Poll – What 3 missing features do you want most in Windows Phone 8?

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Okay folks, we asked and you answered. Yesterday we posted an open discussion on what you thought were some missing features from Windows Phone 8, knowing what we know so far (which is actually a lot due to the SDK leak). We were curious and Microsoft is curious.

In turn we received over 600 well thought out and detailed comments on the issue and we poured over it, trying to distil the top requests.

Looking over the comments we picked what we thought were the top nine most requested and talked about features that are evidently missing in ‘Apollo’. You can now vote on those nine by choosing the top three features that you want the most come to Windows Phone.

The poll is open till Monday, 6AM EST


Don’t worry if your feature didn’t make the list—Microsoft is no doubt looking at your 600+ comments and we’re sure someone important is taking notes. 

Our results will be given on to Microsoft for future consideration, so please pass it a long for others to vote. If you are using our app, please use m.wpcentral.com to take the poll.



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Mattyh95 says:

Great idea, left! Of course!! Haha MS olz do this!!

ubuntuai says:


12Danny123 says:

Maybe. An optional thing. go to settings and enable notification center it will pleas people who want a nodification center and who don't want it :D

WPenvy says:

This guy gets it

dukrem says:

Yes, do this microsoft!

WPenvy says:

Go back to loving Ubuntu. Troll

220SeaChaser says:

Ubuntuai, you don't speak for myself and others on this so stop using "we" when stating something about your own opinion on the matter. Just because having "only live tiles" for notifications works great for you, dosen't  mean it works for everyone else. 

Ordeith says:

I now want to be able to save the tile layout in the home screen. Nothing like laying out all your tiles o ly to have someone use the phone and mess them all up.

I would like a way to quickly put them back to a saved state.

or more easily add a "lock tiles" option thats protected by a 4 digit pin number (ala the way a lot of lock screens are done). would keep you from accidentally moving a tile and keep others from purposefully doing so.

schlubadub says:

I want an app backup, more than a full backup. I should be able to backup an app and all it's settings and store it away. If the developer pulls the app I can still keep mine, and keep my progress & settings.

dukrem says:

It would also be nice to see location/gps integration with calendar:    Eg. Location based reminders, ability to tap the location of an entry in the calendar to get gps directions, and ability to add location info (via integrated bing maps) to calendar entries to facilitate the previous function.

Snuuz says:

I would like turn-by-turn & voice navigation in Bing Maps. Having to scroll to see the next lot of directions is completely inadequate when I'm driving!

k_4 says:

One awesome feature would be to have an option to keep the WiFi alive even when the phone is locked...

samyaras says:

I need just these...
1. Toast notifications without pinning app to start screen
2. Turn On/Off Calendar events on lock screen. 
3. Adding more commands to the TellMe
Other than that, the WP is awesome already, in my opinion. Its the most useful OS even though it looks simple. We should ride on top of it. Adding notification center, or background colors, more keyboads or things like that will lead Microsoft to converge the OS to Android or iOS eventually. MS had taken enough inspiration from other Operating systems when they built WP7.
If at all they want to improve anywhere, they should stop renaming their products too often. Find a good name, stick to it...so, its stays with people's mind. 

bokchoy1 says:

I still want a more fully featured browser. This means dedicated forward, back, find and new tab buttons/gestures accessible with one tap or swipe. Oh, and a way to quickly scroll down long pages.

The single customizable button shown in wp8's ie10 is simplification to the point of added complexity. At first glance its not obvious that this functionality exists. It also takes too many steps to perform simple functions present in every other mobile browser I've ever used. One idea is to only show the address bar while loading (to prevent phishing). After loading, it would be hidden behind the ... menu and the bottom bar would have back, forward, and refresh instead.

Chromeless browsing would be a bonus, but unlikely because it'd confuse new users.

kidjenius says:

MICROSOFT: Please prioritize having a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP in the same fasion as iOS. I want all my app settings preserved when I reset a phone or switch to a new phone!!!
the notification centre is NOT priority!

Kreblon says:

I want gapless audio playback, dammit!

ZX9 says:

The current audio API sucks. Ok, maybe not the API, but every time I use a third-party music app, doing anything (opening my keyboard, switching apps, navigating other apps, navigating other parts of the OS, pressing the Windows key, hitting search...) will cause audio lapses and gaps. Basically, I can't do hardly anything while listening to a third party music app without worrying about lapses.

Mattyh95 says:

Notifications centre for sure!! And more keyboards and the 'X' to close very handy!

bataclau says:

Instead a new Notification Center, Microsoft should use the live tile Me to push all the alerts & notifications

ebradley says:

Super idea. Isn't the "Me" tile supposed to be for things for me?

