Mobile Nations Passport Contest: Win the Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Login to Windows Phone Central and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which makes it easy for any member of Windows Phone Central to also participate across our other sites. With Passport, you have one account and to rule them all!

In honor of the successful roll out of Passport and thanks to our awesome friends at Gogo, we're celebrating with an amazing cross site contest. Each of our sites is running a contest giving away an Ultimate Prize Pack for their platform. And thanks to Passport, you can easily enter for a shot at winning each prize pack on each site.

Thanks Gogo!

How to Enter: 

Step 1: Login to Windows Phone Central and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Register or Login using the links at the top right corner of this site (see where it says Passport Is Live)


Step 2: Also enter to Win the Ultimate Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and webOS Wildcard Prize Packs:

Click on over to Android CentraliMore, CrackBerry and webOS Nation (<-- on those links) to go straight to the respective contest post for that site. Simply login on each site -- which is painless thanks to Passport -- and leave a comment there, as you're doing here, and you'll be entered to win that prize pack. 


Step 3: Like Gogo on Facebook!

Our friends at Gogo -- the KINGS of Inflight Internet -- made it possible for us to run this Mobile Nations Contest. Gogo ROCKs. So be sure to click the button below and like them on Facebook. We'll love you. They'll love you.

Beyond the Grand Prize, we have awesome runner up prizes as well. Keep reading for more info on the prizes and for the full contest details. Contest is open worldwide and ends at Noon PT on Monday, November 19th. Don't waste time... Enter now! Good Luck! 


Mobile Nations Passport Contest - Full Contest Details 

Prize Packs:

Click the Prize Pack links to jump over to that site to enter to win it! 

Runner Up:
- Nexus 7 Tablet (32GB) - 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- iPod Touch (32GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- JBL PowerUp Speaker
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- Take your pick of any of the Runner Up Prizes we're offering for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry



Contest Rules & Fine Print:

Nothing to hide here, but these are the things to know! 

  • Contest is being run by Mobile Nations
  • Only enter one comment per contest post on each site. If you enter additional comments, only your first comment will be counted towards entry of the contest.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be drawn and random and announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon after.
  • We will do our best to reach out to all contest winners. If a contest winner for whatever reason does not reply within a month of the winners announcement, Mobile Nations reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Individual prize winners are responsible for any taxes due on prize total if required by local laws.
  • If the prize is not available at the time of winners announcement (example - a BlackBerry 10 phone), the prize will be delivered soon after it becomes available on the market for purchase.

Any questions? Email contest@mobilenations.com. 



There are 11067 comments. Sign in to comment

Gilgameshi says:

920 and a Surface? Wow, I'd be all set technology wise, if I win this. Well, until Windows Phone 9 comes out. :)

DevilRaiders says:

Awesome! Sign me up.

ltjordan says:

   This is an awesome contest and I love how you can enter on all the sister sites with the same logon.

outofreason says:

I'm the WINNER !!!! )))

darebee says:

I pretend to be a non-conformist but I couldn't survive without windows.

keithz says:

In for the win!

iampoz says:

awesome pize pack, count me in

woodie7711 says:

This is the best website on the internet!

hiphopboy8x says:

I want it, i don't ever lucky in gamble, but I hope God bless me this time.

matus201 says:

Wow these are some sick prizes! Thank you guys!

ZedAlpha says:

This would be an ultimate Christmas Gift! Please Santa, I've been good this year.

C4RL0S says:

Lumia 920 all the way.

riceboyler says:

Wow, that's a LOT of entries, but if you don't comment, you can't win, right?

f1mx says:

A perfect excuse to try this hardware!

poojarastogi says:

Nexus for me please, I wish I win...

Firepower says:

Hope to win with Windows

tinysalmon says:

Count me in.
Cheers Mobile Nations

Tre says:

Greetings, from the iMore squad. 

RileyFreeman says:

hoping i get it.  great contest

pddgme says:


Alright!! Let's do this thing.


Beard: Check...

Whiskey, neat: Check....

Luck: ..... We'll see.


Catch you on the flip side.

McNibbler says:

Wow!! You have no idea what it would be like for me to win this! Thanks so much for the chance!! Fingers crossed!

limoooooooo says:

Yessir I want :D

Ricky Spence says:

love the site and would love to win this prize pack looks bomb 

inzpirez says:

The chosen one, i am. 

Xzist13 says:

Um.....YES PLEASE!!!!

czhoume says:

lol so many comments!!!

erfanullah says:

Hello Lumia 920 :p

deuce300 says:

Thanks for all of these awesome contests. Would love to win one! You guys are awesome!

