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From the Forums: Surface tablet is run over, Lumia 920 bugs and defects

For the best discussions covering Windows Phone, our community forum is the number one place for platform enthusiasts to check out. Boasting thousands of members with hundreds of posts being submitted on a daily basis, the Windows Phone Central forum can be slightly hectic so we publish the forum roundup to highlight a number of threads that are worthy of viewing.

The Microsoft Surface has been in the news for a variety of reasons with the latest being that it has survived after being run over by a vehicle - at a reported 60mph. This alone isn't special as such, but the Windows 8 tablet has pulled through with only light wounds and still works.

Forum member berty6294 has created a thread to share his experience with the community. A quick snippet:

"Some scratches and corners beat up quite a bit. I flipped it over and to my surprise, there is not a single scratch nor crack in the screen! I was completely speechless! The moment of truth was coming up.. I hit the power button, and never was I so happy to see the start screen of the Surface!"

The Surface tablet has been used as a skateboard and has even been dropped during the launch presentation, but it's good to see Microsoft still being highlighted for its quality hardware, which has been reflected through continuous praise from consumers.

Be sure to head on over to the "Surface Run Over By A Car!" thread to add your experiences and thoughts on the Surface.

Lumia 920 bugs and defect checklist 

The Lumia 920 is Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, and while it has only just been made available to the public we shouldn't overlook any issues that are being reported by consumers.

Forum user hasasimo has been looking over all the issues that new owners have been reporting after some use of the new Windows Phone 8 handset. We've listed all the problems highlighted in the round-up:

  • Battery drain.
  • Dust under screen.
  • Freeze / Restarts.
  • Sound issues when using speakers.
  • Vibration rattling when motor is activated.
  • Overheating.
  • Display issues with colours (white).

We've published our Lumia 900 review, which is well worth checking out, but we're interested in hearing any concerns you might have with the device. You can add your $0.02 in the "Bug/defect checklist for new and future Lumia 920 owners" thread.

Remember you can register an account for free with Mobile Nations Passport, which enables one to engage with multiple communities within the network. It only takes a few seconds and then our forums can be fully enjoyed.



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tHEoFfBranD says:

Only issue I've encountered so far is the Bing lock screen doesn't update consistently (...why doesn't the weather channel actually have a live lock screen? That would be sexy)

nizzon says:

Oh man, still no consistency? :(
MS better get this right.

Smg-Uk says:

HTC has a live weather lock screen and it is sexy on my 8X.

MillionMonks says:

not trolling here.. but can't you just look out the window? 0_0 (I'm in Singapore and it's a small country the weather is pretty universal across the island, so I never really used any weather apps)

sixium says:

All of these 920 issues are making me antsy. I'm receiving the phone tomorrow. Getting kinda anxious. Why can't things be made right the first time? =(

david126 says:

You may get a perfect, I haven't had any issues w mine. :)

jsantana0793 says:

All the reason why you don't buy 1st Gen phones.. Look at iPhone.. Same thing..

preriz says:

This is not a first Gen Nokia phone. Hence I bought it.

TrentTech says:

I think by "first-gen" he means "first production run." Vritually all phones have potentially dodgy first run hardware for various reasons. Generally these production issues get straightened out after a month or two once production settles into a groove. Like he said, even the iPhone5 has some serious hardware issues such as screen failing to detect fast touches & gestures, iPhone 4 had a lot of major hardware issues on launch, and that's from Apple whom many people hail as the very best at quality control.

preriz says:

I pretty much have experienced all the issues above. However, that doesn't change the fact that the phone is an awesome piece of hardware. I still love it and got what I paid for.

duoFurious says:

Definitely have several of these issues plus some light showing were screen meets the shell. Visible in dark areas though, not during daylight

phirefly says:

I love my 920.  The vibrate is a bit noisey and I have had it lock up on me twice since friday where I had to hold vol - + power to reboot it. It's not often and the noisey vibrate is tolerable.  I love this phone. My battery has been great and no dust or heat issues.

msualum says:

Using the Facebook and other lock screen features seems to cause the crashing. Mine locked 7 times in the first day (Fri). Went to just a photo and not Facebook - haven't had the problem again (Sun). Love the phone otherwise. BTW what is the little circle inside a circle that shows up next to the battery on the top bar from time to time? Also what do I need to do to have a screen capture treated like a real photo - other then texting it to myself?