Janis91 says:

I mostly want turn-by-turn navigation for everyone. Besides that, I hope that the integrated FB chat works more reliably.

k_4 says:

Now I get the whole purpose of the SDK leak...microsoft leaked it early for users to know the new features...and now doing this polls thing so that they can add new features based on the user demand...

geeRazz says:

Appclosing by swipe up or down, when you're in "Multitasking view"... !
Not by pressing on an "X"!

k_4 says:

Wouldn't folding an app like folding paper be a better way to close it than swiping it up/down...??

You should put stuff that hasnt been confirmed in the leak up 

1.Windows phone has custom ringtones for calls now and it looks like they are Getting it text and email ECT. What about individual text ringtone so the important people can get it their own personal text ringer,so I can know who it is before I pull out my phone from my pocket . That's the only Idea i missed from my old LG vx8300
2.a way to get back to the music and video hub ex. When I am listening to and hit the volume and click on the song .there is no way to get back to the music and video hub to change the song .if it only one song

Voice command that work for dialling, emailing, picture taking, text. Messaging.

Battery. Life longer than 8. hr, with. Solar panels

DaSchnee says:

Definatly full system back up, notification center and "x" to close apps ( actually I would prefer to slide up to close the app, like in web OS)

cedarlog says:

on windows 8 you pull the app down to close
so they might use the same thing on wp8

lkaila says:

I must say I'm suprised to see that nobody misses multitasking features, or at least the ability of an app with network connectivity (skype,ssh,IRC...) to run in the background.
Would also be great to get rid of Zune, right now transferring songs to the phone is so complicated.
Start screen colours, icon styles..who cares!

schlubadub says:

Background VoIP & location has already been announced. I assume that will extend to 3rd party chat clients.

Voted on Folders, Universal Search, and full backup. A notification center would also be nice for some people I would thinking depending on tile setup (might not be able to see everything at a glance from default home screen).

JsnMclean05 says:

guys How about the custom ringtone feature ?? Don be mad on me .. Jus a suggestion

Lacktoes says:

Custom ringtones already exists. Although 30 second length limit should be axed. I believe custom sounds for texts and emails have also already announced.

skywalker#WP says:

Most important is make app opening alot faster. Apps take freaking long to open up! Then instead of backgrounds, patterns just like in windows 8 would work for me. Definitely backup is a must..especially for games. The rest i can live without.

DaSchnee says:

The dual Core CPUs will fix this ;)

skywalker#WP says:

Oh, the idea of more details lock screen like having weather data display on it would be very welcomed.

markiz says:

Music player scrubbing feature is the one I'm waiting for..

schlubadub says:

Your wait is over! It's been available since WP7.0

I think WPCentral has choosen the least interesting features! There where more interesting features in the wishlist generated by everyone! A pitty!

schlubadub says:

@Daniel Rubino I hope "Folders" means "Custom Hubs" like Pictures and Xbox Live where it has dedicated lists of apps specific to that Hub. 

MrCroiX says:

Maybe transparent tiles? Which mean a frame with a small icon at the middle. Then the space between the icon and the frame is transparent. With this, we are able to put a background wallpaper we like. Sometimes I think Microsoft should think out of the box. Shouldn't stick with the word simple. Although tiles and black/white background looks simple, but colourful UI is more attractive sometimes. Colourful start screen can make user more relaxing. I think the concept of 'simple' is good. But the 'simple' I think it should be just apply on the system. The start screen should have a wallpaper in my opinion.

blackprince says:

Heres hoping that MSFT ignores most of the "customization" requests. We don't need background images or transparent tiles or more background colours or folders(custom hubs) or a notification center. WP was designed to be more efficient. WP8 will bring more power to live tiles and should completly wipe out the need for a notification center in my mind. There is no aesthically pleasing need background images or transparent tiles. Windows Phone is NOT MySpace and for good reason. As for folders, people just need to prioritize what they have on their start screen. Having different options to sort the app list would be nice but the start screen is your folder and sub-folders are dumb.
Full backup is a must so when re-setting your phone or moving to a new device you don't spend hours re-installing all your apps. The suggestion about locking what apps you can fast-switch between was a stroke of genius. But I think that many of the features already announced will really flesh out WP like never before and do away with many of our stupid suggestions.

Very true @blackprince! Why would you want to have folders, it makes it only more difficult for most users, less intuitive. And with the new startscreen you can make the tiles very small so you can add more to the screen, no reason to have folders.
A nice picture that flows over all tiles would be a nice differentiation while keeping the background black. I mean, each tile makes a piece of the whole picture.

schlubadub says:

If I wanted a wall of small icons I'd use ios or android. I shouldn't have to pin everything just to group it

schlubadub says:

I don't see how folders is "dumb" at all. Do you like having your game apps in the Games Hub? How about picture-related apps in the Picture Hub? All we want is the ability to create our own hubs. I would settle for adding tags or categories to the app list that I can filter by. I don't like having 50 apps on my screen just so I can group them. I want to press a button and see all of the related apps.

