Last Chance to Enter to Win a Nokia Lumia 920 and Microsoft Surface RT Tablet in our Mobile Nations Passport Contest!

Click the image below to jump over to the official contest thread and leave a comment on that post for your chance to win!

Remember, leaving a comment to this post won't get you entered... click the image above to head to the contest post and leave a comment there. Good luck!

The Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012, so HURRY UP AND ENTER! 



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schlubadub says:

You hope you're Vin Diesel?

Zorlock says:

me me me me me! :)

spencer0279 says:

good luck :) to myself and to the rest :)

come on lets go !!!

pacaraballo says:

I want my win8 phone!!!!

woohoo,,,, biggest fan of wp,,, i hope i win

albertph says:

I need a miracle to win... The 920 isn't coming to us until January 2013 :(

byutah says:

I've been a WPhone fanatic since the original Focus and after 2 years of defending the brand, it feels so good when I hear people say " Damn man, you were right all along. This phone is amazing."

Rockartisten says:

Nevermind! I jumped to my computer and it's worldwide. How did I miss this?

arjun5555 says:

So ghoood!.. I hope I win!! Windows phone ki jai!! :P

itsall4tay says:

Windows phone for life!

mrshamoozoo says:

Windows phone forever!

Jalik says:

Me win, you not win! :)

rayrayh23 says:

Hope I made it in time to win. :-)

sol12pad says:

Style, power and grace....they have it all !!

worstmexican says:

industry leading Tech and innovation, that is windows.

pranay11das says:

Wish I could win 920.

bokchoy1 says:

I wonder if that contest entry article the most commented one on this site?

I want to wiiiiiiin! Statistics tells me otherwise though :(

cgAnimator says:

Pick me, pick me!

Raza_8 says:

WP Central is reimagined

radrguy says:

I would love to win a Surface!!

...and eggs. Don't forget about the eggs.

I hav windowsphone7 i loved it verymuch.Iam from India.windows phone8 yet not released.if I get it iwas
The luckiest person on the universe

wpcenter says:

Thank you to wpcentral for keeping me up to date with your reports I enjoy reading them.

cckgz4 says:

Doesn't hurt to try 

hambone855 says:

Well here goes nothing I never win anything but what's the harm in trying I guess other then disappointment of be stuck with wp7 till the end of next year horay -_-

Krrishna says:

Another attempt to win the gadget :-)

mtlmike says:

Ultimate? Yes please!

thivanka31 says:

Thank you for the competition WPCenTraL! You give a chance for all to win the newest Windows devices in the market! Cheers!!!

robhood says:

Nokia in my country hasnt even announced any plans for the 920 or any other windows phone for that matter,so this is like my only chance.Here's hoping for a win.

It is not miracle, but your trully hope to win and have best phone on the market.

Ericldn says:

Good luck to all!

Tamer81 says:

Thank you WPCentral for giving me another chance! :)

hyperova says:

Seems like everyone is commenting here in the hope that they will win which the article says not to do lol oh well im not entering because im pretty sure only the pro will be able to run visual studio so I don't want the rt for that reason alone

cdb033 says:

Pick me! I can't afford one!!!

Paanli253 says:

hope it's me

PapaGrizzly1 says:

It's a wonderful day for a contest winner to be announced.

iguano80 says:

Please!!! Choose me!!!!

Hope I win..... Go Windows!!! Phone, Tablet, etc.

Sign me up!!

Dipen Patel1 says:

Nokia Lumia 920 is beautifully design nicely crafted ,durable phone with unique technology.now it developers turn to back it up with full of applications.anybody play with this device they going to fall in love.great hardware and good software.

Man, winning this would make my holiday season. 

I have been visiting Mobile Nations everyday  on Wpcentral since I bought windows 7. Hope I am lukcy to get this .

Winphoner says:

I've been spreading the word about WP8, would love to own the surface too!

TRobbJamz says:

I would love to win the Windows prize pack! I think the new Windows products will be the next big trend. Count me in!

wb84 says:

Winninggggggggg.  I could use a Lumia or a Surface.  This is awesome!!

sunnybyday says:

I could use either of those :) Please make my holidays, WPCentral!

DaBooty says:

I want this!

atfd45 says:

Pick me please!!

Dear Santa, you what I want.  Don't tease me any more!

Bobsteriffic says:

Contest to win a 920?! Seems legit...

PJ 70 says:

wow, so many posts
What are the odds of me winning

Zirmas says:

Would be great present for Christmas :)

lovebill says:

When the winners will be announced?

chillHILLWPC says:

WPCentral Gods, Lumianate my path!

moonboy509 says:

does any body win yet

pandanas69 says:

please pick me!

maxwell leal says:

This is where the two Titans come together to deliver the best i want to get a taste of the best cocled in this windows phone
Bring it on Windows Rocks

Kinay Dave says:

It is a very innovative mobial I like this mobial verry much ok bey

Piya Vasava says:


AK Singh says:

hope in my fortune there shall ba a nikia lumia 920 bcz i am having nokia x press music5130 NOW :D 

Parijat Deb says:

Jst damm crazy abut lumia.. Simply hop 2 win it..!!