The Misfit Toys and Bumble return to Microsoft and tout Windows Phone

Last year, Microsoft and Bing teamed up with the Misfit Toys and Hermey to promote the search engine in a clever ad. It was a cute little commercial and even had a claymation Windows Phone to go with it.

Now it looks like Microsoft has once again decided to use the toys and 'Bumble' (aka The Abominable Snow Monster of the North) for a new Windows Phone 8 piece...

Simply titled 'Meet Mr. Bumble', the ad is part of the continuing series for Windows Phone where a celebrity shows off their Start screen with their personalized tiles. Here, we see Bumble's calendar appointments (speed dating), his Rudolph contact with up to the minute advice during is quest for love. Eventually he's told to be himself and after scaring away everyone, seemingly finds his match.

The claymation Windows Phone from the 2011 Bing ad

For those who don't know, Hermey, the Misfit Toys and Bumble are all from the 1964 TV special 'Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer'. It's considered to be a 'must watch' event that children year after year watch as a tradition in the US and for many of us, brings fond memories of childhood.

In that sense, Microsoft has done a neat little job of mixing nostalgia, humor and their unique Windows Phone into a single commercial. 



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kidjenius says:

Brilliant video. It shows some feature of windows phone in a cute and humorous manner.

WinFan1 says:

Great commercial

Nakazul says:

Cute, now put it in de telly.

easily one of my favorite ads so far. Way better than the "Surface Groove" garbage.

Rippin2 says:

Awesome, great ad.

m0ja74 says:

Now that was cool MS. Lol

It's ridiculously cute and funny, and yet... why do I think it's a bad idea associating Windows Phone with misfit toys? :-\

Vector555 says:

You should repost the one from Last year as well! I see this becoming a yearly trend.

snowmutt says:

Where was this for WP7?? How much further along would they have been?
Great Advertisement!!