Z10YkakPES says:

Circle I think it shows when it uses your location

msualum says:

makes sense - thanks

MajickmanW says:

Screenshot is power button + windows key

msualum says:

I got that - but when you do that you cannot upload to Facebook or edit with picture software.  I had to text the image to myself for the phone to allow me to edit, upload, tag, etc...
I used this screen capture feature in a video I shot to capture a frame to use as a picture - seems like a lot of hoops...

bearsoxfan says:

I've noticed the problem with the vibrate feature and battery drains. I upgraded from a HTC Titan and feel like I had longer battery life with it

jsantana0793 says:

Lumia has win 8, plus LTE and a bunch of features.. Yea, can drain you battery.

monigal2 says:

Don't worry about having a bug or any issue with the 920, Nokia will take care of it asap for u. I'm the proud owner of the 900

lubbalots says:

Good for you. But the goal is to have little issues as possible prior to sending to retail. Mistakes were present with the L900. Now with the L920 too? So how about round 3, same mistakes? Nokia needs to show some quality here.

Show me a phone that doesn't at least have a list like this nowadays. Don't take this the wrong way, not defending it. But, all companies need to stop making buggy products. It makes me not want to buy anything anymore. (especially electronic)

jsantana0793 says:

Nothing is perfect and all products as complex as a smart phone will never be perfect. Both iPhone and lots of android phones have bugs too. Calm down.. Software updates may fix issues that software can fix..

CJ Thunder says:

I'm on my 3rd 900, going to be my 4th soon. Has been the same issue everytime too, the capacitive buttons. They will fire when there are not even touched, or do a long press when they are.
I am starting to think it is my charger, only thing that has not changed.


exyaster says:

It might be the charger, I've had similar issues with my focus, but switched chargers and it was fine again.

ladydias says:

I've had that happen to. Especially when playing any media that uses the speakers.

Footsoldier says:

I had that issue before, until i removed my screen protector and everything went fine. Try that.

Slaador says:

Yep, had this problem with my Lumia 710 - using the touchscreen was maddening when it was charging.
The reason is that the power you have in your house is probably too dirty (i. e. not at all a pretty 50Hz@110V wave). You might want to use your charger with a quality surge protector and/or maybe buy and install a snap-on ferrite bead to stabilise the input power to your phone.

BFZ says:

I've noticed the vibration rattle in my new 920. Its surprising the first time you hear it. The other issue I've noticed is random drops of the WiFi.
It recognizes the signal, but will ask for the password again. Annoying. Besides all that, I adore this phone. Coming from a Samsung focus, this phone just kills it.

MajickmanW says:

I feel you man I unlocked my focus after getting my 920 so my gf could use it before t-mobile releases wp8

xirsteon says:

co you think they will give u an unlock code for the 920 or did u get it unlocked from somewhere else other than ATT?

MajickmanW says:

I'm using my 920 on at&t my girlfriend is on t-mobile using my focus until we can get her a new phone sorry for the confusion my 920 is locked to at&t so far as I know it will be for 6 months look into a Canadian version I hear Rogers has them unlocked

Memristor says:

Everhting worked great on my Lumia 920 until today. I hooked up my Lumia 920 to some speakers through the head phone jack. All I could hear was some pulsating coming from the phone. So I unplugged the speakers and plugged it back in which caused the phone to reboot. After it restarted it showed a message that my SIM card is blocked. Now the phone requires a PIN unlock key from AT&T before I can make calls again. How is that even possible that a phone crash can cause such a disastrous SIM card error.

kenhe says:

This is terrible! I should just wait the Ativ S.

