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Windows Phone reader Weave updated to version 4.0

Weave for Windows Phone

Weave is a popular news reader for your Windows Phone and it was recently updated to version 4.0. The update gives the news reader a re-design and a respectable amount of customizability.

The update also brings a few under the hood tweaks that gives the app faster performance. Weave is pre-loaded with thirty three categories including world, financial, deals, fashion, videogames, technology and more. From there you can edit and add to the Weave feeds to better match your needs.

Weave 4.0

Additional features for Weave include:

  • Over 180 pre-loaded, high-quality news sources including CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, WPCentral, USA Today, NY Times, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, and many more.
  • Feed search – you can search for new feeds by topic or website name
  • Easily manage your feeds and categories via the settings screen
  • View full articles at your leisure
  • Share articles with your friends, via email
  • Post an article to your Facebook wall
  • Tweet an article to your Twitter followers
  • Send an article to Instapaper!

Weave has always been an impressive news reader for our Windows Phones and the update simply makes it better. There is a free, ad supported version of Weave that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store. The ad free version will run you $9.99 and you can find that version of Weave here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Weave Free                     QR: Weave (paid version)



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Djole77 says:

10 dollars for an rss reader?
no thx

lubbalots says:

Bought it when it was only a buck or two.

wtrmlnjuc says:

Use the free version.

walter1832 says:

Love this app!  I used to use Pulse all the time until I had to do a hard reset and found out they abandoned WP.  Screw them.  Weave is so much better!

CJ Thunder says:

They abandoned WP to sell IE10. I don't like that fact either and like the app layout over the web layout.

ajua says:

$9.99 is expensive. I'm using NextGen reader and it has been great.
Does this new version of Weave support Windwos Phone 8 features/resolutions? You didn't comment on that.

rojar19 says:

Not to be rude but this update happened about a month ago.

walter1832 says:

I think George forgot to publish the story and just realized it.  Better late than never.

c8m6p says:

10 bucks is a joke

No live tiles? Meh.

Also, while the ad free version is $10, you can always get the one with ad support. I never understood peoples aversion to ads.

bono5112 says:

Yes, Live tile

schlubadub says:

Sometimes they're intrusive, and they slow apps down...

The $10 must be a price increase. I remember trying the free version and contemplating purchasing the ad free one at the time. I didn't  because the reviews said there were issues and the developers were MIA.

SelesGames says:

Hi Everyone,
Thank you George for writing about the update!   Weave 4.0 is a near-total rewrite of the app, rebuilt from the ground up.
Brief list of new features:
- Complete app redesign!  A sleek new UI makes reading articles a beautiful, customizable experience.
- Easy news source management capabilities.  A browseable library of sources, grouped amongst many categories, as well as the ability to search for sources and import from a user's Google Reader account.
- New sharing capabilities - share to SMS and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Windows Live!
- Ability to "favorite" articles to store on your phone
- Pin any website or category to your phone's home screen
- Live Tiles!
- New gestures when viewing an article:  swipe right to close article, swipe left to bring up share options
- Control over how quickly read/unread articles are deleted off your phone
- Pseudo screen-rotation lock.  Great for reading while lying down.
- Fully compatible with Windows Phone 8!
In response to some of the comments - there most certainly is Live Tile support.  Additionally, we recommend you use the free, ad-supported version of Weave.
We've made it really easy to disable ads in the free version - simply view any ad, then come back to the app with your back button.  You will now be ad-free the remainder of your session!
Link to free version:  http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=25f7c2fa-ca89-49a7-9937-c7347be73fec
Thank you WPCentral and thank you to all our enthusiastic users!
- Seles Games

Any word on this coming to windows 8 ?

SelesGames says:

A Windows 8 version is in the works :)

Mr. Brown says:

I've been waiting to use Weave on my Surface! :)

Excitement! By far my favourite news reader

lubbalots says:

This update was two three weeks ago wasn't it?

NIST says:

I believe so. Solid app. Been using it forever. Only real app that I know of where you can get all the Windows Phone news.

Mr. Brown says:

Yeah, it was over a month ago.

I use Zite. Great app and it delivers what you need.

spazzmaster says:

$10 for a newsreader!?
Won't even bother.

SelesGames says:

Hi spazzmaster,
As the article says, there is a fully featured free version available.
- Seles Games

Raistlin_HT says:

Love the app, but unfortunately the google reader functionality doesn't seem to work. It keeps rejecting my login.

iamoniwaban says:

10$ ???????? Not

Laura Knotek says:

It's an awesome app, and the free version works great. It is the best RSS app, and it works with Google Reader.

Mr. Brown says:

I use the free version of Weave and its awesome!

hoonigandad says:

Good thing I bought this when it was 1$

lucas.scott says:

its worth every bit of that $9.99. Brilliant UI, easy to use, and lightening fast.