Is it a plane? Is it a Windows Phone? No, it's a... Lemon?

Wannabe Windows Phone

They say copying is a form of flattery, so both HTC and Microsoft should be feeling so with this low-end device that has appeared on Indian Times. The device, a Lemon T109 Dual SIM Mobile Watch, appears to be rocking a Windows Phone UI, but isn't actually a handset running Microsoft's OS. Odd, right?

Priced at just 2,999 Indian Rupees (approx. $54), the device is a cheap offering that comes with a 4GB SD card and a Reebok watch. We've checked the device on the manufacturer's website and there's no indication that it runs Windows Phone, or another other OS for that matter.

It's either a mistake or someone was just lazy, but it's humorous to see hardware appearing to run Windows Phone.

Source: Lemon MobilesIndia Times Shopping; thanks, Rajashekaran, for the tip!


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Is it a plane? Is it a Windows Phone? No, it's a... Lemon?


<p sab="1468">Who needs a Lumia when I can get a Lemon?&nbsp; The U2 fan inside me is giddy with delight.&nbsp; Love the stylish lack of a Start button.</p>

I find it funny that they choose to mimic an HTC that runs windows phone when they could have just put that clanky robot OS on there and called it a day. I think I really says something about WP when a knock off would try and mimic the modern UI instead of just loading gingerbreak or something to that effect.

"Lemon" - we have manufacturing laws here in the states about that. Not a name we could use here! Haha

ha! That looks like my old Touch Pro with the little circle at the bottom but... Runs "WinDown7" (since its not "WP" OS) jejeje