First image of Samsung ATIV Odyssey leaked

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

We still don't know much about the mysterious Samsung ATIV Odyssey, a device that we heard about way back in July. The existence of the device became official during this year's BUILD conference when it was announced as part of Verizon's upcoming December Windows Phone 8 lineup. 

We now have what is believed to be the first picture of the device, leaked by @evleaks on Twitter. To us, it doesn't look a whole lot different from the regular Samsung ATIV S and won't be winning any design awards. Still, it's nice to see Verizon getting some Windows Phone love after a relative dry spell the past two years. 

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Do we have any Verizon subscribers here who are interested in this device? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source: @evleaks, via: The Verge




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BlackWindow8 says:

Yeah, Samsung could care less about Windows Phone. I'm glad Apple keeps suing them.

Zansai says:

True. Let them fight with each other. Nokia all the way! 

If I were to make a list of "pet-peeves" of mine, people saying "I could care less" is right at the top. +1 sir.

nizzon says:

Oh thank you thank you thank you for this picture!
Its actually pretty annoying that so many get this wrong.
Then again... people who doesnt get it right probably wont understand that picture anyway. :/

joshcsmith13 says:

I could care less about your silly chart Paul.  

jodahav says:

Oh my gosh... thank you for this graph.  Nothing is more annoying than this.  You even hear it on the radio, TV, in published articles- by people who are paid to communicate. 
The only thing that may be worse is "I seen that"

You sir are clueless

pjs37 says:

Is it just me or does Verizon smart phones have a tendency to end up all looking the same boring way?

BlackWindow8 says:

No, this only happens when Verizon could care less about a brand.

Couldn't. Couldn't care less.

Desean00 says:

Your right they all look boring, this why I like AT&T and I'm so in love with my Samsung Focus with 7.5 refresh but I hope they get the Ativ S cause I need that in my life asap.

oBIGTo says:

I don't know if that is fake or not but the lte lodge is wrong! Verizon has a big 4G with a small lte along side it! I like me galaxy S3 and hoped it would be as slim an the S3, and this made me want to wait 6 months for the lumia 920 the only problem is, I want one now!!!!!!

oBIGTo says:

Looks like a Droid Charge to me, I hope that's not it!!!!

tk-093 says:

The LTE logo looks identical to the back of my GS3.

oBIGTo says:

I'm talking about the logo on th screen, it is not the right logo for Verizon, I should have stated that.

JamesDax3 says:

So Verizon is getting this.  Is the Ativ S coming to the states at all? Anyone know?

tigermcm says:

I read that the ativ s isnt coming stateside so that thing up there with the 4 inch looking screen is our ativ s

cedarlog says:

i thought odyssey will be exclusive to verizon

wspaw says:

OK, this is the 3rd time I've seen this.  Where are people reading this?

tigermcm says:

this is the most recent place i read it, in the 1st paragraph. I read somewhere else sometime last month stating the same

wspaw says:

Thanks.  I hope "not slated to make a US release" doesn't mean it won't be.  I just got a 920 and I'm wishing it had a larger screen and was lighter.

Sumedh Kumar says:

Hey how is the 920.. Other than the weight thing, how does the phone feel. Build quality ? Fingerprint magnet because of the gloss thing ??? Let us know what you feel about the phone and the OS.. am planning to get one in a few days :-)
Is there any heat issue or something.

A local ATT service rep told me that the ATIV  S is indeed coming to ATT but he doesn't know when.  I don't buy the whole "I heard from _________ rep," so I don't take that as a word of gold at all - just reporting what I was told.  I was with Verizon for 7 years and never had a problem at all.  I've had ATT for 2 years and their service is slightly worse.  Not a huge difference, but call quality is worse and dropped calls are more frequent.  I will be looking at the ATIV Odyssey (VZW), ATIV  S (ATT), and GS3

L0gic Bom8 says:

Looks more like the original Focus to me. Anyone see that or is it just me?

edm4life says:

Yeah, except worse. This phone looks worse than a two year old device.

Sumedh Kumar says:

Ya.. Doesn't look good.. I think Samsung still hasn't learnt their lessons.. Or ate they planning to copy metro/modern UI ???

Dare2Blink says:

Damn... its like Samsung actually tries hard to make their phones as boring as possible. This looks terrible

mjfadaway says:

What an awful looking device. And its in the battleship grey color that all the cell phones used to come in back in the day.

Sumedh Kumar says:

Nokia was first to realize that WP OS is going to get them out of their situation . Next comes HTC after losing so much market share so soon.. I guess after apple is done with Samsung , finally they ( Samsung ) will realize it as well , that WP is the best OS to support ...

WinFan1 says:

I hope for Verizon customers that's not the phone. That has to be the most boring looking phone I have ever seen.

jcagga says:

Still looks better than zte wp7

Bushybro says:

They don't want the ativ s cause they don't want it to take sales away from their beloved droids. Now they have 2 midrange WPs which doesn't make sense. I'm starting to think Verizon doesn't want a 920 variant because they are so vested in android and don't want to lose those sales. Just a thought.

Sam Sabri says:

But why does Verizon care what smartphone gets sold? They all come with a two year contract - which is where Verizon makes their money. 

Sam Sabri says:

But why does Verizon care which smartphone gets sold? They all come with a two year contract - which is where Verizon makes their money. 

JamesAD60 says:

That looks like a variation of the Focus 2 and the Galaxy S3 Mini. Not the three dots on the top left, including the front facing camera. The Ativ S and the Galaxy S3 have the dots on the right. It is definitely the smaller 4 inch model.

Nothing wrong with the styling. It matches their Windows 8 tables and PCs.