M4c0770 says:

gotta b mine now!

mnicholszero says:

Surface Pro would be great, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Put me down!! O.O

deuce300 says:

Thanks for all of these awesome contests. Would love to win one! You guys are awesome!

sakai135 says:

Please be me.

Niavlys77 says:

WPC rocks my socks off!

j4331b says:

Hope I win!!!

Tim Norris says:

Sure, I GUESS I'll take it...

ONoahO says:

Awesome contest

kcmagnet says:

Would like to win please 

jeffwhite10 says:

Thank you Mobile Nations and Gogo!! You both rock!!

me please! SURFACE looks AWESOME!

Zoverion says:

I just got the kid a windows phone.  I'd like one but no cash left :-( 

gr4v1g0r3 says:

always interested in the chance of winning something,
can't like gogo on facebook though, up there & through their page it says
"This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings."

Bhagi108 says:

wow! this is great ... a whole windows 8 package

Sweet!!  Pick me

Foggiest says:

One entry please good sir.

diamondj says:

How about a win right here. Oh yea!

Diamondx_8 says:

I'm in and long overdue for a win!

hcoreyh says:

That Grey 920 looks AMAZING!

vicky2181991 says:

This is so cool and awesome. It would help me in my studies. But, there is no hope that i win this. The luck never shines upon me.

Who has two thumbs and really wants to win... this guy!

C'mon WPCentral Jonny needs a new phone.

hartguy says:


freefall86 says:

PLEASE let me win!!!

thebrain2u says:

WP, you and me! Here goes nothin'!

jonblaze says:

Such a great giveaway from all the mobile nations sites.

rkonert says:

Who can say no to free stuff?

erfanullah says:

Cannot see Gogo's Facebook page.

91300zx says:

That is more like a epic give away. Pick me that would be an awesome early Christmas gift. 

boi2012 says:

Santa, I've been an awesome boy.

limmidy says:

I really really really want that Lumia LOL

Guysreviews says:

Thanks for the chance!

Dareoth says:

I love winning things!

lmr47 says:

Amazing how differnt all of these comment boxes are.

I'll be here through Saturday, try the veal

Jackal says:

I have been coveting a nokia 920... want badly

n8tiveg says:

Awesome contest thanks for offering these great prizes. Hope I get chosen

KREV says:

Some sweet prizes. Big thanks to GoGo for doing this!

indyjoe says:

I'll take that

giblet76 says:

I'd like to win.

volleyman says:

Cool contest!I'd be a happy winner!

A gray 920 would be very appreciated.  Thanks!

mr.gmore says:

I am a MS fan and I would love to be the first one in my city to have the Win 8 phone and tablet.... come on man.  With a cherry on top?

Hoosier says:

Hope I'm picked

bassrebel says:


steadly925 says:

Windows phone may win me over if I win this! Currently a BlackBerry user but with so many great devices coming out upgrade time is very stressful!

opsfrog says:

Looking good

TNtropy says:

Awesome! :P

Pick me please, and thank you!

velinion says:

Keep hearing that the windows phones have a nice interface... maybe if I win, I will find out!

JenkTJ27 says:

Commenting on this post to be entered to win the Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Wh1temage says:

Maybe I should use this chance to switch to WP since my iPhone's screen just broke.

josaki says:

I want in!!

Elessar.cm says:

Excellent timing!  I just read iMore's " iPhone5 vs Lumina 920" article today.  Sounds like the '920 would be quite the work-horse.  I'd love to give it a run... please?

BoldWorld says:

please pick me, thanks

kallemia says:

I'd love to win! Great contest.

ctrl_doom says:

I've entered in the others so I figured why not.

I've been eying the surface tablet since the day it was announced. Would be a great gift for myself lol. I hopefully I win.....

jinjing says:

never win one ! please

beefydragon says:

Crossing my fingers!  And legs!!!  :P

kabke says:

ount me in

naldonnis says:

You guys are always giving away great reviews and great prizes. Love this website, I'm in.

mcheiron says:

I want to win, too.

fuddster says:

Wish me luck!

ultbruin says:

Love this contest.

Corbu says:

Count me in!

c2c says:


SofaTester says:

I would very much enjoy any of these prize packs really. Quality stuff.

codynunes says:

Awesome Contest! Yesterday was my birthday and these are the two things I wanted!

BBPhantom says:

Adding my comment to win

TheDave says:

I would love a free surface for school and work use

jvictor77 says:

Awesome contest! Me FTW!!!!!!!!!

shaganat says:

omgg  amazing, hope i win!

kuvonn says:

This is incredible. Count me in, please!!!!

drieetha says:

wouldn't complain if i won!

techie1961 says:

Yes, yes yes please

2repou says:

Wow, what a great prize

weldon says:

Would love a chance to win a windows phone :)

gidiowo says:

I want this very much, thanks mobilenation. You da best.

