HTC 8X Windows Phone from AT&T Unboxing

We just got our hands on the new HTC 8X Windows Phone from AT&T and it makes a nice first impression. Launched today with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, we are hearing supplies are limited for the new HTC Windows Phone.

This was the only 8X my local AT&T Store received and I was told more are due tomorrow and Monday.  You also have the option to order the 8X online over at AT&T's website.

As far as the phone itself is concerned, the 8X is an impressive Windows Phone. It measures 5.21 x 2.61 x .39 inches and weighs 4.6 ounces. The 8X feels comfortable in the hand with its rounded back and compared to the Lumia 920 it feels narrower but not shorter.  While I'm not a big fan of the purple theme, the screen has a bit of pop to it (in a nice sort of way) and is nicely responsive to the touch.  The matte finish feels smooth in the hand and I really like the flush buttons that give the 8X a low profile.

Overall, the HTC 8X makes a very nice first impression. From build quality to design HTC has produced an impressive Windows Phone in the 8X. We'll take the 8X out for a test drive and get a full review on the site shortly along with other posts to give everyone a better feel for the 8X.



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mikejets89 says:

I went to 3 different att in NYC no one had a 8x wtf im with tmobile but just want to get a feel for it but I really like 920 its fast n a beast lol

Bernard Wei says:

At least in the video the huge HTC on the back is not showing up like a sore thumb. Nice.

monigal2 says:

Why it doesn't come with earphones?

I'm going to take a wild guess here: save HTC money so they can sell the phone at a specific price point?

Off topic, where could I buy the Dolby headphones that work for the 920?

fhumphrey04 says:

I was going to comment on this as well. I understand that they were trying to save costs, but when they're running it with a key feature like Beats Audio, they should include a set of headphones that are decent quality as well.

Vheissu says:

By not actually including beats headphones it continues the illusion that beats does actually make a decent headphone

rlu168 says:

I received my 8X with earphone.

My att store said the HTC 8X was the galaxy note.

Lmao really that's funny shit

Nataku4ca says:

did u flip it around and point at the HTC logo just to see what they say?

dakken says:

I asked my local Best Buy phone rep if they had an 8X dummy phone and he showed me the LG Optimus G SMH lol

Agent-P says:

My local AT&T stor didn't have any 8X in stock. They said they wouldn't get them until next week. I had to go across the street to Best Buy to look at this phone.

Oh there you are, Perry!
I've been waiting patiently for Verizon to get them. 13th, and I'm hoping they have them in store. 8X looks like a great phone. Looks amazing, great specs, and Windows Phone 8. It's been a long wait!

Lasp24 says:

no headphones?

They don't come with headphones anymore.

oBIGTo says:

Yes, beats by dre!

Rhamsey says:

It's a really pretty phone, but the pricing and smaller memory really hurt it in my eyes.

Pricing isn't bad, but no add on for storage is a negative. Not enough to make me not want to buy it, though. Dropbox/Skydrive can fill in those gaps a little. 

NIST says:

HTC doesn't even have their own box?

Yes they do... Should I post pics?

Excuse me... The HTC 8X ships with headphones in the rest of the world. Even in the color of the phone...

monigal2 says:

The body of the 8x is better than the 920, but that's it. The 920 isn't as heavy as thought it would be, and once u see that screen and consider all the Nokia extras, its a no brainer. If Nokia could have thought of the body of the 8x, but keep the same 4.5 screen, and specs, it would have been phone of the year..

The display of the 8X is superb. High resolution and good contrast and all. Also the electromagnetic radiation is about 1/3 of the 920. The camera does take sharper daylight pictures than the 920. I don't think that it is a bad choice at all. Also, its surface offers a better grip and it kind of sticks in shirt pockets. Weight is only 130g. Runtime similar to the 920.

cowboy620 says:

The 920 has32 GB's HTC only has 16 GB'S. so does my trophy WTF! Micro said the phones would have min storage and the user can add what they want okay then where's the sd card slot like the 820 and 8s?

First off, I thought the reason why the 8X was $99 more than the 920 because it had beats headphones. Now...

No, AT&T subsidizes the 920 more than the 8X.

EMajor75 says:

My local AT&T store didn't know that the HTC 8X was was even coming into existence. I had to show them on my Lumia 900.

