Ben Rudolph kicks off 'Meet Your Match' Windows Phone campaign

Ben Rudolph has returned with his marketing power to push Windows Phone 8 out the door and down to the elderly couple at the end of the road. It was only back in January that Rudolph kicked off the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenges, which saw many participants attempt to best Windows Phone with competitor handsets.

According to a post published on the Windows Phone Blog, the team has run over 250,000 challenges in 54 countries - quite a campaign indeed. Recorded montages have been viewed more than 70 million times in total. But he's back with a new challenge - Meet Your Match. So what's new?

It's a different take on the Smoked challenges, focusing not just on how Windows Phone is faster than competitor platforms, but also why it's easier, more powerful, useful and fun. While the challenges will still be present, the team will focus more on educating contestants why Windows Phone would suit their lifestyles, no matter what that person may be into.

To show how the new campaign differs from Smoked, the team has released a number of videos on its YouTube channel - we've embedded them to this article for your convenience. It's going beyond the screen though as they'll be taking Meet Your Match on the road to malls and Microsoft Stores across the US, as well as locations in the UK, France and Germany.

We like the sounds of a new campaign as previous feedback showed positive reception from consumers once they knew how Windows Phone performed common smartphone tasks more efficiently than competitor hardware. We look forward to Microsoft unleashing the challenges across supported countries listed above.

Microsoft also ran the campaign "Bing It On" while Nokia had its own batch of challenges under the "Lumia Challenge" brand. Whether or not the Finnish manufacturer chooses to set up its own follow-up is yet to be seen. Be sure to check out more videos below.

Source: Windows Phone Blog



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I really love these challenges :D They seem more "fake" at the end, but they're a lot better than the old ones :D Before everything was "who can post to facebook first?"

dalydose says:

They do look more staged, but the challenges are real.  They have to be staged, I guess. You have to get them to sign the waiver before shooting them.

Mad Strings says:

Anyone notice that the phone given away was always an HTC 8X, except for the low light picture challenge?
Is Nokia that out of stock?

diplomat696 says:

Just don't do a competition where you need to load your own digital music files with artist info or play videos purchased anywhere else e.g on your Xbox ;)

Cellus13 says:

My match is the goddamn Lumia 920 but my carrier says no... Ugh

Buy it unlocked?

mtmjr90 says:

Completely impossible in the US...particularly if you want LTE.  If not, I guess you could import it...still not easy or cheap.

Sobr0801 says:

Wrong, they have the developers phones on eBay. Either way I am happy with my 920. Switched from Verizon to att. :)

Cellus13 says:

No one can get it unlocked.

pipe7 says:

Yep, same here.  Damn Nokia exclusive deals.  Still can't figure out how limiting your market is good business strategy.  Its like tying a rubberband tightly around your nutsack and then trying to make a baby. (but hey, i'm no doctor, nor marketing expert)

rubenbest says:

I was talking to a verizon guy today. He said he really wish the the 920 came to verizon but nokia stayed with att for that low 99$ price. He also said they wanted that price to appeal to customers because windows phones did not sell well at all. That this was nokia last attempt to sell

Piro.Garay says:

It'll be just $50 only for this weekend at the AT&T stores... Wonder if it'll come with the charge pad... Hmmm.

brandonries says:

Great concept and nicely done.

mjfadaway says:

They giving away free phones again?

Adretheon says:

These are the kinds of things we should be seeing on TV. This kind of ad would get way more people interested than some of the ad's they have out there.

theefman says:

I wonder if he also explains they can't watch any purchased video content on these "better" devices....

O geez, good one. Lol. When is the first firmware update coming? Please don't say May.

phatboy66 says:

Nice concept! But this was with an old Android phone lol, when people pull out a Galaxy S3, I wonder how they will react

brandonries says:

The Lumia was put up against the iPhone 5 in one of these ads.

cdbstl76 says:

That was one in the third video!

cdbstl76 says:

Best hi-light on kids corner yet...

