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Deal: Walmart offers AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for just $49 and $0 for the Lumia 820

For some odd reason Amazon Wireless is not yet aboard the Lumia 920 train but Walmart sure is, as they have put the device on sale on their site. What's more, they have even undercut AT&T by selling the device for $50 cheaper at just $49.99 on a two-year contract. That's one heck of a deal if you're looking to jump in on what we consider to be the best Windows Phone around.

The off-contract price is still at an over-inflated $699, so there is no deal there. Colors are cyan, white, black and red with yellow noticeably absent. In addition if you look closely, they have the 820's image instead of the 920 for the black version. Whoops!

And if you're into the Lumia 820 that of course has been dropped from AT&T's $49 price to just $0 on a two-year contract.

Head to Walmart to check for your regional availability. Thanks, Vishnu S, for the heads up!



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cdbstl76 says:

Since ATT charges a restocking fee for returns, it wouldn't be worth returning mine and going to get it through wal-mart. What is it, about a $13 savings if I did? Do they offer the charging plate?

ChrisUCL says:

Why can't we have deals like that in the UK? And why no cyan in the UK? Anyone know where I can import an unlocked international cyan Lumia 920?

Piro.Garay says:

Does it come with the Wireless Charger?

bbqrooster says:

It does not come with the wireless charger. This deal is for those people who do not want a wireless charger or want to buy a wireless charger of another color (ATT only gives you a black one).

jbrunick says:

Are you sure that AT&T only offers a black charging plate? I bought my wife the 920 yesterday and they offered us various colors.  In fact, she ordered a white one to match her phone. Of course, I can't confirm this until it is delivered.

sholokov says:

They ordered a Yellow and Red charger for the two phones I bought at the store. They either desperately want to reach some sales numbers or don't know that the deal is for black only. They added the chargers to my bill and discounted the phones to $50 each.

Woah wait - the AT&T store MATCHED the Wal-mart deal, plus the free charger?!

tlo07 says:

I think maybe what sholokov is saying is that he/she was charged for the chargers (allowing him/her to pick the color) but then they discounted the phones to $50 each.  So the price would still be approx $100 for the phone and charger but you are getting the color charger you want.

jd195 says:

This is correct.  When I bought my 920 last night, the rep discounted the phone $50 and charged me for the charger (which I should be getting in the mail in the next few days).  The idea is that the reps then get comission for selling the phone AND the charger, rather than getting nothing for a no-cost charger.

Lasp24 says:

that is un unbeatable deal.

Etyrnus says:

Unbeatable price, but AT&T gave me the unbeatable deal by upgrading both my lines when only one was eligible. But this is definitely worth jumping on for those who can!

How did you get them to do that?!

LA6507a says:

Dude where is your store because I want to go there to do this!

Unbeatable price.

That's awesome. The off contract price I paid for this phone at at&t is the best deal ever I think

jonb333 says:

Well considering their retail price is $699, CA residents would only end up saving $28 due to taxes. I'm happy with my purchase from att with the wireless charge pad.

ejlee072006 says:

Oh shit... I see amazon going for $49 with pad..820 $0 with pad..the screen on that 820 is more like the 900 CBD is really out I am again wanting the TANK..i have to go with yellow...

Wait what?  WHERE are you seeing amazon selling the lumia for 49 bucks with the free pad?!?!

Chris Coyle says:

The 920 is not a tank, my Titan was bigger then this phone. All those early reviews were wrong.

jmazzei says:

I one 100% agree, my 920 isn't even noticeable from the titan and actually feels lighter in the hand, probably to the awesome build! I could see noticing the difference if coming from iPhone 5, and only for short time. People make it sound like lifting a brick to your ear lol.

