Apps you lose in switching from a Lumia to HTC Windows Phone

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Words with Friends returns with a complete re-write for Windows Phone 8, goes for free

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Nokia brand names Lumia, ClearBlack, PureView, and others now belong to Microsoft

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Lumia 1320, 630 availability expand to Argos Ireland

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Nokia Ireland confirms Lumia 930 launch on July 3

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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday


Nokia updates Network+ again

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Nokia also offers Words with Friends and Draw Something for free to Lumia users

Update: Users are reporting download issues with Draw Something and compatibility. Your mileage may vary.

Nokia had originally offered Draw Something recently to Lumia owners but the game was quickly pulled for what seemed like connection errors. Now that game and its companion, Words with Friends, have both returned to the Nokia Collection.

Interestingly, both games are completely free though these do have ads to cover their costs. That differs from the games we covered here last night, which will run you $2.99 to play but do not have ads.

Both games are available now and will work on Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. You can download Words with Friends here and Draw Something here in the Nokia Collection. QR codes after the break…

QR: Words Friends Nokia        QR: Draw Something Nok



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Sumit8 says:

I tried it. Poorly designed... 

khazaduel says:

dammnit! i just bought this!

kevin2577 says:

Same! Well at least we have no ads in ours.

toyotast165 says:

Ditto... Sux too because draw something is so buggy it does t even work! Even tried the Nokia version.... Update soon please so it's usable

big_slim750 says:

Do we have to wait a bit? I'm getting one not available for my 920, and an error for the other.

mnnD says:

Same here

big_slim750 says:

Ok, it works now.

Tryggr says:

Draw Something is telling me it isn't available for my 920 in US

It isn't working for my 900 in the US.

Z10YkakPES says:

It works on 920 now I just installed it

rastanac says:

Same thing happened when i 1st tried to install (Lumia 800/AUS) but it went through the 2nd time

WinFan1 says:

Works for me boston

mark1914 says:

I have a Lumia 900 still and I get an error message saying my phone has to be updated. They haven't released 7.8 yet.

winfreak says:

well it should work i have a Lumia 710 and it downloaded just fine

iMiah says:

Looks like Draw Something is Wp7 only.

No, I can't download it, and I have a 900.

moc426 says:

Both work for me Lumia 920.

Sometimes it takes a bit to update to all regions it will be in.

big_slim750 says:

Thanks. It works now.

Nope. Still can't. 900 US.

FiXxXeR520 says:

Getting an error on Words With Friends, and not supported on Draw Something for my 920

That's what I get as well. Guess we will have to keep checking back and trying again.

Correction, I was able to install them by searching for them in the marketplace.

iMiah says:

It was the link, searching the store allowed me to attempt an install ending in error 8000ffff.

krashek says:

Well, this is amazing! Both are working on my Lumia 710.

justin071894 says:

Is anyone else getting various error codes when trying to download apps?

ejlee072006 says:

Draw some shit...screw this game

Bone Cell says:

I'm getting errors on both in Minnesota. I've got a 920.

breezedu says:

Glad to see some Minnesotan fellas here too. Words with friends not working on my Lumia 900 though...

ejlee072006 says:

Uninstalled both games...words by post is a lot smoother

Mos_Sincere says:

Both working for me on Lumia 800..

MrPiratz says:

Hi, i'm for Malaysia.. I manage to download both apps free but both apps stuck at start screen forever.. must restart to close it.. really failed.

uberschmoo says:

Can't get either on my lumia 800 on O2 but know others on Vodafone who have. Not fair :-(

kenzibit says:

This is how app exclusivity should be

mase123987 says:

No go on either for my 920...

Planblover08 says:

Maybe you'll get a working version of the app. Mines keep crashing L900

Both of them installed on my 900. Registration was a cinch! Off to play them.

Chacness says:

Can I get my $6 back Nokia...

carlosrdd says:

Any word on when we poor poor non lumia users getting these games :'( :-(

That's messed up I just bought words last night for $3 and now its free WTF?

