Nokia Lumia 920T on Amazon sells out in China in 30 minutes

Lumia 920

The Lumia 920T, a Chinese version of Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, has completely sold out on Amazon's website in the region. Not only that, but the sold out notice was published within just 30 minutes of the Windows Phone listing going live.

Priced at 3599 Yaun, which is approximately $570, no one is surprised that it was snatched up so quickly, especially since there are those of us who are facing a slightly costlier choice when it comes to Lumia 920 availability. Here in the UK we're looking at price tags of anywhere in the £500 ($850) region for an unlocked Lumia 920 - Nokia has decided to partner with UK carrier EE with an exclusive deal.

There is a slight downside to ordering the Lumia 920T through Amazon, and no we're not talking about the lack of Xbox LIVE, etc. Deliveries are reportedly set back until 26 / 27th December. Ouch. We have followed the Lumia 920T on its journey to the Chinese market since it was announced and then subsequently passed through CCC certification process.

We've also seen a positive reception for Windows Phone in the past with the Lumia 900 launching in the market, which then quickly over took the iPhone. Being a flagship Windows Phone for the Finnish manufacturer, and a high-end device running Microsoft's mobile OS, we feel as though the Lumia 920 will see even better success and market penetration than its older brother.

The positive take on the news of a Windows Phone 8 handset selling out in a matter of minutes is exactly that - we're definitely seeing some signs of an increase in interest and desire to own a Windows Phone. Could we be witnessing the start of the Windows 8 + Windows Phone marriage that Microsoft is so desperately attempting to achieve?

Source: Amazon.cn, via: Winp.cn, WMPU



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sanien says:

Woot nice! Just want to know how many they acutally had in stock... The L900 launch, they had only a few.

Good news, but of course it doesn't mean much without actual numbers.

hopefully it was a few million

amaneden says:

Does 920T really has Adreno 320?

Klutch12 says:

Yes it does.

Shaka Zhang says:

What's more important is that Lumia 920T is the most powerful Lumia which has a 1.7Ghz quad core processor and a better GPU.

myrandex says:

Benchmarks please!

It uses the same Dual Core CPU like in normal Lumia 920. The only difference is the more pwoerfull GPU and support for chinese network. Thats all.

ymcpa says:

Both engadget and The Verge reported this. I believe the new processor supports the frequencies used in China and that's why they used it.

111san says:

nonsense....its supposed to have a faster gpu but the same dual core processor...

jaethos says:

Why doesn't Amazon have any WP8 up in the U.S.?

jerrynomenon says:

Yeah even ms store has it. I picked up my lumia 920 2day!!

badMojo69 says:

If it was 300k + I might be impressed if it was < 100k then meh
Still I guess its better than nothnig.

At the risk of being over optimisitc, I can't wait to see how WP8 is doing in sales next quarter.

TJWINS says:

Who says the Chinese market prefers lower end phones lol!

anestacom says:

Yuan not Yaun.

mmoses1978 says:

I love it, FYI  AT&T online is on back order. The sales guy told me they had a massive influx of orders so they are getting more.

ejlee072006 says:

good job nokia...good job

lueyyou says:

Its actually "Yuan" not "Yaun" like in the article

Klutch12 says:

This is awesome news, but how much devices did they have in stock?

Cellus13 says:

See Nokia doesn't need the USA to survive. It'll do great with a carrier that doesn't accept iPhone. Which I say is a huge advantage.

dogfish54 says:

I think realistically we are talking less than 10,000 units were available, I could be wrong, but my estimate would be more in the 1-2k range. I don't know how popular Amazon is in China. This is good news, but I think it's like the Mobicity news in Australia, good, but not any real solid indication of sales. Before you flame me, know that I am a Nokia fanboy, I think the 920 will do well, I'm just not sure this is the indicator.

beefydragon says:

you are definitely right on this.  for a closer estimation, it would be nice to see how well and fast Amazon sells the 920 in the U.S.  since people in U.S. aren't as fond of MSFT, it would give a better sign of how other countries would adopt.

psteve2005 says:

Agreed that numbers from Amazon would be handy. 

Amazon China Apologized: Nokia Lumia 920 price of 3,599 Yuan is errors.

ihavewp8 says:

Bye bye iphone. :-P

ihavewp8 says:

Good job Microsoft for making an awesome OS