/advertisements. A man in front of me got the last 920 in the store
:( luckily my local best buy store had 3 in stock and I got one. Both stores only had black. Typing this on a 900, will take a good one hr of no interruptions to set up my 920, will let you all know how the Nokia religious experience goes

monigal2 says:

I just went to an at&t store and played with the 920 and 8x. Do not worry about the heaviness of the 920, it is overblown. That phone is really really nice, and for the price its a no-brainer for most people. The best things about the 8x is the body, its lighter, and it feels great in your hand. U will love the way the polycarbonate feels on the 8x. I might get the red 8x because I want to try something different this time. compared to the 920 and that beautiful screen, I downgrading!!

lostkt0 says:

Waited 2 hours in line to get the 920, but ended up with a defective phone that has terrible backlight bleed. Going to have to get an exchange tomorrow... very disappointed at the moment
(am a Microsoft employee)

sirkirby says:

my wife picked up the only red 920 they had in stock at one of the largest at&t stores in the Phoenix area at opening this morning. And no charging plate like everyone else...though they will be mailing it directly to us. I already have a black 920 and bought the energizer qi dual wireless plate for my office, working great!

I got mine in San Francisco. Got the black one! They don't have the white one, although I was looking forward for the Gray color, but then realized that it won't be available in the US market, Gray color is only for International market.
Also a tip...
1) You can get the Pay As You Go, if you are happy to pay $450 upfront!
2) You can get Free Wireless Charger ONLY if you signup for 2-Year Contract, not the "month to month" post-paid OR pre-paid.
However you can get the free wireless charger via Nokia by visiting http://www.nokiafreecharger.com/pages/holding
Take Care 

Drazyw says:

I ordered online.  Off contract (month to month) and got the free charger. The stores are always full of crap.

eak1570 says:

Got mine this morning from my local AT&T store...beautiful device..pay $449 off contract..

simpkijd says:

Hello,  Just wondering what was you motivation for buying it off contract?  Can you use the phone with another carrier besides AT&T?  Does the math work out that buying the device off contract will save money over time?

Drazyw says:

My motivation is that I like Hardware. I don't have loyalty to a carrier. If Verizon in 6 months comes out with a bad ass phone that I have to have, I can get it and jump ship and I don't have to worry about termination fees.

Got the 920 two hours ago...was the first one too. Funny because when the TITAN came out, I was the first one in that store to buy one of those also. I'm developing a pattern, lol.

My first windows phone. Got mine in the morning, Red. Awesome. Downloaded wpcentral app. good job guys. nice app. In the process of learning how to use. constantly amazed by how smooth this phone is. Best tech purchase I made after my XBOX..

monigal2 says:

The 920 is very very nice phone!! Get it!

Went to the largest AT&T store in my town right before opening, the staff was there having a training on WP8 and they all had on thier little blue Windows 8 shirts but the staff was cluless. The sales person even tried to get me to buy an android phone, not very hard mind you, but he did question why I wanted a windows phone. They had 3 red in stock and the black ones weren't even recieved from the day before so I had to wait.
While I waited I had to teach the staff there about the cool features of WP like deep linking and how searching can be a deeply integrated experiance... it was like I was M coming down from the mount with the word of god... what do they teach them at these trainings? I felt like donating my time to teach them about thier own product.
I did end up going home with 2 Black 920's and the charging pads on order for 198.98 (no sales tax here) and they bought my old focus gen 1's for $46 which helped offset the activation fees.

Chris Coyle says:

Picked up my L920 first thing this morning at store opening. Only black, white, and red in the store, I chose red. There was no free chargers in the store but I was able to get one mailed to my house for free. The customer service rep was real good with the transaction and even had a L900 himself. Spent the day reloading apps, customizing, and getting all my settings how I light them. Downloaded Angry Birds Star Wars to play tonight. Happy happy!

jayman713 says:

Just picked up a Lumia 820!  I have a question, does anybody know if Navigon is going to update their GPS for Windows Phone 8, I did not know it would not work on the new phone and am not happy.  I have played with Nokia Maps and do not like the fact that it is not linked to your contacts like Navigon is.  You have to search for every address instead of just opening contacts.
Besides that the phone and OS seem great, can't wait to pop a 64GB card in!

mango.lover says:

Got mine from Microsoft Retail in Century City (Los Angeles), CA. They have red, black and cyan; I got red. Off-contract was 404.10 before taxes (I work at the store and get 10% discount).

Riftsurfer says:

I picked up a Black 920 at my Local AT&T store. They had one black and one red left in stock and the glossy red was a little too bright for me. They also had one blue HTC 8X in store but there were none on display, just the 820 and 920.
My store did not have wireless charging mats shipped to them but they are expecting a shipment in the next few days and will call me when they come in to go pick mine up.

Riftsurfer says:

Store Location: Cincinnati, OH
1 Red and 1 Black 920
'Plenty' of black 820's
1 Blue HTC 8X (No Display Models)
No Wireless Charging Mats until next week.

GhostITMG says:

Got mine today!  Preordered online Wednesday morning:-)  Downside is I did not receive a free charger plate.  The rep told me the limited offer must have run out before I ordered.  But, he did wave my $37 activation fee, so that helps:-)  Now I can go by one at a steep discount!

jonldevries says:

i bought 3 920, black, yellow and red.  Waiting on the yellow and red to be shipped.  Also got a microcell and att hone phone, all seem to work fine.

Flytetymex says:

I am disgusted with AT&T. I pre-ordered back on the 7th as a "Premier" account and I ordered off-contract. Two days later I have yet to receive it, the order is still "processing" and my card is charged. Yet no one in customer service (out of the 7 times we spoke) knows what is going on. SO they "pushed" my order through to now have a second charge on my credit card at full price and it's still only processing. Everytime I spoke to someone they said I would get an email within the air with the updated status. I have yet to receive any email at all. I don't mind waiting for a phone but this is F**King bulls**t. Each time I speak to a rep no one knows what the previous rep did or what "system" to check for the status. And who the hell do we complain to? All it will do is fall on deaf ears. All they care about is new customers. F**K their loyal customer base. This is disgusting.

Just got my phone from the mail carrier. I actually violated federal law by going into the back area of the mailroom to talk to my postlady. She wasn't too pleased, lol! :) Longtime Verizon customer, excited for something new.

gemini5150 says:

got mine today! Called at 10am and had the manager hold a white one for me. There was a line waiting for them. I got there at 11am and they only had 2 black ones left. One guy came in looking for one as I picked mine up. Its a great phone, just real wide. I'm very happy though its a great phone, saw the 8x at. Best buy. Meh, great size though.