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Lumia 920 available at Telstra stores in Australia, but sold out

Telstra Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 is now appearing in Telstra stores, according to a number of consumers who have attempted to pick one up. Unfortunately, like its online store, Telstra brick and mortars are struggling to meet demand with the limited stock passed along by Nokia. While a familiar story across the board in multiple markets, it does make one consider why it hasn't been resolved yet.

Telstra has experienced higher than expected demand for the Lumia 920, which was revealed on its Twitter account. The limited stock of Lumia 920s sold out within hours after becoming available online. We've been informed that the Telstra Stores may have some stock left for purchase, but consumers will have a hard time locating such an establishment.

via: Reddit; thanks, Gabriel, for the tip!



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jonathonpm says:

I hope they are sold out due to very high customer demand versus low stuck levels. 

I also confirmed the stock availability in Sydney city stores was single digits for launch day yesterday. And further north central coast and Newcastle the large stores only received two. And only black accross the board from my enquiries. Hard to guage demand when stock availability seems like couple hundred for entire country if you go off this... Needless to say im now contemplating grey stock from mobicity. And the boring black at that. No evidence of colours in the country anywhere whatsoever :/

drg says:

Telstra shop in Perth said they're getting all colours in soon, possibly by Monday. I have a feeling the reports of delayed shipment (Sheeds) was true and so people who pre-ordered haven't got there's yet either so hopefully Monday if not sometime soon there will be a heap more in stores.

Sam Alame says:

I'm like you and looking for a coloured 920.  Don't despair, it seems as if the colours are coming through.  I have been told by a Telstra customer service rep, if you go into a store and place an order for a coloured version, they "should" have it to you within 2-3 days.  I am yet to try this however a friend of mine did that today and was advised he would get it on Monday.
I am frustrated that if the demand is so high and the 920 is getting so much publicity, so many good excellent reviews, then why hasn't Nokia acted upon this.  Consumers buy on impulse, therefore if they are at the end of their contract and are sick of their iPhone/Android, and they want to change, then if a Windows Phone of their choice is not available, then they will choose another OS or stick with what they've got out of despair.
I am not talking only about the Lumia's but even the HTC's or the Samsung Ativ.
Let's all get vocal and maybe Nokia, HTC & Samsung will hear our call. 

dvorak123 says:

Combination of both. Most stores in Sydney received less than 10 units.

nzrocketman says:

its also sold out on Telecom in New Zealand too

Mattyh95 says:

God that's good considering telecom have done 0% marketing of it!!! My local telecom shop @riccarton mall in chch they have it hidden all the way at the back of the shop as a non working dummy phone!!!! Get it sorted telecom!

gdbellau says:

Only 16 at Melbourne burke st store.. And only 2 at the exhibition store.. I got mine (exhibition store) Black.. Loving it.. :)

dkshao says:

I got mine at my local jb hifi, though they didn't have much stock across sydney

Milk21 says:

I pre-ordered mine from Telstra to get the free speaker they offered. After being told there was a delay and it wouldn't ship until the 30th, the tracking website lists it as being "onboard with driver". Hopefully I get it today!

How do you access their tracking site? I am waiting as well.

Milk21 says:

I got an email from "TelstraOnlineTeam" late yesterday that had my order number and tracking details. Its with Star Track.

Cool, just found a comment on the crowd support site saying they have made a decision to send the phone minus the speaker and send the speaker later! I haven't got an email yet.. What colour did you get?

paulomalley says:

Perhaps you should look at your local Harvey Norman stores... Most of them are getting dozens in stock... Apparently a higher share of stock than anyone else in the country... :)

dvorak123 says:

Aren't they selling it for $830? I preordered with HN on 6 November and still haven't been contacted.

Paul, you legend. Found one at Harvey Norman. They received a single unit. And even more surprising, yellow, which I actually wanted... Writing from my new 920 now!

Sam Alame says:

Which store? I'm jealous. Was it a Sydney store?

devize says:

Definitely low stock levels. The flagship Melbourne store only had 16 whilst pretty much every other store got 1 or 2 black ones, if any at all. 

wpward291 says:

Really can't wait to see the sales numbers.

rusthuna says:

had to settle for a black 920 as that was the only one available at every Telstra store and JB Hi Fi i tried. I would say defiantly low stock levels as each store only have 1 or 2 in stock and only the black model.

Preordered mine from Harvey Norman and got it on Monday 4 days earlier than expected. Stoked!!! I got black, other than mine all the preorders they had for black came in in grey. Loving the phone and the black matte finish. Its a little slippery but doesn't attract finger prints to the back.