Deal Alert: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 with LTE for $279

Listen up world travelers, contract free citizens, those of you stuck on T-Mobile: Groupon is offering one heck of a deal on the Nokia Lumia 900 with 4G LTE on board. The phone is evidently the AT&T branded US version but get this, it's completely unlocked meaning you can use it just about everywhere. Sure, you won't get T-Mobile's LTE (whenever that actually rolls out) but the 1.4GHz CPU and 4.3" AMOLED display is still a solid performer.

And with promises of Windows Phone 7.8 and continued support from Nokia, this could be a viable option for some of you. The damages? Out of pocket you'll be dropping $279 for the unlocked privilege. And as a continued sign that Nokia and AT&T are dumping stock, you can buy up to three of the devices, so you know...stock up for the end of the world at the end 2012. The only thing we don't know is the color of the device, but both images show our favorite choice: glossy white.

Head to Groupon for the deal. You have 2 days to commit. Thanks, Jabid, for the tip



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phatboy66 says:

Damn doesn't ship to Canada :(      
This is a  nice deal.

yeungl says:

Ask them to ship to boarder. Then drive there and pick it up.

pierrerv says:

Cracks me up. So funny

ololmarc says:

if you live in vancouver, you can ship to point roberts. if you live in toronto, you can ship it to detroit
thats what im going to do

ololmarc says:

if you live in vancouver, you can ship to point roberts. if you live in toronto, you can ship it to detroit
thats what im going to do

RaRa85 says:

Oh no this would happen when I didn't have the money set aside! I need to make that happen.

tilemaster says:

Buy it on credit card... There are so many chances at the Moment that you'll never have to pay the money back... maya apocalypse, excessive national debt of the usa, breaking apart of the european union...

RaRa85 says:

I just might. I deserve it right?lol

poddie says:

If it had replaceable battery I'd buy one as a backup.

venom5150 says:

Does an exterior battery pack not interest you? I carry it on occasion when I think I may need it. Never been a problem.

Duvi says:

Nice deal.

Jabid21 says:

Ok, Finally joined WPCentral. The only caveat in this deal is that it's only available in white. And apparently, it's AT&T branded.

blessthejon says:

Ahh, the Lumia 900. My personal favorite design of a Lumia phone.

eshy says:

Does this phone work on T-Mobile? because if it's not (which is usually the case with AT&T exclusives) saying " those of you stuck on T-Mobile" as if this phone will work for them on anything other that 2G, is wrong.

Jabid21 says:

An unlocked GSM phone will always work on T-Mobile. But 3G availability for PCS (1900MHz) compatible phones on T-Mobile is still limited. T-Mobile has been working all year long to refarm its 1900MHz (PCS) spectrum from 2G to 3.5G (HSPA+) in major markets.
Once the refarm is complete, Any unlocked AT&T device, or 1900MHz compatible device will be able to use T-Mobile's 3G network.

Stop scaring me. Every hour of every day, I think about the end of the world.

schlubadub says:

Live every day like it's your last :)

It would've been the end of the world if Romney won the election

oddom says:

why...god no i would rather spend money on the newest os -.-

Turtle 1972 says:

Just curious: does anyone out there think there is an upside to getting one of these phones and using it with a MVNO like Straight Talk? I want to give Windows Phone a try, but I'm balking at AT&T's high monthly fees. This could be a good way to get used to the platform while I wait for the prices of the unlocked 920's to fall a bit... 

dogfish54 says:

Straight Talk is a great option (unless you are a heavy user) whether you get the 900, 920 or any other device. My suggestion would be to buy the 920 outright and use them (what I did), but honestly, the Lumia 900 is a great device with more updates coming. the 920 is a really really awesome device, so either way you can't go wrong I guess.

Troyseph says:

I paid the $200 termination fee with t-mobile and the cheaper $49 for the 920 on Att. I'll pay $20 a month more on my monthly, but I feel the better hardware and coverage/speed is a trade off.

That was stupid because you could've just bought the Rogers 920 which works on T-mobile.

11B1P says:

unlocked!  Wow, it's still not available for Verizon. Fail

ricardios says:

Tempting but I just ordered the NL810 which I have to say is better