Memristor says:

I got it fixed. Other than that one problem the phone is simply amazing. Btw. the sound issues have gone as well. I don't now what that was all about.

My 920 got a little warm when I first got it and the battery life wasn't great but both have gotten better.

lubbalots says:

This was what I worried most from Nokia. I question, have they learned from their first round of WP mistakes? Apparently these issues show they have not. In that sense, are we just buying the "Nokia" name?

jerrynomenon says:

Well every phone seems to have that kinda issues (battery drains, restarts, screen issues etc.) but still bit worried as a future lumia 920 owner

cdbstl76 says:

Battery...previous 900 to current 920... I expect better...
Recent history tells me Nokia will fix it :-)

cdodgela says:

I've had my 920 for a day and a half and it is living up to every expectation. Had the Titan II before, Titan before that and Surround for my first WP. So you see I am a big HTC fan. It's been about 10 years since I've had a Nokia. Very happy so far!

wtupyo says:

No problems with my 920 at all so far.

AngryNil says:

We've published our Lumia 900 review

Should say 920.

hoonigandad says:

Wow, glad I'm NOT an early adopter

Shane says:

Vibration rattle is annoying. Not as bad as 900 but still noticeable. Phone got extremely hot when first set it up. I found that it was syncing my Comcast account for at least 2 hours. Result was heat and extreme battery drain.

eolorvida says:

We've published our Lumia 900 review >>> Rich, some minor errands? ^_^

purevibz says:

Got mine on Friday and I've had none of those issues....this phone is the real jewelry it's so beautiful.

Rican_One says:

I'm having all these issues with my 920. Hope these issues will be taking care of asap

cddigi says:

I have the rattle, its annoying but doesn't seem to affect performance yet. What does bother me is how hot the phone gets right above the rear camera. Gets warm after awhile, but found that messing around with taking pictures is making it so hot it is worrying me.

cdbstl76 says:

Mine gets warm through web and app use. NEVER had with my 900. Who knows what will happen. Not worried. Slight notice, not a phone killer for my joy of my 920!

billy weber says:

I picked my new black att 920 up Friday and no issues at all. I love it. Fast and super awesome..:)

danzinho16 says:

Guys guys ! This is Nokia we're talking about, they'll fix it! Hopefully ..

trazer says:

Man there is nothing I hate more than a loud vibration motor on my phone. I can set custom levels and patterns on s3 and I love that compared to my Titan 2. I may skip the 920 for now at least. Titan still works fine so why bother?

Chris Coyle says:

Previous Titan owner: First day 920 got hot, have the noisy motor. Battery seems ok. Everything else is wonderful. The apps , the new OS, Nokia Music. It just keeps getting better. I love this phone!

mrdeezus says:

I have the rattle. Ive alo had it freeze up three times. I got it on friday. I took it back to ATT tonite and got a new one and it still has a problem the first one had. After I pair it with a bluetooth device and have bluetooth on and discoverable on the phone it wont automically connect. I have to go into bluetooth settings and click device numerous times for it to connect. Also with bluetooth on and I swipe from top it shows bluetooth icon off, even with BT on!! Please fix this asap as everyhting else on the phone works flawless. Please fix bluetooth intermittently turning off even though its on in settings. I think this was causing the crashes.

Sloth90 says:

I have the white 920, and the only problem I've seen is that the screen is wonky when the brightness is at full blast. And even then its only happened once. Battery life is better than my 900. The problem with the vibration is nonexistent. I'm in love with my new phone.

lousymedic says:

I've noticed that too. Its like the colors are almost washed out.

cdbstl76 says:

Rattle was there with 900. There again with 920. It takes getting used to. Once you do, going back to one that's completely silent is weird ... Had to use my old focus for a while a month back, missed the rattle. Its weird at first, but it becomes part of your experience...

I had the freeze problem twice. Both times it happened when connecting to a Bluetooth device.

mrdeezus says:

Same here. I am sure this is a software issue.

ejlee072006 says:

I heard it still has that vibrate problem??

hary536 says:

I don't think it's a vibrate problem. Just a matter of tasts. Some people like more vibration, some less. 
I prefer more distinct vibration, so that I can hear and feel it. My iphone's vibration is so weak that most of the times, I 
miss the vibration. 