NIST says:

The three videos rock. Ben is perfect in this role.

And CNET said Ben was making people feel bad. I'm leaving CNET.

jmshub says:

So, I went looking for that cnet article. The bias in the article was obvious, and the comments were head-smashingly bad,. Just blatant trolling. I used to really like cnet, but they are about worthless anymore.

Listen97 says:

Can't stand Cnet's reporter http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57551961-71/microsoft-wants-to-denigrate-your-iphone-and-android-again/ he is basically bashing the phone and the videos. I personally love them, and think they show how different and effecient the phones can be. If more sales people watched these I believe the marketshare would be better.

Look above your post. -_-

starblade876 says:

He actually posted before you by 25 minutes. :-P

Bee Mon says:

Ooh looks like someone just made a *ss of himself again.

Rockartisten says:

His wife looks alarmingly young, looking at the picture on the live tile in the first video.

Troyseph says:

My wife's photo is a picture of our son, so... yeah. 

Rockartisten says:

-Eh, well weren't you a ray of sunshine.

schlubadub says:

It's quite common for people to change their FB profile pics to that of their kids

rubenbest says:

We need more ads like this. Let people know what windows phone is all about!!

CB Gardner says:

Would love to see this on TV. Screw the celebrity endrosements. Show real people getting excited about real features that aren't gimmicks but actually add to the expierence.

ihavewp8 says:

No, show more celebrities. Try have Miranda Kerr model. She advertised for blackberry.which she should leave and be next.celebrity for windows phone 8.

schlubadub says:

Mmm Miranda Kerr! Hottest Aussie country girl ever!

If the Bingiton was on TV this will be too.

Y can't we have Ben Rudolph as the presenter for windows phones he's very good and these videos were really good

Coke Robot says:

This makes me so happy!

I like these as well, would make for some great TV adds.  The jingle is also really cute and catchy.

One problem...how da hell were they able to setup their screens that fast...makes no sense...i smell actors...normal iPhone users are so hard to convince...ive tried...

Ayush_WP says:

Brilliant work! :D

eortizr says:

Wow. Really lumia 920 vs mytouch?  What's next? 920 vs. Motorola RAZR v3?.  Como on make it vs. an S3 and the results will be different.

brandonries says:

Second video is L920 vs. iPhone 5

starblade876 says:

MyTouch = 2-year old phone = someone probably on contract and looking to upgrade = why not show them another option besides sticking with Android? = NothingToDoHere.jpg

albertph says:

These ads are amazing! WTG Nokia/Windows!

jcagga says:

Blonde is hot.

lippidp says:

Here's my video:
"Ever type an email on your iPhone and you end up with typos everywhere and sometimes completely different words than you wanted?  Well here's Windows Phone 8.  It has a slide-out keyboard.  Oh wait, this is a Quantum from 2010.  CUT!!!"

Shut up about the keyboard

schlubadub says:

Seriously, if you pulled out a phone with a keyboard you would never get people to stop laughing

akar33 says:

These ads are lovable and much more personal than ads of ofther platforms. They are the perfect way to sell Windows Phone to general public who live in the world of iphones and androids.

dalydose says:

These should be EVERYWHERE...as is.  No over-produced commercials needed.  This is the next best thing to a hands-on and in some respects, it's better than hands on.  Put these on TV and put these in movie theaters before the the show.  Put these anywhere and everywhere possible.  These are EFFECTIVE.

I like the celeb stuff too, because they add a bit of "cool" for the masses, but these will bring home the money.


MooCoo says:

Nice, but Ben used to be more relaxed in those older smoked-vids.

love these videos. switch!

mtiede says:

Extremely nice.  I thought the "smoked by" videos should have been commercials too.

wpguy says:

Get those on TV! The busy mom & dad vid could easily be chopped up into multiple commercial-length ads. (BTW, I hope Microsoft patented the heck out of Kid's Corner.)