TonyDedrick says:

Or here's hoping MSFT creates choices were if you want to take advantage of a feature, you can. If you don't, you just don't.

refreak says:

dont knw about 3,

but notification center is a must

Phen0m24 says:

It would be excellent if I could send and receive Kik messages over the Bluetooth in my car via voice like I can with SMS. Siri does that...

The back button is annoyingly haphazard. I want to go back a page, not out of the browser. (hence why so many desire the close option)

Universal search on the phone and marketplace. I searched for a band but didn't select music first and there were no results! Then why put the search button at the bottom that suggests you are "searching" the whole marketplace?

Good grief more cool apps and games couldn't hurt.

Truther says:

Root access. If you want a community to grow, give them the tools they need.

Phen0m24 says:

almost forgot: a faster way to scroll.

For example - scrolling to the bottom or top of this comment thread was painful!!! Fast page up or down would be great sans a proper back button...

olivermills6 says:

I agree. A slider bar would do the job.

I'd also like unsent texts to be automatically saved as drafts, and for there to be an option to deliberately save a draft.

whatdoyaknow says:

I really miss a calenar that shows more than one appointment.
(and of course an SD card that I can remove and store a file on (Word, Excel, music etc)
But I love WP7 and it's amy great features

whatdoyaknow says:

Oh and arrows on the keyboard for navigation

issieman says:

Our opinions don't count. We had a similar survey for wp7.5 and look where that got us.

What will be will be... WP8

ebradley says:

Any type of file to be attached to an email.

engellion says:


ATT: Dan

Re: GOLDEN RATIOS & Kepler Triangles - It's not about the "whitespace"

I would like the option under WP8 to RESTORE the "whitespace" that currently exists in WP7. Why? Metro aesthetics. Namely Golden Ratios and Kepler Triangles

When I first saw a WP7 device in a store in early 2011, I was strangely attracted by Metro's unique and visually appealing design. I ldiscovered later that this was not an accident. Metro was beautiful by design. The "Golden Ratio" explained it. (See Wikipedia for a full explanation)

Basically it is about the Divine Proportions seen in mathematics and geometry, and which form a part of architects and artists aesthetic toolkits: 

"In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio (φ) if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one"
The ratio turns out to be 1 : 1.618... 
Pocketnow.com has the notes on it over here. Basically, WP7's Start screen seeks to approach the golden ratio. Note the illustration below: Kepler Trianges (based on squares in geometric progression) manifest the ratio, and the WP7 Start Screen is full of them.

I love art, I love geometry, and I love technology. WP7 captures the best of all three worlds in one.

It doesn't really matter what we fill the "whitespace" with, so long as the ratios are there. But in WP8 we've lost all the Kepler Triangles! Trust me, that is why WP7 is more appealing in design aesthetics.

Please MFST, bring back the Golden Ratio to WP7!

(images courtesy of Pocketnow.com)

PS. Please foward this to Joe Belfiore (or who ever is in charge over there with WP8)

Cheers ;-)

EDIT: Hmmm...for some reason the images don't show up in this post, but I can see them in the editor. Anyhow, please check them out at pocketnow.com to see why.

Forc3 says:

seriously? No!

engellion says:

Yes, seriously. Check the links to the pocketnow images in my post. Not only the golden ratio is portrayed, but also the "rule of thirds". WP8 start screen looks bloated in comparison. Bring back the Keppler Triangles. In fact I've started my own blog on it. I love the WP7 whitespace and hope MS resurrects it.

ahuczek says:

He's right though. Wp7 looks better...

heystartrek says:

Kepler design white space rant with examples and wiki art quotes +1

Wevenhuis says:

Notification Center?
In which manner would I want this on a Windows phone?

random404 says:

1.  gps hub that has all location based apps in it.  Information in the hub should give you current location, latitude and longitude, weather, and compass info.  This app should launch as quickly as possible.  Relevant share options should be easily accessible.  It should have recently used location apps similar to games hub as well as a list of all location apps.  This app should have a list of all your favorite locations which should be pinnable to the start screen.  The tile should show the weather and distance from current location. The favorites should allow you to launch any application that uses location data so you can choose your favorite app to check out location data. I realize the current phone does this with the garmin app and bing, but it doesn't work for all locations. Alarms should be available to alert you when you are near the location.  2.  dlna needs to work and work well.  If the current implementation in wp8 works with everything then great, but if it doesn't then make it work with everything and make it seemless.  A complete list of all media from all available servers should be presented as one list.  Users should not have to figures out where the content is sitting.  The list should be indexed on the phone and updated in the background.  The phone figures out the score and sends it to the selected dlna device.  The sonos functionality of syncing music to multiple devices should be enabled.  start in one spot and resume in another is also important. Possibly this should be a remote hub.  3.  Give power users one app that they can choose to run in background.  Allow them to prioritize apps that stay active for multitasking.

kinect_dev says:

Can you do another one of these for WP App Developers? My 3 developer wishes would be:
1) Ability to use 3D in WP8 apps/games from C# (not C++ and not legacy WP7.5 apps)
2) Charms (like Windows 8) or the ability for apps to work together through contracts
3) The ability to call native code from C# (not from C++) for libraries like OpenCV, LibTiff, DCRaw, etc.

kinect_dev says:

If I could have three more wishes they would be:
4) The ability for app developers to use the USB port or the bluetooth radio to communicate with an arduino/netduino or other external devices
5) More sensor support like thermistors (termometers), force/pressure, IR emitter & camera, ultrasonic range finder, magnetic field, Kinect, LED, etc.
6) PureView!!!

