Rumor: Microsoft set to roll out Windows Phone 8 update 'Apollo+' in Q1 2013 [Update]

Microsoft is set to fire up its updating engine for Windows Phone in Q1 next year, according to a tweet published by renowned Twitter account @Football4PDA. The account was the named source for the leaked images of the HTC Accord (HTC 8X), as well as a number of other headlines that have been published along the way to Windows Phone 8

Rum: 7

The tweet in question claims Microsoft will release an update for its recently launched mobile platform at the beginning of next year, and will be titled Apollo+. While there's little to back up said claims, it's likely to turn out to be true. We're not entirely certain what could be included in such an update to Windows Phone 8, but it would make for a welcomed gift post-holiday season for those who have recently invested in a new Windows Phone. 

Notifications Centre could well be on the list of included features and functionality, as well as separate volume controls, not to mention the number of bug fixes and improvements that will surely be applied to further smooth out the user experience. Be sure to head on over to our forums to view what the community wants to see added to Windows Phone.

Microsoft pushed out the NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 in Q1 2011 - though many had issues with carriers delaying the rollout. We wouldn't be surprised if the company had a windows Phone 8 update planned for the new year. What's more is that all updates pushed out by Microsoft should be sent out OTA (Over-The-Air) to consumers- no need to plug the device into a computer.

Update: According to The Verge, Microsoft has a number of improvements on the horizon for Windows Phone. The Apollo+ update could include VPN support to enable connectivity with systems, which has been missing since the Windows Mobile days. A WiFi connection patch is also in the pipeline to allow connections to remain active (something which Joe Belfiore mentioned recently), as well as some audio enhancements.

What would you like to see in the first update rolled out?

Source: @Football4PDA (Twitter)



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MrVol84 says:

Just give us Instagram.. I have so many friends that love my phone (920) but won't switch over just because of the lack of Instagram.

Ticomfreak says:

Not Microsoft's fault, but we do need instagram

phatboy66 says:

The calendar sucks, please improve it Microsoft

phatboy66 says:

I want a nice week view of my schedule

Microsoft is not going to read this comment so it's quite stupid to put their name in it, plus agenda and month view works well anyway.

Gunzta says:

Actually it is well known that members of the Windows Phone development team peruse the more well known Windows Phone news sites and they do indeed read comments and listen to feedback. ;)

phatboy66 says:

Keep unread emails count on the email tiles!

It's already there- stupid comment

poddie says:

He means don't clear the number just because you opened the email app... have the number be a reflection of the emails that are actually marked as unread.

I disagree with him completely and like the way it functions now, but that's what he meant.

Gunzta says:

Oh I see.... I get it now, you're a troll.. Welcome troll. :wave:

jeremyshaw says:

WiFi keep alive sounds awesome. My old focus was very quick to reestablish WiFi lock - the same amount of time it took to get past the lock screen. All WP phones I've used since then (some 7.5, some 8) take a while longer. My iPhone just gets it almost as soon as the screen turns on (and I've never had an app starve for data right after unlocking the iPhone, either).

Sure, its just a case of waiting for a few seconds, but why should I? Even my dilapidated Atrix is quick to grab a connection.


1.    Ability to assign static IP
2.    Persistent WIFI
3.    Customizable SMS/MMS notification tone
4.    A way to shut down backgrounded apps like Win8, flick or drag down to quit app. When required have a simple dialog of "save app state, yes or no?"
5.    Device wide contextual search
6.     Toast notification hub

uopjo6 says:

wow. 200 first world comments. 

Wow. 200 first world comments and yet only one first world douchebag.

poddie says:

Why do you even read this site?
What point about smartphone functionality would you NOT classify as a "firstworldproblem"?  Should everyone just shut up and never make a suggestion?
So stupid.

Well alot of these are very minor complaints or just user error

vinnyvv says:

To have  a scrolling feature when listening to music, and watching youtube, hate fast forwarding by pressing arrows long enough.

poddie says:

AWESOME idea! I hate the arrows too... always seems hard to get it to work.

Ability to finally tag people through the people hub in your Facebook statuses!!! Pretty much make the twitter and Facebook apps unnecessary so you only have to use the People Hub!

MrVol84 says:

yea i think they should allow you to tag people to your status updates done via yhe people hub, as well as to check ins done throughtpeoples hub. i've always wished i could do that on my phone.

TechTick says:

Notification Center definitely!

phatboy66 says:

Swipe to the left to have Notification Center, problem solved

phatboy66 says:

From the start screen of course

mayur89 says:

Notifications system and separate control.... And, very much required, orientation lock, search button in zune,

I would love that too, but something gives me the feeling that Apple may have copyrighted those functions... I hope I'm wrong.

TryllZ says:

This is what Im looking forward to:
1. Segregated Volume controls for Keypad & Music & Phone. Add Silent Profile Shortcut in keypad like Samsung.
2. Import/Export to SIM
3. Full Color Palette for themes & NOT FIXED colors. Allow Multple Color Tiles on the homescreen, rather than 1 fixed color for all homescreen tiles.
4. End Task button for suspended apps
5. Adjustable display brightness and volume control
6. Call Recording, in-built
7. Custom ringtone for reminders/Calenders/To-do
8. Option to Permanently show or hide phone icons, such as Battery/Network etc..
9. Full backup like iphone or selectiv ebackup like BB
10. allow selection of mp3 as ringtones without having to shortening it to less than 1min

bucnasty04 says:

All I want is some text tones.

futurix says:

I wouldn't expect any major feature changes or additions: I suspect they will add a few missing bits and pieces like VPN, persistent Wi-Fi option, and perhaps better DataSense - but the focus will be on stability and bug-fixes.

