Michelin Travel Guide added to the Windows Phone Nokia Collection

Michelin Travel Guide

The Michelin Travel Guide gives you access to more than 30,000 tourist attractions world wide and it's now available as a Lumia Windows Phone 8 exclusive in the Nokia Collection.

The Michelin Travel Guide allows you to search for attractions that are nearby, by name, near an address and from the map view. You can also download travel books to your Windows Phone for easy reference while on the go.

Michelin Travel Guide

Additional features include:

  • Add and view tourist photos
  • Downloadable, offline maps
  • Tag tourist sites as favorites for quick access
  • View your travel history
  • User reviews and ratings on the various attractions

If you like traveling abroad, the Michelin Travel Guide should come in handy. There is also a partner application, The Michelin Guide, that provides information for restaurants in Europe form fine dining to neighborhood diners.

The Michelin Travel Guide is a free app that you can find in the Nokia Collection that's located in your Lumia Windows Phone Store app (or through this link). The Michelin Guide is currently running $3.99 and is available for all Windows Phones and can be found here in the Windows Phone Store.

via: Smartphone France

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judas2100 says:

well done Nokia !!

pipe7 says:

Says not available for my device.  Lumia 900 in Canada. 
Is this WP8 only?  or regional?

mixail says:

i found the app. Greek store Lumia 800. But i cant download it.: sorry :P

jsnod25 says:

App not available for my device (Lumia 900 on AT&T) and that's for the Nokia one, the other one does show up for $3.99.

Can't find it on my Lumia 800 in Norway either. Following the direct link in articel gives me a "App not available" message in the store.

Funny...when I read the article, it clearly states for Windows Phone 8.

+1 Wish I could give you a hug

linni says:

First version of this article didn`t say about WP8 anything, just Nokia Lumia.

pipe7 says:

Exactly.  The article was edited after my initial post.


Jf.Vigor says:

Cool, another app that can update your lock screen

atkulp says:

These are not the same apps. The Lumia exclusive is about a tenth the size and has a different name and icon. Hopefully similar features though.

I downloaded this thinking I'd just delete in soon after. A couple quick searches proved this app could actually be valuable to me. I entered my address where I grew up in SoCal and it recommended things I would recommend a tourist. We transplanted to Boston so I am eager to check out some of these recommendations (some of them we already have). This is actually a keeper!

ihavewp8 says:

Available for nokia again. Just make it available for ALL windows phone smartphones.

agentcyan says:

I am not able to see Michelin travel app and nokia transit app on my nokia collection list :( :( 
Not sure whats wrong.