Definitely need more ringtone ability.  Not only via phone call, but it would be nice for text message alerts too.
I also like the folder option
What about having the ability to put a background behind the live tiles?  We could make the background or tiles transparent.  It'd be nice to see a picture of my family - who's very close to my heart, while the live tiles are there.

kinect_dev says:

Oh! One more thing!! Microsoft recently said they want Windows Phone to be the best phone for cameras. In that case they need to add support for RAW images from the camera. That would be images at the native 12-bit, 14-bit or 16-bit depth (i.e. 48-bit color images). Without that there is no way apps can do real image processing at any level of quality.

EliteMikes says:

I can't believe how many say a better notification system is not needed.  The live tiles are great, but I do not need my homescreen cluttered with every single application that may send a push notification. Also, having to go into the app to hopefully find out what that missed toast message was is just stupid.  There's a good chance the toast is long gone and you are just left wondering what it was.
I think there are ways a good system can be worked into the OS where it feels like it belongs and is not an afterthought.
I never understood the limitation on theme colors....
I really hope the ability to tie 3rd party chat apps into the messaging hub makes its way in.  I think there was a rumor a long time ago, but it has not been mentioned in the sdk. At least 3rd party voip can be hooked in.
Also, other 3rd party social network support would be nice to tie into the people hub. 
The people hub needs to be more scalable in general to keep up with features.  FB integration is almost, but not quite good enough to eliminate using the app.
App developers should not have much to complain about, I know I'm happy with the leaked sdk. Many performance issues should go away, hopefully the changes in some of the controls makes its way into 7.8.

ahuczek says:

Oh geez we can vote multiple times.  Thats never a good things guys.  All that does is grant the crazies power.  
Anyway, I voted for folders, universal search, and landscape start screen.  
I really hope by folders you guys dont mean a live tile that we have to click to open and then search through though because thats exactly what ios has and it looks and functions terribly.  I cant count the number of times Ive literally watched my friends fumble through their folders looking for something. I just want to be able to reorganize my main app list.  Dont do ANYTHING more to the start screen. Its already too busy with the changes to wp8.
Universal search is a big one for me.  Bing just needs to improve all around and if they included universal search that would help out a lot.  Also would you please allow us to zoom in and save picture search results? Thats so annoying.
And somebody asked why would we want a landscape start screen earler.  I honestly think it fits with the aesthetic of the OS.  Plus its a horizonal scroll on the desktop and on the xbox.   Arent we trying to tie th ecosystem together?  I want it as an option though, not a replacement. in system settings you could have three options.  Lock portrait, lock landscape, auto rotate.  easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Hope my post gets read. I really dont like getting buried in a sea of responses on sites like this but Im sure you guys are reading everything.  Bring on wp8!

alife says:

How about, instead of a single notification centre (iPhone style) we have hubs where we can pin similar apps together and each hub has its own notification centre. For example the sports hub could allow users to "pin" apps within the hub (normal tiles with individual tile count) and each hub has a notification centre (much like the Me hub) where the notifications of all apps within will be displayed (news, score change etc with link to the app). Much like a start screen within a hub plus the notification centre. The hub tile can be pinned on the start screen with an accumulated tile count. Hope it makes sense.

Duvi says:

The 3 I chose are the top 3 choices.  

deznice says:

What I really would like to see is a notification center based on the current task switching screen. I think it would be cool if you could flick away apps you want to close. And have the notification screen a swipe away from that.

vp710 says:

Where's the list and poll? o.O

stevethenerd says:

This list is quite nit picky, and quite ridiculous...

These have been listed already, but I'd really like them:
- ability to take screenshots
- ability to customize alert tones
- ability to set wallpaper on the homesceeen

sloshed says:

They really need to make it so that the contents of a text message do not show on the lock screen or start screen if the user doesn't want them to.

PJ McPhizzle says:

What is wrong with the idea of a notification center people?

"That's what Android does" isn't a good excuse, Android does do some things right. Admitting that doesn't mean WP7/8 is any less great. "That's what a live tile is for" is also a bad excuse, what about those apps that have an ugly tile and you don't want to put it on the main screen? Aesthetics aside, there could be other reasons to not use a tile. Should we not care about missed notifications for those apps? A notification center would be good for those of us who want one, since when is choice bad? It wouldn't break your live tiles, so just don't use it if you don't want to.