Still glad my Trophy is running fine.

TwinBitz says:

There is potential for me to consider this phone.... I just want more info!

cedarlog says:

it looks like a regular phone with high end spec they really need to put some effort in design


I have been waiting on this device just for the screen size. I wanted something bigger than the 4.3" screen. Hopefully disappointment does not strike!
But I have to say.. If that is it up there, it is an ugly looking device.. Hope it works!!!

cannon#WP says:

The rumor is this is only 4"


You might be right. Looking at the picture, it looks like a 4.3" device afterall

dinod says:

Yep, that's right @daniel_rubino there are no Samsung haters out there. Why don't we wait for specs to criticize, I care more about function than the outward appearance of the phone. Yellow & cyan are cute - but a 1st tier phone with a changeable battery & hot swappable microSD chip are more important to me. I'll buy the bright yellow/cyan case from the WPCentral store ... along with a spare battery and a 64gb microSD ... can you do that with a 920?

Sam Sabri says:

Why can't form and function be equally important? I'm willing to sacrifice a few bulletin points in the looks department if I can get a more functional device. Alternatively, I could give up a few features for a phone that looks better. It all comes to what your personal preferences are. Personally, the phone above looks like junk compared to the 8X or 920. 

malikoshaq says:

The phone looks very similar to the Focus

Vheissu says:

that thing looks worse than the ativ s, good job Verizon you could f*** up just about anything

NotoriousNeo says:

Looks disgustingly chunky. Glad to see all the style was sucked out of it.

Cristoby says:

If it has expandable memory, 768x1280, and 32gb, I'll buy.

poddie says:

Am I the only one that thinks Verizon is absolutely out of control with the branding? The logos on this and the Nokia 822 are simply out of control, to the point where I would be very reluctant to buy them. It looks like the phone should be free with all that sponsoring.

TimGeo says:

I don't like this at all. I thought they were gonna use the same housing as the Galaxy S III? Honestly for Verizon to put out an undesirable device for an a OS that hasn't exactly took off yet is like shooting themselves in the foot! 920 and 8x are both far sexier!!!

ny_yankees says:

Wow I was waitinh for this phone because most places reported this as 4.65" phone. What a waste. Verizon has the nerve to complain about WP8 not selling especially when they deliberately offer crappy mid range phones like these that no one wants yet have top of the line phones for Android

Filip Mikac says:

I I calculated that this phone have 4'' display. Based on Samsung logo and compared to Ativ S

djarchow says:

That is correct. If you look in the FCC documents for this phone it shows the size of the phone is119.6mm x 61.5mm (4.7" x 2.42")  If you scale the image to that size the screen is right at 4".
Assuming the i930 is the Odyssey, this is a big dissapointment.  

willied says:

And I thought Samsung's designs couldn't get any worse...

uopjo6 says:

I know right.....not sure why phones "designed for humans" tend to look ugly. 

dbld_INDY says:

Very interested, I have to see and feel to be sure but I would believe this is a better built device than the 8x.

Since there isn't any sure sign of a high-end Lumia hitting Verizon anytime soon, I was hoping the Odyssey would meet my appetite for a nice WP8 on Verizon. I have to agree with everything that the design is especially boring... here's to hoping a high-end Lumia (or better HTC phone?) will make it to Verizon.

uopjo6 says:

WOH!!!! MY EYES!!!!! XXXX!!!!

After the 2 years of the iPhone 4 + 4s Samsung had nothing to copy off anymore so they went with the SIII, designed from the ground up by themselves and managed to create one of the ugliest smartphones ever. Selled very well through a big screen and internal upgrades at the right timing.. Punchline -> " designed for humans" (LMAO) . 
Ever since, any phone they released looked exactly the same with different colors only, not to mention that ugly Galaxy Beam. They even released a smaller SIII, dissing their own advertisement about how cool big screens were. 

And yet they're still flying off shelves. It's amazing. Either there's something with my sense or Samsung really knows how to sell. But one thing I do know is they have absolutely ZERO PRIDE in their design. 

Just look at that thing. iPhone-ish Silver main case sandwiched by front and back black covers with a Nexus curve on the top and bottom.  This Franken-Phone tops the SIII in ugliness, and the SIII is pretty d@mn ugly. 

My daughter is a salesperson for Verizon in New Mexico and today in her training class she texted me saying that her managers have confirmed that Verizon will be getting the Odyssey.

romeze says:

In here in Albuquerque, when will the HTC 8x be avaialable in store? Thanks for the tip.

bokchoy1 says:

Looks like a descendant of the original Focus crossed with the GS3.

romeze says:

That is ugly as sin, looks like it is about 5 years old already. I hope this is not what verizon is putting out there. Only reason I would get that if it has a cloaking device on it.

pooleyjnr1 says:

Ugly, crap, rubbish. At least try Samsung!!!

7 KDZ says:

Looks like my old Omnia II

WP7WasMyIdea says:

Want to sell the hell out of the 8x or 822?  Just show this crappy phone.

CylonJason says:

Looks pretty much like my two year old Samsung Focus. 


I thing Samsung is trying to help HTC and Nokia by not trying at all. I hope they do not expect to put a price tag on this device.

defblue says:

This is ugly.  Well my money will be going elsewhere for sure.

Tegraa says:

I was really hoping that this would look more along the lines of the ATIV S. I'm on Verizon and i really wanted a WP8 device that is larger than the 8X :(

johaas says:

Is "ATIV" supposed to mean something?


Not convinced that is the ATIV Odyssey in the leaked image. Sorry to say but not even Samsung would comment . Beside the image is far off from any recent Samsung production designs