Well, it's more a statmeent for people coming from other platforms. My previous device was a 3.8", 4.6-ounce HTC Droid Incredible. Going to a 4.5", 6.5-ounce Lumia 920 is definitely a noticeable transition, but it's also 100% worth it. I'm loving the display (watched a couple of minutes of Doctor Who on it), the audio quality is better than I expected, and I don't find myself going "I wish I could get that app" at all, because the only app I used on Android (because I hated the bugginess and sluggishness of my Incredible) was Trillian, and I just replaced it with IM+ on Windows Phone 8 AND Windows 8.

vitaliano says:

Of course, it just shows how those reviewers couldn't stand how great of a phone 920 is.

Benny1434 says:

WTH, the no-contract price is $579!?! It shows basically the same price on Microsoft Store online and Best Buy. But obviously the price is $449 on AT&T's website....

jake69 says:

I wish at&t grant me an early upgrade...i got my 900 at launch. :-(

DreDay74 says:

$49 sounds great, but if Walmart was really trying to undercut at&t then why not sell them off contract for $400 or less? I think I can wait for maybe a black friday deal or another place to offer a deal

tlo07 says:

Because they get paid $$$ by AT&T for every contract that is signed, just like Best Buy Mobile. They don't make their money off of the phones. If you buy a phone outright, without a contract, they aren't getting their cashola from AT&T so they up the price to discourage you from buying it without a contract. :)

Daniel - the picture they are using for the black 920 is of the 820 model - should that concern me?

hasasimo says:

I'd pay extra if one of these stores decided to sell the color Nokia has been featuring most... yellow. 

I would have done it if they had grey and I knew beforehand...MAYBE. I'm sitting here with a slight bit of buyer's remorse because I wanted to at least SEE the red before I got the black (wanted grey, but it's not in the U.S.), but since no one had it yesterday, I got the phone and wireless charger on AT&T for $100. If I knew I could have gotten just the phone in any color (but grey and yellow--which I don't care for) for $50, I would have gotten that. I wasn't going to get a wireless charger if it wasn't free.

Granted, my dislike of Wal-Mart counters that, so I'm not too was a Christmas present regardless. I still love the phone, and it was an amazing deal at $100 for the phone AND charger, so as soon as I get the charger here, maybe I'll be happier, haha.

kaljoo says:

The pic for 920 is actually  820 on Walmart. You need to confirm if Walmart made a mistake because one for 920 pic is not 920 but 820

It's almost like i say that in the middle of the story...

Wow did I really miss that in the middle of the article?  I'm putting myself in time out.  Sorry Daniel!

vishnu.s says:

The pictures for Nokia Lumia 920 in white, cyan and red is correct. Only the pic for black 920 is wrong. The product description is of 920 only. Maybe they will correct it. The receipt will say 920 only. So you don't have to worry. By the way I have ordered the 920 in cyan from Walmart. I hope to get it by 13th of this month. If you want the free charging plate too then you can check on 16th of this month. You have to provide your Lumia 920 IMEI number to get the free wireless charging pad shipped to you.

xirsteon says:

At least they didn't put a photoshop of NL920 and then put Android icons on them w/the Windows phone standard buttons..
I'll buy one once I find a service that can unlock it. I've the benjamins already just not sure how to break it loose from the claws of ATT.

abe3211 says:

WalMart !!!! Make sure to hook up those TMobile phone users too!

awesumjon says:

Wal-mart probably doesn't visit this site !!!! Stop making comments at companies !!!! Other than that I completely agree with you !!!! We always get our upgrades at Wal-mart though since they usually have better deals !!!! More exclamations !!!!

hallam555 says:

Upgrade on orange through Phones 4 U 600mins, unlimited texts, 1GB of net, swapables...all for £31!! Back of the net...oh yeah the red Lumia 920 was free and was the free charging plate!!!!