That brings me to what I want most from WP8, choice. There are so many options added to Windows Phone, but rarely is there a toggle to turn them off, an example would be flip to silence. This is another area where Android shines.

ahuczek says:

people dont want endless customization because that just leads to confusion and clutter.  that was the problem with windows mobile and thats the current problem with android.  if you dont think thats the case then sir you really are on the wrong platform. 
people that use and love windows phone appreciate its clean aesthetic and complete functionality.  stuff just works and there arent endless menus and settings that have to be made in order to do so. changing that really does change the character of the OS.

TonyDedrick says:

It leads to confusion and clutter if you allow it.

kittshelby says:

Does anyone know if it's been confirmed that there will be separate volume controls for Music, Ringtone, Alarm, and Games?

xmarklive says:

How about they make wp8 exactly like the windows 8 start screen.... I want left to right scrolling and the ability to change background . I want everything that windows 8 have except tge desktop .

Check this out Notification Center Maybe Actually Be Coming To Windows Phone 8 and hopefully to windows 7.8http://www.1800pocketpc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/590.jpg

xmarklive says:

The new start screen look like a hot cluttered mess !!!!!

Racxie says:


There, has my comment finally been noticed this time?

Seasword says:

Is there no one that cares beside look and more fundamental such as :
1. Ability to know the sender's number for received sms for sender with multiple numbers.
2.System-wide file association with app, i.e. docx, pdf, mp3, mkv along the folder to store them.

MortalSins says:

I'd like an exteremely quick way to turn on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, ringer, etc. If not a notification center, perhaps holding down a tile that gives you options to do these things? I would really appreciate either one. I saw from an earlier comment that maybe it could be on the "Me" tile.
Also, I would LOVE to see a color picker for theme colors. I would never get tired of playing with that!

schlubadub says:

I use "WP Shortcut Tiles" for most of those. There are other apps that do the same, like WizTiles. Not all settings are accessible in WP7... hopefully more will be permitted in WP8

All these options are either implemented in some way, will be implemented or are just ridiculous

ScottAB says:

Missed yesterday open comments, but here are my top two:
1. Scheduled do not disturb, but where specific people hub residents ring through.
2. My phone to know that if I am at work (it's on my calendar, and I checked in using Foursquare), vacation, home, the game, et al, I get different set of "home tiles" (the first screen full on <=7.5, or top half of >=7.8
BTW, I'd pay for these apps if someone develops it.

schlubadub says:

Sadly none of that is possible in WP7

dukrem says:

That would be sooo cool, especially once microsoft gets its house operating system up and running - full integegration with your home.
I would like to see more location based customisation, I think it's a good idea.

danisoufi says:

I can live without a Notification Center. I don't think it's even useful. What I'd like to see is all notifications to popup on the lock screen, a more pleasant choice would be is to be able to adjust how the notification would look like (example and icon or a full text like the calendar does) and to be able access that app through the lock screen or to dismiss it with a swipe.

dalascby says:

FIX THE BLUETOOTH PROBLEM! Windows phone is the only OS on the planet that can't play video sound via Bluetooth! 2 years of hundreds of complaints and MS won't even respond to you about it. It's an embarrassment.

Its fixed on the 710,titan etc

zaidthunder1 says:

Well hope FTP is there on WP. Full Backup sounds nice as well.

koenshaku says:

1.I want static IP setting on wifi
2.hold to save images in the brower
3.Notification center

lippidp says:

What's all the yammering about? Take the poll then sit down and STFU.

People: WP DOESN'T NEED A NOTIFICATION CENTER, NEEDS A BETTER ME TILE, with all the notifications, by all apps, in there. Just.

AdeptMaven says:

That's what they're saying. They need/want a central location for every single notification. Call it notification center or improved Me Tile or whatever.

EliteMikes says:

symantics, that would be a good place, but requiring a click then a swipe in my opinion is too much of a pain when there are still better ways to handle it.  I think the concept of the "ME" tile is half baked, why do I want to see myself on my start screen?

AdeptMaven says:

I still don't see why people are so bent on having the ability to close apps. If its not slowing down your phone why do you need it? 

NEDM64 says:

How abot unlink multi-media volume to ringtone volume, to SMS notification, to...

wsanchez78 says:

An app that takes your driving route and tells you the live weather conditions. Perhaps nokia can expand nokia drive but along with live conditions also allow you to set a date/time in the future so you can get a forecast along your planned route

wsanchez78 says:

Since were talking about win 8 features, you can incorporate it to Bing for the forecast part, although I hear Bing will use Nokia maps, so maybe Microsoft should just work with Nokia on baking this into the OS as much as possible.

wsanchez78 says:

Nokia also has its version of the weather channel app (which me likes), so they know how to hook into weather info as well

leevis123 says:

Would like the option to 'Select All' in the e-mail client. It's pretty annoying having to check each e-mail when looking over Unread Messages. 

