Heads Up: Windows Phone Central forums getting upgraded tonight, expect some downtime in the forums

* Update: Success! The forums are back online!! *

With the official launch of Windows Phone 8, our forums have been crazy busy these past couple of weeks. And to make them even better for our active user community that's growing larger every minute, tonight we're pulling the trigger and rolling out a bunch of awesome updates. 

We'll take the forums offline at approximately 8:30pm ET, and a few hours of downtime is expected while we go through the upgrade process. In the meantime, the rest of the site will still be fully usable.

Feel free to use the comments to this blog as a place to chat while the forums are down, and if you haven't yet entered to win our Mobile Nations Passport contest for your chance to win the Ultimate Windows Phone prize pack, we suggest you do it now

Once the forum upgrade is complete, we'll also be taking this opportunity to change up the layout of our forum structure. We've been planning this one for a while and think you'll all LOVE it, so don't mind the mess as we as move things around. Once the dust settles, we'll post another update here walking through everything that's new.

In the meantime, thanks for the patience, and get ready for an even better Windows Phone Central!



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jessecabrera says:

boom boom boom everybody say way ho

jessecabrera says:

I said boom boom boom everybody say way ho

uktivo says:

Its already excellent.. Looking forward to the improvements

5tephen says:

Exciting! I was wondering if there'd be an upgrade after you upgraded the rest of the site :) Love this site!

Jay Bennett says:

It's worth warning that this might break parts of the app as well!

5tephen says:

At the moment, that's fine with me since my 920 is out of commission. But Nokia's on the job and I'll be up and running again soon. Besides, there's nothing quite like the full site experience!

aubreyq says:

Dude what happened to your 920?

5tephen says:

It bricked when I tried a hard reset. It's stuck on the Nokia logo screen that comes right after the ATT screen. ATT customer support ran me through the button hard reset steps, but that didn't do anything, and so I got in contact with Nokia about it and they are overnighting me a brand new 920 and when I get it I just send back the messed up one free of charge.

Dave Blake says:

It sounds like we have more testing to do.

Big Supes says:

Good timing! I've been going crazy waiting for a phone line to be installed into my new property. Roll on the 21st of November..... in need of a forum fix! Its not quite the same on the phone....

Also, when will WPCentral get email notifications, like iMore?

If you mean on comments left to the blog posts, they're already there! Look below as you leave a comment and you can turn on comment notification. Just hit the checkbox that says "Notify me when new comments are posted"

Forums will of course have subscriptions (with email notifications) built in.

Not on WPCentral... And it doesn't work from the app.

Jay Bennett says:

It's coming very soon to the site, and a little after that to the app :)

Laura Knotek says:

Yay! That's great. Thanks, Jay. :)

al.cantara says:

Sorry, unrelated but is the marketplace totally down? Wp7.5 in the Midwest. Thanks.

I thought I was alone. I'm in southern California.

al.cantara says:

Thx. Not just me then ..

There's another article about this on the site posted a bit ago... yes. Seem to be doing some maintenance work, according to Microsoft.

mjfadaway says:

U mean we have to take a break from complaining about the yellow Lumias we haven't received?

aubreyq says:

Ha! I guess a few hours not complaining won't kill us.

Hahahahahahahahaha...ha. Mine hadn't even shipped yet. It better ship tomorrow.

NIST says:

What? Maintenance window?? We expect high availability!! I want my money back. Lol

I'll give you a 100% money-back guarantee that 100% of 0% is still 0%. :)

NIST says:

Can I get that in store credit?

Hey, toss in a 822 sub forum while your at it.  BOSS

Even though I ordered the yellow 920.
Also, toss in the surface for a sub forum too. I don't think we have one. I might be wrong.

jdevenberg says:

You are. Surface RT and Surface Pro sub forums went live shortly after the tablets were announced... in June...

Dave Blake says:

Done what else

eric12341 says:

Hopefully the login/cookie issue gets fixed in the process. As of right now I pretty much have to login every other post I make and after every mod action I take. Whereas before passport was implemented I would be logged in forever.

Dagolara says:

I hope this will fix the invail forum specified when marking all forums read that has been around forever.

tilemaster says:

It would be so nice if you could write times in utc too, its easier to calculate relatively to the own timezone

rdubmu says:

red/cyan/yellow sold out online at at&t

Heatnup says:

I can confirm, just ordered another Lumia 920 on our account and had to choose Black or White.  All other colors were sold out with no option to order at all.

Anyone seen any great deals on the Nokia Lumia 820 for the UK? Need to work out if 1.5GB data a month will be enough... Plus 100 minutes a month...

Dude, I can do less than 1.5 gb in my sleep with all the wifi I have access to. 100 minutes a month I could never do however.

