Chase Mobile pulled from Windows Phone 8 Store, QuickDeposit at fault?

Chase Mobile app missing

If you're looking for the Chase Mobile app for your Windows Phone 8 device, it's no longer available. We aren't sure exactly why the app was pulled but it may be due to a bug with the QuickDeposit feature.

QuickDeposit is a feature that lets you deposit checks by snapping a photo of the check. Apparently the images of checks taken with a Windows Phone 8 device are saved to your Pictures Hub. Not sure if it's a case that the images are sent to the Pictures Hub instead of transmitted to Chase but whatever the reason, it's preventing QuickDeposit from working properly.

If you are currently running the Chase Mobile app on your Windows Phone 8 device, you should be able to use the other features but QuickDeposit is out. Chase is recommending that you delete any saved images of checks that are on your Windows Phone or saved on Skydrive.

Not sure if this is reason behind the app being pulled.  Regardless of the reason, hopefully a quick fix can be implemented and the Chase Mobile app and QuickDeposit will be back up soon

Thanks, cooperma and Mateo, for the tip!



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nunyazz says:

I made 2 quick deposits yesterday that worked perfectly.

simbadogg says:

i've literally tried maybe 5 or 6 deposits on 2 different phones, and it's never worked

poken1151 says:

I do wanna make a quiick suggestion for anyone doing the Quick Deposit;
If a deposit isn't going through, and your camera flash never comes on, take the pictures under very very VERY good lighting. I had three checks for almost a month I thought the app just wouldn't take em. Decided one day maybe they are just dark, but the pics looked good! Anyway, took the pics 6 inches from a lamp and they all got accepted in one one try each.

RayWP7 says:

Ditto, I've deposited several checks with no images anywhere on my phone. Wonder if they'll tell us more in time.

KeegdnaB42 says:

I just got my 8X yesterday and was really confused about why I couldn't reinstall the chase app. I guess this explains it. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Jonadam23 says:

I'm in the exact same boat, got my 8x yesterday and was disappointed that chase wasn't available.

dharmababa says:

Same here! I even found the app in Bing search results since it wasn't showing up in Store search, but tapping on it said that "the app is not available for your device". I thought it might have been a Nokia exclusive or something although I was pretty sure it was not.

win_splash says:

Hopefully a quick fix is in the works. Luckily I downloaded the app a couple weeks ago as soon as I purchased my WP8.

GhostITMG says:

I was wondering why I was having trouble depositing my paycheck last week with my 920.  I had to pull out my HD7 to get it to work.  This explains it!

OMG55 says:

Quick deposit has never worked on my L900

cooperma says:

I was hoping wallet integration...

ZX9 says:

Doesn't seem impossible.

cooperma says:

i hope that they do wallet integration soon...i thought they demoed it back in July for the Win Phone 8 dev conference. Looks slick....

Do they have a mobile site....and can u pin to start BOOM THERES UR APP ,

iknowsingh says:

Unfortunately, the mobile site does not have QuickDeposit capability... which is why this app is so necessary lol... luckily, I still have it on my WP7 device

aubreyq says:

Except for the quick deposit part, I guess.

ihavewp8 says:

I remember bank of America app deposit check didn't work. Since.update it fixed and works excellent

Chase called me this morning and wanted to confirm that I saw the bug of the check images being saved in the camera roll and/or posting to skydrive if so enabled on WP8.  I confirmed and their representitive told me they were pulling the feature and expected to have it resolved and updated in two weeks. 

Aaron Cox says:

Chase called me today to inform me of the issue and to make sure I had deleted the images. It is defiantly because of the image saving to the device. They told me it will be fixed in 2 weeks....

woodbane says:

Well at least that's good customer service right?

cashcar1979 says:

Chase is excellent. Glad they are fixing asap.

1 STUNNA says:

I haven't even been able to login to the Chase app.  It just hangs everytime I try, I wonder if it's a restriction with my account.

deansmilk says:

I wonder if they will update for 7.5 users? I have been having problems with check depositing as well.

Agpe17 says:

Thumba Photo editor was also removed...???