TJWINS says:

I can't see why anybody would want a Notification Center. I tried Android for 25 days before returning it for BlackBerry after I missed 3 crucial appointments because of that stupid notification bar. Notification Centers make no sense to me. Apple's website advertises the notification center by saying "Just swipe down from the top of any screen to access Notification Center and see what's happening and what you've missed". Excuse me!!! "What you've missed"???? Are you kidding me. Who the heck want's to see what they have missed??? The purpose of a reminder is to not miss it in the first place! I am a business man and when I have an important appointment I do not want discrete notifications. I need to be notified abruptly if I have a reminder set. Imagine an alarm clock that wakes you up descretely lol! How many people would get up for work? The same reason an alarm clock is annoying is the same reason we need notifications to be annoying. You can dismiss it if it is not important. This is why I use BlackBerry and this is the reason I am moving to Windows Phone 8 in October. If this feature is replaced with a Notification Center then I will have to find a different platform. Missed appointments due to discrete notifications are not acceptable to business users. I view Notification Centers as appealing to consumer users but not business users. A Notification Center in Windows Phone would also defeat the purpose of having live tiles in the first place.

gemini5150 says:

That is the most important thing to myself as well.  I need to know if I have an appointment and I need to be told without fail.  WIndows mobile did this in the best way (also with text to speech). Win phone 7 not so much, its gone down the line of android with very quick discrete sound and thats it.  But win 8 will have more sounds I hope.  I hate to have to constantly look at my phone to know whats going on, and if im in a loud place i cant hear the .5 second chime or one quick vibrate. SO I hope they give the option of being like win mobile 6.5. However I would like the notification center because Of the quick little toast for apps I guess.  But more than a notification center, I would like to have the ability to keep phone on speaker without having to always turn it on.  Also a phone key pad with swipe to right for recent calls instead of pushing  the symbol.

CAVX says:

Oh gosh, I definitely need full backup. Do you know what it's like upgrading to a new phone, having that phone break, getting your old phone back up to date while waiting for service, and then upgrading back to the replacement phone?
Of course, my terrible situation would also warrant being able to restore any one backup on any other phone. But I'm still hopeful for this in WP8. I want a better hardware upgrade path please.

VJV87 says:

1. Searching Calender Appointments, Music, videos, messages
2. Deleting multiple messages..Also, deleting messages should be made similar to deleting emails (instead of tap and hold)
3. Modes - Airplane mode, office mode, car mode, outdoor mode, meeting mode, etc etc. ( I remember symbian phones having this feature..and it was very useful)
4. One touch access to controls such as wi-fi, bluetooth etc (These are commonly used functions and makes sense for users to get to them with-in a touch instead of digging through menus
5. Picture password (as implemented in windows 8)
6. Classic tweet in people hub. Viewing twitter conversations
7. Ability to upload pictures from Me Hub onto fb, twitter

schlubadub says:

#4 is already possible. Check out WP Shortcut Tiles, or WizTiles

Valkrian says:

Phone backup/restore would be nice if it were integrated with SkyDrive as an automatic and manual feature similar to the two separate options on desktops. It would be the cloud version of system restore.

Lacktoes says:

I think they should implement the picture password like they have on Windows 8 for Tablets. The one where you make a series of patterns on your background picture to unlock. I've always liked android's pattern password and this would be a better, cooler alternative. 
Face recognition is pretty shit. My mate had it on his laptop and we just printed out a picture of his face which we could hold in front of his webcam to screw around with his computer whenever we pleased.

Valkrian says:

Picture lock still has a few kinks on droid. But if ms were to improve on the idea with something better it would not look so much like they are copying the competition.

davidappling says:

The ability to create a playlist of music on your phone

davidappling says:

Yea its simple but that's the only thing that bugs be about my phone

schlubadub says:

You can already do this! Simply choose all the songs you want via the "Add to Now Playing" function (press & hold on song/artist/album/genre). Go to the Now Playing view (where you can see the song playing + artwork... a quick way to get there is via volume up/down music display & click the song that's playing). Now select the three dots and select "Save as Playlist" OR select a song underneath the artwork and you can see the full list of the songs you've chosen, then press the Save icon.

Valkrian says:

wp phones need some of the same programs as the pc to be competitive.Full java and Flash support for starters. If there was a way for ms to be the first to get support for this on their phones they they would have a leg up.

Valkrian says:

You can create a playlist on your phone but it requires a little fenagling with the zune internal software and the live tiles. What it needs to be is much easier to access.

schlubadub says:

I'm not sure how live tiles are involved? I'm not sure what you mean. It's all pretty easy and I've posted the instructions a few comments above this one

Valkrian says:

I did just what you did but I pinned the music tracks to the start menu before adding the tracks to the now playing list. Looks like I was using a needless step.

AznRaven says:

No screen capture as an option???

schlubadub says:

It's already been announced as a feature... Can't remember if just WP8 or WP7.8 too

gregoron says:


1. Ability to view all video formats online.

2. End/bottom of page button so I can post quickly to threads like these.

3. Updates through Microsoft not carriers.

danzinho16 says:

I really like number 3.