Mike Lindsay says:

Just had my 920's screen get all pixelated.  Kind of like a snowy look on a TV.  Was just talking on the phone (over an hour) when it happened.  After powering the phone off then back on, it appears to be ok.  Anyone else experience this?

spaulagain says:

I have rattle as well. Already exchanged and new one has same issue. Seem have WiFi issue too sometimes. Overall I like it but I miss my 800 sometimes. We'll see what Nokia does...

Wac954 says:

No problem here

NickEspy says:

The flash...wont turn off

Shane says:

Its not the flash. You have to scroll down in the camera settings and turn off the Focus Assist Light.

hary536 says:

Ideally, you better not turn off focus assist light, since it will produce better pictures most of the times.

Odog4ever says:

Had the heat and battery drain issues day one. Even after full discharge and re-charge to 100%.
Finally turned nearly everything off: location, background tasks, xbox, feedback, etc. Battery life is better than before, already added location and one background task back without accelerated battery drain. Will closely monitor for a few days and keep adding back setting from day one to see what caused the problem. Kinda pointless having a WP if you can't have live tiles and other services working for fear of unresonablly short battery life (less than 6 hrs without heavy usage.)

razorguy says:

I have not had any of these problems so far. I have had my phone unplugged from a charger for about 12 hours and have done heavy web browsing, downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, and messing with the settings and tiles and am sitting at 55% battery. Haven't had it get hot at all and the screen is seemingly flawless. Seems to me it may be a manufacturing problem more so than anything else given the software should be identical across the devices.

kevm14 says:

I doubt it's manufacturing.  The difference is what people are doing with the phone exposes different software bugs depending on what they are doing.

myjota says:

There are hardware there are issues and each without other can not live.

myjota says:

Seem the secret best funcion on l920 is .... location notification!!!!!

bt66 says:

What do you mean location notification?

dlusted says:

No major issues with my 920 yet....

If anything, I experienced more bad issues with my HD7 that was replaced twice within a week

DaveGx says:

I have had heat, battery, lock up, vibrate, and even the audio out issues. I can live with the vibrate problem, I don't need to use that anyways. The other problems are troubling.
They've had to of been aware of at least a few of these problems, as they appear to affect many people.

DaSchnee says:

I only have the battery drain issue... I'm not happy with the battery live at all, once it burned through in a couple of minutes and it got really hot while doing that.

dalsmavsfan says:

I've noticed when location is on the battery drains rather quickly

dalsmavsfan says:

Also does anyone know if there is a blue keyboard available

axiomjoe says:

This is bad news for Nokia and Windows phone. I have been using a Nokia Lumia 800 for just under a year, and it has been in for repairs 3 times. Prior to the 800, I had an Omnia 7, which was also replaced 4 times by Orange. My Lumia 800 now has no wifi, and live tiles do not update. Hell, because I had no wifi connection on my phone, I had to uplaod this comment via my PC. The only way I understand to get this rectified, is by doing a hard reset, which would mean me having to reinstall all my apps again (about the 10th time). I refuse to do this again. Sorry guys, but enough is enough, and I cannot trust getting another Nokia or even Windows phone again. I will be upgrading next month to something else. I have been one of the Windows phones biggest supporters, and am constantly in confrontations with iPhone fanbois, but I am truly disappointed with what is going here. The Lumia 920 should not have these issues at all. They came very late to the party, and the 920 and WP8 missed the boat when iPhone 5 was launched, and now these issues. Not good enough, so Adios WP8 and Nokia....

fraddy says:

Try Android. Motorola provided a really huge battery with one of its models, once it gets Jelly Beans which I hope it will, it's gonna be great!! Or get sth else with a strong battery and JB.

lubbalots says:

Didn't worry, Android has WiFi issues as well (from experience).

axiomjoe says:

Sorry, but would avoid Android like the plague.  I am considering going back to Blackberry, if it launches 10 quick enough, or it is going to have to be iPhone. It kills me to write to this, but I have had 2 years of hell with Windows phone, and I will end up being a hypocrite.  I honestly think that BB will take back a lor of business from all platforms.

