Rovio updates Angry Birds Space and Star Wars for Windows Phone 8

Looks like Rovio’s commitment to Windows Phone is a fact as both their new Star Wars and Space games for Windows Phone featuring perturbed fowl just got bumped to version 1.1

Unfortunately that’s about all we can tell you at this point as there were no change logs nor are there any new levels, including that yet-to-be-released Hoth round. And yes, both games are still locked to Windows Phone 8 as far as we can tell.

There was some speculation recently by Nokia that those new Angry Birds games may have been causing some battery drains on some Lumia 920s, possibly as a result of running in the background. We can’t confirm if this fixes it (or even if it was a real problem) but at least one user, Mahmoud M. says it fixed his heat issue on the popular Nokia phone.

You can pick up Angry Birds Space here and Angry Birds Star Wars here.

QR: Space        QR: Star Wars



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DenniSundaY says:

Yeah I got both the games and updated them both, but I can't tell the difference too

goldenpipes says:

But wp7 doesn't have either game. :(

Bernard Wei says:

Playing them on Windows 8, no update there.

DenniSundaY says:

No? I got them about hours ago. Already tried to open marketplace? :P

N8tiveT3ch says:

Oh yeah, oh yeah at least wp7 has the first angry birds.

5tephen says:

Angry Birds Star Wars is easily my favorite one out of the entire series of games that they've done.

tbonenga says:

I'm so tired of angry birds. I lost track of all the hours I put in to get 200 gamerscore. I never wanna experience that again.

poddie says:

The achievements on the new ones seem much easier... No longer tied to 3 stat finishes, more of the grinding variety... But I think I will have most of them by the time both is done.

poddie says:

3 STAR, of course.

Arsenic17 says:

Comparatively, Angry Birds Star Wars is the easiest of them all and requires no 3 starring. Angry Birds Space is the worst as it requires you to smash 500k blocks which takes like 50 hours of grinding. The original angry birds lies somewhere in the middle. Only requires 250k blocks as well as 3 starring the levels.

futurix says:

I think the pigs are less pixelated after the update - although they still show pixels, which is a shame (and perhaps I'm just seing things and that was not in the update).

dalydose says:

So they gave us TWO new versions?  I'm not a HUGE gamer, so I just want one.  Any votes as to which is the best?  I was thinking Star Wars just for the whole movie angle, but if Space is the superior game, then that's important too. :)

Arsenic17 says:

I like star wars more, but maybe that is just an opinion. I also never watched those movies and still enjoy the theme. It also includes many of the elements of space. Space is blander but has more levels.

dalydose says:

Cool. I'll probably go with Star Wars.

Tomasz S. says:

They're only $1 each, you can afford to get both and just have fun while sitting on the loo.

Paul Acevedo says:

You... haven't seen the original Star Wars movies? Come on, man!

Arsenic17 says:

Yeah I know. That was before my time I think...sadly...

Angry birds star trek ASAP!! :-D

Shane Mayer says:

Angry Birds Space seems broken. It states it can't connect to Xbox. I can see achievements or leader board. Maybe I will reboot or reinstall if it keeps happening.

Banstyle says:

Can anyone get 'Pop 100 Pigs in Menus'? I've been popping them all over but I can't get that achievement.

Tomasz S. says:

Did that two weeks ago without any problems.

Banstyle says:

Mirror's Edge got an update today too, I'm guessing to make it WP8 compatible.