DavidinCT says:

Microsoft already said that that will come with Windows Phone 8, updates from MS not from carriers (well besides carrer updates)

nizzon says:

Option to globally disable landscape
Notification center (Live Tiles are not enough!)
Universal Search, make use of that search-button again.

poiman says:

1) Oh god... more background colours aren't getting a lot of support in this poll :( Hope Microsoft doesn't ignore it! I believe it is one of the easiest features to implement and it would make a lot of people happy, because some of us find the OS a bit ugly as the black/white colours aren't appealing at all.    2) Option to close apps in the multitasking screen, and having more than 5 opened would be essential too.    3) Landscape Start screen.

nizzon says:

More theme-colors are most certainly being added. And more "open" apps in the multitasker has already been confirmed by MS. Its now 8 IIRC.

dukrem says:

Actually after seeing a previous post I've changed my mind. Pureview at WP8 launch is all I care about now.

danzinho16 says:

I would personally like Instagram integrated. Why? Make us even more unique than others. ;D

Nakazul says:

I want more backgrounds, there is no harm in choice.

DavidinCT says:

2 of each of my most important things I want
1. Dual Volume controls (one for Media, one for notications/rings)
2. Background images AND transparent options for tiles (we need more customization)
1. True 3-4 day batteries (not esitmated if you dont use the phone)
2. 64, 128, 256gb options, No more 8 or 16gb !!!! 32gb or higher standard, This is a joke for a moder mobile device and what's the point of the cloud if everyone is limited to 2GB for data usage ?????

M_Lyons10 says:

Seriously?? This is the list our community came up with? There aren't 3 worth voting for... I'm sure glad the community isn't in charge of WP8 development...

Does no one see the importance of enterprise / business features to the entire platform? I mean VPN didn't even make the list? How can everyone not see how important that is to the future of the platform??

Good grief.

My main request? Hidden SSID detection. I think WP7 is the only mobile OS that doesn't have it.

silentbob343 says:

How about separate volume controls. I still can't believe this had not been addressed in the other updates or I haven't heard more people complain about it. No pun intended.

dhaoracle says:

I just want them to put in the notfication/history section to the left like they did with the Zune HD Player. This right here would give them a even greater value to multi-tasking. I mean you don't need recent apps in there but something like your missed calls or texts messages so that you won't have to completely open any of those applications. 
IDK maybe they ould do something different with the notification center on the left side but it would be something great to put back in the Metro interface especially since Android fucked up the left side notification. 

ISAAC1982 says:

Full System Backup is the most important thing by far. Its a basic that should have been implemented from day one. I've been doing backups of my other mobiles for about 5-6 years  so just cannot understand why they chose not to do it for WP. I lost progress in about 60-70 xbox live games when my phone screen packed up. The only backup I had was the one when my phone last got an update which was about 6-7 months prior. Seriously, seriously annoying.

A universal search would include a page search function like on ie or chrome in windows? That's what I really get annoyed with on any WP browser.

Also a cache clear function for the entire phone would be great.

Darkstar1756 says:

They should add an "Old school mode" option for the start screen that puts the gutter back but only allows double/medium tiles (not small because it would be too hard to read) for all the people out there who dont like the new start screen and want to keep the gutter

Mooncow27 says:

How about a screenshot option? Save it as a JPEG.

CmosError says:

In my opinion, anyone that voted for the notification center is completely missing the point of Windows Phone.

TJWINS says:

I agree 100%. Why would you want a notification center when each tile has notifications right on it?. Anybody wanting a Notification Center and wallpaper options is the same person who doesn't appreciate WP and should switch to a different platform. We don't want WP to be like neither iOS nor Android. We want it to be like WP period!

xmarklive says:

Because it's already been stated that wp8 will get business type addition to the os !!!!;

Valkrian says:

What wp 8 does not need.
1. Folders  Why? SkyDrive has folders for storage already there would be no need for them on the physical device. Why want them? Because people like to feel in control of their data and where it goes. Zune software works for music and some pictures and video but needs expansion to include other formats of data like PDF,Gif/motion Gif,MKV etc. Zune is a great platform to launch an alternative form of folders without the standard folders look. Zune functions like folders using categories to sort music,videos and similar to folders view for pictures. Technically It does not need a separate folders setup Zune needs to be stepped up with more functionality to give those who want folders what they want. Opinions anyone?

Valkrian says:

What windows phone 8 needs
1. Data Backup  Why? All machines need to be reset because of one thing or another. Being able to restore your phone data just makes sense. No one likes losing everything to technology failures or the occasionally stupid mistake. If microsoft made a way to un-brick your phone using a system backup or restore the world would rejoice. Backup needs to be integrated into zune.