Verkunder says:

Is this online only? What if I went to a WalMart store and wanted to do an early upgrade (+$250)?

mikroland says:

Makes you wonder why in the hell they are selling a phone of this caliber so damn cheap? A good deal is good, but this may turn some high end shoppers off who will automatically say look at this cheap piece of sh!t.  Of course an educated person of this model would know otherwise, but what about a casual smartphone shopper???? They will compare this to the iphone5 or latest Android, which sell for 199.99 if I'm not mistaken, and say this must not be any good. Look how cheap it is. It almost makes them look desperate to sell it which is not good sign in the eye of the shopper. Am I wrong?

tissotti says:

Well they sold Lumia 900 cheaper and that did no good for them.
This time i'm sure Nokia had more takers for Lumia 920, but they decided to go all out with AT&T that probably resulted to that price.
Here in Europe you are paying slightly less for Lumia 920 than iPhone 5, but almost 100 euros more than GS3. 

karl11 says:

That's ok, I don't shop at WalMart.

dalydose says:

I won't let any of my money pass through WalMart, but I wonder if BestBuy would match this price.  It is essentially the same deal as direct from AT&T if you buy the charging plate for $49.99, plus you can pick your own color.  Then again, I think I want a second wireless accessory and the black will be fine for one of my locations. Thanks for listening to me think out loud! :)

r590 says:

Just bought MINE!

Wow I would pay so much more for the Lumia 920, so I bet these will sell like hot cakes. I won't be getting it though because I want the charger, the phone in cyan, and cancelling my order from AT&T is a little too much effort.

czhoume says:

seriously?! come on. I just bought it an hour ago from microsoft store for 99

Arik Brown says:

You can get the same deal with AT&T if you ask for it. You just don't get the charging plate. I just upgraded to three Lumia 920s on AT&T for $150.

isi mcf says:

AT&T Credited my account $50. I was content with $99 but man o man if amazon goes cheaper within 14 days I may call AT&T again lol

Drugar says:

My buddy likes mine so much, he just snagged a Cyan 920 for this price.

cruzr96 says:

Is this just an online offer?

Probably, I just stopped by my local WalMart and they didn't have it

cruzr96 says:

Nuts. Oh well, still getting myself a Lumia, this deal is craaaazy.

can anyone please tell me what is the minimum plan needed for the contract!!?? and details!! on at&t!! i live in houston!!

cruzr96 says:

20 dollars a month will get you 300 MB of data. Not enough IMO, the next cheapest one is 30 dollars a month for 3 GB.

SmoothDog says:

If you go for the 5gb plan you also get tethering.

RyanDaLyon says:

December 1st can't come any faster! I need this phone!

dhruvz says:

I bought it from AT&T online store with a free black wireless charging plate for $99. Can i return this in any of the AT&T retail stores and then buy it from walmart for $49?

Ocelott says:

woot got mines

Bought my 920 on saturday at att then saw this.  I just got off the phone with att and they matched the price and are providing me with a $50 refund on my bill. Woot!
The guy on the phone seemed to have no idea that walmart was doing this.  He couldn't believe it because apparently walmart usually doesn't have high end phones.  He needed to find the page on walmart's website, but once he did he matched the price without an argument.  
What a hell of a deal. Way better screen than iphone 5, 32gb, wireless charging, use gloves with the screen, and it costs 6 times less than the 32 gb iphone.   My only complaints so far are that the evernote app is lacking features and crashes all the time, and my battery isn't lasting as long as I'd hoped.  Barely touch it at work all day and it's down to 47% when I leave.  Anybody run into the same problems or have any solutions?

DropPass says:

We bought two L920's (one for me and one for my wife) on Friday and paid $100.00 for each through the at&t store.  We stopped back in last night to check on our charge plates and mentioned the Walmart price.  The sales guy made a quick phone call and within minutes we had a refund of $107.xx (includes tax).  And we still get our charge plates when they arrive!!!

gjrincon says:

It worked for me too. Just called ATT premier and after a short wait, the agent told me they would credit my account for $45. This credit inmediatly applied to my outstanding balance. I'm a satisfied customer right now!

Nikkdawg says:

Has anyone recieved their phones from walmart? Ordered a red one on Nov 12, still awaiting inventory. I contected walmart and all they would tell me is they expect it to be filled 'soon' and would not go into it more than that. Maybe we can get a feel for how back ordered they are if people post when their phone shipped, when they ordered, and what color they ordered.