WP7WasMyIdea says:

Loving this phone.  Need to get to an at&t or best buy to get some hands on!  Also need to see if its blueish-purle?  Or purpleish-blue..?

monigal2 says:

The 8x should be $99, 920 should be $199

Ben Hanchett says:

Ever since HTC unveiled the 8x, the had Beats headphones with it. In every marketing at the event. That was a big selling point for me. I use a phone for music more than calling. This will be another HTC  flop.

The beats audio headset is optional. Should come with a regular headset in the color of the handset. The performance of the 8X is awesome... If AT&T ships without regular headset, that is their choice. Try Kinectimals on a 8X... you will see how good the 8X is.

I wouldn't be so sure of that

djctz says:

I think the Lumia 920 would be the most practical choice for Wimdows Phone considering the amount of support Nokia provides for their Windows.

NarcoSleepy says:

I went to 3 different stores today (2 AT&T and 1 MS Store), to see both the 920 and 8X together so I could get a feel for which one I would rather have, but nobody had the 8X.  They all told me that shipments were delayed, so I guess I will go back in a few days.  Does only the Verizon 8X have the wireless charging?

Phylosopher says:

Same here... Two AT&T stores and the MS store... nowhere to be found, no dates either... got my hands on the demo at least... feels great... but I'm a little upset with the whole back and forth... its almost like they lied about launch date... just to help with their stock dip on their las financial announcement :(

cp2_4eva says:

i went to an ATT store today where they had an open display space for the 8x, bit no 8x.  Something was messed up with the deliveries on my area today.  The kicker is, the label said $449. Which im hoping does change when they finally do get it.

Gigantuouse says:

George, are you going to main the 8x or are you jumping into the 920 camp? 

ejlee072006 says:

If this was 4.7 inch screen I would've considered it

romeze says:

no kidding man, even a 4.5

ejlee072006 says:

Damn 32gb for the 920..99 bucks 45o off contract how can you not like that beast

Osem says:

Ohhhh... i likeee.. Damn smart design Windows 8 mobile! with beats audio its HTC!

Narr says:

I was looking at the 8X in a Phone4U and found the edges quite sharp, very uncomfortable to hold.

Come on... There is nothing sharp about the edges. And when you hold the 8X one edge sinks into the palm of your hand and you need to hardly hold it, I find it near perfect.

mikroland says:

Same here. The edges suck on the phone.Other than that it's great (except for the 16nigs of storage)

digitallnet says:

I compared the 8X with a red 920 in a store near me and overall preferred the look/feel of the 8X. I'm coming from a 900 too, so I had been leaning towards Nokia for a new device but after a comparison I was sold and couldn't be happier. My 900 was brick-like (compared to the Focus before it), and the 920 seemed even worse.
The only thing that bothered me a little with Beats was I thought the internal amp was for the external speaker (which surprisingly isn't as good of quality as my 900 was), however it only kicks in with headphones (or something connected to the 3.5" jack). When it does though, wow. Huge difference and it blew my 900 out of the water. Even playing audio over Bluetooth sounds significantly better in my Infiniti than the 900 did.
Highly, highly recommended.

Daniel Lewis says:

I went and viewed the phones today... I currently own a 900, and have always thought it was a tad too big for a comfortable one handed grip (for my hands anyway).  With all of the features the 920 was bringing, I was planning on sucking it up again.  But once I held the 8x, that all changed.  This is an awesome phone, and definitely the one that I will purchase.  Great features and beautiful phone.
I do wish AT&T had it in black... but I guess the blue will have to do.  Now... I just have to find one in stock.

Blue is awesome... Have a Blue one and a Black one. The Blue one looks better... on the black one the HTC logo on the rear is not chrome. Have a yellow one on order. I am switching all my mobile phones to 8X.

One iPhone5 16GB unlocked costs 729.- Francs in Switzerland. One 8X... 549.- Costs me 189.- more to have three unlocked 8X than 2 unlocked i5s. This way I standardize on one system. Sweet phone for the price the 8X. More direct iPhone 5 competition.

JohnnyBii says:

I dont understand how you figure HTC 8X is cheap somehow compared to iPhone5? Price difference being so small avarage consumer will definitely opt for iPhone5 or S3. HTC should have gone for more aggresive pricing in your country.

Phylosopher says:

Any announcement on the colors US AT&T will be bringing? Wife wants the Red pretty bad... but looks like only verizon is going to have it? :( it sucks... been a fan, waiting anxiously for this phone and coming across delayed shipments and limited colors....