Valkrian says:

What wp 8 does not need
2. Notification Center  Why? No one needs a centralized place for all their notifications to congregate. When I get a new text a message flashes at the top notifying me to check messaginghen it goes away. When I have an alarm or an appointment the alarm or reminder makes itself know immediately for me to handle on the spot. The ability is already in the phone. That's what the messaging and calendar tiles are for.

TJWINS says:

Yep. Don't need it and don't want it! This is not iOS or Android this is Windows Phone period! I want my notifications in my face and not hidden in a Notification Center. I've missed too many appointments in only 1 month of trying Android because of that stupid Notification Bar. When I have a reminder I want to be reminded loud and clear not with an unnoticable descrete notification. Keep it the way it is. Live tiles and snoozable alarms are all the notifications I need! If you want the Notification Center then you simply are missing the point of Windows Phone and should look elsewhere to address your needs.

Valkrian says:

What windows phone 8 needs
2. Customization   No need to ask why that's what we are all a buzz about. That's what this poll is mostly comprised of and what is needed are options that please buisness,casual and hardcore alike. I have no real answers for this one topic there are so many options. All I can say is windows phone does not need to copy features from other competitors it needs to out maneuver the competition with new or enhanced features and functionality. That's all I have to say hope Microsoft can give its products and services the Midas touch.

xmarklive says:

For all you people that say we don't need notification and etc.. Tell me what do we do when he have a cnn that has breaking news or weather app that has emergency weather alert but miss the 3 second notification and can't put the tile right at the top because of other important tiles ...how will we get notified unless we check each and every app for breaking news........u people that are against a notification center are just against it because the other platforms has it , well guess what all os use one another ideas so if u can't come up with a better idea maybe you should just shush!!!;;;

hethler says:

Where is "screen capture / grab"???

cesarg says:

Guys, we need to be honest with ourselves. For some reason we chose WP over Android/iOS and I don't think it's because it had fewer apps or a reduced market share. WP is simply different for its cool environment, its homescreen and its people centered integration.
Speaking about the options listed in the poll, I don't know. I don't need (I wouldn't even use) a background besides the lock screen's. I am not in for the Notification center, close button,   and not even for the folders thing. Kind of unuseful to me.
Personally, I love my wp (been a Focus + Titan user) and I am not thinking on switching the platform any time soon, but I have some notes on the features I lack of:

  • Usage counter is a must (Include, at least, user resetable minutes and data counters) .
  • Wifi should always be there, even on locked screen. (wonder if it's just me...)
  • Skype should always run on the background. Always.
  • I have a Titan and I love to have this feature but certainly tethering capability is a must on every WP.
  • Make Zune play music and videos directly from Skydrive. There are some cool apps out there but they're so so buggy and simply not the same as zune would play local mp3s.
  • Fix all the bluetooth limitations. An average user should not worry wether his phone will work with his (quite expensive) wireless sound system (or any other bluetooth device) or not. 
  • I guess we actually DON'T need a notification center but real time notifications instead. Some apps just take forever to make their notifications show up.... or they have to be opened regularly in order for notifications to appear which is simply ironic.
  • I think the orientation lock should also just be there.
  • Having the big letters classification over the app listings is useful, but I'd rather make it optional, I personally don't like it.
  • Maybe screenshots.

What do you guys think?

Pacmanimal says:

Choosing MP3/zune track for ringtone and alarms, so easy, so much better, so much fun

uopjo6 says:

I'm all for WP8 and all the upcoming MSFT goodies but, I'm in desperate need of a Music service to be able to migrate from iPhone. By that I mean iTunes music store just opened in my country so I shouldn't be expecting any Zune service anytime soon.

j_the_geek says:

Not sure if its been mentioned (not looked through all the comments), but maybe if the colour schemes were the same/similar as what's now featured in Windows 8.

globeriding says:

First, replace this horrible calendar (month view) !! Does anybody like it ??? on my lumia 800 it's unreadable because it's not good.You can make better
Next, the screen shot! I can't believe it's hard to add it...

We still need a Orientation Lock...

verinder says:

I would like to have Bing search background change from black to white. I hate that most

verinder says:

Another thing I want is an option to select multiple photos for sharing via Facebook or hotmail. Doing one at a time is painful

Gemini Ace says:

None of those features matter.  The only feature that needs to make the cut is the ability to take screenshots.  Period.

jleebiker says:

I can't believe this isn't on the list...
The ability to customize how you are alerted for diff calls, messages, texts. Blackberry has had this ability for almost a decade. Droid has this. This was something that was discussed before and there was alot of support for it.

notification center ofcourse for my hr survey apps needs

martinyyyy says:

One thing I'm really missing is the option to change from "Ring + Vibrate" to "Silent" fast (like when going to bed, meeting, whatever). Because only "Vibrate" is in most cases not enough and turning your phone off is often also not an option.
Only way now is to go to the settings and turn both off there.

jemwp says:

The ability to turn of the SMS Preview that is shown in the toast notification!  What a privacy nightmare this is when my phone is on my desk or being used in my car for GPS.