Mel the Way says:

I already mentioned this in a thread nobody answered yesterday, but this is what I want:
1. A setting for having the phone permanently on; no auto-lock after 5 minutes.
2. A simple mechanism for deleting a sound track currently playing.

Ive only found the app 'Stop the music!' for this, but it works.

prober57 says:

Eprint support at OS level like iPhone. Really miss this feature in WP OS. Should not be an app, would create a non standard method of printing across other apps. PDF, web, photo, reader printing support a must.

niravc says:

the native news and sports apps they have on windows 8, from what my friend tells me they're pretty nifty apps. and of course a notificaiton center

camptime says:

I would just like to be able to purchase a windows 8 phone.

pr0phecy says:

I'll have a notification center please.

awsman says:

I'd like to see seperate volume controls & notification center also. 
I'd also like to see a few fixes with the UI.  I'd like to see more tile size options, for instance small unit tall but multiple units wide.  I'd also like them to get rid of the wasted black space at the top of my screen.  The tiles should move up closer to the clock, rather than having so much empty space. 
I also agree that the calendar needs to be fixed.  My live tile shows the next day, not the current. 
Lastly, whatever security issues need to be taken care of so that my bank IT department will allow use of windows phones needs to happen. 

ind1g0 says:


Montpbm says:

I like everyone's comments that are pertaining to the phone getting better.....Also I will like for Microsoft TellMe to be competitive to Siri, just like that commercial posted years ago....Make it superior to Siri please!

SpaceGuy1 says:

How about full enterprise e-mail support on par with iOS and Android? Many of us are still problems, and without it, WP8 is just a fancy toy.

mrmdj31675 says:

Besides all suggestions given by everyone, what Microsoft needs to add is the proper coding and encryption for CDMA 2000 networks for the US and Japan.

hd7b4radar says:

Turn by turn on my 8x please.

klausbert2 says:

First and foremost they should be fixing things like the massive battery drainage that happens sometimes and the reboots that some users experience.

Shatznr says:

Better podcast support and a real replacement for Zune software.

Guzzler3 says:

This is MY list after having the phone for over a week now:

Copy text from received messages.

Xbox Music+Video
Playlists creation, editing, sync
Can't clear "current playing" (currently only able to by power cycling the phone)
Lots of duplicates in music after awhile.
Be able to add Podcasts from other sources.
Search local files.
A desktop application for Windows 7 (access/pay/steam Music, and Videos from the store)
that will synchronize existing music/videos to phone.
DLNA - Client and server

SD card
add "store documents", "email attachments", and "PodcastSeries" to store on SD card.

More speech recognition in more areas of the phone (all text boxes).

Custom sounds for "New text or IM", "New voicemail", "New email"
Custom sounds per contact (add IM, email)

Call length in Phone history

Quick switching of WiFi and Airplane mode on or off.

Includes local files, calendar

You can copy another persons text messages by holding down on the message for 2-3 seconds and you can clear current playing through an app called "stop the music"

Hardera says:

1. Better sync options including Wi-Fi syncing. Really now, my Nokia Lumia 920 requires a usb cable to sync to my Windows 8 computers - it's so 2008. Very lame.
2. Orientation lock.
3. Kids Corner should have the option not to require a passcode. It currently defeats the purpose with having to put in the master passcode. Yes, I take full responsibility for anything that could happen. No problem though, because I only put stuff on Kid's Corner that I want them to have access to. If you're silly enough to put your Facebook and Twitter connections up there, then having to enter a passcode isn't going to save you from your own bad judgement.
4. Connectivity to Windows Media Center and even other media centers over Wi-Fi. One would assume connection to Windows Media Center would be there right off the start.
5. Be able to populate contact info from an email signature and copied text. PLEASE!

robmclaughjr says:

I hope Microsoft keeps striking while the iron is hot. This is the time for action! There are a lot of new users with influence. There are a lot of onlookers, ready to join. Microsoft needs to respond ASAP to user requests. There needs to be improvements to battery life and stability. I trust MS is working with 3rd parties to bring modern apps to WP8. There is a lot to be impressed with. I think WP8 could be the tipping point, if Microsoft keeps the pressure on. 

Huberdth says:

Definately Bluetooth Low Energy API's for GATT so we can use all the nice Accessories being produced right now.
Weeknumbers in the Calendar (a MUST in Europe, somehow Americans don't get it).
Notification "center" (slide left like on N9)
APT-X hifi audio through Bluetooth!

AskaLangly says:

File browser. Multimedia app that filters by folder hierarchy. Consistent sync to whatever account (1s interval).

We deffinatly need seperate volume controlls for ring volume and media players. This mono volume does my head in.

1. email attachments (docs, multiple, from within email. 2. HTML in email without manual download. 3. Standby time of Never, not just 10 minutes max. 4. Longer notifications. 5. More robust calendar. 6. Voice navigation. 7. File management. All of the other recommendations too.              

rdjward says:

1) Option to use glowing Windows button as indicator of missed notification
2) Orientation lock
3) Option for better SMS privacy (ie able to block toasts or get less intrusive notification)
4) Numerical battery icon
5) Notification center, swipe left from home to access.  Also could swipe down the lock screen instead of swipe up to jump right to it.

Screw the orientation lock, you NEED to address the independent volume control. There's been so many times I've missed a call or my alarm clock because I turned it down listening to music or turned it down to play something. This issue needs to be addressed yesterday. Had a windows 7 device for two years, dealt with it. Got the new HTC 8x and figured you guys would have this down by now. Apparently not. This is the most BASIC of controls. I remember my old LG flip phone having a control for music separate from the ringer and the alarm. At least get an app we can download to fix this... Other than that, i love my windows phone and wouldn't trade it for an android or iphail in a million years.