NickEspy says:

Android is annoying to me, it lags after a while and it has issues, a lot of people bog it down with useless stuff but that wouldn't be a problem if the OS was coded better

lubbalots says:

Have you tried HTC? I think I might change my mind about Nokia. Lisa from mobile tech review was not impressed by the camera nor the HD screen.

jsantana0793 says:

Drama queen..sorry had to say it.. These problems are isolated. No everyone are having these issues.. Plus dude, what are you doing with your phone by having that much bad luck.. Have you ever thought it could be user induced. Yea, it could be you.. At the most part.. Most of the phones out there are fine.. Heck, iPhone 5 has its issues out the box too. So calm down dude.. You wanna jump ship.. No one is holding you to Windows.. Plus you are one in millions who will still support Microsoft.. So there..

axiomjoe says:

Dude, I have been one of the biggest supporter of Windows phone in the Uk, were the market for WP is so small.  If you think my problems are isolated, then you are just kidding yourself. I chose to use this article to express my discontent, as it is the 920 that I was going to upgrade to.  With these problems (similar to the ones we had with the 800 in the battery drain), I do not wish to trust Nokia again.  I, my friend, have woken up and smelt that coffee.  MS needs to keep early adopters happy, not screw them around.  Where is 7.8 for us??  You are right, no one is holding me back, and I will go.  I am not a drama queen, but having used this great OS for the past 2 years, and then seeing that certain issues remain, and OEMS producing bad hardware, it is time to go.  So there.... Dude!
In the UK, you can go to any phone shop, and they are mis-selling the WP8 devices.  I went to 4 last weekend, and they are all either displaying the 820 as a 920, or an 8X as an 8S.  Just not good enough, and MS should be sorting this out. 

Sunofabob says:

Personally I believe some of these issues shouldn't be there imo. I understand a few bugs but this seems to be excessive.

Sumit8 says:

Vibration rattling when motor is activated.

What the hell does that mean? What motor?

MajickmanW says:

Your 920 doesn't have a gas powered motor?

holzlondon says:

I'm very happy with my 920. The battery does go down kind of fast, but I've been doing tons of stuff with it in the first few days, so I'm not too surprised. The vibration does rattle a little, but otherwise no real problems.

axiomjoe says:

No real problems??? If the vibration rattles a bit, this will inevitably lead to something more major.  This problem is simply down to bad build quality. Nokia have lost their way:-((

Mattyh95 says:

God after seeing that lumia has dust issues im wary of getting one :/ knowing my luck (every phone I have ever had has either broken or gotten dust bellow the screen! ) hopefully its only a couple of US lumias :/ god its so hard to chose btwn HTC and Nokia other than 8x is cheeper :(

myrandex says:

Really everywhere I've looked the 920 is cheaper than the 8x.

wsantiago says:

My phone got very hot when I first turned it on. After a full charge I got only 4 hours of battery life. That has changed after turning off the 2 Nokia Drive BETA services that were running as background tasks all the time.

Only issues I have are the rare freezes. I think that is more a wp8 issue than Nokia issue. Nothing an update won't fix I believe

I think the vibration rattle is the floating lense. I only hear mine when laying flat on a hard surface

MrBurrrns says:

Small typo: "We've published our Lumia 900 review..." should say the "920".

lottidah says:

For those reading this list and panicking, don't! My white Lumia 920 has been wonderful! No freezing, battery is fine. The ONLY issue I've had has been app-related (Draw Something is super laggy, Kindle won't open). This is a fabulous phone and I'm glad I dumped Android.

dlusted says:

I've got no issues with my 920 at present, so maybe its a bad batch...

