T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 looks to drop to FREE for Black Friday

Have you been thinking of getting the Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile? You should as it's a swell phone (our review will be coming this weekend). If you have thought about it, tomorrow may be your day as it looks like T-Mobile is on the cusp of unleashing their Black Friday sale.

Heading to their sale page, you can clearly see the Lumia 810 going for $0. That's roughly $150 off the original price (T-Mobile has it for $99 but that is only after a $50 mail in rebate, so it's actually $150 up front).

The Lumia 810 features a 4.3" 800x480 AMOLED display with ClearBlack--one of the most stunning and vibrant displays we have ever seen. It also rocks dual 1.5GHz CPUs, 8MP rear Carl Zeiss camera, 8GB of storage (you can add up to 64GB via microSD), wireless charging back plate (optional) all with an 1800mAh battery.  

You can check out our unboxing video to get an idea of the device and while it's no Lumia 920, we've been pleasantly surprised by its little brother.

We'll check back later with T-Mobile to see if they update the actual 810 page, which is still showing the old price.

Source: T-Mobile Black Friday Sale; Thanks, Rhamsey, for the tip



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Duvi says:

awesome!  woot woot.

Ordeith says:

I really hope they also offer free in stores.

Pretty awesome. The deal is good, but i still can't forgive Nokia to screw up the Lumia 8XX line. Made it bigger, with the same shit low-res-screen. 
Now there is NO "smaller screen" Windows Phone 8. All Windows Phones are too big to fit, and be used in/with one womans hand. Why are all Nokia's so bluky? I realy like the HTC, but after my having a Titan i NEVER EVER want another HTC, the build quality is just horrible, can't belive reviewers say its good. So the HTC 8X/S is out of the picture.
My only hope is to wait for Microsoft to come with a nice Surface/Xbox phone. 

Duvi says:

and happy thanksgiving all!

kwajr says:

What about off contract

What incentive would T-Mobile have to sell you a discounted off-contract phone? It should be $549 off contract, no change.

kwajr says:

Ok should have said value plan since there is still a contract

tedfordz says:

Value is getting an additional $50 rebate off the down payment. ($50 after the $50 rebate I believe. Sorry, I just don't remember what the price cards said when I put them out wed night.)

tedfordz says:

No contracts did change for some phones (prism is $70 with $50 plan, normally $100.) The 8x and 810 did drop some, although I think the $550 is the dropped price. I work at midnight and I'll double check for everyone.

wpguy says:

To make me, the long-term customer who wanted a 920, a little happier about sticking with them. ;)

ricardios says:

Bought mine online at the Microsoft store for $450. Great deal imo

I'd be feeling pretty annoyed right now if I'd just shelled out $150 for it...

Yeah, but you can say that literally about every single piece of goods on the market pre-Black Friday, no? A lot of our site members were savvy enough to wait for BF deals (see below this comment), it's not like any of this is a surprise.

I think a $50 price cut is expected, and that's fair enough - but $150?

I'm in the UK, so really don't know if it's commonplace to reduce a handset by that much this quickly, but all signs at the moment are pointing towards being a bit of a freak.

Whodaboss says:

They fooled me once last year when I bought my HTC Radar and then a week or two later it was free.  This year I waited and will be rewarded.  This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for. Totally awesome!  Great news!

Josh Young says:

Why 14 day buyer remorse period... I plan on showing up and returning mine in the morning and walkinig out with the same phone and a pocket full of cash...

Sweet. My family was wanting to switch to T-mobile from Sprint just for some WPs. Thank God I waited to see if they would have any deals for black Friday. Saved me over 400.

wpguy says:

If you would have switched last weekend, you would have gotten a sweet deal on TMo's Value Plan. We added a third phone (Lumia 710) with data (2 GB unthrottled--we've never come close in two years, thanks to plentiful Wi-Fi) and are actually paying less than our old family plan with just two phones. Free phones are a great deal, though.

Yeah we never really come close for the same reason. I was a little upset for not switching when Tmobile was waiving the activation fee. But this BF deal is better.

Should've gotten the nationwide unlimited 4G plan, its the same price.

wpguy says:

No, Nationwide Unlimited 4G costs $10/mo/line more than Unlimited Plus. I'm the heaviest data user in the family, and the most I have ever used in a month is about 1.5 GB, and that's with snagging new apps or their updates and some vids or songs via the data plan.

No it isn't, its exactly the same on the value plan at least. Don't know why anyone would want a limited plan.

wpguy says:

Are you sure you are comparing identical talk & text with Nationwide Unlimited 4G vs Unlimited Plus? As for why, saving $30/mo on something we don't use.

Rhamsey says:

I'll be getting one of these tonight once the price changes.

The 8X has a better display than the 810.

kwajr says:

But for some of us storage is a big deal

edfungus says:

No, its an error. I talked to a rep a whlie back. ... Though I wish it was true... :(

Rhamsey says:

I talked to a rep tonight and they said it would go live at that price after 12:00

edfungus says:

Really? :D Well I'll be happy!

WilliamC1972 says:

I love Nokia, as I have the 710, but this time I have to go with the 8X. Its a much better phone in my opinion.

jabz9 says:

I just started my Tmobile contract value plan like 3 days ago will i be able to get this phone for that price

Mad Strings says:

Funny enough, the picture drew me to the blurred images. As I then realized it is the Galaxy Relay and Blaze for free also. I still love Windows Phone more, but why blur the rest of the picture?

