1Password on Windows Phone 8 suffers from log-in error

1Password for Windows Phone

One of those good news/bad news deal for you 1Password users on Windows Phone 8. Actually, there's a decent chance if you're on Windows Phone 8 you're not using 1Password, as the essential password-management app is suffering from a pretty nasty log-in bug that doesn't actually let you log in.

That's a problem.

In a slight ray of sunshine, however, developer AgileBits responded to my error report in about a half-hour, which is pretty awesome for just about anyone. So kudos for that, and here's to hoping a fix rolls out soonest.



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awesumjon says:

Well, what did he say?

I just tried it with my 1password app and it apps work fine.  My 1password file sits on my dropbox account.  I have a L920 phone.  Interesting though as I live and die with this program.

All fine here now as well.

Nakazul says:

People gotten there hands on WP8 devices! Aren't there shortage? O.O :-P

Agent-P says:

I haven't tried logging into 1Password on my 8X yet, but glad to know if there's an issue it's getting taken care of.

Agent-P says:

Well, I tried logging in and it worked. No problems here *knocks on wood*

If this was iOS, the dev would respond not in half and hour, but in half a month.

SocalBrian says:

Actually AgileBits support is quite good across the board.

jjmurphy says:

This better than lastpass?

Yeah, I can't speak for who's having problems and who's not (or why the disparity), but they definitely said it's something they've heard from people on, and they're working on it.

I switched to 1Password when I went to a Mac. Used LastPass for a long time though, and I liked it a lot, too. Dan swears by it.

zishbu says:

I use keepass and the 7pass 99c app on my Lumia 920. Its free and works awesome. Can even use on my mac with mono installed.

The app is extremely ugly considered the design for Windows Phone, but it works fine for my 8X.

NickA says:

To the developer: put in some error handling.  No one wants to see a stack trace.
} catch (Exception ex) {
} finally {

outlaw_d says:

I don't see it in the Windows Phone 8 Store.  Am I missing it?  Is there an Windows 8 desktop version yet?

brorim says:

Just never ever never ever never use aps like these. Ever never ever

pdt says:

Where did you get 1Password for WP8? I don't see it in the Windows Phone store.