Dave Blake says:

The guys are working hard can you smell the smoke

Can we have where we can post pictures from our phones in app and in forums!?

IxInklessxI says:

So I just got the Lumia 920 and trying to get music onto it. What program do yall use to customize everything? I use to use itunes, but when it brings the songs from itunes to the phone some music doesnt have album artwork and some of the artists are messed up. I really don't want to go through 1000 songs fixing each one. :/

Hmm...what kind of computer are you using (operating system)? The way I do it on Windows 8 is in one of two ways:
1. The drag-and-drop method, where you treat the phone like a flash drive. You just go to your File Explorer ("Computer" on a PC), then copy and paste files there.
2. Using the Windows Phone application, which has an "Add Music" option.
If you're on Windows 7 or Mac, I'm not sure without actually seeing stuff. You could try installing Zune, matching the artwork that way, then using the drag-and-drop method. You coudl also try installing the Windows PHeon application onto your computer and seeing what you get.

IxInklessxI says:

I'm using windows 7 and I use Itunes for all my music, but itunes doesn't over write the source files. So all the stuff I entered on itunes doesnt change the orignal file.

Yeah, that's an annoyance. When I moved stuff from my PC to my Windows Phone (which was only maybe 5% of my library), only one album didn't transfer correctly. I'd maybe try using Zune or something, where there is the auto-match feature.

arking_mark says:

11:00pm EST has come and gone!  

So my sister got a Lumia 822 (over a $100-more Windows Phone 8X) on Verizon today. While looking at her 822 and my AT&T Lumia 920, I noticed something: her display has MUCH deeper colors than my 920 does. The "lime" theme on her phone LOOKS like a lime green (she loves that color in general, so immediately chose it). On my phone, it's very pale and faded-looking. Her "display's colors are just..IDK if I want to say "richer" of that they are more satureated or what.
Has anyone else experienced/seen this as well, and is it the same when comparing the 920 to other devices, notably the 820?

namflow says:

Well that's the difference between an LCD IPS display and an oled display.

berty6294 says:

Yeh you'll also notice hers is a lot harder to see in bright daylight than yours is!

Meh, turn up the brightness and its manageable. I would honestly rather have the 820 screen just on efficiency alone. A huge part of battery drain comes from the display. Sure, the 920 camera is nice but besides that the 820 wins hands down. Expandable storage, swappable back plates, size, and design.

Honestly, it's really disappointing to see that. It's not like it ruins my experience altogether (cobalt still looks cobalt, but lime doesn't look lime), but I can't see how it made sense to use that 920 display for a flagship if the difference is THAT blatant. I mean, it's like you have this nice resolution, only to ruin the colors.

I'm wondering, could this be why pictures allegedly come out soft on the 920, that it's the display and not the camera?

Yup. The 810/820/822 screens are awesome and do seem more vibrant. There is only so much the human eye can differentiate, especially with these small screens. Also, I thought the 822 was ugly as sin when the first pics of it came out but after seeing it in person all I can say is hot damn. I haven't seen a 810 in person but so far I enjoy the 822 style more than the 920 and 820.
I'm glad the 920 wasn't in stock because I would be having buyers remorse right now.

No way on that. The 822 isn't AS ugly as when I first saw it, but I'd certianly not take that design over a 920 or an 820. I prefer the, I guess shraper, corners of the 920 and 820. I feel that way with my Zune HD as well, when compared to an iPod.

Besides, I certainly don't have buyer's remorse. My phone was the same price as the 822. It came on a better carrier (in my area, AT&T gets better reception), it came with twice the storage (not concerned about the lack of microSD slot with 32GB onboard), the extra charger is nice (the free $50 wireless one), and the camera's still great.

Yeah, I don't like the fact that the "lime" tiles (not LIVE tiles, haha) look off on my phone (and the rest probably do as well, but I can live with it). That will not ruin the other features I got with the 920 over the 820, because color saturation (or whatever it is called) does not trump cellular reception or doubling of the storage.

berty6294 says:

I AM SO BORED!!! Let's start a micro forum in this comment strip.

Agent-P says:

I'm down for that. Now the question is: what's the topic?

Laura Knotek says:

I went to one of my Linux Group meetings. The Linux users actually like Windows 8 a lot.

Ok... fourms are taking longer then expected, so I went on to VZW forums and found a little trick for you 822 yearning peeps. (well anyone really as the phones are all cheaper)
Best Buy is pice matching online prices until christmas eve (excludes thanksgiving week and cyber monday). Walmart is giving it away for FREE. (time stamp of NOV 16th on the page). print it out and go to best buy to get yer phone for FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

IxInklessxI says:

Have a problem with the Lumia 920 I have over 1.3gb of "other" memory and I have no clue to where it came from. Any suggestions?