Merk42 says:

Always wanted to try out Surface!

tailgater says:


Awesome contest! I hope i win! Mabuhay!


WannaUpgrade says:

I hope I get it!!!!

davisorle says:

For the first time in my life Im gonna win something!! You'll ALL see! xD <3 from poor greece -.- :P

DavidJ726 says:

This new Passport feature rocks! 

lasm2000 says:

Me want! Me want MOAR gadgets!

jmccomas04 says:

I'm more than willing to try a new OS!!!

This is quite a prize pack! Some good news in light of what happened just now with Sinofsky leaving. :-/

Griffspen says:

Me for this. 


Nokia 920 Nokia 920 please

robteaboy says:

good luck everyone.

kdUbz says:

would loveee to win this!! - kp

Nice contest, I'm so in this

zdext250 says:

These are some awesome prizes and its cool that you can pick and choose from your favorites. I definitely want the windows version.

trtegreeny says:

It would be AMAZING to win this

ShadowAdama says:

Oh yeah this is the mother load of all contests! I hope I win!!

farskeip says:

Nice, I'm in!

Mark Mwaura says:

Great! awesome i need this.

I wish I could win so I'd be in MS' ecosystem

smweasel5416 says:

Posted, but not seeing it. If this a dual post, please remove. Really, really, really, would love to win. Thanks.

"Comment on this Post"

Oh, well.. I hope I get lucky this time! And brilliant contest guys.

rlemmen says:

Who does not want to win a Nokia Lumia 920?! I'm in!

frmorrison says:

Passport is great.

willinilly says:

Sign me up.
Thank ya much.

gitpol says:

Real windows fanboy here. Pick me.

bagarwa says:

I love the 'different' look of Lumia. And The Surface has also got me curious to try it out. Would love to get my hands on them. Thanks for providing an opportunity. Hope I get 'em.

Shatznr says:

What an amazing package!

I would very much like to win

d03jke says:

Wow! Awesome prizes and a great way to advertise a good service in Gogo. My hats off to Passport, WP Central, and GoGo.

D-Caf says:

Please enter me in so I have a chance to try out this Microsoft stuff.  Thanks!

Preemptive says:

White Vinegar and newspaper are a cheap and effective way to clean up windows. I hope that useful tip will help me clean up on the windows phone contest.

minamessiha says:

I cant imagine :)

McMiece says:

Hmmm looks like I have some competition to win this prize lol

alifarhatt says:

SUrface and Lumia 920 please.

RagPoet says:

Its a long shot...

Hmar9333 says:

Gotta be in it to win it!

alvarooil says:

Participating!! :)

nParallels says:

Very nice contest with great rewards...fingers crossed! Windows Phone rocks - so does WPCentral of course.

janvierg says:

Christmas is coming early for me, indeed!!!!

Tom DeVor says:

Please.  Seriously, I really want to win this.  Please?

Woo for free stuff!

icedsake says:

weeee surface!!

eldreams says:

Awesome site!  Sign me up :)

hal1429 says:

Awesome contest!!!

There's always a chance that Christmas is going to come early, so why not try. Can I have the phone in orange?

rennardd says:

would love this!

Sakbak says:

I want it!!

therandomone says:

I want to win this!!

wpgteacher says:

Yes, please! This would be awesome

adjake says:

all mine

dacunto says:

Pick me!!! :)

Blittzo says:

Sup random number generator, knew you would choose me.

qberry69 says:

Brilliant! Count me in!

Vostok says:

nice reboot microsoft got going.

R_j_W says:

Please oh Please oh Please let me win this great package. My life would be a little bit more complete with these two great devices in my life..!!! Please oh Please give this to me.. !!!!!!

Cool...cool cool cool!

Davepear says:

Thanks very much for this opportunity. I have Windows 8 PRO on my desktop and I love it. Would love to have more Windows products. Please pick me!

iLOVEhead says:

I played with a students surface today, and maybe it was a sign that I could have one I have my hand in the near future! 

merrygypsy92 says:

Awesome prizes!  I so want a Nokia Lumia 920 AND a Windows Surface!!! How awesome would that be!!!

The Me says:


CrAcK cRaCk!


Me want!

hulickr says:

wow, fancy comment editor :-)
Guess I need to check into the Windows tablet experience.

reklawj says:

I will take it!

Morti911 says:

Oooh Oooh Pick Me for that Windows Prize Pack!  I Want!  I want Bad!

prophoto1 says:

love them all! i would be happy with anyone of these items! enter my name please!

jm182 says:

i hope i win