HTC 8S reportedly features keep-WiFi alive and SMS draft OS additions

The HTC 8S, though widely praised as exceptionally designed, has been MIA ever since the Windows Phone 8 launch a few weeks back. Rumor that we heard was HTC was finishing up a few last details to the software and may even had some early issues to fix before release. Regardless, it was just a matter of time before that mid-range device sees the light of day.

Images coming out from the forums at WPXAP show was appear to be some new customizations that HTC is instantiating on the upcoming phone. Two new features appear to be a keep-WiFi alive and SMS draft. The first feature is something that Microsoft has publicly acknowledged as an upcoming fix for the OS in general while the latter is something we’ve heard a few people ask for as evidently storing pre-written text messages is important.

Rum: 7

Another interpretation would be the 8S, since it is coming out later, is running a newer version of Windows Phone 8 OS and these are new OS features from Microsoft and not HTC. As of now, there is just too little information to conclude.

Group shot: Huawei, Nokia and HTC

In conferring with our China-based writer Chassit, he says the images are legit and we can confirm that some NDA meetings with HTC were recently held in the region, which explains the photos and info. Hopefully we'll have more info forthcoming.

Source: WPXAP Forums; Thanks, Talan1314 and hengxiang32401, for the images and links



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Pricop says:

I'm seriously thinking to get the 8X or 8S, even tho I'm a huge fan of Nokia. I enjoy HTC's new designs, and also the fact that they are slim is a decision factor for me.

bonsai666 says:

My 8x is rebooting numerous times a day, wait for a fix first.

karelj says:

Try switching off Beats Audio.

bonsai666 says:

Beats only turns on when i connect headphones, otherwise it stays turned off.

Why do you keep blaming it on beats? That's not it

The 920 has worse problems

TiLoBrown says:

I haven't had any problems with my 920

poddie says:

I don't quite understand how the 8s could be considered midrang... No ffc, 1ghz proc, low ram, low storage.

Why do you people get so fascinated with our terminology, especially when it has zero to do with the post topic on hand? Let's stay on topic here...

awesumjon says:

What do you mean, "YOU PEOPLE" ?! :P

Completely stupid comment

It's a toss-up between the 8S and the Huawei for my money. Choice could be made solely on whether the Huawei arrives in the UK, but I still like the illusion of choice.

If this is true, then what are the possible implications regarding app implementations?

Rippin2 says:

Had my 8X for 4 full days and not one reboot or issue, just so you know. I'm on Verizon.

TJWINS says:

Can't wait for these fixes as well as others. We need WP8.5 soon. There is too much missing in my Lumia 810 compared to my Bold 9900. I can't believe I can't put a 2 or 3 hour reminder in my calendar SMH!


TJWINS says:

Did you figure out how to enter a 3 hour reminder? I bet you can't.

sudakoma says:

If true, both these additions would be very welcome, let's hope we all get them soon!

Rippin2 says:

TJWINS, yes you can...smh

TJWINS says:

How? The options jump from 1 hour to 18 hours. How do you enter a 3 hour reminder?

polychromenz says:

yes how? Not that I care as Ive never needed a 2 hour reminder but im interested on how to do it. Its possible in Desktop outlook and I  assume that the phone honours the setting but this is an odd ommssion.

TJWINS says:

Yeah I live in PA but most of my presentations are in NJ and MD so most of my reminders are 3 hours but I can't enter it in WP8. Why is an 18 hour reminder even an option? 12 hours makes sense but 18? Come on....

ricardios says:

8s is a hot little phone.

Skunkwurx says:

The 8s is already on sale here in ireland with emobile... that said its out of stock since it "launched" it must be soon considering we haven't got the 920 yet

I'd trade in my 920for a high end 8X S.