To draw attention the 810 sale, which was the focus of the article. 

chucky78 says:

Daniel can you clarify the storage for me. What can the internal storage store vs the microSD? Can apps and games be stored on the microSD?

chucky78 says:

Also how much storage of the 8GB does Microsoft use for the OS?

5GB internal, ~60GB with a microSD. The SD can take photos, music, video and documents. Main memory is for apps/games.

TJWINS says:

My phone can only read documents if they are on the internal memory not SD card. I think SD is only for storage of music, photos, and videos but I could be wrong. Can anybody get their WP8 to read docs off of the SD. Card?

I will definitely be checking into this tomorrow.

jersey shore says:

not alive yet.  When u click o "Learn more" it say $99.99

luiislp says:

I know this is killing me !!!! :P

rmichael75 says:

Still 99 dollar

juanitoriv says:

I think T-Mo works off Pacific time. I work as a CSR for Sprint, they run on Central.

juanitoriv says:

I personally am liking the 810. Its looks are more my style, but wishing it was orange. But mostly I love me my music. Headphones/earbuds going 10+ hrs/day. HTC's series w/Beats is very attractive to to me. But I'm feeling very left out by HTC after seeing all the love Nokia gives its people. I mean, can I get Tango upgrade at least!! I mean c'mon seriously. I'm looking at xda to flash my phone.

Sorry, last part was a bit of a rant.

Anyways, I'm going to try and work on T-Mo tomorrow. I signed up with a $200 pro-rated ETF (early termination fee) and they have 810's for free today. So, in theory, I could cancel my contract, pay the pro rated ETF, re-sign and still come out ahead..

mad_d2 says:

Ian wondering if the battery from 810 will fit in too the 820?

crocobro says:

has this gone live yet? been checking for a while now and no luck :/

edsal says:

It's live but still showing 99.99 for the 810 and not 0 dollars' when i tried to buy it' it was showing 149.99 and after tax 220.00.

kulku says:

No luck so far. Just checked. Still shows $99.99

bsipe9 says:

Sure looks like a price mistake.  The other BF deals they have show the correct price.

bsipe9 says:

Tried again adding it to a plan and the popup for a Live Assistant came up so I asked about the deal.  They claimed it was a mistake and their engineer has been working on it.  I asked them if it normally takes their "engineer" over 9 hours to swap a jpg on their website.

pankaj981 says:

Welcome to world of IT, change controls can take more time for small changes than normal people can exect

bsipe9 says:

Nah, I'm in IT.  This seems more like a calculated decision (perhaps it was originally a mistake) to leave it there to drum up interest.  I guarantee you if this "mistake" actually reflected in the purchase price being free, they'd have fixed that in 5 minutes or less after they became aware of it.

sixsevenco says:

the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the is a way to drive people to android. 'sorry, that phone isn't available, but here are some other good options...'

ddabiz says:

I was thinking along the same lines. Tmo is really not putting much effort in selling this Lumia device, since their price is not competitive with AT&T's 820 (or even the 920). Not sure if this signals something's coming soon, or it's simply a bad business decision. Anyway, it's just me probably being hopeful for some holiday surprise.

gerrymad says:

A 10:00 AM PST The Black Friday link http://www.t-mobile.com/promotions/resourcetemplate.aspx?passet=Pro_Pro_BlackFriday still shows free, but when I click on the link to learn more it comes up at $99. I went all the way through until the actual checkout and it still has the $99 price after rebate. Seems to me they should honor the $0 price at this point. They've had plenty of time to fix the error on the main Black Friday page.

edsal says:

It' still showing 99.99 LA time 10:06 am so what's the deal with that ! and my total pay out would be $220.31 with tax that's not free !

ddabiz says:

I spent the morning dealing with a billing question since last month, as well as getting information about the BF free deal for the Lumia 810. I chatted with a rep first and was informed this offer was only for new lines. I then called customer service (didn't get my billing issue solved through chat), and got told simple phone upgrades were elegible too. However, the zero tag applied specifically to value plans and only the first installment. 
Does any one have different intel on this? I just want to make sure I am not missing a good opportunity here (if there is one). Thanks!

sixsevenco says:

I want to upgrade 3 lines on this deal. I tried chat, customer service, and loyalty. none of them could help me. I've been with tmo for 8+ years. loyalty did offer me a better deal than the everyday price ($99), but nowhere near free. if i didn't have such a good, grandfathered deal, i'd leave for at&t and the 920 and never look back.

gerrymad says:

It doesn't work fo new lines either.

edsal says:

I went to the store today and they said the same thing so it's not free.

ddabiz says:

It seems it sounded very good to be true. The site still has it listed FREE, but 99.99 once you click to learn more. Very confusing advertising by Tmo. Thanks everyone for replying. 

I went in the store today and it still had the $99 tag on it. The site still says $99 after all the rebates. Rep gave me 2 options. First one of our current plan, it would be 167+tax. If I switch to their "value" plan, its 149+tax but then I have to pay the rest on top of the bill. So much for customer loyalty.

kwajr says:

i got mine in store on value for 99 down tax was 37 no mail in rebate it was instant

Montpbm says:

Yeah if Tmo don't get that Samsung Ativ S then I'm going back yo AT&T...

crocobro says:

Spent all day today thinking I might have a shot at getting this free... Tmobile updated their page now, listing it at $99.99 :(

kwajr says:

where can we get the back covers and is it truethat the touchstones dock work

JuneMono says:

Did not work, chatted with 3 reps, 2 of them said free, but did not know why it wouldn't work on website, each time the chat window would disconnect. Last rep apologized and said $99.00 was the price, regardless what Black Friday special showed online. =(