Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8S expected in stock soon over at Expansys U.K.

Samsung ATIV S

We knew the Samsung ATIV S was pushed back to December and now we are learning the at least one retailer is expecting inventory available on December 13th.

Expansys U.K. is expecting the ATIV S due on December 13th at a price of £449.99.  You can find the Samsung ATIV S Expansys listing here.  Additionally, it is our understanding that the HTC 8S will become available through Expansys U.K. on December 5th for £239.99.  The HTC 8S Expansys listing can be found here.

While we don't have any firm dates with U.S. availability, both Windows Phone 8 devices are listed on Expansys U.S. The ATIV S is listed for $649.99 and the 8S is listed for $349.99.

Each phone can be pre-ordered and hopefully the shipping dates will hold true. Just keep in mind we've seen a lot of movement in availability dates for Windows Phone 8 devices and these dates are subject to change.



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brorim says:

Taaaaaaablets wheeeeeeen

Is the 8s coming to AT&T

TallPaul86 says:

I'm holding out for the silver/limey yellow model... Looks awesome!

judas2100 says:

hmmm...no small tiles actually make the homescreen a bit weird !!

mms-pc says:

By the way, today Samsung Taiwan branch just officially announced the release of ATIV S, it will be officially available by January 2013, at a price of NT$18,900 without a contract, which will be USD$630.