Words with friends works on my 920 freezes every once in a while though so there defiantly has some issues that need sorted out

Planblover08 says:

Nokia has always looked out for its users. Just waiting for MS to release 7.8

I can't even find these on my device. Nowhere to be found under the Nokia collection. Search only finds the laid versions.

wp8nyc says:

Why is that?

Koki.v3 says:

The app is horribly broken. It feels like they haven't fixed any of the bugs. WORST. PORT. EVER.

I LOVE YOU NOKIA!! Loving my young Limua is just waiting for the 7.8 :3

jensenharris says:

Really these don't even work, so free seems about right for now :)

Bushybro says:

Might as well have released the ad version for all phones, just saying

Orlok1138 says:

Says my 900 needs an update. Oh 7.8 where are you little buddy?

joezy says:

Thanhs Nokia your the Best cos I was just planning to buy this...

jsnod25 says:

I just bought this damnit!!!

sholokov says:

Microsoft...where is Skype?

Chris Coyle says:

That's why I bought a 920 for the apps. Thanks Nokia!

Ditto for me. I was bent on getting the ativ but went Nokia for things like this

CronGM says:

This is good from Nokia. It's better to give some apps for free or launch them before they're available to the general public than to segment the market by having exclusive apps for Lumia phones.

hossiam says:

Getting nothing here

iJuan says:

okay where is my game? I installed it, where is it?

tonywlee says:

Links don't work right... Search the marketplace..

mase123987 says:

Finally they are able to be downloaded on my 920

Jazmac says:

The free version has ads?  Pass. I'll pay the 3 bucks.

btgusto says:

Hopefully others see how easy it is to directly port their games/apps and do so.

Bushybro says:

They actually did a horrible job with the ports, this is not how u do a port. Just saying

djctz says:

I'm glad I didn't buy because I surely was thinking about it this morning.

Nice Nokia and Zynga. I cannot install Word with Friends on my Lumia 610 because of 256 RAM. Well done!!

ltyarbro42 says:

So Words With Friends froze my 900 and now it is on a constant boot loop....

Rick Smits says:

Its pretty slow compared to my buddies Android. Hope Nokia updates it to be nice and smooth .

yosagojimbo says:

Not sure how fast wwf and as are on ios/android but both free apps work fine (albeit feel slow) on my lumia 900

smartrthanu says:

Completely locks up my 920 everytime I use it

dalydose says:

Uninstalling. Just bad ports that run horribly. Words With Friends is 10MB and Words By Post is only 2MB and they gives a rats behind about the platform.

ZuNuKoo says:

I wanted this game, but now I DON'T want this game. It seems really bad right now. I'll wait.

judas2100 says:

why isnt the ad supported version available for non lumia owners ?

Bushybro says:

Does seem kinda backwards. You figure Nokia would've got the no ad version and everyone else get the ad supported version.

ejb222 says:

Can't find the WWF on my 900 in Massachusetts. And Draw Something says not available. :(

SleepyTheDon says:

Draw something is broken doesn't open on my 900

gectra says:

>>> Draw something starts and works on Lumia 710 but theres a critical bug in it. Sometimes it goes into a infinite loop. :S

defblue says:

Yes it does.  It freezes on getting ready.

Bushybro says:

Don't these two games look horribly outdated on a WP, goes to show the difference In the design language. A straight up port of an ios or android game just doesn't cut it. I know we need the apps but when i load these up on my 900 it kinda makes me cringe. Feels like i just turned my 900 into a 3gs, lol, its that bad. I know over time major devs will take more time designing their apps for WP.

Duffau says:

I hate that the Nokia, the zynga, and the tmobile ones are all different apps. I bet this will affect updates and someone will get screwed.

stewpeanut says:

this port of draw something is a turd. i can only connect via wi-fi, othewise it eternally sits at the pencil animation. also, whenever i get notifications that it's my turn i'll launch the game and find that no games are even listed. and about every 4 or 5 times i launch it i get a message that i can't be logged in with the credentials that were used last and i have to enter my username/password again. so...i have it installed but haven't been able to successfully play.

diplomat696 says:

someone needs to tell these idiots to fix their POS Software!!!!!