Nokia Transport 3.1 beta available for Windows Phone 7

Nokia Transport

Nokia has published a post on its official Conversations blog detailing an update for its Transport (Transit in North America) app on Windows Phone 8, as well as new beta for Windows Phone 7.x. We covered the release of Nokia Transport 3 for the latest version of Microsoft's mobile platform earlier this month, but it's good to see Nokia pushing forward with further advances for consumers with older hardware.

So what's new in the latest Nokia Transport for Windows Phone 7.x? The team has bundled pretty much everything we highlighted in the Nokia Transport version 3 article (so be sure to check that resource), but this beta is a step ahead on 3.1. If you're rocking a first generation Lumia Windows Phone, and wish to try out the new functionality and improvements being made to Nokia's public transport solution, be sure to head on over to the beta labs. 

Source: Nokia Beta Labs, via: Nokia Conversations



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CreepinJesus says:

Could that hand be any more air-brushed?

Jf.Vigor says:

Nokia is boss

pierrerv says:

I thought they would release it for all wp devevices. All OEM's

ejlee072006 says:

I downloaded the beta... The issue I have with this app is it doesn't accurately follow HOLIDAY SCHEDULES..FOR EXAMPLE TODAY IS TURKEY DAY,THE APP DIDNT RECOGNISED IT..good thing is still have my MANGO TRANSIT APP WHICH IS MORE ACCURATE THAN THE TRANSPORT APP AND YOU CAN GO AHEAD IN ADVANCE WITH THE MANGO APP.. we will see..

Rockartisten says:

Useless in Sweden, unfortunately.

guillams says:

Oh Microsoft, no all users have Nokia device!