Memristor says:

Kindle app received a fix today. Download the update, it works now.

myrandex says:

You mean published your 920 review and not your 900 review?

cdodgela says:

We all know how it goes, you'll hear the most from those that have problems and are looking to see if others are having problems too. I guarantee the problem phones, of which you are going to find with any sophisticated product like the Lumia 920, are a small minority. I am on my fourth WP, Surround, Titan, Titan II, now Lumia 920, and have NEVER had to replace one with a problem. I am a Microsoft early adopter and love being so. Have had W8 pro laptop and tablet for a few months already. It's all not perfect early on but the wrinkles get ironed out. I am IT for about 55 users and in reality, about 90% of the time it is user error..
You will NEVER see an apple in my hand.. My 920 rocks!

phra8lao says:

I agree. Even with IPhone and Android most of the time its user error.

wpguy says:

Based on comments, I'm starting to wonder if Nokia got a bad batch of phones. It looks like many of the problems are clustered: if has problem A, tends to also have problems B and C.. It might be helpful to also note where you bought your phone

(How the heck do you login on the app? Do you have to pay?)

Odog4ever says:

That's the thing. All of us having issues are reporting them, and our usage, to see if there is a pattern. I also believe that there is a bad batch of devices out in the wild now.
I would rather not have to go through the process or procuring a replacement 920 but I won't just live with a defective unit. Of course its not helpful when people not experiencing issues are openly hostile towards those that do. Don't understand why they feel the need to pile on since its bad enough that a much anticipated device is not working for some...

tallgeese says:

I hate the vibrate mechanism on the Lumia 900. So, it hasn't been addressed on the 920; 920 coming Wednesday - not happy.

tallgeese says:

But, I'm all in on W8/RT and WP8.

NickEspy says:

There might be a chance that yours won't do it, mine sounds solid

Anyone one facing any of them reported issues on their Lumia 920 bought from Phones4u UK?

NickEspy says:

Mines from the CA, in the US, Me and all my friends got one, no issues just that the battery drains more quickly, I'm sure that will be fixed though, no vibrating motor issue, everything is solid

I have placed an order and it should be delivered tomorrow, hope there are no issues. Its good to know most of your mates have a windows phone, most of ma mates are iPhone retards lol.

Ryan_Nichol says:

I bought a nokia lumia 820 and seems to be pretty damn brilliant so far only down side is the music sync is sooooo frustratingly crap and cant find anywhere to buy the other colour shells yet or the rugged ones too :( 

NickEspy says:

So far mines fine, no issues, just the battery goes down fast but that's just a software thing that will be fixed, no dust gets in my screen, haven't had anything freeze, and there's no rattling like everyone says? Mine sounds solid.....there must be a bad batch in some areas, if all else fails sorry guys just return it and get another Lumia I'm sure they will have another new batch with in 30 days, we all have a one year warranty on it :) that beats the iPhone warranty unless you want to pay loads extra, My dad bought and iPhone and the charging unit inside went bad a week later, they wouldn't let him replace the phone without buying a new one :P

Eric Lizotte says:

no problems so far on 2 920s, one white, one cyan.

FunGuy13 says:

Comments about 920 are making me nervous. Currently have an HD7 (2 yrs) and am extremely happy with phone is due for an upgrade and might go with HTC 8X instead...

JohnnyBii says:

All OEMs usually have some problems in the early production. Some more, some less. The Verge made an article about HTC 8X having lots of issues aswell
8X is no exeption. Apple have had its share of quality issues with iPhone5. Some issues are fixable by software, others in the production and some are just plain design flaws(like the skin peeling off 8x). The safest bet is just to wait a few months until the companies have dealt with the quality issues in the ramp-up of the production.

Nakazul says:

This is scary stuff for me also. The phones wont launch until the end of this month in Sweden, but im starting to reconsider. It seems both WP8 is and the phones it self is not quite there yet. Hmmm

ycy198472 says:

My Lumia 920 was dead twice last week, just had no idea what happened. Perhaps because I installed certain apps that didn't work well with windows phone 8.