Pixel Heritage: Windows Phone App Review

Pixel Heritage for Windows Phones

Windows Phone cameras have progressed rather nicely with the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X's cameras being really strong performers. But if you're in the mood for days of old, Pixel Heritage will give your current Windows Phone camera a retro feel.

Pixel Heritage is a collection of nine "old school" Nokia phones. From the 2004 6610i to the 2006 Nokia N95, you can snap a picture and give it that hazy, dusty, slightly out of focus look as if it was taken with these older cameras.

Pixel Heritage's interface is simple. Simply swipe left or right to choose the phone of your liking and tap the power button (or phone itself). Your camera view finder will appear on the Nokia phone's screen (just like the old days) and once you've lined up the shot, tap the capture button or press your Windows Phone shutter button.

Pixel Heritage

Once captured, a selection of editing buttons will appear to let you add bad pixels, dust, extra noise, or haze. Once the final edits are done, tap save and the photo is stored in your Pictures Hub. Image quality isn't too shabby if you take away the dead pixels, soft focus and grain. Just like the good old days.

Pixel Heritage is an interesting novelty camera app for your Windows Phone that will let you capture retro styled images. The only real downside to the app is that the collection is a little on the small side and limited to Nokia phones.

Regardless, if you're looking for a unique photography app for your Windows Phone, Pixel Heritage might fit the bill. Pixel Heritage is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone. You can find Pixel Heritage here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Z10YkakPES says:

Damn my 1st Nokia 8 years ago, Nokia 6630, still love that phone

Guakala says:

This app is pretty cool. Gives photos a retro look I can actually relate to.

One of the nice touches is that you can get the flash to fire when it's a N95 :D

bokchoy1 says:

Wonder what photos look like on a bad 128x128 display? :)

Back when Nokias roamed the Earth........................